Wednesday, December 18, 2013

They Came Back From My Childhood

When I was a child I had a Best Friend of the name September a.k.a. Autumn. I was Born in Oct. so we made her name September since her real name was Autumn. At the time I was around 6 or 7 years old and we would go sit on the fence, play in the tree's, talk a lot, go out and play in the back yard but one thing I do know is she always had on a Nighty (white) and she told me she was sick.

I would go to a house down the street and she was always there but nobody else was. It was empty! She said she was waiting for her family to move in, I didn't think anything of it as we would play down stairs in her empty room. I saw her, heard her, touched her, she was my best friend!

Looking back I know she was a ghost as my mother told me that the family down the street had a daughter that passed away and that the house was for sale. That would explain why it was empty. At that time I would go across the street where there were old grave's and there was this lady standing yet she had no shoes on and her feet not touching land, she then sat down with me and I asked her why she was there. She then told me how much she missed her husband. She had on a long grieving dress with a veil (She was waiting for him or something as I saw her Wait! We talked then she walked back to the tree's then to the wood's without shoes on. She was waiting for him or she couldn't let go of his death.

Then there was a man in an army coat he had blood on it and told me he had gotten shot down in his plane. He told me not to be afraid of him but I kinda was. I ran down to tell my dad we ran back and the man was gone and so was the blood that fell to the floor. He was in the war and I did feel bad for him.

My father believed me and told me that I was special and that things I cant figure out were just un-answerd problems (telling me it's Okay).

As a child my sister and I saw a spirit of a man with a dear head at our bed's but did not talk about it till we were grown up. We now know it was a guide. I had a Near Death Experience about 3 month's ago saw my father then woke in the hospital and ever since I have heard and felt them once again. They call my name, I hear a child say things, lots of sounds. I am not alone but I'm not in fear as I think they are guiding me to my right path! So it will be! So might it be by Father God the Father of Mother Earth Amen!

Sent in by Stacy R