Monday, July 25, 2011

Ghost Hunting At Chesleigh House Gainsborough

Chesleigh House dates way back in fact it was once owned by Sir Hickman Bacon who at one time was one of the richest men in Britain, and who also owned Gainsborough Old Hall. By the turn of the 20th century Chesleigh House had become a Victorian school for boys and then went on to become Gainsborough’s maternity hospital which would have seen many a birth of a baby and sadly too the death of both babies and their unfortunate mothers. In the 1970s it became a dance school for twenty years and now its used as a boys learning centre. With it’s chequered history, and reported ghostly activity what spectral beings would await the Simply Ghost Nights team and fellow ghost hunters as we attempted spirit contact at this reputedly haunted building.

Before the event had commenced Sean heard the sound of chains clanging together in the empty gymnasium upstairs in Chesleigh House, whilst having a quick walk around the house. Rosey, Mel, and Steve reported in separate vigils the same spirit lady making contact through glass divination, and in one of those vigils Jo (number 1) became so frightened and reduced to tears by the glass movement that she had to be taken from the room for a while.

Jo (number 2) had to leave one vigil to be physically sick as she felt nauseas and had stomach pains, could this have been the spirit of a former pregnant mother that Jo could have sensed. On returning to the room Jo stated that she felt much better and could not understand what had happened. In another vigil the group made contact with a spirit called Stanley who, had worked there many years ago, and in a separate vigil Steve spoke of a spirit who made ghostly contact through glass divination, but would only communicate when Dan asked the questions. In the same vigil Kirsty screamed after the chair she was sat in was shaken by unseen hands, and it took some time for Kirsty to calm down.

Liz, Angela, Rob, Becky and Kerry were excited during a table tipping experiment when the table moved to them on request, and also when they experienced some loud and strong tapping’s on the table also Tom, Jo(number 3) Leigh, and Michelle were also astounded at the ferocity of the table moving in a vigil in what would have been the maternity ward. K2 spikes were reported on numerous vigils and on request too when attempting to communicate with the spirit world.

All in all it was quite an eventful night at Chesleigh House and one the Simply Ghost Nights team cannot wait to return to in the near future.

Sent in by Simply Ghost Nights

Ghost Hunting at the Golden Fleece

On a ghost hunt to The Golden Fleece in the city of York in the U.K ,this Tudor fronted public house is reputed to be one of the oldest inns in York and it’s origins can traced to around 1500. It is rumoured to be one of the most haunted buildings in Yorkshire, let alone York, paranormal activity recorded here includes strange light anomalies, items been thrown off the bar.

The Golden Fleece in the city of York
The Golden Fleece as gained a reputation of being haunted by a variety of eerie specters from ghostly children dressed in rags are said to be heard running up and down the corridors. Another spooky sighting is that of a second world war pilot who is alleged to, as legend would have it, either committed suicide, or fell to his untimely death from an upstairs window in a drunken stupor.

But what we witnessed in one of the bedrooms literally shook us all to the core, there is reputed to be a malevolent spirit called John who is considered to be quite aggressive and even threatening to women who participate in glass divination when communicating with him.

Incidents of  words ‘death or  kill’ have been spelt on the Ouija board, when in contact with this spectral culprit who is said to frighten even the most hardened of ghost hunters. A group of us were sat in the alleged bedroom of Johns calling out for some paranormal activity, when unexpectedly a noise was heard from behind us as we all turned around we noticed that a coat hangar was now on the floor, and the remaining coat hangars were swinging violently too and fro in a manner very similar to a pendulum I had never witnessed before, there was no one even in close proximity to the wardrobe that could have moved or banged the wardrobe, however we could not even reason how the coat hangar had landed on the floor as it was not there when we initially walked into the room, prior to starting the vigil, and all of us in the group had heard the coat hangar hit the floor as well.

In the midst of all the chaos we could still hear the coat hangars moving in the wardrobe too, needless to say there was a lot of screaming in the room by our shocked ghost hunters, some of them left the room vowing never to return to the room. Some of us carried on with the vigil, asking ‘John’ for more signs of his fearsome presence, the K2 metre spiked on request as well when we asked John to do so, however nothing could match the ferocity of the coat hangars being thrown from the wardrobe.

On reflection there was no way the coat hangar could have been thrown by any of us in the vigil, and the way the remainder moved also, left us knowing that only unseen hands could have done this and the legend of  John Peckett now had another chapter to add of his power and aggression.

Sent in by Simply Ghost Nights

Ghost Hunting at Bolling Hall

Firstly we must say a massive thank you to both Paul and Dave, the Bolling Hall staff who were so helpful in making the event run so smoothly. Their input and chat at the beginning of the night was first class and ensured a smooth running event.

Bolling Hall
We must begin in the reputedly most haunted bedroom in England, the paneled bedroom where Rosey was conducting a vigil with a group of ghost hunters, in the darkened quiet of the bedroom, they were just calling out when the heavy door that had been shut suddenly swung open at great speed, an intrepid ghost hunter Simon ran to the doorway to see if another group member had opened it, to Simon's consternation no one was there and the corridor empty.  Simon shut the door firmly and they all sat down again all totally bemused,  when a few minutes later the door swung open again to the horror of all of them in the room, Simon again was first one to the doorway and again no one was insight. Simon yet again shut the door firmly and some minutes passed again when the incident happened again, for a third time Simon got to the doorway and no one was there.

This episode had Susan absolutely terrified where she had to go and have a cup of tea and a chat with our lovely paranormal investigator Steven. As Rosey spoke about the incident later it had totally baffled her and Melonie who had witnessed all the three occurrences, Rosey added that she had never seen such power from the spirit world as to open a door so violently.

Glynn, Craig and Karl were amazed when attempting spirit communication through table tapping, when however many times they tapped on the table the same number of taps was repeated on the table by the unseen hands of the spirit world. In another room coughing was heard so audibly in the room that it was as though someone in the room had actually done it, however there was no one in the corner where the noise had emanated from. This was not the only ghostly voice heard, in a number of vigils the sound of a woman moaning was heard clearly by many ghost hunters in the group.

In the cellar Mel our lady medium felt the ghostly hands of a spectral being touch her arm, and also  whilst attempting to contact the supernatural; inhabitants of Bolling Hall via the K2 meters, the spirit world responded by spiking the K2s on request for a considerable amount of time to the groups amazement.

There was some fascinating results with the Franks box too, when yet again specific answers were given to specific questions, again the results we gathered with the Franks box gives more and more credence to the white noise theory.

In the blue bedroom Christina saw the mattress on the bed dip, as though someone had just sat on the bed, plus she also mentioned that she may have briefly seen the apparition of a man in the direction of the bed. The sighting of light anomolies was also reported, blue lights were said to be seen moving around by Simon and Rowena.

In another vigil the table was seen to be tipping on request to each member of that vigil and also glided across the room on request too. However on a final note both Tania and Nicola turned their phones off at the beginning of the paranormal investigation, and were staggered to find both of their phones had been turned on later in in the event.

As we said our farewells to all our fantastic ghost hunters for joining Simply Ghost Nights, Dave and Paul for their great help, but we also said a thank you to the former earthly occupants of Bolling Hall for their interaction in making the event a success with the paranormal activity they provided.

Sent in by Simply Ghost Nights

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Demonic Exorcism and Horror on Thanksgiving

I lived with my grandma, my grandmom lived in a funeral home in Ohio it was big and blue. A lot of things happened in that house, especially with me. One night I was sleeping and I felt like someone was watching me so I woke up, the first thing I looked at was the closet (I really don't know why) and right there in the top corner I saw two red eyes just staring at me. I thought it was my cousin messing with me like always so I called his name but he didn't respond so I got a little scared after that, then after a second I heard laughing like it was so evil, that's when I felt my body freeze like I couldn't move at all. I screamed and screamed it felt like for hours.

I forced my self and said in Jesus name I demand you to leave (that's what my grandmom taught me to say) and all it did was laugh and say "you don't think your God is coming right?" the room was so cold I saw my own breath. My bed started shaking, then it all calmed down and I ran for the door. I told my grandmom what happened and the next morning she went in my room and blessed it, but the demon still bothered me until thanksgiving of 2008. It was the end of everything.

Me my grandmom and my 3 other cousins are in my great grandmothers room (she died of some sickness) my grandmom was reading my cousins hands and I felt like she should read mine so she does and she doesn't say anything. My grandmom tells my cousins to cover their eyes so they did, ( I don't remember much from here on I was possessed, my grandmom told me what happened).

My grandmom started to pray and yell on God's name to release the demon from my body that was haunting me since the funeral home. My grandmom said that the demon told her he would never leave my body that it's hiss and that he was going to take my soul straight to Hell. My grandmom did a lot of stuff to get it out. My grandmom also told me my eyeballs changed into all black.

Things around the room started moving, being thrown to one wall to the other. My family tried to come in and my grandmom told them no that she had it under control she didn't want the demon to jump in another body. Then she took the demon out. She took me to the hospital because I wasn't breathing strongly enough. Everything from there on it's been good but sometimes I do feel like the demon still haunts me today.

Sent in by Kayshla Maldonado

The Furby is it Demon or Toy?

My cousin had brought a Furby a couple of years ago. At first it was an ordinary doll with a bunch of motion sensors. We used to put our fingers in its mouth and it would say "mmm yummy".

The Furby is it Demon or Toy?
I had a couple of experiences with this "toy" at first it would wake us up at night not allowing us to sleep. So that's how it went. Soon it got annoying and my aunt took out the batteries. But my little cousin started crying that she wanted to play with the Furby so we put the batteries back in.

Soon other people at school started having Furby experiences. People were spreading rumors about Furby's being made in area 51 to see how they would respond to alien activity. My cousin kept on playing with the Furby. It would love the little kids but would look as if they hate the older kids.

One night my cousin put the Furby under my bed for the night. I woke up at 3 in the morning to see the Furby next to the window. I thought it wasn't a Furby because it was dark in the room. But by itS familiar ears I knew it was a Furby. I was scared. I couldn't open the lights because I thought it would do something to me, so I just put my covers over my head and went to sleep. In the morning I saw that it was a Furby and it was looking straight at me.

I told my mom to take the batteries out of the doll because I was too scared to do it myself. Soon after it kept on showing up wherever I was with batteries. It was almost like it wanted me to put the batteries back inside of it. Everyone told me I was losing my mind I thought so too. What would you do if this happened to you? I thought of burning it. But it was my cousin who wouldn't let me and my aunt reinserted the batteries.

Soon it was out of control that was my excuse I was ready to burn it. But I had to wait a night. That night was a nightmare. It wouldn't stop talking. In fury I told it to shut up and it swore! I faced my fears got up and grabbed it. That's when it eyes turned red. I tried to take out the batteries but there weren't any! Someone took them out.

I woke my mom and she threw it out in the garbage. in the morning it was back in the house and that's when I burned it ugly pink fur it let out a scream and that was the end. I suggest you don't buy one of these little demonic creatures.

Sent in by Patrick