Thursday, July 14, 2011

Demonic Exorcism and Horror on Thanksgiving

I lived with my grandma, my grandmom lived in a funeral home in Ohio it was big and blue. A lot of things happened in that house, especially with me. One night I was sleeping and I felt like someone was watching me so I woke up, the first thing I looked at was the closet (I really don't know why) and right there in the top corner I saw two red eyes just staring at me. I thought it was my cousin messing with me like always so I called his name but he didn't respond so I got a little scared after that, then after a second I heard laughing like it was so evil, that's when I felt my body freeze like I couldn't move at all. I screamed and screamed it felt like for hours.

I forced my self and said in Jesus name I demand you to leave (that's what my grandmom taught me to say) and all it did was laugh and say "you don't think your God is coming right?" the room was so cold I saw my own breath. My bed started shaking, then it all calmed down and I ran for the door. I told my grandmom what happened and the next morning she went in my room and blessed it, but the demon still bothered me until thanksgiving of 2008. It was the end of everything.

Me my grandmom and my 3 other cousins are in my great grandmothers room (she died of some sickness) my grandmom was reading my cousins hands and I felt like she should read mine so she does and she doesn't say anything. My grandmom tells my cousins to cover their eyes so they did, ( I don't remember much from here on I was possessed, my grandmom told me what happened).

My grandmom started to pray and yell on God's name to release the demon from my body that was haunting me since the funeral home. My grandmom said that the demon told her he would never leave my body that it's hiss and that he was going to take my soul straight to Hell. My grandmom did a lot of stuff to get it out. My grandmom also told me my eyeballs changed into all black.

Things around the room started moving, being thrown to one wall to the other. My family tried to come in and my grandmom told them no that she had it under control she didn't want the demon to jump in another body. Then she took the demon out. She took me to the hospital because I wasn't breathing strongly enough. Everything from there on it's been good but sometimes I do feel like the demon still haunts me today.

Sent in by Kayshla Maldonado

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