Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Shaking Cage

During the summer, I had just gotten a Chihuahua and it would always cuddle with me at night. I had had it with that dog and it cuddling next to me at night so I would always push it off the bed.

One day my grandma gave me a cage for my dog. It was huge that I could fit in it and so I didn't care. I put it in my room right next to my bed and every night I would always put my Chihuahua in it.

One night I was watching TV in my room and I was about to go to sleep when all of a sudden my dogs cage started to shake hugely and fast. I was scared and I told myself that it was just my dogs scratching itself. So to make sure it was my dog I turned on the light and looked in the cage and my dog wasn't there!

I guess she had gotten out and at the time when to cage rattled my door was closed so she wasn't in the cage. I looked around the house and I found her in the backyard. I could have sworn I put her in her cage and I locked it.

Then about two weeks later, at night, I watching George Lopez and my lights were turned off. then the cage started to move again and this time I just looked under pillow cause since my bed was right next to the cage I could see my dog in the cage. So I looked under and I had remembered that I had not put my dog in the cage yet so when I looked under my pillow I saw two red eyes and this pale faced girl who looked like she was about 6 or 7 and she looked right at me and I was freaked out that I screamed and went to my moms room. I told her the story but she didn't believe me.

A few weeks later, I asked my grandma where she got the cage and she said,"I found it in front of those apartments down the street." I told her what had happened to me with the cage and she froze up. She then said that cage was used for kids just like me except it was a timeout area and the parents would leave their kid in there for days or even weeks!

As soon as she told me that I went home and I threw the cage out of my house. Now my dog cuddles with me again.

This story is a 100% true and I was so scared to death to write this story.

Mariana Cruz

Monday, February 21, 2011

Haunted Basement and the Cat

One day, me and my family moved from New York to Hanover, Massachusetts. We were looking for a new home to start a new life. I had recently lost my job and bills had been rising.

We moved into a petite little house on Washington St., a very popular street in Hanover. We had no clue about what was going to happen.

The first few weeks there were filled with joy and happiness, especially for my daughter, aged 6, Hannah. Then, one Sunday night, we heard noises coming from downstairs, but it seemed lower than downstairs, but we knew it was impossible.

It sounded like a meowing cat being tortured. I asked my husband Mike if he was hearing these noises too. He turned to face me, and his face was filled with sleep.

He said I was crazy and that he didn't hear anything. I convinced myself that I was just imagining things, but sooner or later the meowing was getting louder and quicker. Like it was making its way up to our bedroom.

It eventually got so loud it sounded like it was right beside my ears. There was no way Mike could have not heard it. And I was right. When I faced Mike, he was filled with confusion, unlike me, who had terror.

He decided to grab his hunting gun and see what it was and that it didn't hurt Hannah. Hannah was fine, and the noise had stopped. But now our dog, Hershey, was barking and growling at the wall.

We didn't have a good night.

When we woke up the next morning, I went to Hannah's room to get her ready for school. She was not in her room.

I looked all over the house for Hannah, and she was no where. I informed Mike that Hannah was missing. He was just as worried as I was.

Then we saw Hershey growling at a door we had never seen before. I looked at it and tried to open it. It would not open, but I was sure I hear someone crying inside.

I called for Mike to open the door, and when it opened, Hannah was inside. It was a small hallway closet. When we asked Hannah how she got in there, she said she fell asleep in her room and then heard a cat. It made me jump because I knew I heard it too.

Then she said she went downstairs to find out what it was. It came from the closet and when she walked inside, the door closed and wouldn't open.

Then, a few uneventful weeks passed by. I was sure that something was in our house. Something that made Hershey mad. Something that hated Hannah. Something that meowed like mad.

I decided to look up history in our house. No history was inquired on the house.

Then, one night I was home alone. Mike and Hannah were off at a teacher conference. Hannah's school was two towns away, (it was the closest school) so it would take them some time to come back.

I heard thumping beneath my feet while I was preparing a snack for me in the kitchen. I didn't know what is was, and I was thinking it might be the strange cat.

I was convinced that a cat might be stuck beneath our walls, and it was sure to happen before. My aunt had a cat lost in the walls for two whole days until she clawed her way out of the walls.

I was going to call Animal Control soon, so I ignored it.

It did not stop.

The thumping got louder, and louder, and so loud it almost popped my eardrums. I did not know what it was and I did not plan to figure it out.

"GET HELP! HURRY!" I hear a voice say, and I think it came from outside. It was followed by a thunderous scream.

I thought whoever was in trouble needed me, and I ran outside to assist whoever was there. No one was there. In fact, everyone was asleep.

I walked back inside, confused. But, the screaming started again. I listened closely before I moved. It sounded like it came from - UNDER MY FEET?

I looked down at the floor. What was under my very feet and who needed my help? I looked at the closet where Hannah was stuck. It seemed to come from there, but then again it came from under the floor.

I walked to the door, afraid. I opened it when I gathered up all of my braveness, and looked around. A door was inside. Why didn't Hannah go through that door?

I opened it, and a creepy staircase led down to what I think might be the basement. All of the noises continued down there.

I was thinking between calling the police or going down the stairs to investigate first.

I went down.

Then, I think I saw a shadow, just sweeping over the walls of the basement. Then I heard a cat, yowling. And then I heard the cries for help and the screams again. VERY CLOSE.

I looked around for the source, and it came to the walls. I had no idea what to think. Its coming from the walls! And so was the yowling cat!

I knew for sure there were ghosts in my house and I never wanted to go back.

Next thing I knew I saw Hershey, walking down the stairs to follow me. I turned back around to face the wall, and found a dead, bleeding woman's face.

I screamed, and ran out of the house in a flash with Hershey following behind me.

Hannah and Mike were parking the car. I hoped in with Hershey and told them to NEVER come back here and that we were moving.

I've had enough. I was never going back to my haunted house.

Sent in by Jenisse, Copyright 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Optimus Prime Incident

When I was a child my family moved around quite a bit. Small town after small town following my father's newest job. For a 3 year period between 1986-1989 I lived in a small town in Indiana. The house I lived in was built in the 1880's and was a documented hub for The Underground Railroad. The attic had been converted into a bedroom. Which is where my room was. It was dark and like most old houses it creaked all night long.

The toy of that time were Transformers and my favorite was Optimus Prime. I played with that thing all day everyday. That is until one day in December when I was playing with it at the top of the steps leading up to my bedroom. I ran downstairs to get a drink leaving the Transformer at the top of the stairs. I still remember what happens next like it just happened today. I was getting some Kool-Aid out of the fridge when I heard what sounded like someone running around upstairs. I stopped and listened and it went on for a couple of seconds. Then I heard something running down the stairs. I walked over there just in time to see the Transformer flip end over end down the stairs and onto the floor.

Did I mention I was by myself? My mom was outside mowing the grass and my dad was at work. I was pretty freaked out but what happened next has never left my thoughts. I walked up the stairs with the Transformer in my hand and when I got to the top of the stairs I set it down on the top step. I know for a fact that when I set it down and walked into my bedroom it was in the Optimus Prime robot mode but when I walked out of my room to go get it and go back downstairs it had just started rolling down my stairs in its Semi Truck Form. When it got to the bottom of the stairs it exploded into 5 or 6 pieces but I didn't notice that at first because I had turned around to see the lamp on my desk flicker and the bulb exploded exactly the time as the transformer.

Weird I know but I swear to what ever god you believe in that the transformer changed and rolled down the stairs by its self twice. I tried to put it back together but it had cracked and couldn't be fixed. I threw it away or at least I thought I had until last Christmas when it was a gift from my mom. She had remembered that I played with it all the time and said she found in a box in the attic. True Story

Sent in by Zach, Copyright 2010

Strange Noises - Was it a Demon or a Ghost?

Now I would like to start off with my dad and the history of my house. Before my family ever lived here there was a couple that lived here years before. The wife was having an affair and her husband came home at that point. He was astonished to see his wife in bed with another man. He started to beat the man until he died and the wife was abused by her husband. The man went to jail and both man and wife are now deceased. Now my dad also committed suicide on March 15 2008.

I started to hear sounds long before my dad passed, creaking and noises and even shadows. After my dad died the noises increased. When my mom would be gone for a few nights (after my dad passed) we kids were at home. We had 5 to 6 kids in the house at a time. But the noises didn't start til they were all asleep. My sister and I always heard these extremely loud noises up stairs in my mom's bed room, where her husband killed the man. I know that my dad was a jolly big man, heavy. The noises haven't ceased at all. But the quieter sounds I assume are the man and the wife, but the much louder sounds from my dad.

Now I started to see things after my dad passed. It was a night of peace and all of my siblings were tucked in and sound asleep. The only people awake were my sister and I. We were watching a movie, not scary, when I heard a noise from up in my moms room. I looked at my sister and she looked at me, giving me that look that told me she heard it too.

I told her that this sound sounded so much louder than any of the sounds that we had heard before. I got up and turned on the living room light (we were all sleeping downstairs). I turned off the TV and sat and listened. All of a sudden my sister and I heard a very loud banging sound coming from my mom's room. My heart started to jump out of my throat.

We kept hearing these banging sounds and then it all went quiet, and we heard the door open. I grabbed my sisters arm and started to cry, for I was extremely scared. She held me very tightly and listened. I heard a sound of creaking coming from down the stairs. I put my face in my sisters lap and started to ball like a little baby. All of a sudden my sister screams with such horror and flies for the phone and calls my mom. I look up at the stairs and see a knife floating in the air. I jump to the kids who were all huddled together and tried to protect them with all my guts. I yelled at the object and start rambling.  I told it to drop the knife and leave us alone.

I then stood up and walked somewhat close to the knife floating in the air. The object stops and is still.  I then realize all it wanted was to frighten us. So when it saw me not afraid it was stunned. I tell it that we do not mean harm in any way, and we did not want it to do any harm to the little kids. The knife dropped on the stairs and I felt a cold rush of air pass me.

I looked at the kids who were safe and sound sleeping. My sister had just gotten off the phone with my mom and she was on her way home. I was shivering in fear and I didn't go to  sleep that night at all! I stayed right by my siblings until my mom got home an hour later.

My mom was astonished when she went to her room that night. It was trashed! The was only one thing that was very unusual was that  there was a piece of a wooden board pulled out of the floor and nothing was there.

But since that night my mom never went anywhere without having my grandmother over. I was extremely scared!

Thank you for reading my story, but I have a question. Was this a demon and do you know what it really wanted? Will it come back or will it leave us a lone? Help me please!

Sent in by Zayna

Something Red Skin With Wings

When I was 13 years old, I had an experience I can never forget.

My family had to go to church so I was left alone in the house playing computer games. As I was playing for an hour straight I had this weird feeling that someone was watching me from upstairs so I got up took a look around my house then heard my character die in my game. So I rushed back to make it respawn in town. After I made my character respawn I heard a weird noise this time it was coming from my grandparents room and it sounded like a demon screaming with joy.

I was scared but I swallowed up my fear and took at look at my grandparents room but when I got there the noise stopped. After a while My family came and asked what happened I didn't say a word about what happened to me.

The next night my buddies and I decided to take a walk around the subdivision at night so while walking I heard that weird laughter again this time it was in the bushes. But I decided to ignore it to net get my friends all freaked out and go back.. While walking around the church it was weird we split up into 2 groups for no particular reason as if it was all set up. I was stuck with my best friend I told him what happened to the other two he said he had no idea so we went through the grassy grounds of the church then heard a devilish voice say "GET OUT OF HERE!" I asked my friend if he heard it and he said no. So that got me all freaked out So I said lets get out of this grassy area and head back home those 2 might have already went home by now." So just as we got passed the grassy area this time I saw a white lady standing in front of the Mama Mary.

I thought it must be wanting some help from us so as we were walking home I could feel that someone or something was watching us from the bushes so I decided to take a look at my side once in a while hen at the top of a tree I saw a demon with extremely red eyes with a big grin, red skin, and wings. I said to my best friend "RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!" when we got home he asked me what's the big deal with running during the night. I remained quiet when the next thing I knew when we both got to my home my 2 friends were waiting for me asking where have we been we said that they disappeared suddenly and they also said that we just suddenly disappeared and we both disappeared at the same spot like we were actually getting set up.

I was so freaked that I said I was going to go home now. When I got home it was weird I was a alone in the house and the only people there were the caretakers of the house and one of them was taking a bath while the other was sleeping downstairs... But when I took a look at the room of my grandparent the thing I saw on the tree was standing there looking at me... And it said "Why did you run away? I was just here to take a good look at you." I was so scared but I remembered that I had a rosary in my pocket I put out the rosary (which was blessed) and threw it on the thing when it hit the thing it gave out a big scream of pain and disappeared. That was one experience I could never forget.

Sent in by Azrael, Copyright 2011

Two Little Girls in South Africa

I live in South Africa, every weekend I'd go visit my friend Amy. My first time there, we walked in the front door and saw blood splashed up the wall and then big blobs of blood leading to the closet under the stairs, we were only 13 years old but we were very brave. Amy dialed the police on her phone and told me to open the closet, so I went down on my knees to open the tiny closet and when I opened it there was nothing inside just a puddle of blood. We ran outside extremely freaked out.

We went to her neighbor and called Amy's mom and told what we saw Amy's mom rushed home and got us from the neighbor's house. We walked into the house slowly, Amy and I were hiding behind her mother. She opened the door and it was all gone... There was no blood or anything.

We decided to go out that same night to try calm down and figure out what happened. So we got ready as fast as we could and left, halfway up the road Amy said Mom we have to go back I forgot my money. So we turned back we pulled up by the house and Amy asked me to go with her she was to freaked out to be alone. So I climbed out of the car and looked up and I saw a small girl looking down at me from the spare room. I froze and ran in with Amy then ran out. When we came home that night I told Amy about the girl. Needless to say we didn't sleep that night.

The next day our friend John came to visit and as he walked in he said this is a bad house my friend lived here before you guys... Amy and I just stared at each other. We asked John about what he knows and he said that he knows of a girl with blonde hair that responds to the name Nichole. I looked at him funny and said I've only seen a young girl with black hair, she was looking at me from the window. He just laughed and said good luck with her. Then he left after a while and after he left Amy and I decided to call Nichole. So we did just that Amy jumped back pointing at the staircase, I looked up and I saw the girl with the black hair standing there staring at us...but that's not what Amy saw. Amy said she saw the blonde girl, Nichole...

The next day I had to go home from my interesting weekend at Amy's house.. But I had made plans to spend two weeks by her because the following week was holidays. So the time came again for me to go sleep by Amy. When we got home we saw a letter on the counter saying won't be home till late love mom. So we went upstairs and did our homework and listened to music. Then we heard a loud bang coming from downstairs and we heard talking. So we took a pair of scissors and broke it in half. I took one half, Amy took the other. We slowly slid down the stairs but we saw nothing only that one of the couches had been moved.

We went upstairs and locked the gate at the top of the stairs and sat in her room dead quiet. We heard footsteps coming up the stairs.. We froze with fear. We then heard the locked gate fling open then a few more footsteps we could see a shadow underneath the door.. We were terrified at this point so I said just do as I do. Amy nodded, I jumped up threw the door open and started screaming like a mad person with half a scissor in my hand and Amy did the same. There was no one there. Convinced that we were going crazy Amy and I decided to ask her mom to let us go out to the movies. We got ready but I was done first. So I sat downstairs waiting for Amy, I was looking out the glass door when I saw a reflection behind me. I thought it was Amy being funny so I turned around and went BOO! But there was no one behind me and Amy just came downstairs as I turned around...

We left to go watch a movie but we barely watched because we kept talking about everything that had happened. We got home and went straight to bed. We lay there talking for about two hours when we were interrupted by a loud bang coming from downstairs again. We ignored it and tried sleeping. I woke up and turned to Amy and said dude I couldn't sleep with all that noise and she said same dude let's go eat. So we walked down the stairs and stopped and just stared in shock. The whole living room had been rearranged the couches were upside down the TV was backwards it was just one big mess. But we put everything right. Amy and I were starting to get used to the weird things happening in her house I just didn't seem to bother us anymore only when we were caught by surprise but the footsteps, the locked doors opening, furniture being moved, hearing people talking, girls giggle it just didn't seem to bother us anymore.. Until one day when Amy and I walked to the shops at about 8 pm we were standing under a tree and we heard the girls giggle then it felt like I was being choked, I couldn't breathe and I grabbed Amy's arm trying to get her to help me but I saw out the corner of my eye that the same was happening to her! But after 20 seconds there was a small voice and it stopped.

Needless to say we ran home screaming. Amy eventually moved out of that place but even though we were so scared a lot of the time in the house we love talking about it because in the end of it all we found it more interesting than scary and now we have a love for visiting scary and creepy houses with a history.

Sent in by Deni Lee, Copyright 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Unknown Slasher in Southeast Missouri

My grandmother lived in a small town somewhere out in south east Missouri. The town that she lived in took pride in its peaches. They had orchard after orchard of peach trees, and this was the way of life for many people, growing peaches. My grandmother's house was built on the land that was previously a peach orchard owned by a man named Harris Moore.

In 1974 Harris caught one of his younger employees sitting down eating peaches in the shade when he should have been working. Harris was infuriated and fired the young boy immediately.

Later that week the young boy got together with some of his friends and they started snorting cocaine and drinking alcohol. After they had done enough drugs they went out to Harris Moore's house right on the edge of the orchard he had worked at. They stormed in kicking the front door clean off its hinges and started looking for Harris. When they found him he was in his bathtub, which was full of his blood, and there was an ax lodged in his head.

Too high to react to what they discovered the boys were paralyzed. A near by neighbor had called the police and reported a lot of yelling and screaming from Harris' house. When the police arrived they found not only Harris but the young boy and his friends as well all butchered up in the 2nd story bathroom.

To this day in my grandmothers house at 11:28 every night you can see headlights from a car driving through the orchard in a drunken rage, they disappear before running into her house. And you can hear foot steps coming from the back door up the stairs and to the bathroom. My grandmother has reported seeing faces in mirrors and TV screens and other things with reflections but nobody else has ever seen them. To this day nobody knows what happened at Harris Moore's house in 1974

Sent in by Blake Rivers, Copyright 2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Was Born Dead

I was born dead. Cold, blue, and not breathing, I was sent to a mortuary within minutes of my birth. 

My first memory was the change. Paralyzed, my tiny eyes fought to open. My little lungs struggled to pull in a breath as a piercing pain spread throughout my entire being. Desperate for the pain to stop, I tried to wail, let someone know I was alive. The pain felt as if it must have raged through me for months, but it might have been minutes or seconds.

I opened my deep, violet eyes and screamed with a mouth that was full of white, pointy little teeth.

That's all I remember, but my parents have supplied the rest for me. After years of nightmares based off this first memory, my parents finally told me the rest of my story. Exactly two weeks after my death, the owner of the mortuary heard a screaming, crying noise coming from my little casket. He opened the lid and was mortified to see a pale, tiny baby screaming in the place of the blue, dead one he had put in the casket. He gawked at my little teeth, and was appalled to see my purple eyes stare back at him.  When he was done gaping at me he rushed to the phone to notify the doctors and my parents that I was alive.

My parents told all of this to me when I was about nine or ten.

I constantly crave blood, and I've never lost any of these pointy, white teeth that grow as I do. I'm 16 now and it's been hard to get blood without hurting anyone. There are wild boar in my neighborhood, and I've been living off of their blood, but my parents want to move into a condo downtown. 

What should I do?

And more importantly, What Am I?

~ 808vamp

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Grandma Story Humans Can Lick Too

My great-grandmother lived alone up in the mountains at her cabin. Her husband had died, so she was there all alone. She only had one companion, and that was her loving dog. They both loved each other very much and the dog loved her and comforted her. Every night when she went to bed, the dog would lick her hand to let her know that he was there to protect her.

One night, she had gone to bed and the dog had licked her hand like he had done routinely every night since her husband died. But this night was different. She had woken up in the middle of the night because she heard her dog whimpering. She wanted to comfort him and let her know she was there for him, so she stuck her hand out by the bed and she felt the dog gently lick her hand like always. She figured he was just cold so she went back to sleep.

The dog's whimpering had woken her up a second time in the night so she stuck her hand out, the dog licked it and she went back to sleep. This happened a third time, and she stuck her hand out and the dog stopped whimpering and came and licked her hand. She stayed awake a few moments afterward and the dog had stopped whimpering. She went back to sleep again.

In the morning, she woke up and stuck her hand out by the bed, but nothing licked her hand. She thought that the dog had already awaken and was just in the front room. She rolled over and got out of bed and heard a drip... drip... drip... drip, so she walked into the kitchen and turned the handles on the sink faucet, but it wasn't dripping.

She continued into her bathroom to take a shower. As she walked in, the drips got louder! She turned and looked above the bathtub and SCREAMED! There, hanging from the light by his tail, was her loving companion, with his blood dripping into the bathtub. She screamed and began to cry. Wiping her eyes and sobbing, she turned around and looked at the mirror. In the mirror she saw the dog hanging and written on the mirror in her dog's blood with drips and streaks hanging down from each letter, written with a finger, were the words... HUMAN'S CAN LICK TOO!

Continuing to sob and cry, she left the house and moved in with her daughter (my grandmother) and told her the story, who told my mother, who told me, and we have continued to tell the story throughout our family's generations.

Sent in by Danny Shon, Copyright 2011