Monday, May 23, 2011

Sarah Tobin Help From the Grave

October 1949.

John watched the last of the little ghosts, and goblins file down the walkway with their colorful bags bulging with all sorts of treats; their feet swooshing through the orange carpet of leaves.
“Well, that’s all the treats we have for this year,” John said, as he turned to his wife, Jane, who sat rocking back and forth in a her straight back rocker.
“Be sure and put the sign out in case anyone else comes to the door,” said Jane as her thin fingers worked at the crotchet needles she held; the small child’s sock just starting to take shape as it rested on her rounded belly.
As John went for the sign he asked, “Are you feeling okay?”
“Oh sure, just a twinge now and again,” said Jane.
“Well, you remember what the doctor said. He told us both not to wait until the last minute because the baby is already a week overdue and once he or she starts coming it could happen very fast.
“I’ll let you know if I start having any really painful contractions. You worry too much,” said Jane with a warm smile.

Raped by a Ghost

1987 single mom, I did hair for a living in San Diego, I just moved back in my home that I owned I had the home rented out, my daughter who was only old enough to stand in her crib and Josephina my helper.

I had some surgery about two weeks prior of this event nothing major "elective" so I was finishing up my antibiotics.

I went to a company picnic that day, I was sore but ok, my dad came over and helped me with putting my bed together he spent the night the night before. I had the mattress left up against my mirror glass closet slid-ding doors.

My maid and  my daughter and my self were the only ones in the house. I fell asleep. I was beginning to wake up by hearing a moaning sound and I felt as though someone were pulling me. I woke up and looked at the night stand, 3:00 am. I could see an arm and as if he had a jacket on... this was all white and see through. I could see my clock radio right through his arm. I woke up, or I was already up and said, "God's my saviour you can not have me"... ok! I had never said that before in my life, and didn't go to church much.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Raped By a Demon for the Past 12 Years

I was 19 when my demon first raped me. I was traveling with a show, and I lived in a tent. The first night that it came to me, I thought that I was imagining it. I was asleep in my tent when I felt this cool breeze blow right on top of me. The next thing I knew, it felt like hands were going down my pants and they were feeling me up, and then they were inside of me. After a few minutes, I felt a weight on top of me; it pulled my legs apart and  then it was inside of me. I had no idea what was going on; all I knew was that it felt like there was an invisible person having sex with me. The first time only lasted about 30 minutes or so.

The next day, I felt confused as to what happened to me that night; I felt like someone had sex with me, but I didn't believe what had happened that night to be real. The next night, I was lying there asleep, when it came back. I felt the weight on top of me and I couldn't move, then it pulled my legs apart again. I tried to close them, but I couldn't. I tried to move, but I couldn't do that either. Then I remember trying to scream and nothing  came out of my mouth. By this time the thing was inside of me raping me. I remember trying to fight it off, and it hurt so bad. No matter how hard I fought, the thing kept me pinned down and continued to rape me for another hour.

Morning came again, and I felt like someone beat me up. I was so sore: my arms, my legs, my thighs, my privates......all felt like I was raped.  I didn't know what to think. I didn't know what to do. I told myself that it was all in my head and that I had imagined the whole thing; but I was so sad. I couldn't smile or laugh; I cried. I cried all day.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Full Body Apparition at the Doncaster Air Museum

Some years ago whilst taking part in a ghost hunt at Doncaster Air Museum, I was in  a group of fellow ghost hunters in the middle of a vigil, just calling out for some form of spirit communication. We were sat in the large hangar that was said to be where the planes were repaired during the second world war, and prior to that had been Doncaster’s international airport.

The night was a cloudless summer night, it was also a rather mild time of the night too. The group was in good spirits all ready in anticipation for a night of ghost hunting, the adrenalin was starting to pump around the body of all of us. We were calling out for spirit activity when suddenly five of the group saw the solid mass of a human shape move directly pass the larger than normal doorway.

We immediately ran to the doorway to investigate who, or what had fleeted past the door, but not a soul was to be seen in the few seconds we had taken to reach the doorway they had literally disappeared
From the whole area when we reached the doorway we inadvertently  set off the security lights, but most shockingly outside the hangar there was pea gravel all around the area of the Air museum, which when the ghost hunters walked on it made an incredible noise that could be heard from our chairs in the hangar., however

We had  heard no noise from the visitation we had all seen, and another sobering thought also materialised. The figure literally walked straight through the disabled hand rails that lead into the hangar doorway.  As we added up all  this information the cold realisation hit each and everyone of us that we had indeed been, very fortunate to have come within metres of a full bodied apparition.

I asked Alan who was staffing the air museum that night, whether anyone else could have walked by the doorway as the figure we had seen was much bigger than Alan’s, Alan stated that no one else was on the grounds as the gates were all locked and the high fencing was quite difficult to climb up and the security light would have come on in the event of someone walking in.

The group all commented that we must have indeed seen a full bodied apparition, as in all our endeavours to point to the figure being human, we could not see how it was possible for a human figure to walk by the security lights without setting them off, how no noise was heard from the figure walking on the surrounding pea gravel, and there was no trace or sign immediately after the incident. The ghost hunters who witnessed this still chat about the time, we all saw a full bodied apparition at Doncaster Air Museum.

Sent in by Simply Ghost Nights
Ghost Hunting at Newcastle Keep

Where do we start about Newcastle Keep, the whole night shocked the Simply Ghost Nights team on this paranormal investigation. It was an event that nightmares and films are made of, we experienced it all at Newcastle Keep, the good, the bad and the downright demonic, from table tipping, glass divination, amazing K2 spikes, and most frighteningly even some of our solid team members getting channelled. The Castle dominates much of the sky line as you approach up the hill, you look in awe at the workmanship and labour it would have took to have built the castle many years ago, however we would soon find out what hid below the veneered beauty of this building and what was waiting for us from the other side to greet us with a sinister side that would turn an event upside down and shock even the most hardened ghost hunter.

We were greeted by Paul who was our host for the night at Newcastle keep and an excellent host he was too, and he allowed us to view Newcastle from the turrets of the castle where we could see the city sprawling away in all directions of the compass, as we all took in the wonderful views of the city life at night it was time to start the ghost hunt event.

After a drink and a light refreshment break it was time to begin our journey into the unknown and leave the sanctuary of our world, and investigate the paranormal world of Newcastle Keep and see exactly what would a wait the Simply Ghost Nights team and our brave ghost hunters, we would soon find out. In the garrison room we were treated to some amazing table tipping by the spirit of a soldier, however what unfolded later in the Chapel not only shocked us but brought to the fore the power and the sinister side of the spirit world.

In the chapel we were investigating, one group of ghost hunters were around the séance table calling out, and some more were attempting communication with the K2s and achieving some very good results especially when they were playing a Latin chant. But all this paled in insignificance when Mark our paranormal investigator was found in the corner of the room in the chapel rocking to and fro as if from a scene from a movie, when asked how he was, Mark replied " I need to smash the table up, I feel so angry" for anyone who knows Mark this is totally out of character. After a chat Mark came around and confessed to have had little control over his emotions.

Then Mel one of the teams mediums announced that she felt immense anger towards Stuart and wanted to hit him, (these feelings are not uncommon towards Stuart allegedly), again after a quick chat Mel returned back to her bubbly self and stated how the feelings had suddenly came. At this point the K2s were literally going crazy with activity, and the torches were turning themselves on and off on request and there was a feeling of dread in the room that we all felt.

Meanwhile on the séance table Rosey, Shelly, Paul, Ann, Clare and Melanie were making contact through glass divination with an alleged murderer, then all of a sudden behind them a chair moved slightly with no one in it, Paul suggested that this was indeed the murders favourite chair and that nobody could sit in it, the glass moved to yes. Philip our intrepid paranormal investigator bravely sat in the chair as during the séance the group were warned that this murderous spirit would harm anyone who sat in his chair. Alas Philip sat in the chair, with everyone else preoccupied with the séance and the K2 investigations it was good ten minutes until Rosey noticed Philip slumped in the chair bent over doubled up. The group called out to Philip as he sat up his eye’s glazed and Philip started to mumble incoherently at first until he said shaking "I'm going to cry" as we lead Philip away from the table and out of the chapel. As we spoke and reassured Philip he said he didn’t know what had come over him. It was as though this darkened entity had attempted to divide and conquer the Simply Ghost nights team and failed.

After a break and a review of the chapel investigation we agreed this was probably the most threatened the team had felt for a long time from the world of spirit. As we finished our glorious buffet it was time to carry on the investigations. One group had table tipping and glass divination in the King's chamber the spirit of a knight made his presence known, and a grey mist was seen to rise from the floor in this room too as well as dark shadow was noticeable from the toilet room inside the King's chamber.

As the time flew by yet again it was time to call it a wrap and the nights proceedings to a close, we knew we had been in a huge battle with the ghostly spectre of a frightening and dark nature, and won the battle for the greatness of good and god and as we left Newcastle Keep we vowed to return later in the year, to face our demons yet again.

Kind regards Stuart Dawson, Copyright 2011

Friday, May 13, 2011

Vampire Story from Ireland

This story began at my hometown with a whole bunch of nothing. Being stuck at one same place for years now without change of location had made me physically ill so I decided to just sell everything and go where I had longed to be for so long - beloved Ireland.

Though I did not have any real connection in what ever way to this country I always felt a strange emptiness whenever I came across something Irish. Every last bit of Irish spirit I began to inhale desperately trying to fill up that hole in my soul. It was never enough and I was beginning to feel emptier by the day. Something had to change. I had told me that countless times before but never acted.

"Ireland Standing Stones"
Now was the time I thought, so I started selling my belongings, closed down my bank accounts and tried to find someone to take over my flat. I felt more caged every day and when I finally had raised enough funds and had all my things in order, there was not much keeping me here. The next day early in the morning I drove to the airport and bought a last minute ticket to Dublin. Two hours later I sat on the plane.

Though I was able to stay with a couch surfer for the first week until the last things about my apartment were set, my first days in Ireland felt unexpectedly strange. Was I expecting too much of my new home? Did I idealize? Time will tell, I thought.

Vampirism a Medical Condition?

I felt that it was important to talk about the fact that some individuals that think themselves to be a vampire may actually have a serious medical condition that is in need of treatment.

Now let it be known that I personally don't believe in the existence of blood thirsty vampires that come into your room at night to such your blood. I believe they are just myths and a from of escapism for troubled individuals. When I was around eleven I was a big fan of Blade and what not, so I did a little research on vampires and the like. To my surprise I found several sites in which individuals claimed to be immortal, eternally beautiful, vampires. More or less the creatures depicted in the Dracula novel.

Anyway, they said that they apparently went through an awakening that caused them to found out they were vampires.

Some of the Symptoms that I've found listed are as follows:

''Sanguinarian vampires (vampires that drink blood) become light sensitive, certain foods upset their stomachs, they are more active at night, and they develop the taste for blood. Now by this I do not mean that they become blood lusting monsters. They simply become curious of the taste and have a slight urge to taste and or drink it...''

I found it interesting that these symptoms can actually be explained by medical science and in no way make you a vampire in the slightest.

The first medical condition is Renfield's Syndrome, also known as clinical vampirism, which causes the individual to crave blood because of the belief of its ''life-enhancing powers.'' The condition starts in childhood with an incident that involves the ingestion of blood in which the individual becomes excited.

After the individual reaches puberty the excitement turns more toward sexual arousal. As the individual grows older he or she way participate in auto-vampirism (consumption of one's own blood) and in some cases move on to the consumption of blood in animals or other individuals.

The Vampire Truth or Imagination?

Death is a difficult thing to deal with (Dealing With Personal Death Experiences), especially someone I loved. The pain I suffered was terrible, It even affected my grades. I did what I could to escape, but it was hopeless. I tried to shut everything out, but to no avail.

That was four years ago. It may seem like a petty sob story, but it played a vital role in my current search for truth.

Lets move on to two years later, after I saw the death of a beloved member. It was nearing the end of 2009. That's where I kept a detail of events. it started in the morning, I woke up, unable to move, or open my eyes, most of my senses, dulled. Most, but not all, as I heard two words, that sparked a confusion in my life.

"Good morning."

For the life of day, I knew I was not dreaming. I heard it. I heard the voice with my own ears. I knew it was real. My senses eventually returned to me, and I could move, but not a whole lot. Everything was heavy. It took effort, but I got out of bed, and questioned one of my "vampire" buddies. They were hesitant in their response, but they said it was them. But something, deep in my mind, said they were lying. Of course, my mental stability was weak, so I had no other proof. I believed them for another two years. But,during those two years, I knew something was different. Several dreams I had were odd. Only a mysterious woman, in black robes, would sometimes appear in a void of darkness. She called herself, "Atoli" perhaps because the game character I knew of, was unstable in a way. She appeared to me once, and traced a cross on my left arm.

Since then, I vowed never to tell anyone. But, then, several months later, I had a violent dream. This time, I was another woman, different from Atoli, as she carried a Death Scythe, and on her left arm, was the same cross on my left arm. She stood, at the gate of my school, waiting, till I saw Atoli. The two fought, but to my dismay, Atoli lost, both the fight, and her life, but it seemed there was more. before waking up, I saw Atoli's spirit, rise up from her body. her face is what was curious. She had dark rings around her eyes, crimson lipstick, and in an old Victorian era dress. She flew towards "me", saying, "let us do this together, sister.." before waking.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Crazy Psycho and a Criminal That Lived in a Haunted House

I have a best friend and she has some really scary stories in her family and I really wanted to post them.

So my friend and her family one time went to their uncles house, they know this place is extremely haunted, and when she told me these stories she was dead serious, she said that this was the worst experience of her life. So there are some stories that go on in her uncles house, So there was a man that lived there and he was a really crazy psycho man and a criminal that lived in that house, so one day the cops came to that house and found him and the guy was about to attack them with a huge knife, some of the officers shot him in the legs and by that time he was down to the floor but he was still laughing and was about to stab an officers foot, so an officer from behind was afraid that if he shot him again he would still be able to reach the other officers foot because he was so close, so he grabbed the knife decided he must be stopped and cut his head off, and my friend said when they were there their uncle showed them the blood stains that couldn’t be washed off or painted over, and when her parents were sleeping in a room one night they swore on their life they saw a ghostly figure of a man with no head laughing. and she was dead serious when she told me this, she looked like she was almost crying.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Night Emily Bronte Spoke from Beyond the Grave

What a night of paranormal activity we at Simply Ghost Nights experienced in the Black Bull Haworth, Bradford, England, which is in the centre of the world  famous novelists, the Bronte sisters country. They used to live in the parsonage which is in close proximity to the Black Bull.

On a recent ghost hunt, we had ghostly communication with a spirit from the other side, who claimed to be none other than Emily Bronte, with a group of ghost hunters who were participating in a glass divination experiment. In a vigil in the restaurant area, the group were participating in glass divination, they had gleamed that the spirit communicating with them was a lady, when they asked the lady to spell her first name. It spelt out, E.M.I.L.Y, and one of our ghost hunters exclaimed, “is it Emily Bronte”.

The glass moved to yes, this left the group ecstatic and delighted, the group continued at length communicating with the world famous author to their joy and amazement.

Everyone in the room felt both honoured and privileged to be communicating with such a world famous spirit. The group asked many questions and received many 'yes and no's' to their questions. We asked each ghost hunter who was part of the investigation using the glass, to remove their finger in turn as to rule out any tomfoolery. Everyone was satisfied that there was no trickery at all.

Sent in by Simply Ghost Nights

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Ghoul in the Graveyard

This may be a little hard to believe to some of you, but it's something that I just want to forget even happened. Every summer me and my brother Devan would go to our uncle Mal's house and it would be a blast! Our cousins Camron, Chris, Calvin and Corey (our uncle loves names that start with C) would be there and we would all hang out together with two twin girls that lived in the neighborhood, Gina and Tina.

There was a creepy old man that lived next door who would just sit out side in a rocking chair and rock back and forth wiping his shot gun with a rag and smiling widely at anyone that passed by his house. The old man's house was built in front of a cemetery, where a lot of children had gone missing in the past year. And of course the old man was a suspect.

Anyway, one night when our uncle Mal was out with some friends me, my brother, our cousins and the twins were in the house sitting around bored out of our minds, when Chris made the suggestion that we play "ghost in the cemetery" in the old man's cemetery (and let me just say we had a lot of weird experiences and have gotten in tons of trouble because of his crazy ideas). Of course we cheered at the idea because it was dark and scary out, and we just love being scared, we love the adrenalin rush you get.

Oh, and for those who don't know the game "ghost in the cemetery", it's like a mix of hide and seek and tag, one person is the ghost and has to find someone and chase them until they tag them, then that person is a ghost and so on.

To get into the cemetery we had to climb over the old man's gate fence, and then over the other gate fence that leads to the cemetery. When we got inside we voted my brother to be the ghost and the rest of us went to hide. I hid in the corner of a crypt (not actually going inside, I hid in the little corner by the door) and stayed in the shadows. Once the adrenalin wore off and I realized just how dark out and creepy it was, the only light out being the full moon, I didn't think it was so fun anymore.

I started to hear a dripping sound, like a drop of water falling onto concrete. I ignored it, but then it got louder, like someone walking in a puddle. And it got louder and louder until I ran away from the crypt and hid behind a tombstone. I watched the door but nothing came out, then I heard a dragging sound coming from behind me. Then I saw my brother, cousins and the twins in front of me, and they had looks of terror on their faces. I turned around to see what they were looking at and I immediately regretted it.

There was a man wearing a tattered brown suit, with gray skin hanging in chunks, covered in blood and his jaw was missing so his tongue was hanging out. He was dragging his leg and he was holding something but I didn't look long enough to see what it was. Devan screamed at me to run and that's what I did. We ran for the gate and didn't look back, we climbed over the cemetery gate and then the old man's fence.

When we were sure we were safe Calvin screamed "what was that?" then my brother replied "I bet it was the old man, I knew that guy was crazy!" but then when we went around the man's house, there he was in his rocking chair, fast asleep.

The next morning we all vowed to never speak of what happened the previous night again. We also told each other that we would never tell anybody.

I really don't know what it is that we saw that night and to be honest, I really don't want to. If any of you don't believe me then that's fine and dandy, it's just nice to finally to get this off my chest

Sent in by Alexis, Copyright 2011


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