Friday, May 6, 2011

The Night Emily Bronte Spoke from Beyond the Grave

What a night of paranormal activity we at Simply Ghost Nights experienced in the Black Bull Haworth, Bradford, England, which is in the centre of the world  famous novelists, the Bronte sisters country. They used to live in the parsonage which is in close proximity to the Black Bull.

On a recent ghost hunt, we had ghostly communication with a spirit from the other side, who claimed to be none other than Emily Bronte, with a group of ghost hunters who were participating in a glass divination experiment. In a vigil in the restaurant area, the group were participating in glass divination, they had gleamed that the spirit communicating with them was a lady, when they asked the lady to spell her first name. It spelt out, E.M.I.L.Y, and one of our ghost hunters exclaimed, “is it Emily Bronte”.

The glass moved to yes, this left the group ecstatic and delighted, the group continued at length communicating with the world famous author to their joy and amazement.

Everyone in the room felt both honoured and privileged to be communicating with such a world famous spirit. The group asked many questions and received many 'yes and no's' to their questions. We asked each ghost hunter who was part of the investigation using the glass, to remove their finger in turn as to rule out any tomfoolery. Everyone was satisfied that there was no trickery at all.

Sent in by Simply Ghost Nights

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