Sunday, May 8, 2011

Crazy Psycho and a Criminal That Lived in a Haunted House

I have a best friend and she has some really scary stories in her family and I really wanted to post them.

So my friend and her family one time went to their uncles house, they know this place is extremely haunted, and when she told me these stories she was dead serious, she said that this was the worst experience of her life. So there are some stories that go on in her uncles house, So there was a man that lived there and he was a really crazy psycho man and a criminal that lived in that house, so one day the cops came to that house and found him and the guy was about to attack them with a huge knife, some of the officers shot him in the legs and by that time he was down to the floor but he was still laughing and was about to stab an officers foot, so an officer from behind was afraid that if he shot him again he would still be able to reach the other officers foot because he was so close, so he grabbed the knife decided he must be stopped and cut his head off, and my friend said when they were there their uncle showed them the blood stains that couldn’t be washed off or painted over, and when her parents were sleeping in a room one night they swore on their life they saw a ghostly figure of a man with no head laughing. and she was dead serious when she told me this, she looked like she was almost crying.

But I am not finished, she told me that her cousin knew there was a more haunted room in the house that he knew of and he wanted to sleep in it, the rooms door would keep opening and shutting when someone approached it, as he got in the room and settled down and went to bed, HE SWEARS the bed started floating in the air! He could feel it, he sat there in bed watching the ceiling coming closer to him, and when he looked down the bed just dropped to the floor.

They said that there used to be a little girl that lived there, they say she hung herself on the tree outside, so my friend was looking out the window with her cousins watching their parents fixing a car but suddenly my friend said she saw a little girl running around the tree laughing, then the little girl got a rope tied it around the tree, and while giggling she hung herself. She asked her cousins if they saw that and they were all sitting there in disbelief wide eyed, and scared.

Also her dad was sleeping in a room one night at their uncles and he said that a woman appeared to him she wasn’t very young and she wasn’t saying anything, she went up to his bed took his hand, and put it to her stomach. Like saying she was pregnant, then she disappeared.

Also another time she said she and her cousins were in the garage, and there is a TV in the garage, so behind them and in front of them is a mirror, and to the side is a door, my friend said as they were watching TV, she looked into the mirror in front of her and saw the mirror in the reflection behind her, and that mirror behind her showed her what was at the door, so she said she saw a little girl with long brown hair, in a white dress. It giggled waved, and disappeared.

Also they have some really abnormal things happen in their home and outside their home on rare occasions, so my friend has a little sister named Samantha one day she was playing outside her apartment, and she saw a girl that looked exactly like her in a white dress. She was laughing, she pointed and said can’t catch me and ran to a house, right when she got to the door she disappeared.

Also they recently found out another one of their uncles got married, and was on his honeymoon with his wife, and for some reason he went crazy, killed his wife then himself. So when they were at their house that night the lights kept flickering on and off while the switch was on and when my friend went to turn the switch to off and then she and her sister heard the voice of her uncle and aunt, and they said “Goodbye, I Love You”

She swears that these are all true stories, and had never been more scared in her life.


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