Monday, May 25, 2009

Incubus - The Sex Thing

After the possession stopped years ago, my life went back to normal. I graduated in high school and entered College. I met new friends, but little did they know about what happened to me. I never told them. Since I won the school beauty pageant and became the Miss STI 1999, I was scared to let them know; maybe they'll think that I'm a freak. So, I just completely disregarded my past and kept it behind me.

There is also just one little secret that nobody knows, well, not until I was married because I told my husband about it and shared it with some friends after I found out that there is really this kind of thing.

I've had this for the first two years of my College life. I stayed with my folks since it's only an hour drive away. We were living on this house for more that 7 years. Some of friends said that even if our place is small, it was creepy and as if someone is following them. It is always dark inside even in the morning because there's only one window in front but the sunlight still couldn't get in because of the garage and the car parking in it. We have two bedrooms, both in the middle of the house, both without windows, a walkway, from the living room to the dinning and kitchen, with small holes like designs on the wall wherein you can see the other side (which is the neighbor's place) and a small backyard.

My room is really dark if you didn't turn on the light. It gives chills to my guests, and nobody would like to stay there for the whole night with me. My cousins and friends not even once accepted my invitation to sleep over. I know that they couldn't stand to be in my room, but I don't mind them, I am ok with my room. Then one night something happened.

I was like half asleep half awake. I turned side by side just to get a good position. Then I saw something, someone. A man was standing beside my bed. I quickly closed my eyes, thinking that I was only dreaming, hoping that it will go away. A minute passed by when I opened my eyes. My heart started beating so fast after I saw this shadow on top of me. He was on top of me, and I couldn't move, I remained composed and waited for his moves. I couldn't see his face, only his head on my neck as if he was kissing and caressing me. I felt it, as if it was really happening. It's like I am making love with a silhouette man. I wanted him to stop but I couldn't. I know I'm liking whatever it was that his doing. Then I just let it happen. I never stopped him, I enjoyed every minute of it.

I woke up the next day with a thought of it. Was I only dreaming? It felt really good. I still could feel the thrill following through my veins. Who was it? I've had it before it happened, so I knew how it feels. Honestly, last night was a blast.

The next night I waited. I wanted to know if that was only a dream. He didn't show up and nothing happened. The night after, I also waited, but he didn't come. Weeks after, there's none until one night, I didn't know what came into me; I wished that he would come again and visit me. I thought of him every single night and wondered if he was just a dream. Then in the middle of my deep sleep, I saw him again, smiling at me, I saw a big grin but I couldn't remember his face. It was just a silhouette that smiled at me. The shadow man made love to me again.

He's there each night that I wished and asked for his touch. I became addicted to him. A maniac, I would say. But he was unreal. All along I thought of him as a good reason to sleep. I couldn't wait every night to lay my back on my bed and close my eyes, for he will be there, and we'll do it again.

More than a year passed by. I moved to the city, wherein I entered in a University. I thought he would follow me, but he didn't. I've waited and waited every night for him to come. Wished and begged for him to show up, but he didn't. Not even once. Well, maybe he also waited for me to come back. Ever since I moved out of the house, I never came back. My folks also transferred to another town and somebody else occupied the house.

After sometime, I decided to do some research about it. And truthfully, I smiled when I found out that there's really something like that. It wasn't a dream. It wasn't just a fantasy. It was real. An Incubus - creepy but it was a nice experience. A very interesting one. But of course in the real world it was freaking scary to hear someone enjoying making love with a spirit! I smiled for what happened but I am not wishing for him to show up again. "Knowing that he's real" is way different from "Thinking that maybe he is real."

Sent in by Yasmin, Copyright 2009


  1. But knowing that you are having sex with a incubus... that is scary..

    Dont you feel that this THING will never leave you it might keep showing up and it is living off ur engery IT will soon make you so tired that any and everything will be impossible for you to do as it will come back (who knows when)

    1. I read that the incubus only has sex to a specific type of girl I forgot what there called

  2. It's an odd feeling distinguishing between real and dreams. Human mind has the power to makes things seems real. But if you find the pleasure on him(incubus) why don't you try to show up in your old house, then you'll see the pleasure of sex in real and dreams.

  3. By the way,I dreamed about a creatures that rape me in my nithmare! It was awful!!! Is it an incubus? I'm so sorry for my bad english,but I wish to know what is going on? I have a horrible dreams every night!!! I even scared to close my eyes!!! Please help me! I'm a 19 year old girl.

    1. are you still having the same nightmare? i would like to know more of it, if you can share it will help you, ease your unpleasant thoughts

  4. Hi!Just like the stoy above ive been visited by a incubus and i know tht it was real..It was the most wonderful feeling i have ever felt in my entire life.Unlike the lady above its only happened to me once..Ive waited n waited for it happen again ,but nothing..The feeling of sex with an incubus is something i could never was very intense much better then real sex..As crazy as it may sound id really really love for it to happen again;)

  5. Hi,

    I had similar experiences and it all started when I was 5 years old. For over 10 years of my life an evil demon raped me.

    "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." - Esphesians 6:12 (NIV)

    After I & My mom pray to God and annoit my room & bed the attacks stopped. It happened once a few months ago. I know one day the time will come when it will completely stop and I look back on it saying how it happened years ago. If you are going through this and you like it you should not give in to temptation. I was the same way thinking it loved me but it doesn't. It (fallen angel-evil demon) hates you mainly God. Do not wait for it to come again. Let God take those feelings away because you can end up getting hurt. Trust God, he is here for you and will deliver you from the hands of the enemy. Salvation belongs to God, the Creator of the Universe and he can save you from all of your sins.

    "That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. For the Scripture says, '"Whoever believes on Him will not be put to shame."' -Romans 10:9-11

    I wrote my experience because I want anyone else who experienced to get help. There is a way out. Jesus Christ is the way out. I will keep all of you in my prayers.

    May God bless all of you and keep you safe.

  6. once you have sex with an incubi you never are satisfied with a human partner

  7. Your darkest fears and desires shall be played upon likea sweet fiddle.

    I started liking it, controlling it, and exploring it. After the first few that scared the hell out of me and embarassed me. I read about it, to understand. I understand its normal and natural. But when do you ever get to play with your own mind and explore in dream land REM, and awake? It's fascinating, sometimes extremely scary, but you learn to accept it, and tell whats real and not real. Once you master it you can wake yourself up, go back to it, and enjoy it. Or just lay back and let your amazing brain put on a show and feel the paralysis. Mine started with real life thugs threatening me, in real life that later played over to my nightmare. I woke paralysed them in my room saying, "that's that b*tch"! It felt real I couldn't move, I hyperventaled, tried to reach for my shot gun by my bed and realised how paralysed I was. I thought they stuck me with a needle. I continued through this horrific dream, hallucination thinking I was going to die a horrible gangbang death. When I woke all the way no one was there. I looked around the house and windows, looked at myself in the mirror, and said what the f*ck?! I had no clue, just assumed I had had the worst lucid yet paralysed dream ever. Recalling a real life scenario, I recently experienced in my waking hours. So it was still fresh in my memory. Later it happened through out the years many times I'd wake paralysed, screaming so I thought for my bf to wake me up. Really I was just mumbling and rocking around in the bed horrified lol. Later bf becomes a ex, I move to a new place. I start experiencing it again but allot. This time a whitish grey alien would take me sexually many times over and over from behind always. Sickest wet dream I ever had. I would feel the arousal, my vajayjay would clench up like a orgasm and quiver get so wet and I wake up after basically being raped in my sleep like wtf!? At this point I was versed in SP a bit now, it had been about 7 years since the thug SP experience. So I decided to learn to control it. By doing so I was able to experience things, see things, do things. I'd never experience awake. I started enjoying it wanting more. Not the sex or rape part, but the ability to create a dream or hallucination. It became like another portal of mysterious experiences, I could never share but with words. Lol I probably sound crazy telling this story. But its my brains work, and my willingness to want to go deeper. Lately I've experienced a dark Angel pulling me from my arms off my bed, I can feel his cold leather gloves tight around my wrists. I beg and plead please don't take me! Put me back please! This one was more real than anybefore. After sometime of begging the dark Angel put my back safely in my bed. As if giving me another chance, I said "thank you Angel". He left... That night was my first night taking temazepam. I woke Googled temazepam dreams and found Heath Leger the dark knight, and a tribute video on YouTube of his death. One of the tags was temazepam, which was in his system. F*cking crazy right! The next two were a bit twisted sexually, involving a knife, and other things. That was scary, I Googled that temazepam knife dream and found others that had experiences with it too. So crazy the sleep paralysis! I often wonder if there is more to it, a higher state of conciousness, or deeper meaning and connection to another dimension. Who knows... But that's my story. Enjoy dream well! Sorry for my typos I'm on my cell.~Jennstar

    1. I'm happy to know I'm not alone having this creepy yet enjoyable experience. It only means I'm not really crazy. I enjoyed the sex with the incubus too and on the second time I asked who he was. I want to see his face because he looked like silhouette. Then he let me see his eyes but I was a bit disgusted I guess or just feeling eewww to myself that I made out with someone I barely know and so I pushed him away and I woke up. I don't know if I still want him back.I plan to know him deep. Only if he will still be open to me after what I did to him...

    2. Although incubuses are evil there's a type of allure to be able to sleep with someone or something unknown to be able to do whatever and have some kind of control. But for someone like myself I find it arousing but at the same time I am unafraid unlike most.

  8. Not all demons are bad or I dought if they are demons but maybe more along the lines of spirits which could be good or evil. There are those who rape and harm and others who do not...

  9. wish something like that would happen to me

  10. i´ve always wished someday he will come to me.. i want to experience that feeling, i want it so badly..

  11. I've had,,, a similar sexual experience,with an incubus,,, it was pleasurable,,i also felt its presence when i have my monthly cycles,, but during this times ,i felt traumatised,,, ,,,,i dont know is it ok ,,,,

  12. Its a demon and demons steal, kill and destroy. Leaves you tired, hungry and lifeless. You become intolorent to food and moody. Those things are evil, satan's spawn. I decided to kill one if it came to me again. I will plead the blood of Jesus over my life cause thats all that I can really do, those things are strong and vulgar.

  13. people please don't desire this, weither you are male or female. These things are evil and will destroy without end, they want to make you feel loved but they hate you and all those made in the image of God! All you should do is fight these spirits with the name of Jesus, he helps because he is the one that has pure love for us. These things make you crazy cause they are sent out to do just that, destroy lives and relationships with God.

  14. I have the same problem as most of you have mentioned here. I am a muslim, my brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of Adam and Eve, please! recite this verse and the one below it when you go bed and nothing shall harm you by the will of God.

    Verse of the Throne (Ayat al kursi)

    In the name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful.
    God! There is no god except He, the Living, the Everlasting. Neither slumber overtakes Him, nor sleep. To Him belongs everything in the heavens and everything on earth. Who is he that can intercede with Him except with His permission? He knows what is before them, and what is behind them; and they cannot grasp any of His knowledge, except as He wills. His Throne extends over the heavens and the earth, and their preservation does not burden Him. He is the Most High, the Great

    Daybreak (Al Falaq)

    In the name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful.
    Say, “I take refuge with the Lord of Daybreak.
    From the evil of what He created.
    And from the evil of the darkness as it gathers.
    And from the evil of those who practice sorcery.
    And from the evil of an envious when he envies.”

    write the Names of these verses on youtube. Recite in Arabic after them in youtube and by the will of God you will see the difference

  15. These things started happening to me when I was a pre-teen. Some stupid people say oh how they wish these "spirits" would come back so it could happen again. -obviously don't know the half of it. I'm 21 now and this spirit still comes to me. It won't leave me alone for good, if I don't allow it to touch me I have horrible sexual nightmares night after night until I do. -More than once I've woken myself up taking my clothes off. I don't watch porn or sleep around. I know these dreams don't come from me. You can have a relationship with these spirits but they become very possessive of you. All they want is a host to have sex with and enjoy the lustful thoughts they feed into your mind while it's happening. It's not fun to feel weighed down and unsatisfactory. It's exciting and fun in the beginning but when you want to stop and finally realize you have given this spirit power over you there is no turning back.

  16. I know about these creatures that comes at night
    wile we are a sleep and even wile we are awake
    the best way to fight back against this unwelcome
    spirit whom are thirsty for energy and warm blood
    of love meaning sex and seeking to destroy our souls
    is; if you don't work even if you do
    clear your mind completely and
    concentrate for at least three minutes
    after fill up a cup of cool water
    then put it beside your bed
    close enough by you without knocking it down
    then sleep for an hour by 12 pm in the afternoon
    with the window wide open to aloud fresh
    air coming in
    then at 3pm do the same again and at six pm
    do the same again
    if you ask
    these will give you strength to pray exactly at mid night
    but you must
    you must pray
    7 times o father in heavens
    7 times hail Mary's
    7 times glory to the father and son and holy spirit

    and pray the rocery everyday without none stop at all
    and you will see gods miracle amen
    my brother and sisters

    there's a battle going on right now
    between good and evil
    since the beginning of time
    so far theirs a handful angels fighting back
    but its our job to strike back to

    I growing up seen this things walk around in a fast speed
    sometimes they even fly
    sometimes they come into your homes and they stick around
    for a long time to get you
    and once they do they wont stop
    they will keep coming in different times
    cause they have more then one human to deal with
    meaning they have more victims to feed from
    if you marry they will try to get your husband or wife
    and even your kids that's why you must always advice the family
    and to aware then about
    the evil that wonders around these earth
    if you work you must be strong and sacrifice a bit of your free time
    the best way is to buy a cat or a dog
    have it to be bless by an elder priest and take it home but do not take the dog outside for walks try to keep it into a indoor dog
    a bird its also the best
    then try also to keep roses around your home
    or even buy a big package of rice with the rooster symbol in front
    put it inside the entrance of that front door and put a new one every 3 months

    holy water sprinkle it around the house inside and outside

    hang garlic by the entrance door
    fruits also on a plate by the entrance door

    but praying its our shield for us and our loves ones

    iam sorry for my spelling mistakes its 415am here in Canada
    my name is Adam Jesus D'Israel

    and I was a victim also went I was younger but I learn to strike back
    the last time I seen one was three weeks ago I don't know how it
    got in but luck lee I was woken up by my alarm
    all I remember been woken up by the sound and I notice a shadow
    departing from me vanishing to the corner spot of that house where their isn't much light coming in
    but the same morning I pray and pray and pray around the house
    since then iam okay but I was weak for couple of days

  17. iam sorry its me
    I apologize for leaving like that
    but I wanted to share these info to whom ever reads it
    and if you need more help
    go to your nearest church
    and speak to a priest about what its going on
    they will help you cause they have a remedy
    where they come into your home and they pray
    but it might take several times
    cause apparently these spirits comes in 3's
    another words it will keep coming back till you
    unwelcome it
    pray to God and Jesus Christ and aloud the holy spirit
    to manifest in you
    to aloud these monster whom lurks at night to no longer come back and to be destroy amen

    god bless my brothers and sisters

    real world we live in ehhhh

  18. i have the same experienced ..sometimes he save me when in danger..

  19. I prayed for some time for my life to improve, it was shortly thereafter that an Incubus came to me. I had a binding spell done to keep him here, as he's such a fantastic lover (to say this does not near encompass the magnitude of glory of each interaction). We are friends now, and lovers as well. I can't call it love, because they don't have emotions as such. Though they have an edge, they are not evil. They are feral in their way, and they like a given set of rules to obey, that they will agree to when given, to keep them in order.

    I cannot put into mere words the amount of joy my incubus has brought into my life, and if anything happened, I'd be sure to have another summoned... but this one found his way to me on his own.

    I no longer need a human lover, as this wonderful Incubus is all the lover I need. I have no idea why they are called demons by some, they are pleasant once given rules to adhere to... a joy actually. I'll not give him up - ever. He's a real treasure!

    1. I read that they don't visit pagan/wiccan women. Your experience gives me hope. Incubus, come.

    2. Hey. How do you summon an incubus? Do you have to be pretty to get one?

      Can you summon it through just words or do you have to perform alchemy as well?

  20. IT FEELS LIKE SHIT! at first it was nice...but after the sex youll feel so disgusted to ive been having these attacks ;_; most of the time I'm awake while ITS happening, but somewhat im paralyzed..

    Though even it's morning ..

    it happens and i cant do anything!!!!


  21. I once experienced something not as far as the story above.. I woke up, paralyzed, and felt like both of my breasts being pleasured.. even below, I felt waves of pleasure.. it was terrifying!! I was relieved that I was not the only one who experienced these though

  22. I've been dealing with these spirits for about 3 years and trust me you do NOT want them around you they will NOT leave! They leave you energy less and sleepy all the time! I had 2 follow me home from my mom's house one night as my husband and I was house sitting anyway I found porn on my bfs phone and we argued about it and the next thing I know when we got home that night while we was trying to sleep I heard ( he's my husband now) but I heard my husband moaning like he was having sex...they ARE DEMONS! I'm very sensitive to energy and spirits not to mention my skin is so sensitive I can feel EVERYTHING but not one time did they paralyze me now they do make me sleepy and my husband sleepy but my husband doesn't believe in spirits so it's up to me to protect him but heck I can't even protect myself! I have seen them and all the ones I've seen are in human form they don't won't to be caught in their original form! I honestly have to say they have NEVER hurt my physical wise but they take energy from being...soul..we all have 7 major Chakras from bottom of spine to top of head..they go after any of the energy but mainly the root chakra which is located at the very bottom of your spine and it has to do feelings...moods and so forth so I'm gonna tell the ones who wants one of these spirits or have sex with them do NOT do it! I have felt them flip my husband over in the bed really hard..I had a dream that they drug me through the wall and into I guess their dimension I opened my eyes in the dream and a warlock was dragging me by my ankles with his right hand I then drifted back into a sleep in the dream and I woke myself up and I was laying in the middle if my bed on my back and no cover on me. Trust me please leave these spirits/Demon's alone! God talks about them in the Bible their called the giant's in there! Read your bible! I've prayed and done everything I know to do and their still here...their immune to Holy things..but that moment you give them permission to he there knowingly or not they will not go away! There is a total of 3 in my home 2 is on me and one is on my husband but it doesn't follow him to work or anything cause I guess he doesn't believe in them! I'm gonna say it again for yalls safety DO NOT ENGAGE IN SEX WITH THEM AND DONT EVEN TALK ABOUT THEM! Its not as nice and feeling good as you think! I would give anything to go back to that night I was arguing with my husband about porn on his phone and since that night he hasn't watched it since! My husband and I have not had sex in 2 years cause these things! If you want a physical relationship with someone then stay away from these spirits cause they are very jealous! Have a blessed day! Stick with the physical world and people please!



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