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Paranormal Supernatural Mysterious and Unexplained Phenomena?

Many people believe that we are surrounded by paranormal, supernatural, mysterious, and unexplained phenomena. The majority of Americans believes in ghosts, psychic powers, clairvoyance, and an immaterial afterlife. We often hear in the news, on television, or elsewhere that a group of church goers have witnessed an apparition of the blessed virgin Mary, that a local house is haunted, that someone was saved from a horrible accident by the providence of a guardian angel, or that someone possesses psychic abilities.

In Elk Grove in 2005, members of a local church found what appeared to be blood dripping from the eyes of a stature of the Virgin Mary. The tears reappeared for several days. Many enthusiastic and faithful believers flocked to the site, placing flowers and observing religious rituals in deference to the event. The prevalence, popularity, and frequency of these stories about paranormal events seem to lend some credibility to them; how or why would so many people be lying about such a thing? And when so many normal people believe with such conviction it is difficult to see how they could be mistaken or deceived.

What we often do not hear about in these paranormal cases is what is revealed in the follow up or additional investigation of the phenomena. Finding out that one of these spectacular stories is in fact a hoax does not capture the hearts or minds of viewers and readers, and the media have much less interest in reporting that there was actually nothing exciting, unusual, or inexplicable about a phenomena that was alleged to be extraordinary.

But in fact, a number of the most famous cases of alleged paranormal or supernatural events have been demonstrated to be hoaxes, and we can learn some valuable lessons from the follow up on those stories. As appealing as stories of the paranormal are, there is a natural explanation to be found for those with clear, careful minds.

First the Loch Ness Monster, the famous legend so many people claim to have seen was a hoax, it was done in anger towards a newspaper.

In 1993, two Loch Ness researchers, David Martin and Alastair Boyd tracked down a lead on the picture to Christian Spurling, who was now 90 years old and dying. Spurling admitted that he had collaborated with Duke Wetherall 60 years earlier to construct a plastic and wood head over the body of a toy submarine. Wetherall was pursuing a vendetta to embarrass the British newspaper, The Daily Mail. The neck on the toy monster was a mere 8 inches long, even though other Nessie investigators had insisted that it must be over three feet long. They also discovered that Wetherall was responsible for stamping fake Nessie foot prints in the mud on the bank of the Loch with a baby hippo foot that was probably part of an umbrella stand. One of the most celebrated and allegedly sound pieces of evidence for the existence of the Loch Ness Monster was also a hoax.

While I point this out, this also happens with other legends, and haunted sites. A story is made up and a legend is born, as the legend gets retold it grows. Now as it grows a seed is planted in other people and now they THINK they experience the legend and it continues to grow.

This is where Bigfoot was born through an elaborate hoax. Its documented, and people have came forward to admit it. Now the sad part is people want to believe in the unknown so much they don't believe the people that do the hoax.

Most of the famous haunted sites are examples of this. Someone makes up something or THINKs they saw something and a seed is planted. It now grows and other people expecting to see it now do. Once again people are influenced to see what people want them to see.

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National Geographic March 9, 2006 - Throwing a bit of cold water onto the legend of Loch Ness, paleontologist and painter Neil Clark says the monster was perhaps a paddling pachyderm. 
Clark noticed similarities in the hump-and-trunk silhouettes of swimming Indian elephants and the serpentine shapes of 1930s Nessie descriptions and photographs, such as the famous 1934 image shown as an inset above. 
Why would an elephant be swimming in a chilly Scottish lake? "The reason why we see elephants in Loch Ness is that circuses used to go along the road to Inverness and have a little rest at the side of the loch and allow the animals to go and have a little swim around," Clark told CBS News. 
And there's one more wrinkle in this elephantine mystery. In 1933 a circus promoter in the area—acting perhaps on inside information that the monster was really a big top beast—offered a rich reward for Nessie's capture, says Clark, a curator at the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery in Glasgow. 

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Friday, December 22, 2017

Ghost Hunters?

Ya know, I’m at a crossroad in my life. I want to believe in ghosts and the afterlife in the worst way. I follow all the latest research and watch Ghost hunters and all those things wanting to believe and be shown. But at the end of the day I have to agree with James Randi…most of it is bullshit. The rest is that which I cannot prove to be bullshit.

I get drawn into all these programs about ghosts and hauntings, and every time it seems like they’re going to come up with something solid, phfft! They let you down. No more solid than a good fart. It’s like bigfoot, if there was proof positive, we’d have found it by now. They say “Well the African gorilla was a legend until discovered in 1895,” or whatever, I don’t know the exact year. But, they never tell you that the investigation only took a few months of active investigation before they actually discovered these things and had proof.

You watch these ghost shows and they are always having “PERSONAL EXPERIENCES”. Well WE never see them because for some inexplicable reason, while the protagonists are having these harrowing experiences, the dumb-fuck camera-man is focusing on the guy that is supposedly having this experience instead of pointing the camera in the direction of the action supposedly taking place.

Then there are the EVP’s ( electric voice phenomenon). This is really a winner.
OK… Investigator: "What do you hear?
Person: "Well it sounded like…I dunno…ged a cha?
Investigator: "Well, we thought it sounded like ‘get out’, what do you think?
Person: “Yes, ‘get out’ definitely ‘get out’”.
Then there is the EM (electro magnetic reading). They go through a place and take EM readings, and if they get high readings..WHOA… ghosts! Might I remind you that these devices were developed by electricians to detect high electro-magnetic radiation due to questionable wiring? Yet if a ghost hunter carries one into a building and picks up a reading…it’s a ghost.

Why is all the quasi- indisputable ghost footage, fuzzy, unclear viewings of anomalous blobs taken by people with what can only be the ravages of Parkinson’s disease? My Dad could catch me on the loop-de-loop flawlessly with his super 8, but modern well trained photogs with state of the art equipment can’t get a clear picture of a ghost?

With the ability for the common individual to produce Digitally Produced Effects today, why should we believe any of this shit anyway?

Here’s another thing that annoys the piss out of me. The guys are standing in a room and they have a “personal experience”. How do they describe it? “It ALMOST sounded like footsteps”…“It ALMOST looked like a shadow going from here to there.”

Was it these things, or did it just SEEM to be these things? What kind of investigators are these people anyway? Ah, well. You know what I mean.

Written by George Yesthal 
Brodheadsville, United States

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Monday, December 22, 2014

Two Demons And A Succubus all started about 7 months ago I was watching my 4 yr old niece at my moms house which she has lived there for 23 yrs we knew it was haunted but nothing never hurt us. But anyway I was babysitting my niece and she just starts screaming saying aunt Nina there's a monster make it go away. I mean she was terrified and crying you can see the hallway from living room thats where we was the living room.

Well I didnt think much about it and about 1 to 2 months later me and my boyfriend of 8 yrs stayed the weekend up there house sitting while my mom went camping we went up there on a Friday afternoon well about 11:30 that night I found pornographic on my boyfriends phone so we ended up arguing that night.

Well about 2 weeks later while we were home at bedtime my boyfriend starts moaning and his body was moving like he was having physical sex I woke him up and he told me he wasn't dreaming ok its now been over 5 months he has been doing it every night he says he isnt dreaming well my mom was telling me about the succubus I had no idea bout either of them and the thing is he dont believe in demons.

Well the 7th of last month my boyfriend was doing that at bedtime well I felt this horny urge run thru my body I wasnt thinking about it well I ended up making myself orgasm that night 3 nights after that I was waking up to being swollen down there and fluid coming out of me so now I have a incubus.

The thing is I'm goin up against 2 demons by myself I dont know what to do mine is attached to me I have prayed every single day and hes still here I'm scared also to sleep with my boyfriend which I woke up to the incubus flipping my boyfriend in the bed I need help plz!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The CD That Saved My Life

I had a really good friend named Annie. She had a band she sung in and she was one of the greatest and one of the most protective people I knew. Her band wasn't famous but her dad had a recording studio in their basement. So she recorded their first cd with the band there. Her very first cd was a gift for me on my birthday and I hadn't listened to it yet. 3 days after my birthday, Annie was raped by her older brother who's 17. He left the city supposedly and they didn't catch him. He always scared me but I never said anything. She was only 13 when she died.

The next day in the hospital when I was sitting with her, she tried to speak and tell me something. But when she was raped, he choked her and damaged her throat so much she wouldn't be able to talk for a while. Before I left the hospital, a nurse had come up to me in the parking lot and told me she died and gave me a note she wrote before she died.

I was so depressed about it, I refused to touch her cd and note, which I left in my room. One night when I was home alone, I was thinking about her so I decided to finally listen to the cd. There was a song on there called "Painful memory", a song she wrote about rape when a friend of hers was raped. Some of the chorus goes "He tried to find you, he's upstairs." All of a sudden, the cd starts skipping and continuously repeats "He's upstairs, he's upstairs, he's upstairs." I thought it was kind of weird because I never listened to the cd and it didn't have any scratches. So I just put it back in and played the song again. When it came to the chorus, it skipped and repeated the same words again. I cleaned the cd and tried again. It still played the same words.

I was scared now so I locked my door and listened to the silence. I could hear boots walking down the hall. I looked in the key hole and saw someone walking down the hall. I quickly called the police and they came. They found her 17 year old brother hiding in the bathroom. He said he was waiting for me when they questioned him.

The next day I found the note in the cd case when I put it. I opened it and read. "When my brother raped me he told me he would rape you next. I promise no matter what I wont let that happen. Love, Annie." And I think she kept the promise.

Sent in by Becky

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Is This Ghost My Great Grandma Or Someone Else?

I'm going to say right now that this isn't a scary so sorry to bum anyone out. I lost my great grandma a couple of years ago and it hit my mom, brother, and I pretty hard. About a year after her passing I was using the computer when I notice my kitchen get darker (only had the light above the sink on and the light about the computer on) I looked into the kitchen and saw the sink light off. Confused I got up and switched it in the off position then turned it back on and it worked! I sat down again and noticed the light off again.

Annoyed I said, "if someone is there and is turning the light off please turn it back on" just as I said that it did. I was curious now so I decided to test it.

"can you please turn it off?" it turned off.

"have you been here a while? Turn it on for yes turn it off for no" it turned on. I was now excited. It didn't feel anything bad and my house was built by my parents a year before I was born.

"do you know me?" it turned of then back on to show it's answer was yes. My brother walked in to see the light respond to me and just stared from the light to me.

"are you going to hurt me or my brother?" a NO

"my mom?" still no

"well it's nice talking to you so can you please turn the light back on and leave it please?" it turned on and stayed that way for the rest of the night but I think it still wants to talk because the security system beeps when a door or window opens and I kept checking everything every time it beeped before finally leaving it alone.

I also think it might be my great grandpa because he died before my mom was a teen but my great grandma had told my mom when I was born and as a kid I looked just like my great grandpa only in girl form.

Every time I put something up in the pantry in can stay there for months without falling. It only happens to me and normally when I'm by myself. I walked in from school the other week and a can that had been in there for ameboid suddenly fell out. I was used to this by now so I said "alright let me get changed and put my bag down then I'll pick it up."

I told my mom about it every time it happened and she smiled or laughed sometimes but took me seriously and said " maybe your great grandma is trying to tell you to clean something or someone clearly wants you attention."

A few last things to mention: I found out a while ago that I'm a empathist (?) and just a few weeks ago I found out that I'm starting to become a Slider. When my mom's heart hurts I feel it as if it were my own and the distance doesn't matter.

I thank you for reading and look forward to comments