Sunday, September 7, 2014

Is This Ghost My Great Grandma Or Someone Else?

I'm going to say right now that this isn't a scary so sorry to bum anyone out. I lost my great grandma a couple of years ago and it hit my mom, brother, and I pretty hard. About a year after her passing I was using the computer when I notice my kitchen get darker (only had the light above the sink on and the light about the computer on) I looked into the kitchen and saw the sink light off. Confused I got up and switched it in the off position then turned it back on and it worked! I sat down again and noticed the light off again.

Annoyed I said, "if someone is there and is turning the light off please turn it back on" just as I said that it did. I was curious now so I decided to test it.

"can you please turn it off?" it turned off.

"have you been here a while? Turn it on for yes turn it off for no" it turned on. I was now excited. It didn't feel anything bad and my house was built by my parents a year before I was born.

"do you know me?" it turned of then back on to show it's answer was yes. My brother walked in to see the light respond to me and just stared from the light to me.

"are you going to hurt me or my brother?" a NO

"my mom?" still no

"well it's nice talking to you so can you please turn the light back on and leave it please?" it turned on and stayed that way for the rest of the night but I think it still wants to talk because the security system beeps when a door or window opens and I kept checking everything every time it beeped before finally leaving it alone.

I also think it might be my great grandpa because he died before my mom was a teen but my great grandma had told my mom when I was born and as a kid I looked just like my great grandpa only in girl form.

Every time I put something up in the pantry in can stay there for months without falling. It only happens to me and normally when I'm by myself. I walked in from school the other week and a can that had been in there for ameboid suddenly fell out. I was used to this by now so I said "alright let me get changed and put my bag down then I'll pick it up."

I told my mom about it every time it happened and she smiled or laughed sometimes but took me seriously and said " maybe your great grandma is trying to tell you to clean something or someone clearly wants you attention."

A few last things to mention: I found out a while ago that I'm a empathist (?) and just a few weeks ago I found out that I'm starting to become a Slider. When my mom's heart hurts I feel it as if it were my own and the distance doesn't matter.

I thank you for reading and look forward to comments



  1. I think it may be your great grandpa, it dosent seem evil or trying to hurt you, I say embrace it, maybe try asking if it is your great grandpa.

  2. It a demon in disguise don't be deceived.

    1. Demons are much more aggressive. It sounds like she has got a poltergeist, or at least one of her grandparents has enough energy to move objects.

  3. i think that it is your grandmother because it is a good spirit.

  4. Dont believe anything a ouija spirit tells you, just because it sounds nice and doesnt harm you now, it doesnt necessarily make it a good spirit. I hate to say this and No Offence and sincere apologies for any offense to you but im only telling the truth - I sincerely believe that spirit you where talking to was not your great-grandmother but a random wayward spirit masquerading as your departed loved one. Most Ouija spirits are of the low-level form - that means they lived dysfunctional lives on earth (eg. they where druggies, prostitutes, alcoholics, drug dealers, criminals/prisoners when they where alive). These spirits are good liars and mimic spirits of your deceased friends and family members. Again no offense towards you but that ouija spirit you spoke to I have high belief to be that of a dysfunctional entity and my advice would be for you to never touch a ouija again as you have no idea what or who you may pick up. I know this from first hand exp. (it predicted my 'soulmate' was a woman i met out of very unfavorable circumstances 5 years previously - a woman i turned down (more for other reasons than that)) If you wish to contact a deceased loved one without visiting a psychic medium, there are ways they can come through to you Via dreams - i believe this way is a far better more honest way of communication than a peice of TV Packaging cardboard and computer paper with letters written with a pen which somehow for some unknown reason seems to attract the wrong (and often very dangerous) entitys.



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