Saturday, September 6, 2014

Strange Feelings And Sightings

Okay, so this story might not be as creepy as any of the others but it really happened. I was quite young when this happened.

I was home alone for a little while and I went to the bathroom to run some water so I could bath and as I bent over I felt some one grab my waist (in the way that most people would use to give others a fright) and I jumped up and swung my arm around hoping to hit the person, but as I fully turned I realized there was no one there but I could still feel something touching me.

I ran to my room and it felt as if I was being watched, I could feel that I wasn't alone and I walked into the corner of my room and calmly said " please go away" it immediately stopped and I felt much better so I walked around the house trying to find this thing but I didn't feel anything in any of the rooms so I left it for a while.

A couple days afterwards I had trouble sleeping so I sat in bed and played on my cellphone and I suddenly heard the latch on my backdoor open, and I heard door close and open along with the door handles moving, but I left it because I knew it couldn't hurt me.

The strange things kept coming, until I started hearing things, I heard people, and a little girl call my name, it was weird but I still knew it couldn't hurt me mentally or physically but then I started seeing things in my head that felt very real. I would see something next to me in my room or in the bathroom but I was able to stop them from touching me, for some reason some of these things were afraid of me when I looked them in the eyes which I found really weird.

I knew how to get rid of the seeing and hearing things and I done what I had to and the seeing and hearing things stopped. I was told that from a very young age I've been surrounded by many supernatural things which explains why I wasn't afraid of these things and I have many more stories including the time I played Bloody Mary to prove to my friends that I wasn't afraid of anything living or dead, to be honest I didn't see anything the night I done that while my cousin said she saw something, thanks for reading I know some of this might be confusing and I'm sorry if it is.

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  1. sometimes i cant sleep at night cause i feel like something or someone is watching me

    1. Hi,I may be able to help. I have an ent ent entity, energy that comes and goes is of the same character. You are active experience lots of different encounters.sound ,vision anyway,do you experience deja vu ? Right.. Spirits wondering around.either lost others trouble,transmitting energy. Signals,your a receiver. Radio. If s person is turned to the right frequency at the exact time of transmission they witness an spirit, Ghosts. On occasions your reception is that powerful you are pulling spirits to you.and will be a part of your life, as you've learnt to deal with it.intrigued to know that u do ?

  2. i don't get this but do you think you were going mad

  3. I find this interesting.. I have been told many times that I'm gifted. (I don't see it.) I draw in a lot of dark energy. Apparently, any where I live, if there is a person in that town or city who has darkness that surrounds them, they eventually find me. They find their way to me because they feel safe with me. I'm no angel or saint. But for the longest time it's always been this way. Evil or negative entities don't mess with me or the people around me. Like you, they are somehow frightened by my presence. I don't get it. I don't really DO anything special. But I have had multiple friends who have been haunted or possessed and swarm around me as if they are bugs drawn in by the light. And for that brief time they are with me, they feel relief. They feel safe. Once I connect with a person on a deeper level, it leaves them alone completely. I don't have any explanation but I've been trying to find someone who can. Like you, I don't fear them because I know whatever power or strength that lies within can withstand them.



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