Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thumping From The Bedroom

I was pregnant with my third child. My oldest daughter was living with her boyfriend my second child was away for the night only myself an my boyfriend was at home when around 1 am I woke to the sounds of very loud banging and thumping as if someone was jumping off my daughters bed onto the floor but not like you would hear a child playing jumping from their bed to the floor, this was heavy.

I woke my boyfriend. He was half asleep and said to me that's just Lisa. I told him remember she is not home. He jumped out of bed and I followed. The noise was so loud, so demanding like. As we reached to open the bedroom door the thumping stopped. We enter, nothing, completely nothing.
Just as my boyfriend went to close the door it started straight up again. He flung the door open, it stopped but the room was feeling colder. I started to freak. I got my bible and as we walked through the room I said demanding that whatever was here was to leave. Then we walked out and closed the door.

Again the thumping began to go off. My boyfriend, a very sensible practical guy, looked at me and said, "look whatever it is it can't seem to come out of the room so just don't panic, it will stop."

I sat up all night listening to that sound, it scared me. It finally did stop just as the sun was coming up. It never happened again.

This is a true story through out my family from my grandmother there has been many unexplained things that has happen within our family but I seem to have gotten a bigger dose of it then some of my cousins or brothers and sisters. I have experienced things since I was five years old.

Sent in by Donna

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