Wednesday, April 29, 2009

USO Experience Off The California Coast

In the early 80's I was in the Navy and assigned to "Coastal River Squadron 1" in Coronado, California. When I first arrived there, they had several of the old PT Boats made famous by John F. Kennedy. The squadron had also been receiving a new Patrol Boat (PB) that was 10' shorter than the PTs, and invisible to radar. Like today's stealth fighters, these boats were unpainted and were constructed with lots odd angles.

I usually worked on shore in one of the offices but on one occasion, My Commander invited me to become part of the crew of one of these PB's. The mission was not very exciting, but it was a nice change of pace. We were to sail up the coast to Santa Barbara and show off the boats during a community open house. We left late at night.

There is probably nothing darker than being at sea on a moonless night. The boat's light illuminated the top of the deck and the ocean mist as it flew up on both sides of the bow. Everything else was black. There were only six of us on board and since this was my first voyage on a PB; I was pretty excited and interested in everything. Chief Wryly was the boat's captain and he allowed me to sit at the radar screen and call out the coordinates of craft in the area. It had been a couple of years since I had been in boot camp and at first; I was struggling to call off the right numbers.

It can get very spooky out there and I started feeling a bit nervous when I saw the coastline on the radar at about 200 miles out. That's a long way to swim in the cold dark ocean. Then I saw something on the radar screen. An oblong blip was coming up fast directly behind us. I advised the Chief and he reacted with little if any real concern. The blip continued to close on us and I started looking to the rear of the boat for visual confirmation. There was none. Then the blip simply disappeared.

"Probably birds" muttered the Chief. Birds? At night? "Could be fish too." OK. About a half hour later, it appeared again, this time coming from the side at about a 45-degree angle. It was fast what ever it was. The Chief only glanced in my direction when I told him. "Hmmm". Now one of the regular crew joined me. He had been listening the whole time and like the Chief was initially unimpressed. "What the hell is that?" he asked. We both watched the radar screen as the blip closed in and again vanished just to our starboard side. "That was weird." His words were making me a little nervous now. He's been out here hundreds of times and he thinks it's weird.

The blip appeared again, this time directly behind us. As before, it closed the distance and then vanished. Almost immediately, it appeared in front of us as if on a collision course. Now we all strained to look into the darkness to see what it was. My mind was in high gear. Was there more than one? What is it? I know it's not fish.

This game of apparent cat and mouse continued for about an hour and a half without any of us seeing anything above the water. Then. it just quit. No more blips. A short time later, we came to a stop just out side of Santa Barbara and waited for the sun to come up. I don't know what was stocking us but I was very glad to see land. Occasionally the crew and I would get together and talk about the strange encounter but we all wrote it off as just some odd anomaly. Recently I watched a television show about USOs and they talked about this same area off the California Coast as being a hot stop. I wonder.

Note from Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager: David Mace has 18 years experience with the Sacramento Police Department and he is one of my top-notch researchers of the paranormal. When I heard this story from David, I knew it had to be released to the world. This story only proves that our world, our universe has many unexplained answers. This is just one more piece to the puzzle.

By David Mace, Paranormal Investigator

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Sexual Servant Zombies

This is a true story. I met a former zombie in 1974. Location: Bremerhaven, Germany. When I was working undercover narcotics with CID (Criminal Investigation Division) - DST (Drug Suppression Team), I was dating a lovely blonde Fraulein in Germany by the name of Gabriela. I met Gabriela at a discotheque in which I was staking out. I learned that Gabriela was once a former zombie. You might find this to be an odd story, or a story that is unbelievable. But, what I will tell you is the truth. Gabriela and I dated for some time, when we became intimate, I noticed a large circular hole on the right side of her buttocks. It was as if someone took a spoon and dug out a hunk of her flesh. I asked her how this hole was created. Her story was horrifying. This is where I learned she was a former zombie.... a former sexual servant zombie.

She told me that she was vacationing with her girlfriend in Munich and they befriended two Middle Eastern boys. They decided to go out dancing with these boys. It was a fun night of disco music, throbbing lights and drinking. At some point of time, they both blacked out and when they both awoke, they were in a strange bedroom with strange men looking at them. Since this story was told to me many years ago, details of certain events that Gabriela relates to me escapes me. What I will let you know is that during their stay at this strange place, they discovered they were in the Middle East.

Every day and every night they were given hallucinogenics. Strange men were having sexual liaisons with both of them and there was nothing they could do to stop it. At some point in time, Gabriela tried to escape and that is when a chunk of her flesh was cut out. During this one incident, is the only time she felt like she was somewhat in control of her mind. Otherwise, during her full stay there, she had no will of her own. She felt like her mind was under the constant control of her captives. She gave herself willingly to the strange men that visited her bedside. She tells me that she was a zombie.

From what she tells me, I would say she would fall into the category of being in a 'zombie state'. It would appear that her captives controlled her mind and her body. She was truly a zombie slave. She was given drugs to make her a willing participant during her enslavement. Gabriela tells me that it was her father, a former Nazi that was able to hire a small mercenary team to rescue her and bring her back home safely. Would you consider Gabriela a true zombie? If you want my opinion, I would have to say 'yes'.

Into Zombies? Check out the World Zombie Defense website -.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Visited By Demons

I hope everyone's doing good... but I just feel I have to start telling about my experiences with the supernatural, There are only few people that I have ever told about it because they are the only people who understand what's going on. I'm only going to tell one thing that has happen recently for now because I have a lot that I could tell and you don't wanna read all that.

Well everything started when I was 13, I am 19 now. I started having dreams that seemed to turn into reality, or sleep paralysis. Now they say in scientific BS that sleep paralysis comes from lack of sleep but I disagree strongly because somehow the demons that attack me can actually hurt me if they are trying to do more than choke me.

Three nights ago (from me writing this) I was sleep in my dorms and I felt this presence enter my room suddenly and it was standing at the end of my bed. So I learned to deal with that problem. I turned over on my stomach because they usually attack you when you are sleeping on your back. But this demon was different, it did something completely new. Instead on leaving after a while it immediately crawled onto my bed and put its knee in my back. It was such a sharp pain I stopped breathing for about 10 seconds. It grabbed my forehead and leaned me back and whispered in my ear and excuse my 'French' said, "your ass is mine... God cannot save you now". At that moment I could not focus because I was in such pain and all kinds of thoughts went through my head, I couldn't even think to pray and get this demon off me.

But somewhere through all of that the Lord gave a sign in all my thoughts that he was there. I immediately began to pray to him. The demon was angered by me calling god in to stop him... so before the demon departed it screamed in my ear and said, "I will because back for you soon so don't worry" then it hopped off me and went away.

I now have gotten a kanji symbol tattoo on my arm which stands for "faith in god" with angel wings attached because he has saved me and looked after me no matter what I was going through. I am beginning to understand that what he has given me (I guess you could call it a spiritual power) has its advantages and disadvantages.

What I meant by that is that I have something like a sixth sense. I can tell when bad things are going to happen sometimes. I can read how some people are without even knowing them. Dreams are a major part in it also... and being able to pick up on spirits being around without a problem. Well that's just a little bit of me but I'm pretty sure that some people will think I'm a liar. Honestly it doesn't matter I am dealing with this. If something like this goes on in anyone else's life like this, then I have a believer.

If anyone wants feel free to comment or ask me a question if you have something you might wanna know (I am not a psychic so please don't ask a question like that because I wont be able to help). But thanks for reading, maybe I will post more if anyone tells me they are interested in more of my experiences.

By Deon Colvin, Copyright 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bettie Hoppens Ghost The Woman In Blood

It all started a long time ago, about 30 years ago. A man by the name of Mike Hoppens was sent to death row for the murder of his wife, Bettie. According to Mike, his wife caught him cheating on her with her best friend Kelly and threatened to divorce him. Mike, in fear that he would loose everything he has ever worked for, grabbed her by the throat and started choking her. She then got a hold of an ash tray and shattered it on his head. Needless to say, he let her go and she ran for the front door. But before she could get out she tripped over the coffee table and Mike caught up with her.

Mike pulled out a knife, jumped on top of her, and started stabbing her until she died. He then began to cut out all her teeth, peeled off all the skin from her face, and cut up her body in pieces. He then placed the body parts in small garbage bags and then placed the small bags into a large garbage bag. After cleaning the old house up, he then put the large garbage bag in the back of his pick up truck and drove off. He drove to an old well and dropped the head in it, then he went to a field and burnt the rest of the body.

Everything went fine for awhile, that is until an old man was hired to plow the field asked about the burned spot. The owners went to investigate. What they found was more than just a spot for the teenagers to start a bonfire. The old man went to the well and dropped the bucket, and pulled it up for a drink. When the bucket got to the top, the jaw bone was found. The police ID'd the body and Mike was the number 1 suspect. When he was questioned, he confessed and was arrested. In court Mike was found guilty and was placed on death row.

One year later Mike was found dead in his cell, scratched in to ribbons. The inmates swore he was screaming, crying and begging, "No!, No! please Bettie! Please!" Mike pleaded until finally there was silence. One inmate said he thought he was dreaming, but he thought he saw a woman in a white dress and covered in blood floating by his cell on her way to Mike's cell.

And the house you ask? Well, The old Hoppens house is said to be haunted. Of the day the place stays quiet and peaceful, But at night its a different story. When the clock strikes 7:46 pm the house takes on a life of its own. Screams can be heard at this time which is the same time Bettie was murdered. The lights go on and off, the doors open and shut, a woman in a white dress, covered in blood (just like what ever it was that killed Mike) can be seen walking on the porch. Sometimes she can be seen walking up and down the road. Whispers can be heard inside the old place. At the old well a headless woman dressed the same way can be seen walking around the well as a voice from inside the well can be heard saying in a sobbing voice. "Where is my head. I need my head.

By J. B. Workman, Copyright 2009

True Story Of The Black Demon

Once there was a boy, not a very tall boy but a boy with shaggy blond hair. He had deep blue eyes and very long fingernails that looked like they hadn't been cut in a long time.

The kids on the street thought it was just a myth about what had happened to the little boy with very bad fingernails, but when the police came all they found were nail marks on the floor. All of the kids knew now that little Tommy wasn't lying about what he said he saw. Now it was to late to save him. This is the story of Tales of the black demon.

The story begins when the boy across the street named Tommy. We thought it was a joke he was playing on us. He had told us he was staring into the eyes of a black demon before he had gone to bed. When he told us we laughed, not knowing in a few hours we would see Tommy was telling us the truth.

Tommy described the demon to be wearing all black. He told us he couldn't see his face, nor his hands. He said it didn't have a beard so he assumed he was about his age.

Little Tommy was brushing his teeth when his mom called to say goodnight. He spit in the sink, washed his hands, said his prayers, and went to bed. When his mom came in and kissed him goodnight that's when the guest arrived. By now we told him to stop but he completely engorged us and went on. He had heard his closet door open and close by itself. He looked up; there was no one there, so he laid his head back down. Then he felt someone kick the mattress from under the bed. He quickly looked down under the bed, there was no one? He began to worry that someone was in his room, he tried not to worry about it too much but he kept hearing those noises all night long. Finally he looked so fast he saw the thing that was making the noise. It was the demon he described earlier to us.

So we said if this is true why don't we have a séance tonight and mess with the demon. So we spent the night over at little Tommy's house to see this demon and welcome him to a new kind of hell.

Late at night we all voted Tommy to be the séance person to call the demon into the house. Everyone gathered around the table, they all prayed and wished Tommy good luck. He called upon the demon with full voice. COME ALL DEMONS TO SUFFER THE FATE OF YOUR DEATH TWICE! Nothing happened. All the boys laughed at me, telling me I was crazy. Then the demon walked out of the kitchen into the living room where we were standing. Everyone was stunned. We couldn't believe are eyes. The demon in the flesh, just as Tommy described him. The demon was carrying a butcher knife. Everybody ran except Tommy. He was still stunned.

What had he done? He made a demon appear in his house! Then the demon ran to Tommy full speed, and stabbed him in his stomach, then slit his throat. Tommy was still alive when he called are names, we heard him scratch his nails on the floorboard, I looked up just to see the monster finish eating Tommy and run. I watched are best friend be murdered that night. We never had a séance or went to go see Tommy's mom again. Some say she hung herself in the base -ment. But that's just a theory. So whatever you do don't say those last words Tommy had said to the demon. Just lay your head down so you can't wake up.

Based on a true story. The victims were Bailey Germada and Koma Bachman.

By Koma Bachman, Copyright 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

Vampire Ghost Encounter

I was walking home on an August night about 7 years ago. I was 11 at the time and I was interested in the supernatural. I was about to turn at the corner of my block but I stopped. I had no idea why, but I was propelled to go a different way. So I started walking in a completely random direction in utter darkness.

A pair of headlights suddenly lit up in my direction. I couldn't move my legs to get out of the way. For some reason I did not even want to get out of the way and my legs felt like lead. As the car neared I started to feel my blood pumping in my veins. I wasn't scared.

Then for about 7 seconds, I was lifted into the air, out of the car's way. I caught a glimpse of the driver. It was a dark figure with bloodshot expressionless eyes. I still was not scared. Just confused. After a minute or so I finally got my sanity back and started screaming. They came muffled out of my throat. I looked myself over to see if I was alive and okay. There was a hand on my arm but I couldn't feel it.

I looked up at the owner of the hand and I screamed in terror. It was a vampire. He looked almost transparent. His fangs stuck out like walrus tusks. His pale skin was barely visible. He lurched towards my neck and I instantly felt burning pains in my thighs. I passed out.

When I woke up I was lying in the middle of the road. When I got home my parents were hysterical. 'Where have you been?' 'Are you alright?' 'Did someone hurt you?' Why is there blood all over you?'

When I heard my mom say blood I rushed to my bathroom. I examined my neck and sure enough there were two fang marks. My dad came in and asked some more pointless questions. I tried to tell him about the ghost, but he only asked more questions. He barely listened.

The next day I school on my way to class I saw him again. I opened my locker and his face appeared in the mirror. I turned around but of course no one was there but fellow classmates. I almost remember a smirk on his face. I never saw him again after that but I think about it often.

By Bridgett, Copyright 2009 Willard E. Hughes Jr.

Mannequin Massacre

You know mannequins... those things that stand still like statues and advertise a specific clothing or thing... yeah of course you do! But there are things about mannequins that you should never forget. My name is Samantha and I am the president of Paranormal Literature Organization, and this is my story:

One day I was in RFC mall (only found in my country) when I saw this cute top and shorty shorts on this looked good on the mannequin but the only problem is that the mannequin was bald. All the mannequins were bald. I called my mom and chuckled "hey mom look, bald children! Bald!"

I was now laughing hard and kept teasing the mannequin. "Hey kid," I said to it "you mind if I borrow your beachball? Or better yet may I borrow your head? It's like a beachball anyway!It's so smooth and bald!" I kept laughing and teasing the mannequin. and when it was time to go home I said to the mannequin "Bye kid! Enjoy your bald life! Next time I go here, I want to see hair! Not a beachball for a head" I laughed and followed my mom out and to home.

You gotta admit, I was pretty rude and mean. If the mannequin was a real bald girl, It would have cried and yelled. I was a mean girl. But I just can't help it... that time.... it looked really funny.

That night I was about to sleep when I saw a strange smoky figure out my window. I just ignored it and the next morning, I heard the news that someone robbed the mall and one of the mannequins were gone! Wow!

I went there and saw that the mannequin that was stolen was the one I was teasing the other day. And I saw a girl, a REALLY PRETTY GIRL. With silky hair and hazelnut eyes. Her skin was pale, but in a good way cause it suited her. She was like a doll. She reminded me of someone or something, I just can't place what or who. She wore this cute new yellow top with frilly sleeves and pants with gem designs. My gosh was she pretty.

She asked me the most peculiar question "Do you like my hair?" but I had to answer her "yes! it's pretty! It really is!" then I went to the other aisle and she disappeared. And I whispered to myself "what a peculiar pretty girl!"

The next day I went there again, hoping to find Miss Perfectly Pretty there. But I didn't see her. Instead, I saw the mannequin. The mannequin with her brown nut eyes and pale skin... and wait a minute... something was different about her... she had hair... she looked exactly like that pretty girl who greeted me the other day with a peculiar question... then I grabbed the hair... hoping it was a wig.... it didn't come off... then... I saw this note in the pouch she was holding... a note saying:

"Do You like my hair now?"

PS: You can have the beachball... just don't tease me again.

I ran away from that mannequin and I come back there only when I am in need to shop.... but I keep clear of all the mannequins and I never tease them... even though they really look funny being bald and all.... Sorry miss mannequin.... ever since that day, the mannequin disappears at night and it's hair changes.... freaky.

This really isn't that scary but if you were in my place...and see the mannequin there with different hair everyday...whoah..... that mannequin is FREAKY

By Samantha Jones, Copyright 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Real Demon In My Class Room!

I am a teacher..well, I WAS.. at the age of 23. I had a group of 10/11 year olds in a classroom. It was thundering outside and the rain was very violent as it was bashing furiously on the windows. I couldn't really teach Math to the kids so we just had free time. I asked them what they wanted to do and they said... 'Ghost stories, ghost stories'.. and I was So, I told them a little scary/funny story about a ghost and they all laughed and had fun listening to me. Then, I thought maybe I should tell them a TRUE FACT about Demons. I knew that it wasn't a right thing to tell to the kids.. but oh well.

Here was the fact. You know that Demons/Jins CAN'T BEND their THUMBS like us humans? It is a true fact. All the kids found the fact very funny and they started to bend their thumbs and laugh about it. I also found it hilarious. But, there was one kid, sitting by himself, looking worried. He had his arms out and his thumbs were literally not bending. He cried out 'I can't bend my thumbs, I can't bend them!

The rest of the children were laughing and pointed at him and shouting 'you're a DEMON, YOU'RE A DEMON'. I personally got scared and frightened. I went towards the kid and asked him if he could bend his thumbs. I thought maybe he was joking around and playing BUT he replied 'NO..I can't bend my thumbs'. I was really really scared this time and yes I like... NEARLY pooped my pants.

Although the kids were laughing and found it funny; however I was SCARED. I said to the kid 'come on, you can bend your thumbs, right? Come on you can do it.' He couldn't and replied 'No, no I can't bend my thumbs' while he told me that, he was crying and said 'Miss, I don't want to be the bad demon, please I don't want to be a demon'. He had tears in his eyes... and yes he was really frightened. I felt really worried... so I quickly asked the children to come out of the room and go somewhere else AWAY from the kid. I know that was rude but I was really scared.. seriously.. I can't really explain my feelings...but it was really scary. I grabbed all the children and rushed them towards the exit door.

I turned back and saw the kid still having his arms out and trying to bend his thumbs while crying and shouting 'I don't want to be a DEMON, miss... please don't leave me..please' I didn't know what to do.. but I was too scared.. what could I do?.. and I had to get the kids out of the room. Suddenly the kid shouted my name 'Jenna, Jenna' - the voice which I never heard of.. a voice of an older man coming out of a young child. Even though I am a teacher but I got frightened of my own student. I tried to open the door BUT it wasn't opening. He was walking towards me.. with his eyes fixed on me. He was saying 'Why Jenna.. why?' and I didn't know what to say.. I had to keep the kids protected.. also myself.... He THEN said.. 'did you know..I am a demon?'...he laughed really loudly...really, loudly.

People who are reading this please believe me.. I am telling the truth.. I am really scared about what happened.. while I am writing this I am petrified.. I can still hear those scary laughs of the kid. Back to the story.. I didn't know what to do.. I was crying/screamig and holding on to the children. The kid who couldn't stop laughing and mentioning my name asked me a question. He asked 'do you want to see something beautiful/pretty, miss?' I couldn't say anything.. my voice wasn't coming out of my mouth. Without replying anything.. his face turned really old and wrinkly..HONESTLY! oh my god!! I can still remember it. I finally asked him to leave us alone and get us out of the room! He said 'okay', BUT.. he said.. 'if I let you all get out of this room.. then what will I get? I want YOU, Jenna..I want YOU'. The kids were crying and couldn't stop clinging on to me..they wanted to get out and so did I. The only way to get out was to accept his proposal and now I am HIS lady.

I guess I shouldn't of had told the kids the ghost stories.. and now this is my punishment..being HIS now. What does this kid want for me? Is he even a kid? I have him with me all the time when I am alone. I am writing this.. he is next to me. He wants me to share my worse time with everyone. I guess.. I was the chosen one for him.

By Jenna Martinez, Copyright 2009

Night Shift: A Wereleno's Tale

This is this story of how I became the Wereleno. It all started when me and my buddies were on a camping trip. It was no ordinary camping trip though, we were going to explore the forest to collect leaves and other things. I had felt pretty good pretty much for the morning and afternoon- but as soon it was getting close to evening and something strange started to happen.

That evening, I had somehow developed superhuman powers and a craving for Doritos, which could only lead to one thing- I was going to turn into a Wereleno tonight. I kept becoming more and more Jay Leno-like each time even speaking like him- it was so weird.

That night after dinner I called out to the other guys..."I'm going to go over to the forest and collect leaves, you stay here" and went off into the forest, it certainly was a most beautiful night in the forest, the sky was clear, the stars were shining and the full moon was shining bright. I decided to relax and have a lay down, then the light of the moon shone ever so brightly on me and that's when I turned from human to Wereleno.....

My ears turned pointed, my canine teeth became cute fangs, my nose turned black, my eyes glow orangeish and my eyebrows went bushy. Soft blackish fur with silver markings began to sprout on the palms of my hands and all over me, my fingernails and toenails became black clawed ones, my hair turned blackish and grew into a long mane, my facial features slowly transformed into those of talk show host/comic Jay Leno including my chin which elongated and stretched and finally turned into his....

"Oh no! I'm turning into a....a....a Wereleno!" I cried as my voice became that of Jay Leno's, I grew 5 ft 11 in height and my body grew into a much larger Jay Leno-like body thus causing my favourite shirt to burst at the seams. I looked at my reflection in the river - I had become a large, jovial, furry Wereleno.

"Holy cow! I look and sound just like Jay Leno. I must be dreaming. Wait a minute! I'm not dreaming, I really have become a Wereleno!" I exclaimed.

I then spent several hours using my new wereleno powers to have fun. I was no longer an ordinary person - I had become the wereleno, something truly majestic and lovable.... it was like a weird dream except it was real. So that is the story behind it all.

This is a true story by the way.

Written by "J.C Shazam", Copyright 2009 D Slone

Products Of Human Technology

For years I have delighted in hearing and reading your kinds stories. What I do not like is why you ponder over things that can be explained in one simple term, technology. Not manifestations of beings from another world or whatever your spiritual guides or guardians have supposed to have told you. What I mean is think about our polluted world we live in. We breath it, drink it, eat it, and make things we use with these toxic chemicals in them. We have done this for years and lets not for get all the under ground radioactive bomb containers. Are still wondering why mutants run loose in the woods and create disasters? Or why certain people see and feel things others may not? Come on people get it together for Gods sake already! Lets think logically not supernaturally, just for once.

Did you ever think about this in depth or did you just think of it as paranormal? How many Nuclear Power plants do we have around the world? This is not counting the numerous chemical plants of all kinds. Then once the land is full of buildings and trash where do you think we start dumping the rest of it. Into the depths of your bodies of water as if the ground wasn't bad enough. People, people, people are the ones to blame, not some higher power. God isn't picking on us, we are doing to ourselves.

We drink the water eventually and eat the seafood. Mmmmmmmmm, all that recycled toxins huh!? Then you wonder why years later a mutant animal or creature is spotted somewhere or why you are a transmitter to ghosts or spirits rather? I would quicker to point the finger at the dammed human race than from beyond. You say it is caused by energy well not kidding. Look at all the radio towers, cell phone towers, hell do you know what's really in them satellites in space? Yeah they say information waves that are so advanced they go from way up there into the layered atmosphere into a receiver and produces an image! Has a bell went off in your heads yet because if it ain't I still have more!

Mutants are something normal that has had its genetic make up seriously screwed up but they don't have to always die soon afterwards. Look at all the new species of animals and insects coming up every year. Do you mean to tell me a ghost put them here, huh? Oh wait here's one aliens or another dimension, yeah right! You wanna know the only alien I've seen so far is mankind and all their stupid technology!

Well you got a scratch so you got to rub all kinds or skin lotion on it! Well their went another species extinct because you had to buy some crap that a factory makes to make you look younger when all it does is put pollution into the air and in 60 years you don't look any different than you would of just softer and more frail! Get real with reality folks and stop all this booghostbullcrap!

To anyone who wants to read here you might find your answer to all the mysteries. Its logical and makes you feel a whole lot better about your sanity that you may think your losing.

By I K, Copyright 2009 Willard E Hughes Jr.

Faces in the Clouds

This story has nothing to do with ghosts so if it's that kind of story you are looking for then you are gravely mistaken. The names in this story have been changed so that some stuff I have stated would not be able to get us in trouble. My story starts out like this I live in a city in Northern Virginia, at the time I was a senior in high-school.

I don't remember exactly what day it was but I do remember it was before Christmas and very cold outside. It was me James, My younger brother Sam, and my friends Carlos, Levi, Collin. We had just gotten a ride down to the bowling alley (about a 5 minute drive) so we could meet up with Collins girlfriend and some of her friends.

We arrived about an hour early just because my mom couldn't give us a ride any earlier so we agreed to take it as opposed to walking that way. the time was about 7pm and it was dark outside, since we got there an hour early we decided to walk to Carlos's girlfriend Nyra's house since she lived close by and that he had to console her as much as he could being because her little boy cousin had died that day from health related causes.

On the way there we had to walk a wide open path on tope of a hill bordering a small lake. We weren't really scared of anything just because we were 5 pretty big adult males and me and Carlos both had pocket knives on us. While we were walking my brother Sam, Levi, and Collin all decided to smoke some weed that Collin had on him. I know what your saying how could I an older brother let my younger brother smoke, well what you don't understand is that my brother can make his own decisions and I had long stopped acting like the strict older brother.

So me and Carlos were waling about 20 feet in front of them because we both aren't smokers. So we were talking on our own when we both just decided to look up at the somewhat close to full moon. We looked up and say a cloud apart from other clouds, and this day wasn't very cloudy so we could tell them apart. The shape of the cloud seemed to resemble a manly face with a long beard.

When I first saw it I immediately thought of the old Zeus pictures, because it really looked like it. Carlos pointed it out to me while I was staring at it and noted that I had already seen it. Carlos an avid catholic immediately thought that it was gods face, and I an avid Muslim said the same thing.

Your probably thinking why we just didn't assume that it was just a cloud, well because we both are very superstitious and religious people, but at the same time we were just thinking it was a cloud. So we stopped staring at it and followed with our conversation. Until I said "Carlos look up at the cloud again." This time it was completely different in shape and looked more like a serpentine-like human face.

The best way I can describe it, is that it kind of look like lord Voldemorts face from Harry potter. When we say this we both were getting freaked out and we just stared down. But we both are curious in nature and when we looked back up it was the Zeus like face but in a different position as the first and somewhat different in the length of the beard but we could tell that it was suppose to resemble the first cloud-face we say.

This is when we decided to inform the others, so while we were still looking up at the cloud we yelled back to the others. We didn't even have to point it out to them because as soon as the looked up they all noticed it to. They were more astonished and brushed it off as a cloud, I don't know if that was them or the weed that brushed it off but that's what they did.

And right now is where I explain why we didn't just stare at the cloud the whole time to see it change is because me and Carlos were to scared. We finally mustered up the courage to look up again we say the serpentine-face again, but like the first and third clouds there was a difference in the little things such as which way it was facing and stuff like that.

We pointed it back out to the three behind us and that's when they knew that there was something weird going on. After we stared at it for a while we were all compelled to look away, when we finally looked up again at the cloud it had taken the shape of a bird with its wings spread out.

After a while the cloud changed into a normal circular cloud shape, and we arrived at Nyra's house. We explained the story for the half hour that we stayed there, and then left back to the bowling alley. On the way back we didn't see the cloud again. The next day at school Nyra came up to us in school and told us that her mother and aunt were coming back to her house after making the funeral preparations, when they got a flat tire.

Her aunt looked up and also saw a bird-shape in the clouds ( I don't know if it was the cloud we saw), but she started to cry and told Nyra's mom that her son's favorite animal was an eagle.

Since that day the memory of that night just slid away from our minds, I don't know why because that kind of thing should have stuck for a while. About a year after that night it just popped into my head again and I asked Carlos about it and he said that he had completely forgot about it.

Thanks for spending time reading my story and if you don't believe me then its okay because everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

By Yusaf Ibrahimi, Copyright 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Aliens, MIB's and Ghosts

When I was between the ages of 8 - 10 in the late 1980s my mom and my cousin's mom would work the graveyard shift at the nursing home, so either I would stay at their house or he would stay with me. It was the beginning of the summer so we would stay up late. My cousin is a month older than me.

You go into the house and you're in the living room, go straight back to his mom's room, or to the right to the kitchen. Through the kitchen towards the back on the left is the stairs going up to his bedroom. In his bedroom is a window on the front of the house, so you can see up and down the street, because of all the streetlights.

We were at his house and one night me him and his mom were watching the 6 o'clock news and there was something about a UFO crash. Later on his mom left for work. We watched TV and played outside for a while, and played games, then realized it was almost 11:30 pm.

We were upstairs fixing to go to bed, and heard the doorbell ring. We looked at each other and thought who would be here at this time of night. We looked out the window and saw a man in a black suit with a rounded hat, kind of hat like a state trooper or drill Sgt wears. We turned and looked at one another, and thought no way am I going down there to see what he wants, then looked back out and he was gone, no where in sight, not anywhere on the street.

Then we saw a round object flying through the sky with bent rectangle looking white lights rotating around. After a few minutes of talking about it, we heard footsteps coming up the stairs. We were really freaked out now, then my cousin ran over and locked the door. We stayed up all night, and when his mom got home we told her about the events, and she said it was from our over active imagination.

I never stayed at his house after that. I've had lots of other strange phenomena stuff happen to me as well.

Given to me by Joe, Copyright 2009 D Slone