Tuesday, April 21, 2009

True Story Of The Black Demon

Once there was a boy, not a very tall boy but a boy with shaggy blond hair. He had deep blue eyes and very long fingernails that looked like they hadn't been cut in a long time.

The kids on the street thought it was just a myth about what had happened to the little boy with very bad fingernails, but when the police came all they found were nail marks on the floor. All of the kids knew now that little Tommy wasn't lying about what he said he saw. Now it was to late to save him. This is the story of Tales of the black demon.

The story begins when the boy across the street named Tommy. We thought it was a joke he was playing on us. He had told us he was staring into the eyes of a black demon before he had gone to bed. When he told us we laughed, not knowing in a few hours we would see Tommy was telling us the truth.

Tommy described the demon to be wearing all black. He told us he couldn't see his face, nor his hands. He said it didn't have a beard so he assumed he was about his age.

Little Tommy was brushing his teeth when his mom called to say goodnight. He spit in the sink, washed his hands, said his prayers, and went to bed. When his mom came in and kissed him goodnight that's when the guest arrived. By now we told him to stop but he completely engorged us and went on. He had heard his closet door open and close by itself. He looked up; there was no one there, so he laid his head back down. Then he felt someone kick the mattress from under the bed. He quickly looked down under the bed, there was no one? He began to worry that someone was in his room, he tried not to worry about it too much but he kept hearing those noises all night long. Finally he looked so fast he saw the thing that was making the noise. It was the demon he described earlier to us.

So we said if this is true why don't we have a séance tonight and mess with the demon. So we spent the night over at little Tommy's house to see this demon and welcome him to a new kind of hell.

Late at night we all voted Tommy to be the séance person to call the demon into the house. Everyone gathered around the table, they all prayed and wished Tommy good luck. He called upon the demon with full voice. COME ALL DEMONS TO SUFFER THE FATE OF YOUR DEATH TWICE! Nothing happened. All the boys laughed at me, telling me I was crazy. Then the demon walked out of the kitchen into the living room where we were standing. Everyone was stunned. We couldn't believe are eyes. The demon in the flesh, just as Tommy described him. The demon was carrying a butcher knife. Everybody ran except Tommy. He was still stunned.

What had he done? He made a demon appear in his house! Then the demon ran to Tommy full speed, and stabbed him in his stomach, then slit his throat. Tommy was still alive when he called are names, we heard him scratch his nails on the floorboard, I looked up just to see the monster finish eating Tommy and run. I watched are best friend be murdered that night. We never had a séance or went to go see Tommy's mom again. Some say she hung herself in the base -ment. But that's just a theory. So whatever you do don't say those last words Tommy had said to the demon. Just lay your head down so you can't wake up.

Based on a true story. The victims were Bailey Germada and Koma Bachman.

By Koma Bachman, Copyright 2009


  1. it's funny to know that more then one person has cryed wolf and actully die'd.it's interesting to know that people really do get what is coming to them.it's freaky to think that if it was me id do the same.but all in all it all comes down to one thing.one question.one anwser do demons exist
    ...yes they do so dont mess with them..if you wish to chat i am fatetallica..come find me

  2. i have never been through a experience like that but ever since i was 4 ive been followed by a demon in all black i never saw his face i first saw him when i was 4 at my grandmas house and i was laying down and then i saw it, it just looked at me and then it grabbed my blanket and left i dont know why it did and i didnt understand i saw it 4 times at that house that was in 2001,then i didn't see it until i was 14 in 2012, i was walking my dog and i saw it again from far away it was looking at me,then i went inside and i was scared, a hour later i forgot about it and started making myself a sandwich and i looked at the couch and it was sitting on the couch and then it disapear that was just a couple months ago



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