Sunday, April 19, 2009

Night Shift: A Wereleno's Tale

This is this story of how I became the Wereleno. It all started when me and my buddies were on a camping trip. It was no ordinary camping trip though, we were going to explore the forest to collect leaves and other things. I had felt pretty good pretty much for the morning and afternoon- but as soon it was getting close to evening and something strange started to happen.

That evening, I had somehow developed superhuman powers and a craving for Doritos, which could only lead to one thing- I was going to turn into a Wereleno tonight. I kept becoming more and more Jay Leno-like each time even speaking like him- it was so weird.

That night after dinner I called out to the other guys..."I'm going to go over to the forest and collect leaves, you stay here" and went off into the forest, it certainly was a most beautiful night in the forest, the sky was clear, the stars were shining and the full moon was shining bright. I decided to relax and have a lay down, then the light of the moon shone ever so brightly on me and that's when I turned from human to Wereleno.....

My ears turned pointed, my canine teeth became cute fangs, my nose turned black, my eyes glow orangeish and my eyebrows went bushy. Soft blackish fur with silver markings began to sprout on the palms of my hands and all over me, my fingernails and toenails became black clawed ones, my hair turned blackish and grew into a long mane, my facial features slowly transformed into those of talk show host/comic Jay Leno including my chin which elongated and stretched and finally turned into his....

"Oh no! I'm turning into a....a....a Wereleno!" I cried as my voice became that of Jay Leno's, I grew 5 ft 11 in height and my body grew into a much larger Jay Leno-like body thus causing my favourite shirt to burst at the seams. I looked at my reflection in the river - I had become a large, jovial, furry Wereleno.

"Holy cow! I look and sound just like Jay Leno. I must be dreaming. Wait a minute! I'm not dreaming, I really have become a Wereleno!" I exclaimed.

I then spent several hours using my new wereleno powers to have fun. I was no longer an ordinary person - I had become the wereleno, something truly majestic and lovable.... it was like a weird dream except it was real. So that is the story behind it all.

This is a true story by the way.

Written by "J.C Shazam", Copyright 2009 D Slone


  1. Funny stuff! I believe every word of it (is a word) ha ha. Maybe Frito Lays might buy this from you to promote their munchies

  2. know this gives an idea for a comic book character.



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