Friday, February 26, 2010

Vampires a Historical Study

I am a big fan of vampires but I wouldn't go as far as to say I wish to be one whether they do exist or not. I have watched over 100 different vampire films and each one were different in their own way. I believe in what I see, if a vampire was to come before me then I will believe they exist but until that day then no.

What makes me wonder is the fact that all these people on here who claim to be vampires have not once used the original spelling, how I would've thought a vampire would say, after all its their name, that spelling is vampyre.

I have studied vampires from as early as 10000 BC. They were around when Jesus was here, I actually read in the year 31 Jesus healed all the vampires at Capernaum. Then the next vampire to be heard of was in the year in 140 which the vampires reigned victorious till the year 773, when Charlemagne defeated Quadilla the Vampire, saving Rome. Then there was no sign of a vampire until 300 years later when one was spotted in Russia. It was like the vampires would appear then go for centuries then return.

When the 15th century arrived Dracula was born - 1428 - then he was assassinated in 1477. Then suddenly people started publishing books on how to kill vampires. Then Italian scientist Ludovico Fatinelli was burned at the stake for suggesting a biological cause for vampires.

In 1560 Elizabeth Bathory was born, she was a troubled person through her childhood and she spent all her adulthood in prison. She was a convicted serial killer and she claimed to be a reincarnation of Vlad the Impaler (Count Dracula). In 1607 it was said to believe a ship brought vampires from the other side of the world, they called the ship, the ship of death.

In 1610 Elizabeth Bathory was convicted of killing 773 girls, the same number of the year when the first vampire elder was killed (Quadilla). In 1614 Elizabeth then died, the cause of her death is still to this day unknown. After her death books were published on the vampire subject for many years but there was no sight of vampires.

The word vampire was used a lot as it became very popular in the publishing and film industry. Still no sight of any vampires until the year 1872 when Vincenzo Verzeni was convicted of killing two people and drinking their blood. Then in 1897 Bram Stoker released he’s book. Since 1872 there has been no such act that has taken place and throughout the years up to our year now 2010 there has been over 500 different books published and 300 films based on vampires and Dracula.

I have read the scariest books and watched the scariest films. The book that described the vampire most fearsome and one that I would never like to come across was the vampires from the Anne Rice books, which two of them where made into films, The Queen of The Damned and Interview With The Vampire. Her best seller was a book called the Vampire Lestat. The most unfrightning way that a vampire was described was in the Twilight series which there characters are based on beauty but it was the most spot on in a way a vampire could be described.

I hope you enjoy this write up it will be good to see what you think of it. As I said before vampires are an amazing species and so much to tell about them, there is no end in what can be said about them and until the day I meet one I will keep researching.

Sent in by Ryan, Copyright 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010

ZOZO and Carrie

This happened to me and my friend Mandy. Here's what happened.

I've wanted a Ouija board for a long time, but my mom disapproved of them and told me they were dangerous but when I moved in with my dad everything changed. My dad never believed in ghosts while me and my mom strongly believed so my dad bought me a Ouija board the night before my friend Mandy was going to sleep over at my house. Well that night was a little weird. When I was staying up late watching movies by myself I started to get a eerie feeling. Then I turned my head and looked at where I put my Ouija Board, it wasn't where I left it. Weird I thought to myself and begun to search for it. finally I found it still in the packaging how I left it in the creepiest part of my basement, the oilroom/laundry room. The reason why I'm a little freaked out by this room is because I thought I saw a little boy in there asking to play a year ago. So anyway I gathered up my courage and went in there to get it. I quickly ran in and back out and shut the door to that room very quickly and went to bed a little shaken up.

The next day me and my dad went to pick up my friend Mandy. As soon as we picked her up she asked if I got the Ouija Board, we both were really excited to play with one. When we got to my house we went down in my basement and started to play. You hold it first I told her (She's done it before and this was my first time), ok she replied happily. She held the Ouija Board and asked the first question. "Are there any sp-rits here" she asked. Nothing happened so we made it move ourselves for the first couple minutes or so. Then it moved on it's own because and moved differently and my friend had a startled look on her face. So we asked the question again, and the planchette moved to yes.

Then we asked it's name, it spelled out C-A-R-R-I-E, Carrie. Carrie said she was 17 and was killed when someone was beating her. We found Carrie in my oilroom. We asked if we could see her, she said we could maybe see her but only if we made it like pitch black, so we did. At first Mandy and I thought we probably wouldn't be able to see her but then I saw this tall, skinny, pale long-blond-haired girl standing in the dark. I even remember what she was wearing, a strapless black mini-dress, with a white belt on the waist, an old fashioned diamond heart necklace, and strappy zebra heels. She even had pink highlights like Avril Lavigne. Carrie became our spirit guide and loved us like sisters. Carrie would also do weird stuff like sometimes I would feel like little shocks on my face but the only thing near me was air, and I felt someone tickle my back, but Mandy was in the bathroom. So you can tell Carrie was a really nice ghost and would protect us if we needed her to.

When we were sitting on my bed calm and relaxed talking to Carrie something weird happened to both me and Mandy, we felt pains on our arms like claws were scratching us. At first we thought Carrie was playing a joke on us, but when we said "Carrie, Stop!" something freaky happened. The board started spelling out something fast and furiously. I was holding the board at the time and while this was going on both me and Mandy felt the same thing sad, mad, depressed, felt like there was no happiness left in the world. Finally I realized what the board spelled out, when I did I was terrified, terrified enough to almost not tell my friend, but I decided I had to. She asked me over an over "What is it saying?" finally I choked out "ZOZO", "It said, this is not Carrie, it's ZOZO."

It took my friend a couple seconds to put it together, but when she did she gave me the most horrified look I've ever seen before in my life. If you're wondering why we were terrified it's because ZOZO is an evil devil who some people have said has murdered innocent people for fun. Anyway when we figured this out we had no idea whatsoever except to just read what he said.

ZOZO started asking questions, weird questions, like "do you like to watch people die?" and another was "do you want to die tonight and join me, it won't hurt, that bad." Then he started saying he was going to kill us at 12:00 am. You'd think as soon as he left we'd be smart and put the board away, hope it never happened, but no we kept playing it. As soon as ZOZO left Carrie came back asking us what happened we told her and then she left to try to go and stop him. At the time it was 11:00 pm. So we had a hour. We stopped playing for a short while to make popcorn and watch a little TV. By 11:30 pm we felt better and almost forgot what happened but as soon as the clock said 12:00 am weird stuff started to happen. Doors slammed upstairs, my radio turned it self on blared, footsteps above our heads and weird demonic voices filled the air. At first we thought it was my dad but when we went upstairs he was sound asleep like he had been at 11:00 pm. Then we started to freak out. We tried to wake up my dad, no use he was a heavy sleeper, and plus he didn't believe in ghosts anyway. So we were on our own.

We ran downstairs and waited. Just as we were starting to calm down again the stuff happened again only three times worse. Even the scratches on the arms started again, only this time when I looked down at the marks they spelled out something. "You will die tonight." Mandy got the same one on her arm. Then amongst the horrors I remembered something. Mandy had brought Holy water with her in case we needed it. So I yelled to Mandy to go get it and I was searching through my brain for a passage from the bible to read to vanish ZOZO. Finally I thought of one, and I yelled to Mandy to say it with me, we said over and over as we blessed my house and sprinkled Holy water everywhere. Then suddenly we both felt the evilness go away and we knew we had done it. We were so happy. Mandy and I are creeped out big-time still, but we still may play with one again.

Sent in by Kailee LaBelle, Copyright 2010

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crazy People Can Lick Too

One eerie night in a small town in Texas called Coupland, two girls were left alone in their house. Their parents had left for a formal outside of the small town, leaving the girls alone with their dog Vladimire. Since the town their parents went to was far away the girls knew that it would take a while for their parents to get home. One of the girls was named Sarah, being twelve she was the oldest. Then there was her little sister Cara which was nine. Every time something was wrong Vladimire would lick one of the girls hands. It was usually small stuff like if someone would be knocking, or maybe just a simple window that wasn't closed all the way.

There was a terrible lightning storm outside. While the girls sat in the living room watching the news late at night the newsreporter came on suddenly and reported about something that had just happened a few hours ago. "Not much is known about this situation but what we do know is that someone has escaped from the Insane Asylum just a few miles away from Coupland. For now all I can say is to lock all your doors and close all of your windows." Suddenly the power went out. The girls were terrified. Being the oldest Sarah was the first to calm down and make sense out of the situation and tell her sister maybe the power was cut off from the storm. Cara nodded and suggested to grab some candles and light them up and put them around the house.

As they were finishing lighting the last of the candles Vladimire licked Sarah's hand. "What's wrong boy?" asked Sarah soothingly as she scratched his head. Vladimire went over to the window, it was wide-open. Sarah looked puzzled as she went and closed it. Heading back to the living room with her sister Cara close behind she looked at the clock. It took her a while to see where the hands were arranged; 1:30. She told her sister that it would be better if they headed up to bed.

While going their separate ways to their rooms Cara turned around to Sarah's room and jumped in bed with her. They both fell asleep immediately. Sarah woke up to a dripping sound Drip... Ping... Drip... Ping... Drip... Ping... Sarah put her hand under the bed where Vladimire usually slept. He lickd her hand for a long time she put it back up and went to sleep again. Drip... Ping... Drip... Ping... Sarah opened her eyes again and stuck her hand under the bed this time she was greeted by a heavy raspy tongue. She didn't think about it much and went back to sleep.

It was morning time. Cara woke up and got up she went to her room and changed. Five minutes later Sarah got up, she rubbed her eyes and walked over to the bathroom. Drip... ping... drip... ping... drip... ping... Sarah knew that she hadn't dreamed what happened the other night. As she went into the bathroom she heard the sound get louder drip... ping... drip... ping... she walked over to the shower and opened the curtain. She screamed in shock as she was greeted by the most gruesome scene. There hanging on the top faucet was Vladimire, his throat was slit and drops of blood dropped down. Drip... ping... drip... ping. Sarah ran but there in the bathroom mirror written in blood were the words crazy people can lick too.

Sent in by Briana

My First Encounter that led to Possible Belief in Vampires

The first encounter was the one that made me go from believing that blood vampires were pure fiction to more-than-plausible reality. Keep in mind that, prior to this encounter, I had never watched a vampire movie (not even old Dracula flicks), read a vampire book, nothing like that. I knew nothing, really, of the lore and legends.

This one took place at a nightclub in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in the autumn of 1988. I was 18 at the time. My roommate and I were working at that nightclub, and that night started off normal as any other night. Because we were underage, we weren’t drinking. We were also not ingesting any intoxicating substances of any sort; in short, we were stone cold sober that night.

We had started work around 8 pm and, like I said, it started out as a normal night. About three hours into it (around 11 pm), she and I were walking towards one another and we each felt…something. It froze us each in place. It was inside our heads, under our skins. This was the most powerful telepathic signal I had ever experienced. I looked at my roommate and saw that she was shaking. I walked up to her and she said, “I can hear him, too.” It wasn’t exactly a voice. It wasn’t a song. It was a vibration, but it wasn’t just a vibration. It was totally outside the realm of my experience.

We both sensed that it was male, whatever it was, and no human being that I have ever met, before that night or since, gives off this powerful of a vibe. It was utterly compelling, and we found ourselves listening for it. We knew he was coming closer, and we each felt that he was personally aware of us.

When he finally arrived, it was…strange…it was almost like no one else wanted to make eye contact with him, like people instinctively, subconsciously, recognized the power in this being and tried to step the hell out of his way. People didn’t run, they didn’t freeze, they just stepped away.

When his eyes met mine, it was like nothing I had ever experienced. He did not physically touch me or anyone else in that nightclub. I would guess that he was about two feet from me when he stopped in front of me. I have no idea how long I stood there, locked in that stare. It could have been seconds or years. Everything else vanished; I lost all awareness of where I was and anyone else but this other being. I could not tell you the specific color of his eyes, but I can tell you that they were dark and intense. He did not look “dead”. He didn’t “sparkle”. His skin, what I could see of it on his face and hands and throat, appeared to be in perfect condition, and was not unduly pale–I am whiter than that being’s skin was.

At one point, I remember forming the thought, “Vampire. He’s a vampire.” And hearing him laugh and knowing he had wordlessly replied, “Yes, yes, I am.” That seemed perfectly normal and entirely logical. He was minutely aware of me, but he wasn’t trying to intrude on my private thoughts; I had the sense that he was conveying a message to me, and I found myself thinking in reply, “Of course. I know. I know not now. I know what you’re telling me. I understand. I will see you at that time.”

And then he was gone.

We could hear (telepathically) and sense his departure, the growing distance between his location and ours. When I finally looked at my roommate again, she had turned a really sickly shade of green and was shaking. I asked her what was wrong, and she had difficulty pulling herself together enough to form thoughts and words, but eventually managed to describe a sensation that felt like a “jackhammer under my skin, in my bones, in my head” when she met his gaze. She said that she started feeling physically ill when she tried to communicate telepathically with him and felt that she had been clearly warned that he was not there to communicate with her.She said it was very clear to her that she was in his way and that he wanted to tell me something.

We asked everyone that we could in the nightclub if they had seen this man, and the most that anyone would say was that they had had an impression of “someone different, dark, scary” passing by them briefly. No one could remember any real specifics about this being, other than believing it was a male.

I wrote down all of the details I could recall immediately, on scraps of paper out in my car. My impression was of a male being–a vampire–with dark, intense eyes, medium-fair skin, long dark hair, medium build (neither bulky nor excessively lean) and no taller than 5?10?. Physically, he did not appear extremely young, but neither was he old; I would have guessed late thirties to early forties. His clothing was normal for the time, blue jeans, boots, long jacket, some kind of shirt that buttoned up the front. I could not see his ears to see if they were pierced, and I had the impression of a silver ring or two, but nothing excessive. Just normal appearance. I wrote down, “Old. His eyes were so old,” on those sheets of paper that I later tucked into the journal I kept at the time. I also wrote, “Know I will encounter him again, but not when or how. Felt no fear of him; [roommate's name] says he terrified her, though, and she was glad when she was ‘released’ from his presence.”

All I can tell you about that night is what I experienced, what I wrote down immediately after it happened, what I remember of it…I know of nothing that precipitated this event.

Sent in by Melissa, Copyright 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Curious about Vampires Unexplored Entities

I am a curious person and I like to challenge myself by asking questions and reason over unexplored entities.

Some people claim to be vampires but I doubt that such a 'supernatural' creature could exist as we know it from the books and movies. I do consider the possibility of an illness or abnormality of some sorts, which sounds much more plausible to me.

People debated these threads and some of the posts are very interesting indeed as well as the diversity of each opinion.

I sincerely want to, beyond anything else, find the truth, (which is quite difficult to even define). I find a great interest in watching people, the way they behave and what motivates them. Why are people unsatisfied with themselves? What is the real purpose of human life in this world? Are we the most brilliant creatures on this planet? Is humanity only a 'pinprick' and the world could go on happily without us?

I do think that people of this age are mostly concerned about things which don’t really matter, they are not asking questions anymore, they go with the flow, they claim anything and deny everything. It is getting difficult to find decent and genuine person. Therefore it is worthy to explore and debate the 'unknown' with people with the same interest.

What makes humans different from other species is mind and intellect. The realization of our own being and controlling it. To lose control is to fail, the awareness of our own guilt and remorse over a deed we have carried out indicates that our intellect rise above our animal self and therefore we rise above all the species. It is not too bad being human as long as we are keen to learn and ready to discover and understand ourselves.

I wonder, what is 'out there' as well, is it possible that one existence could expand beyond a normal life expectancy? Can you imagine such a powerful mind with unimaginable experiences? This is what fascinates me the most of all, the capacity of such a mind.

People on this forum are intelligent and have managed to contribute with some interesting thoughts. As many people on this forum I find Adamaris’s posts the most thought -provoking. A very genuine mind. I comply with her/his point of view on the complexity of the world and so very often 'unnecessary dramas of humanity'. I also would like to thank her/him for reminding us all that we have to find the strength in our weakness and not to dwell on our fears and uncertainty.

We have got so much to learn, so very often we repeat the same mistakes over and over.

Back to the 'vampire' topic, it seems that every possible question has been answered by 'vampire Xavier'. What I would like to ask Xavier is, what does he care about the most in his life, what are his goals and motivations, because everybody needs some inspiration in life. And the other thing, are there any differences between 'vampire' and human emotions, because some people/humans are too sensitive and emotive, so it causes many misconceptions and distress in the world. I am not saying I believe in what he says he is, I just want to ask, out of curiosity. That is all from me and thank you for your trouble.

Sent in by "ne85it", Copyright 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

I Think My Boyfriend is a Vampire

I met this guy and we instantly became friends, until such time we got more closer as months go on. He then started courting me which means a lot of his time was spent on me, be it through phone contact, face-to-face, et al...

As we became closer, I really noticed some traits and characteristics in him that are above the normal level of an average human being. He is an intelligent person (more on philosophies), a mind-reader which makes him enjoy just observing people through their actions, etc.. However, he always has this headache when the sun is blaring red outside, usually between 10 am - 3 pm, and his eyes cant hold on to the brightness of the day. However, if the dark comes or during night time, he can see clearly. His colleagues always tell him that he possesses an owl’s eyes because of this trait. There are times too when he tells me that his blood is boiling inside (that’s his description when he’s having that feeling). Also, he seldom sleeps and 2 - 3 hours can do. He couldn’t sleep any time of the day or night unless during the dawn, however, he got that strength.

As for the physical attributes, his two fangs are quite a little bit longer and sharper than a normal fang of a person, however, he let those fangs be fixed by a dentist. I was always fascinated about his personality, for he seems to be a complex person yet a serious one. He is so passionate and a great lover, but its just that there is this hole with regards to his personality.

One time, he told me that he drinks fresh animal blood to booster his strength. I really didn’t believe him until I dared him to. He drinks the blood from snakes (his favorite is the blood coming from a cobra but very hard to find in some places), dogs, eels, bats, lizards, and others except the blood of a pig. This was the reason why he chose the job of being in the special internal operations (in the army, he is a very good sniper) because they normally move during night time esp. if having an operation in the forest/mountains. And by the way, he is a skilled hunter.

This really arosed my curiosity as time goes on, until such time that he openly admitted to me that he is partly a vampire. He told me how he came to discover his being a vampire and the first time he simply drank blood without anybody forcing him to do it when he was around ten years old. Still, I didn’t believe in him because of my strong belief that no such beings like vampires do exist. But I really see some other traits in him, like he doesn’t want the smell of a fresh garlic but eats them if finely cooked. Occasionally, he drank animal blood for at least once a month and of course, really liked their meat also (what we called exotic foods). This is the reason why he admitted to me that he is partly a vampire because we generally don’t get along when it comes to foods.

There are some times when he is having those strong feelings he wants to express, he has this urge to bite me but he can contain himself from doing such. And his reason is "Love is stronger than his urge." And finally, my boyfriend admitting it was the sole purpose why I came to visit this website to search more about the true existence of vampires.

There are still some stories that I wanted to share with regards to him but I think that what I just have told you arose some questions that am questioning to my beliefs also. As for your belief with regards to paranormal beings, I strongly believe about that matter for our culture does so.

Sent in by Harana, Copyright 2010