Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crazy People Can Lick Too

One eerie night in a small town in Texas called Coupland, two girls were left alone in their house. Their parents had left for a formal outside of the small town, leaving the girls alone with their dog Vladimire. Since the town their parents went to was far away the girls knew that it would take a while for their parents to get home. One of the girls was named Sarah, being twelve she was the oldest. Then there was her little sister Cara which was nine. Every time something was wrong Vladimire would lick one of the girls hands. It was usually small stuff like if someone would be knocking, or maybe just a simple window that wasn't closed all the way.

There was a terrible lightning storm outside. While the girls sat in the living room watching the news late at night the newsreporter came on suddenly and reported about something that had just happened a few hours ago. "Not much is known about this situation but what we do know is that someone has escaped from the Insane Asylum just a few miles away from Coupland. For now all I can say is to lock all your doors and close all of your windows." Suddenly the power went out. The girls were terrified. Being the oldest Sarah was the first to calm down and make sense out of the situation and tell her sister maybe the power was cut off from the storm. Cara nodded and suggested to grab some candles and light them up and put them around the house.

As they were finishing lighting the last of the candles Vladimire licked Sarah's hand. "What's wrong boy?" asked Sarah soothingly as she scratched his head. Vladimire went over to the window, it was wide-open. Sarah looked puzzled as she went and closed it. Heading back to the living room with her sister Cara close behind she looked at the clock. It took her a while to see where the hands were arranged; 1:30. She told her sister that it would be better if they headed up to bed.

While going their separate ways to their rooms Cara turned around to Sarah's room and jumped in bed with her. They both fell asleep immediately. Sarah woke up to a dripping sound Drip... Ping... Drip... Ping... Drip... Ping... Sarah put her hand under the bed where Vladimire usually slept. He lickd her hand for a long time she put it back up and went to sleep again. Drip... Ping... Drip... Ping... Sarah opened her eyes again and stuck her hand under the bed this time she was greeted by a heavy raspy tongue. She didn't think about it much and went back to sleep.

It was morning time. Cara woke up and got up she went to her room and changed. Five minutes later Sarah got up, she rubbed her eyes and walked over to the bathroom. Drip... ping... drip... ping... drip... ping... Sarah knew that she hadn't dreamed what happened the other night. As she went into the bathroom she heard the sound get louder drip... ping... drip... ping... she walked over to the shower and opened the curtain. She screamed in shock as she was greeted by the most gruesome scene. There hanging on the top faucet was Vladimire, his throat was slit and drops of blood dropped down. Drip... ping... drip... ping. Sarah ran but there in the bathroom mirror written in blood were the words crazy people can lick too.

Sent in by Briana

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