Monday, February 8, 2010

I Think My Boyfriend is a Vampire

I met this guy and we instantly became friends, until such time we got more closer as months go on. He then started courting me which means a lot of his time was spent on me, be it through phone contact, face-to-face, et al...

As we became closer, I really noticed some traits and characteristics in him that are above the normal level of an average human being. He is an intelligent person (more on philosophies), a mind-reader which makes him enjoy just observing people through their actions, etc.. However, he always has this headache when the sun is blaring red outside, usually between 10 am - 3 pm, and his eyes cant hold on to the brightness of the day. However, if the dark comes or during night time, he can see clearly. His colleagues always tell him that he possesses an owl’s eyes because of this trait. There are times too when he tells me that his blood is boiling inside (that’s his description when he’s having that feeling). Also, he seldom sleeps and 2 - 3 hours can do. He couldn’t sleep any time of the day or night unless during the dawn, however, he got that strength.

As for the physical attributes, his two fangs are quite a little bit longer and sharper than a normal fang of a person, however, he let those fangs be fixed by a dentist. I was always fascinated about his personality, for he seems to be a complex person yet a serious one. He is so passionate and a great lover, but its just that there is this hole with regards to his personality.

One time, he told me that he drinks fresh animal blood to booster his strength. I really didn’t believe him until I dared him to. He drinks the blood from snakes (his favorite is the blood coming from a cobra but very hard to find in some places), dogs, eels, bats, lizards, and others except the blood of a pig. This was the reason why he chose the job of being in the special internal operations (in the army, he is a very good sniper) because they normally move during night time esp. if having an operation in the forest/mountains. And by the way, he is a skilled hunter.

This really arosed my curiosity as time goes on, until such time that he openly admitted to me that he is partly a vampire. He told me how he came to discover his being a vampire and the first time he simply drank blood without anybody forcing him to do it when he was around ten years old. Still, I didn’t believe in him because of my strong belief that no such beings like vampires do exist. But I really see some other traits in him, like he doesn’t want the smell of a fresh garlic but eats them if finely cooked. Occasionally, he drank animal blood for at least once a month and of course, really liked their meat also (what we called exotic foods). This is the reason why he admitted to me that he is partly a vampire because we generally don’t get along when it comes to foods.

There are some times when he is having those strong feelings he wants to express, he has this urge to bite me but he can contain himself from doing such. And his reason is "Love is stronger than his urge." And finally, my boyfriend admitting it was the sole purpose why I came to visit this website to search more about the true existence of vampires.

There are still some stories that I wanted to share with regards to him but I think that what I just have told you arose some questions that am questioning to my beliefs also. As for your belief with regards to paranormal beings, I strongly believe about that matter for our culture does so.

Sent in by Harana, Copyright 2010


  1. Heyy!!!
    Wow, that must be a lot to take in. If you believe him, then that is a good thing. He is also resisting the urge to hurt you, so that works.But if you dont believe him, that will harm your relationship. Try your best just to listen and learn. Vampires are cool anyway!!! Hahahahaha

  2. Sounds interesting, and like he can control his urges and what not

  3. great going dear, have faith on him.

  4. Hello. For those of you who are human, and think you have a vampire boyfriend, then I suggest you be careful. Vampire boys can be very dangerous. They hunt almost every day, and will stop at nothing to get what they want. They will go after girls because they are easily drawn in. So girls be careful, because the last thing you want is to be dinner, or worse. Please listen, or at least be careful.

  5. to luxueal:

    you really believe on the story of the boyfriend??? then given the facts, what are your bases? will you explain please the psi/sang kinds of vampires... am really that curious...

    to samantha, vince and carlos:
    if you happen to read this page, will you explain (your opinions) if the story of the boyfriend is true or is just making stories to his girlfriend…

  6. well in my opinion just beleive him ell ther is enough evidence saying he is a vampire

  7. oh my god ! your boyfriend is vampire?
    Cool... cary on but be carefull.

  8. heyyy dats a coooool thing having vampire boyfriend wish i was vampire.... but keep up he loves u too much...

  9. sorry, i was too busy these past days that i havent have the time to visit this website... but now, am back...

    i didnt make up this story just to test some people or the like. whether you believe me or not, its not my problem anyway. i chanced upon this website because of all the traits re: my boyfriend and i want to research the reality of the existence of vampires. i really didnt believe about vampires but am confused with my boyfriend. he is not acting nor is forcing me to believe in him, he just wanted to let me see the other side of him which is sometimes not acceptable/common to us, ordinary people.

    i don't believe him to be immortal, ever!!! but as i stated before, he really is above the level of a above-normal person. sometimes, he tells me his urge to bite me if he is at his extreme feelings... but of course, he can control himself... so now, to concerned people, what do you think, IS HE REALLY A VAMPIRE??? PLEASE LET ME BELIEVE TO WHAT SHOUL I BELIEVE. For i am confused...

  10. see girl i really don't have an answer. but i can just say that guy loves u alot and it depends on u to belive him or not.

  11. Harana, I think you should look at some of the other comments and stories on this website. Look at how real vampires describe themselves and how other humans describe vampires they've met. Then put the facts together like a puzzle. In the end you will probably think "Yeah, that's what he is. Why did I doubt it even a little?" I recommend Samantha's, Cicily's, and Scarlet's stories because those are my favorites and they have good info. See ya! ^,.,^

  12. hey girl you should be happy for geting a vampire boyfriend... you had controlled a vampire activity by your love.. just from this you can come to know how much your boyfriend loves you... believe him... at the same time be careful....

  13. so how do you beleive your boyfriend if he tells you he us a vampire mine is i can see it in his eyes!!!

  14. Harana
    What do you know of your boyfriends past? Maybe if you delve into his ancestry you may get your answers.
    Just a thought..

  15. to sry:

    thanks for your advice... my boyfriend is having a hard time now. as i have told this before, he works in the combat forces, he belongs to the special operations (always on the sweeping team) against terrorists/insurgents and right at this moment, they are on the highest red alert. it means they're always in the jungle/forest. but thanks for it, maybe his being a vampire helps him a lot with regards to his job. obviously, most of his extreme traits are attributed of his being a partly vampire (i now think so...)

    its really hard to believe but what else is there to believe tho? and right, i must still be very careful of course.

  16. Please, please, stop reading Twlight. Thank you.

  17. Hi Bracket
    I have read your article previously and was wondering about your thoughts on Indian mythology and the existence of vampires. Their is some commonality but also many differences.

  18. Maia

    What do you want to know?

  19. WOW!!
    Thats weird a few days ago my boyfriend decided to share with me that he's a "vampire"
    and until i read this i didnt belive him.
    He even told me he hunts the small animals around his house and feeds off them to stay strong!
    now i really belive him!

  20. listen in my opinion just listen to ur heart. you are thinking this over. the reason u may have this conflict is becuase ur heart and head are fighting. go with ur instict and everything will work out

  21. Dear Harana,
    Well it might be possible that he is a Vampire according to the traits and characteristics you named. I say he is,I mean I have some of those traits and characteristics as well. I like Aquamairne´s idea, you should try this and see how it turns out compare your boyfriend´s traits to the people here,me for example, and then let us knw if YOU think he´s a Vampire or not.
    -Take care and good luck
    Carlos Hernandez

  22. gorgeous-killerr:PMarch 18, 2010 at 12:05 PM

    wow a vampire boyfriend??
    true or not thats
    like sooo koolll
    and romanticc! its like
    readin twilight cept this storie is real!
    well im not gunna say i dont believe u
    but i will say its unbelievable
    but either way at least he loves u it doesnt matter wat he is
    btw is he immortal? just curious please respondd luved ur storieee<3

  23. nobody is immortal, it is impossible.

    Diseases existed by blood drinkers.

    this infections can makes you to VERY SLOW AGING and makes you cold body.

    If you have hot body you can fast aging old, I heard some sciensists made on mouse that mosue lived longer with some cemicalies. This mouse had a cold body and increased long life for bonus 30 months for long life.

    If you are tanning many times, this sun damages your cells trough skin and makes your face to fast aging old but long life is same.

    There is some viruses can rescue old people from aging old.

  24. no, my boyfriend is not immortal.... he's just claiming that he has a little vampiric genes. yeah, you might say that having a vampire boyfriend is cool... but maybe and maybe not.... still, i have so many questions whirling on my mind... but thanks anyway for having this website, i can have all your comments and know how to balance my head and my heart :)...

    also, i didnt read the twilight series honestly, the movies, i did watched....

  25. this is halarity itself... you fools for believing this storey.. if hes drinking cobra blood he has mental issues....he isnt a vampire. if my boyfriend said he was a vampire i would run a mile. literally a mile. i suggest you do too girly.

  26. This Sounds Like Your Copying Twilight...
    I Don't Believe It..

  27. Hi. Very interesting. I've always like vampire movies and most of them are pretty good. I'm even into the whole Twilight thing - it's cute. I think if God exist anything is possible. But have you ever consider that perhaps he says and he does all those things to make you think he's one simply because he wants to be one and also you have to consider our society is fascinated with the idea of vampires and living longer and looking young - this so called beings that are good looking and live forever. I do believe that anything it's possible but there might be a chance that your boyfriend might want to be one so he does and says things that we all see in movies and books that vampires do simply because our culture sees vampires as something "wonderfull". Just a thought :-)

  28. My bf told me hes a vamp and i didnt believe him untill he bit me and turned btw i do not sparkle in the sun it actually makes me feel tierd but as the moon rises i feel energized you know i can read minds and tell the futer i have superhuman strangth and incredable speed thats mostly whats happens to me yes i am a real vampire i cant really controll my urge my bf has stayed by my side at school so that i wont hurt anyone

  29. hey well at least yours isnt hurting you i dont see a problem he isnt hurting you and dosnt want to just make sure he keeps well fed of you will have sereus problems

  30. I think that some people are confusing fiction with reality, iv read the twilight books and they are good but lots of stories are good. Perhaps you should start living in the real world i mean seriously "my boyfriend stays with me at school so i don't hurt anyone" sound familiar? It must be a little insulting to those who are actually vampires.

  31. Id think havin a vampire boyfriend would be cool!!! If he aint hurtin you, then youll be fine!

  32. if u got free tym tell me more about him...............
    hope u don mind......

  33. You have a vampire for a boyfriend?! That's so cool. He must really love you and trust you to have told you that :) If he is a vampire that is. I'm not saying i don't believe it, I'm actually a solid vampire fan. You're lucky to have him, either way :) i envy him, he can see well in the dark, huh. I'm practically blind except when there's a full moon or any moon at all or a light source. My human eyes can't see through a blanket of darkness. Ugh...It makes me frustrated cause I really like the dark, But I'm kinda scared of it too.
    Just take care and be careful :) wish you luck.


  34. Well after reading this it really made me actually believe in vampires just have faith in him and if you guys like seriasly in love tell him to turn you into one but find out if he is one first of all.

  35. Saint Paul XavierApril 13, 2011 at 6:07 AM

    immediately be at ur outmost caution. this person belong to homo hemalis ( blood parasitic humans ). Take his blood and test it and if hemoglobin content is 3 times more than normal count then he is a vampire also does he fears water or does he gets his skin red when he is in sun? See there are some things which are good to be left alone .now! dont enquire about this topic for your safety. If u r in trouble jeseus will help you. I hope we donot meet again in our life . - xavier

  36. Saint Paul XavierApril 13, 2011 at 6:17 AM

    To those who had turned into vampire BE CAREFUL OF UV RAYS.

  37. omg i have a simmilar story. im 17 and ive dated my girlfriend for almost 3 years when i drove her home. when we got their she said she had to tell me somthing that would effect our relationship. i said i wud always love her so after a minute of silence in my car she looked me in my eyes and said im a vampire and after that she bit my neck. it lasted for about a minute and i was fine until the 45 second mark i begun to feel weak and light headed and by the time she finished i almost passed out. we went into her house and she explained that when in dire need of blood her fangs come out. she also told me that her whole family where vamps. i also learned that was her first time drinking blood and she could live with food but craves blood. also after drinking blood her speed and strength double its tru i saw her . she still drinks my blood and its been 2 months. she said i cant be a vampire unless i drink her blood. p.s. when sated she ages at 1/4 speed. p.s.s. i didnt beleive im vamps until she bit me and ive never seen or read twilight i figured out what it was last week. P.S.S.S. im a male named sean



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