Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Curious about Vampires Unexplored Entities

I am a curious person and I like to challenge myself by asking questions and reason over unexplored entities.

Some people claim to be vampires but I doubt that such a 'supernatural' creature could exist as we know it from the books and movies. I do consider the possibility of an illness or abnormality of some sorts, which sounds much more plausible to me.

People debated these threads and some of the posts are very interesting indeed as well as the diversity of each opinion.

I sincerely want to, beyond anything else, find the truth, (which is quite difficult to even define). I find a great interest in watching people, the way they behave and what motivates them. Why are people unsatisfied with themselves? What is the real purpose of human life in this world? Are we the most brilliant creatures on this planet? Is humanity only a 'pinprick' and the world could go on happily without us?

I do think that people of this age are mostly concerned about things which don’t really matter, they are not asking questions anymore, they go with the flow, they claim anything and deny everything. It is getting difficult to find decent and genuine person. Therefore it is worthy to explore and debate the 'unknown' with people with the same interest.

What makes humans different from other species is mind and intellect. The realization of our own being and controlling it. To lose control is to fail, the awareness of our own guilt and remorse over a deed we have carried out indicates that our intellect rise above our animal self and therefore we rise above all the species. It is not too bad being human as long as we are keen to learn and ready to discover and understand ourselves.

I wonder, what is 'out there' as well, is it possible that one existence could expand beyond a normal life expectancy? Can you imagine such a powerful mind with unimaginable experiences? This is what fascinates me the most of all, the capacity of such a mind.

People on this forum are intelligent and have managed to contribute with some interesting thoughts. As many people on this forum I find Adamaris’s posts the most thought -provoking. A very genuine mind. I comply with her/his point of view on the complexity of the world and so very often 'unnecessary dramas of humanity'. I also would like to thank her/him for reminding us all that we have to find the strength in our weakness and not to dwell on our fears and uncertainty.

We have got so much to learn, so very often we repeat the same mistakes over and over.

Back to the 'vampire' topic, it seems that every possible question has been answered by 'vampire Xavier'. What I would like to ask Xavier is, what does he care about the most in his life, what are his goals and motivations, because everybody needs some inspiration in life. And the other thing, are there any differences between 'vampire' and human emotions, because some people/humans are too sensitive and emotive, so it causes many misconceptions and distress in the world. I am not saying I believe in what he says he is, I just want to ask, out of curiosity. That is all from me and thank you for your trouble.

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  1. Friend we have our own entities!

  2. Ne85it,
    I am a Vampire and I have too noticed that Xavier has answered a lot of the questions here and so have I but not as much like him. I am 16 years old, and my goals are to be someone for the community I want to become a doctor or a lawyer, and I have always wondered about Xavier's life even though he claims to be a Vampire and a lot of people says he's not I still beleve him but at the same time I doubt some of his answers. He says he's 150 years old and I really would like to know what kind of goals would he want he says that all his life he has been in the same job some kind of herbologist or something he says he makes cures or medecine from plants and herbs but I don't know. Well thank you for asking that to Xavier and if you have any questions for me, ask me I do answer questions truthfully.
    Carlos Hernandez

  3. ne85it,
    I'v asked the same questions since I learned to speak but its much easier to go with the flow, the unknown makes me feel lost and inadequate, Vampires are irrelevant to that topic. The most important question is What Our Purpose Is And Why Are We The Way We Are.

  4. Anya,
    thanks for your comment. It made me think. In many instances going with the flow seems to be the easiest option, in many cases, there is no risk or threat linked to us. From time to time, it is quite wise to keep one's head down and simply follow the line. But when it comes to life, exploring and challenging oneself, it is quite imprudent to ignore or dismiss the notions of unknown, only because a certain group of people claim something to be untrue, doesn't mean it is not. We often believe rumors, rather than our own experiences and our better judgement.

    I agree that unknown can make us feel lost, sometimes even foolish, but it is worthy to think about.
    The purpose of human existence, the way people shape their lives and the way they behave in certain situations, interested me for a very long time. Every human being is complex, but there are some similar attributions to us all. The first would be our sense of survival, in the begining of times, humans tried to remain alive at any cost, they started to built their identity and territories. As time progressed, they discovered the power of nature, they acknowledged their own mortality and they put a great significance to the family, which was a dominant link for the future. And then, they uncovered the strength of the intellect, they were pondering about life, death and humanity itself.
    Seeking the truth and knowledge was their prime concern.
    The reason and mind rule our world. The mind of man is one of the modes of infinite thought. Through reason we are enabled to elevate ourselves above illusionary world of the senses and find eternal peace and purpose of our life.
    You could call the truth, something uknown, because we don't know the answer to it. It is a good thing in many instances to look for it, people today are sorely lacking it. Truth doesn't have a habit of making things a less interesting, in many instances it could make them even more compelling . After all it is up to us to figure out how to feel about it, it is an opinion, nothing more, nothing less.
    You are quite right, vampires are irrelevant to that topics, but as I said before the possibility of timeless life and the capacity of the knowledge they might posses, is very enthralling.

  5. The same thing that fascinates you about humans is same exact thing that fascinates me as well :) (BTW I do believe in vampires) I do wonder what is "Out There". I am 16 and I realize people do talk about things that don't matter (For example when I am with my friends) My friends are wonderful, but they talk about little things that don't matter and that is all they are concerned with. It makes me feel really out of place and that I am meant for so MUCH more. I have also been drifting from my friends because of this :( I hope you have time to respond to my comment :D nice post btw!

  6. "Is humanity only a pinprick?"

    I would not call humanity a pinprick...parasites or disease would be more fitting^^

    "would the world be happy without them?"

    the world would be much better without human beeings...not to mention much healthier;)

  7. Brittany,
    the world is a compound place and unknown often triggers our curiosity. What does world really consist of, entities we are not aware of and yet may coexist with us.
    I am indeed intrigued with behaviour of people. Everyone is different and thus the pattern of behaviour varies. People are not perfect and in order to maintain the impression of one's own perfection or perhaps the notion of being right all the time, people go into great lengths to disguise their flaws. That is why humanity created so many ideals and ways for virtuous living that one should pursue, the ideals in many instances people are not able to keep up with.
    Perhaps people haven't got enough time to reflect and learn from their own mistakes. Life is short, it starts and ends before we know it. In the beginning we think we have a great deal of time to figure things out, but as time progresses our fear of our own limitations increases. People are often concerned about irrelevant, mundane things. Humanity has not learnt from the history.
    People are mostly inclined to create an image they want to live up to. But what makes a true man? The courage, honesty or a virtuous life? How do we choose what is right or wrong? How do we perceive evil from good? We do not realize that from every evil comes good and from good comes evil. Because if you do something bad that does not make you evil, you might be a good person with a few flaws. If you do something right that does not make you a good person if you are full of malice. Evil and good are closely linked. This concept troubled many philosophers in the past. Why do people act in ways they do and are so blinded by their own success and rely so badly on others judgement? Sometimes we need to free ourselves from this cycle of constant awareness that every deed we perform must match with the public expectations. People come and go, trying to adapt to the current era, so they feel accepted and normal. Our surroundings has a huge impact on us. It is true that without any degree of wisdom we could not be able to tell what is right and wrong which is a fundamental prerequisite for virtuous life. Life passes by and we dwell on the past or we think of future and forgetting the present, every moment will become a memory and at some point in our life we will miss it.
    It is a good thing to keep an open mind but not let oneself get caught in the middle of one's frenzy or obssesion. Respect for what people have to say is courteous and honorable, but in the end it is you who has to decide what to believe.We see what we want to or we are made to see what others want us to see. It is like if an artist tells you that a shape of head is hidden in a block of marble. Absurd, but when he starts to chip away with a chisel, it reveals its form.
    Do not let yourself to drift away from your friends. You might be more perceptive than them, just simply observe and learn. Try to be beholder rather than ignorant. The real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance

    I wonder what springs your hatred towards humanity. I do find people annoying and shallow most of the time but they have right to live and perhaps to rectify their mistakes , don't you think?.



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