Monday, January 2, 2012

Possession Pt. 1

It all started when I lived in Shinglehouse, Pennsylvania, a rural town barely visible on a map. I lived in a large Victorian house that was built around the 1860's.

I was told when I was about to buy the house that a man, his wife and daughter lived there. The man suffered from schizophrenia and murdered his wife and then killed himself. The daughter managed to escape and run away; no one knew where she went though. Some say that they can still hear the shotgun going off that killed both his wife and himself.
I at the time did not believe in paranormal things and bought the house anyways. A month went by and things were fine in my comfortable house. No disturbances or anything. But then one day I could've sworn that I heard footsteps in the cellar, which had been locked tight, plus there were no windows in the cellar, so no one could've gotten in. I brushed it off my shoulder and went on for a couple more days.
I hear them again coming from the cellar, but they were getting louder, and louder, until I couldn't take it any longer and decided to get a key to the lock and open the door. When I got the key and opened up the door an over-powering stench filled the room. I plugged my nose tight and got a flashlight to go investigate what was downstairs. When I got to the bottom of the steps my flashlight died. Eager to get out of the basement due to my fear of darkness I rushed up the stairs. But before I got to the door it slammed shut and I heard someone lock it. Scared out of my mind I called for help but none came. That's when I heard the scratching. It came from the opposite side of the room. I could feel eyes looking at me. The room got colder, and darker as I felt the unpleasant presence come closer. A rotting hand came up and touched my face lightly. Just as that happened, I blacked out. I woke up not really knowing where I was but as I came to my senses I realized I was in my bed. Had it been only just a dream? I couldn't tell, so i just tried to stay away from that basement for precautionary measures.
From that day forward I felt horrible, as if I hadn't gotten any sleep for months. My eyes were darker than night, my skin was a sickly light green and my hair was dried and beginning to turn gray. I decided to see a doctor to find out what was wrong with me. My doctor told me that I was fine despite my facial features. We both found it strange but I decided to just get plenty of rest and drink fluids. It didn't help at all, and as the days passed I felt worse and worse.

One day in particular I had a strange vision of me in a room with a large man holding a gun. He walked to a bed where a woman was laying down, probably sleeping. He pointed his gun and right before the blast I came out of my trance. Something was very wrong. Sharp pains filled my body and I had horrible cramps. Maybe I was getting sick from the house? No that was foolish I thought, but it could be a possibility, so just to be sure I called a paranormal expert. He came to my house, scanned it with his gadgets, and confirmed that there was definitely paranormal entities occupying my house....


Sent in by Wicky