Monday, December 22, 2014

Two Demons And A Succubus all started about 7 months ago I was watching my 4 yr old niece at my moms house which she has lived there for 23 yrs we knew it was haunted but nothing never hurt us. But anyway I was babysitting my niece and she just starts screaming saying aunt Nina there's a monster make it go away. I mean she was terrified and crying you can see the hallway from living room thats where we was the living room.

Well I didnt think much about it and about 1 to 2 months later me and my boyfriend of 8 yrs stayed the weekend up there house sitting while my mom went camping we went up there on a Friday afternoon well about 11:30 that night I found pornographic on my boyfriends phone so we ended up arguing that night.

Well about 2 weeks later while we were home at bedtime my boyfriend starts moaning and his body was moving like he was having physical sex I woke him up and he told me he wasn't dreaming ok its now been over 5 months he has been doing it every night he says he isnt dreaming well my mom was telling me about the succubus I had no idea bout either of them and the thing is he dont believe in demons.

Well the 7th of last month my boyfriend was doing that at bedtime well I felt this horny urge run thru my body I wasnt thinking about it well I ended up making myself orgasm that night 3 nights after that I was waking up to being swollen down there and fluid coming out of me so now I have a incubus.

The thing is I'm goin up against 2 demons by myself I dont know what to do mine is attached to me I have prayed every single day and hes still here I'm scared also to sleep with my boyfriend which I woke up to the incubus flipping my boyfriend in the bed I need help plz!