Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Friend Who Thought I Was One of Them

When I was four years old me and my family moved to a quiet little house in Michigan.

I quickly became adjusted to life in colder winters and cloudy days, unlike my days in Florida, where I was born. Our new house was bigger than our last one and it had more land. I thought I had become the luckiest girl in the world.

Then I met a girl. I saw her two months after we had moved into the new house. I was playing with my dolls under the covers of my bed when I heard a voice say, "Can I play, too?" I took my head out from under the covers to see who it was and I saw a girl.

She looked perfectly normal, if you don't count her old style that might have come from the 1800's. She wore her brown hair in a ponytail and she had tan skin with giant, innocent looking brown eyes. She had what had seemed like a maid's dress, with a black, poofy dress with a white apron over it. Her shoes were black with buttons on them.

I asked who she was and she said her name was Mary-Anne. She told me this was her room and one day she woke up with giant, scary looking flames around her room. She somehow fell asleep again, and the next morning her parents were not there, nor was her sisters. She said she was waiting for them to come back.

I felt sorry for her, so I handed her a doll and we played. Then I talked to her about my life. She said she was six years old. I thought that my mom would love to hear about this girl. After all, if she loved me, why couldn't she love my friend?

I started to talk about Mary-Anne all the time. She seemed nice and she had a sweet voice that sounded like a quiet, cute whisper. I had come to think of her as my sister. This was great, I had thought. I now had a sister, since I was an only child at the time.

I started to tell my mother how much fun Mary-Anne was and how nice she was. My mother might have thought I was having a imaginary friend because she only laughed. But then things got serious.

I started forcing my mother to make meals for Mary-Anne and to let her go to the park with us and such. I would ask Mary-Anne about her family and her life and she had said she did not know what a park was.

I showed her to the door but when I stepped outside Mary-Anne would stop and give me the evil eye, then turn and stomp away. I had no clue why, but now I think I know. Mary-Anne was not allowed to go past the door, and I think she was angry at me for leaving her like this.

Mary-Anne may have seemed nice, but she was violent when she was angry. When I came back and went to my room Mary-Anne grabbed me neck and pushed me against the wall and screamed, "You left me! You left me! You left me like my Momma and Poppa did!" When that happened, I just slunk away from my room.

But on this particular day, I had told Mary-Anne I would have to go to school. Mary-Anne knew what this was and she knew I would be gone for part of the day. She yelled at me and scolded me and told me she would hurt me if I left her once again.

I tried to explain I could not miss out on my education, but Mary-Anne would not hear it. When I left for school, all I could think about was not to face Mary-Anne so that I would not get hurt.

I had been gone for at least six hours when I came home, and Mary-Anne was furious. "You left me longer than you ever had before! I can't be your friend if you keep doing this!" And with that, she grabbed my hair so hard a chunk of my brown hair fell off. I screamed and then I thwacked her head.

Mary-Anne screamed and then glared at me with evil eyes. "How dare you!" She said. She grabbed my hand so hard it hurt. Her long fingernails dug into my wrist and I cried in pain. She pulled me to the bathroom and ran the water in the tub. When it was full she dunked my head inside and would not let me out.

I gargled the water and gasped for air. My mother then came and saw me with my head in the water, desperate for air. She had not seen Mary-Anne, and she thought I was trying to kill myself.

She pulled me out, defeating the six year old power that Mary-Anne had. "There is much to live for, Jenisse! Don't be doing that again!" She scolded. I knew I was too young to try to commit suicide, so I thought it was silly that my mother would think that.

When I went to bed Mary-Anne was waiting for me. "I'm sorry. I got carried away. I'm sorry." She had said. I now feared her. I knew her anger would get out of control if I said I did not forgive her, so I said I forgave her. But truly, I wanted to run to my mother and cry.

With that, Mary-Anne said it was time for bed and she disappeared in the walls. I tucked myself into bed, thinking of the horrors my 'friend' had decided to do.

I now did not want to live in my home anymore. With that, I fell asleep.

I was woken up in the middle of the night with a shake on my arm. "Come on, Jenisse, let's play!" Mary-Anne whined. "I don't want to play, now. I want to sleep." I confirmed. Mary-Anne glared at me.

"We will play NOW. GET UP!" She demanded. With that, I pushed her out of my way and went to my mother's room. I heard Mary-Anne scream in fury and scurry after me.

I looked back. I saw Mary-Anne's true face, bloody and burnt from fire. I knew now that she was a ghost, and she was dead. That scary thing that was around her bed- it was fire.

It all came together and then I ran faster, trying to get to my mother's room. I made it and  Mary-Anne's bloody face stared at me, and then she yelled, "I'll get you!" And with that, she disappeared.

I told my mother all that had happened and my mother thought It was a nightmare. But it was too realistic to be a dream. I never saw Mary-Anne again. Maybe she crossed over and found her family or maybe she could not see me anymore, for she had revealed her true self and now I could no longer see her.

But I was happy that I never saw her again.

Sent in by Jenisse

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

March Vampire Home

Legends about vampires prevailed in middle Qing Dynasty and afterwards. Most records were made by Yuan Mei and JI Xiaolan, who were both famous scholars then.

Marching vampire home originated in four counties of western HU NAN province of western China. When a man died his body would be marched home by a magician before the corpse decayed... lining up with wrist tied to one string, corpses bounced along the road. It was yellow paper talisman attached to the corpse’s forehead which is given magic power by skilled magician that sent corpses following the magician ahead of them.

During their move, gongs were struck and bells shook by other magicians to warn people ahead to avoid them. The gang moved at night and lodged at inn during daytime to go to sleep. On arriving at a hotel, magicians will remove talismans from corpse’s forehead for during daytime, corpses have no ability to make troubles.

It is also said that actually, corpse was carried home by people on their shoulder. A generally-accepted idea is Marching vampire home is closely associated with drug-trafficking activity. Corpse is often considered not auspicious in Chinese tradition and people will avoid corpse as much as possible. So under the cover of vampire, opium produced  by western powers, especially Britain, found their way to Chinese addicts. From this point, Britain contributed a lot to vampire legends in China.

Sent in by Yumao Wu, Copyright 2011

The Dangers of Romanticizing Vampires

The Tibetan Vampire and Specially Designed Door

Once many tourists to Tibeta would wonder why gates there are so odd looking. Gate is so short, about one third shorter than ordinary gate, and into the house you feel like you are moving up a slope, which seems so out of proportion to gigantic house. To enter a Tibetan  room, one must stoop  in with head drooping. Outsiders may hold that these gates are results of bad designs before they were told the following legend.

In practice, a gate is an effective tool against vampire’s invading. In Tibeta,  people, wicked or suffering constant poverty, are likely to become vampires after their death. These vampires regretting not having fulfilled his evil desire or having enough to eat before their death, will rise up to implement their will.

And unique Tibetan burial customs also facilitate formation of vampires. In Tibeta , especially in town, a dead person got buried 3 to 7 days before he is sent to sky-bury platform, where local shamans will cut his body to pieces to feed holy eagle. During this period, a series of religious ceremony will be held and corpse frequently transformed into a vampire.

It is said that Vampires in Tibeta can not speak and stoop down and turning their body around and even move their eyeballs. They can only stare ahead and trot forward. If running across a person a vampire can easily turn him into his kind simply by laying his hand on the person’s head. And this eerie effect work only to human beings, while all animals are immune to it.

So, based upon vampire’s traits, people built a gate short enough for vampire to entering a room. And this short gate can only be employed in buildings in town. For herdsmen living in a tent in enormous grass, they can not use a short-gate to avoid vampire, and they have to living a worrying life.

Many old people and shaman in local claimed they repeatedly witnessed the transformation from a body into a vampire. They unanimously agree upon the following account: transformation is evolving and signs can be detected in advance. A corpse that is about to be a vampire may swell in the face, and he is black-skinned, hair standing upright and blister emerging on his skin. Then corpse will sit up slowly, eyes wide open and trot ahead with arms stretching out forward.

Sent in by Yumao Wu, Copyright 2011

The Dangers of Romanticizing Vampires

The Vampire Compendium

The Vampire Life is Not as Great as You May Think

Everyone is always saying that being a Vampire is fantastic. The nightlife, the powers, the true feeling of being alive and yet dead in the same moment. But I truly believe being one is not that great.

I was born this way, but the gene did not ignite until I entered the early teen years. My parents don't even realize it is in their genes and if I even try to tell them they tell me I'm going to Hell and that they will put me in a mental institute.

I walk into my Catholic Church and feel every pain in my body become unbearable. Kneeling on the pews feel like nails and I become dizzy saying the Lord's name. Over the years the symptoms have gotten worse.

The need for blood is excruciating and the sun burns every part of me. My gums ache and I have to file them down to fit in. I have to hide the truth from my boyfriend and its hard not to be tempted my his blood.

College is almost impossible and I can feel every stress and emotion from the people around me. The sound of a pencil on paper drives me crazy and I have no control over my moods.

For some the undead life is fantastic, but for some, its a death sentence.

Chris W.

Between Porphyria and Legends of Vampirism

Long ago, when disease porphyria came out people saw (victim) person with symptom porphyria, people were thought that person is dead with ugly skin and teeth and bald or with less hair on night, people were scared out of "vampire" with porphyria.

People killed innocent person, they wrote about vampire how person was killed with stake, or sunburn.

Person with porphyria, when person eat something his or her meat and/or muscles make teeth widely but not teeth goes down or canines just meat and/or muscles.

That's how legends of vampirism made.

In my opinion about Xavier's hematophagy not sure, on news still telling us about mutilation animals and UFOs.

Nowadays, UFOs never had mind with animals, just fake by Stalin's idea for Aliens to scare Americans and everyone.

About mutilation animals, I'm not sure. My theory hematophagians exists or just fake about mutilation animals.

Hope it's very informative.


The Haunted Hospital

I had to get C-Section for my children. My first child I had went to the hospital. Through the surgery, I felt a presence. After the surgery, 3 hours later I had woken up. I saw a doctor standing at the door. "Hi, When am I leaving?" I asked. He just stared. "Um, excuse me! Tell me now!" He totally disappeared.

I got a wheelchair in the corner and rolled into the hallway. Silence filled the room. I rolled down the old rusted hallway, to my surprise, I turned to see everybody in each room dead! Blood and all! I quickly rolled into the elevator and clicked Numbre 1 (this place was made by a French man). I went through into the lobby.

I saw dead people at the desk, just all over the lobby! I heard foot-steps. I jumped out of my wheelchair and limped behind a chair. I saw a bloody killer with a knife going to the elevator. I quickly jumped into my wheel chair when he went to Floor 18. I went into the hallway and saw a woman on the floor. She was hiding, also!

"Are you okay? We've gotta get out of here!" I whispered. We folded up our wheel-chairs after getting to the escalator. We went down to the very bottom (The lobby is on the first floor basement and is how you get in and out). We saw the door boarded up! I cried. We tried the door, and it didn't budge. "Keys!" she snatched the keys from the janitors room and unlocked the door. We ran outside. We got to my car, and drove to the police station.

Sent in by Gabby Bolt, Copyright 2011

The Bloody Curtains

You probably won't believe me. I wouldn't have believed me either, so I don't blame you. But I'll tell you anyways, and then maybe you will believe me.

Most people want to move to Hawaii. When I discovered that my family was moving there because of my dad's job, (photojournalist) I was so excited! This was back when I was just 12. My excitment did not last long.

Our house was beautiful. We lived in a three-story mansion (well, to me it seemed to be a mansion). It was located three blocks away from the beach. "Awesome," I thought.
Only three days later, strange things began happening. Little things; books randomly falling off of the shelf (my mom always blamed my brother or our dog), weird stains on our bedroom curtains (rusty in color), and the same colored drops on the floor leading over to our beds. What was creepiest about these seeming paint drops, was that they weren't in the house when we first moved in, and we hadn't painted any of the rooms.
It was that horrifying night that I regretted ever moving to Hawaii. It was midnight and I knew I was asleep, the vision I was having, it was my room only... it wasn't. I was laying on my bed staring at the ceiling then suddenly, I saw a girl standing outside my window. I noticed she had a lot of blood all over her clothes. In fact, she was bleeding so much that it was getting all over my curtains. As she climbed through my window (to my utter horror) the blood dripped onto the floor, exactly where the rusty colored drops were after the first night we had spent in our new house. Suddenly in one swift movement, she jumped over the window sill and stared at me with her icy eyes.
I wanted to scream. I seemed to be frozen. I couldn't move, couldn't scream, no matter how hard I tried. My mouth opened, no sound came out. I could barely even breathe.

The girl was watching me. I was more terrified as I noticed that she was missing an entire arm, most of her stomach, her whole side, and a small portion of her neck. It was empty, gaping, bloody wounds on her whole left side.

She spoke to me through my mind. She seemed to say "help me" I asked the girl "Why?" and she replied "Don't tell" suddenly I seemed to wake up.

I looked around my room, more than just startled by a nightmare. To my horror, the window was open. I hadn't opened it before going to sleep, I had closed (and locked) it. My eyes fell to the curtains, not wanting to see what I knew would be there. Blood. Dried blood. That awful, rusty color stained the old, off-white curtains. By this time, my eyes were as wide as saucers. It was about five o'clock in the morning, and the sun was barely up in the sky. The early morning light illuminated the blood drops on the floor, leading in a trail over to my bed.

Then I remembered that there were these drops of blood on every floor in every bedroom. I wondered if I had been the only one who had been "visited", or if my whole family had been.

I told my parents about the 'dream'. Before doing so, however, I told them nonchalontly that I wanted to do a bit of research on the last family that had lived in our house. Surprisingly, there was a lot of information that came up, even a website. The article title of one of the articles on the website read: "GIRL SWIMS LATE AT NIGHT; ATTACKED BY SHARK."I skimmed the article. It read, "Violet Border, age 15, 1964-79, surfing with unknown boy of 18...." awful. I couldn't believe we actually had bought Violet's house. Or was it really hers?

I saw a black and white photo of her on the website. It was wrinkled and faded with age, but I saw through the laughing face of Violet Border, and recognized her from my dream! Why would I dream about a girl I had never seen or heard of before?

Sent in by Lydia Crew, Copyright 2011

Vampire Kisses Visit

I know the title sounds a little misleading, especially since it wasn't a vampire from the books that I saw. But bear with me here.

It was, I think, two years ago when my sister bought the Vampire Kisses three book collection. I picked it up and was trying to read the first book, but I only managed to get half-way through it before I quit. It wasn't because the book was boring, though.

Once when I was reading it, I thought I heard my name called, but when I glanced up, there was a figure in the doorway.

I couldn't see the face. All that I saw was this tattered-but-flowy white gown. I looked back at the book, and then looked back up when I heard my sister. The figure was gone.

I stopped reading the book after that for maybe a year and a half. In February or March of this year, I tried reading the book again, but there was this feeling that I couldn't shake.

I'm not sure why, but whenever I try reading the first book of the series, I can never get through it.

I just thought I would share my story with you, though I'm not sure it counts as paranormal. Let me know what you think.

Sent in by Neva

The Premier Inn

A girl called Holly and a girl called Maisy and Holly's mum and dad were all going on holiday. Holly and Maisy were the best of friends. Holly was 12 and Maisy was 12.

anyway it was a caravan holiday so Holly's dad was driving them all. As it was going to take a while to get there they had to stay in a Premier for a night... On the day after they had stopped at the premier inn it was Holly's birthday so Holly's mum and dad booked her and Maisy a separate room from them so that they could get all of the presents ready and things.

When they arrived at the premier inn they both went off to their separate rooms. As soon as the girls got into the room they jumped straight onto the double bed and got out their Nintendo's (DS) and played on them, but they both went on pictochat where you can talk to each other, they were having a conversation with each other and all of a sudden a message was sent to Maisy saying 'YOU WILL BE KILLED TONIGHT'... she turned around to Holly and asked why she had sent that to her, and Holly replied 'I didn't why would I sent that to me best friend?' Maisy said to her 'look who sent it too me then?' They both didn't know and were really scared. They were both really existed before about having their own room but now that had been sent they were terrified and did not want a room of their own... After a while they went downstairs into the restaurant for some tea. they were going to tell Holly's mum and dad about the message but they decided it was probably a prank or something.

After finishing their tea they went back up to both of their rooms. the two girls got ready for bed and tucked up in the covers Maisy said she was quite tired and she fell asleep in no time where as with Holly it took her ages to get to sleep. at about 11.30 she drifted off to sleep. Holly woke up that night at about 1.00 am. To her surprise she got out of bed and walked up to the door and locked the door and posted the key out of the letter box... this woke Maisy up, Maisy asked what she was doing and Holly said 'I don't know I cant control my actions'. And sure enough she couldn't control them. Holly walked over to the glasses picked one up and threw it on the ground until it smashed into pieces. Holly walked over to it and picked a piece of it up and started walking slowly over to Maisy.

Maisy was telling her to stop it but Holly was trying her best to stop but she couldn't. Holly climbed onto the bed and leaned over Maisy with the piece of glass held up in the air. Holly decided she wanted to say something to Maisy so she started... 'Maisy you have been the  best friend anyone could ever ask for, I'm so upset it has to end like this -me killing you, my heart is honestly broken and I bet yours is too, I am promising you now that if my actions force me to kill you I will kill myself and I promise that... also I promise I will never forget you and I will see you in heaven soon'. That was it, Holly's arm being forced towards Maisy and Holly sliced Maisy's throat...

Holly was in control of her actions now and as she had promised, she killed herself the exact same way as she killed Maisy. At least they are together now in heaven. (THIS IS A TRUE STORY AND THE PHYSIC PERSON THAT WENT IN TO SEE WHAT HAD HAPPENED, HE SAID THAT IT WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED IF THEY HAD STAYED AT HOME)

Sent in by Laura

2000 Dollars to Stay in a Haunted House

One day me and my friends were bored, so we were browsing though some web sites and saw this house. It was indeed the scariest house I have ever seen, the house was very old and looked like it was built in the 1900s. Its Victorian, haunted and abandoned.

We started a bet. The bet was that which one of us could stay there for a one week and we would all go and see which one would get scared first and leave. If the last person stayed there we all would  pool together and pay him or she $2,000 dollars. So we did but only to find out what we had brought our self into and that we found out.

We all went and one of or friends he got scared when he saw the house immediately so we encouraged him to do it. So we went in and there were old beds and dresses, old wallpapers, but the weird thing is that the house was very cold, I mean it was so cold. The temperature outside was cold but the normally chilly so I was not paying that any mind.

All of a sudden we felt like some thing or someone was watching us so we all were freaking out but we played it cool and just didn't pay it any mind. We continued and we saw a room that looked like we could camp out in so we started unpacking. I was scared but I just played it cool because I was the one who put them up for this.

My girlfriend was there and we went for a walk in the nearby woods to look at the beautiful scenery and we walked and walked on til I saw like a head stone peeking out of the leafs. My girl she freaked on the spot so I calmed her down and we looked at the name on it and we say William Conner and Michele Conner on it then we start hearing sounds of someone walking towards us. We didn't see anyone so being the brave one that I thought I am I went off looking for what or who it was and I saw what looked like a figure of a man looking right at me. I freak out and ran I thought it was a stalker/killer, that was the most terrifying and freakiest thing that I have every seen in my life.

My girl she was shaking all over. I tried to calm her down but she couldn't stop shaking. My friend Dave saw us coming and asked what happened. We were so afraid to tell them what happened because we didn't want them to freak out but we told them anyway and they all saying we're bugging out so I said ok then go and look for yourselves. And they all did and me and Stacy were all alone in the house.

For a while the both of us heard sounds coming form the up stairs. It stopped then I told Stacy to stay here. I went to check out what it was then this cold air comes rushing in and it got stronger. I could see my breath coming out of my mouth. I went in one of the bed rooms and started looking in the room and to my surprised I saw a tall pale skinned lady with dark hair standing and looking thought the window so I asked her who she was. I thought she was a homeless person but later found out this was her home. So I stand there scared to death freezing cold then she looked around at me her face was so terrifying that I ran out the room and ran out though the door.

I stopped and stand there for about a second trying to come to terms of what I just saw. My girl friend was asking me what's wrong but I couldn't talk, everything was so foggy, and I can't breath. She had some water that she brought with her, so she gave me some to drink. I looked up on the top of the houses attic window where I saw the thing in and don't see her. I thought I was losing it. I start talking in jables and then I blacked out for a while.

Two minutes later I recovered and looked up only to see my girlfriend Stacy over me. I couldn't see but I knew it was her. I couldn't breathe for a while, my head was all cloudy and foggy, my ear was ringing. I look outside it was night at this time and the entire outside was pitch black. I asked her what happened? She told me that I had fainted. I asked her where are the others? She said they haven't returned from the woods yet. Then I start panicking thinking if they got hurt.

I went outside calling them. I didn't get any answer. My girl began to cry. I was scared at the time so I told her to shut up! I ran up stairs looking for a flashlight. Then I went in the woods looking for them. I was freaking out because the place was so dark but I didn't want to show it. She ran out with me. I start calling for David but no answer then I heard someone screaming and crying out for help. I called for Shoran because I could tell it was her voice then I heard the same foot step coming towards us that we heard earlier. I heard branches snapping and breaking then we saw Shoran in the bushes hiding.

I asked her what was going on, where are the others? She said we saw some strange things coming after them they ran separate places and hid she don't know where they were. I then saw what looked like a transparent man walking past us. He didn't see us behind the bushes. Shoran had lost it, I had to clam her down she said "you got us in this" I said I was sorry that I ever came here sorry I got us in all of this. So my girlfriend said let's go we have to get the others then we saw mike and David. I said where were you guys let's get out of here.

Aas we approached the house all the lights were flickering. I said I'm not going back in there. We all heard a music box playing and getting louder and louder and screams. I thought I was in a horror movie so Mike said forget the bags lets get out of here. We got in the car and then it wouldn't start. We start panicking and the house started going wild. The walls were banging louder and louder and then I said "Jesus help us what have I got my self into?"

Mike tried the car a couple more times then I saw the freaky looking lady coming after the car. Then the car starts and I was like hurry up then we drove away from the house. It was a sigh of relief for all of us. I said to myself "never will I do that again and never will look at a haunted house on the internet."

We all didn't talk about what had happened that night. Mike never told us what happened in the woods with them, neither did I. We all went off into our life's but what happened in the house and in the woods none of us will ever ever forget.

So it turns out no one got the bet or the money.

Sent in by warwillow,

Demon Furby Bad

It was 1988, The Furby came out. My sister got one and when I came I got it. It always did what I wanted. Until one day, I was playing with it. It started getting an attitude. It always said no.

One day I got so angry with it I cried. It made a screech. Mom took the batteries out and hid it downstairs.

A couple years later, I was almost 4 years old. And I was ready to play with Furby again. I reset Furby and he took on his normal behavior for a while, and then started to get angry again. I was angry, I opened him up to take out the batteries. But I was shocked! There were no batteries! I threw him into the cellar and locked it.

The next day I was ready to throw him out. He was not there. He had somehow gotten out from the basement onto the porch. I went outside with a net, and grabbed Furby with it. I dumped him into the trash can at the edge of the driveway. And just in time. The garbage truck was coming. Furby took a glance at the truck, and started screaming for mercy not to be crushed. I said "Furby, prepare to meet your biggest doom." It was a joy to see him die.

I then got a new Tuxedo Furby. He was normal. And when I talked about the old Furby, he said "Furby Bad." And I agreed with him. But a year later he died. I held his funeral. Now I have no more Furbys. And that is the end of my very scary, but true story.

Sent in by CeCe

Dead Girl in the Attic

This is the story of the time I found a dead girl in our attic.

After our house was destroyed by a huge fire, we were picking out a house we should live in. My mom picked this white house and it was very pretty. We went inside and unpacked and everything looked pretty good. We even got a dog. Her name was Princess. She was the fun of the family. But after settling in and getting used to everything, strange things started happening.

Like every night our dog would whimper and be all sad, then before you reached over to pet her, she would be running around the house barking loudly. And on sunny days, like being in the kitchen in the morning baking (my mom always does that) On the floor there would be your shadow then you would see a shadow next to you that looks completely different, and no one was there. And here's the freakiest. Sometimes when you were alone at night, sitting on the couch reading or watching TV, you would hear something running down the stairs and into the living room, and you would hear it jump onto the couch and it would say, "Watcha reading?" Or, "Watcha watching?" At dinner we discussed how we all heard the thing in the living room, or saw the shadows. My little brother and sister assumed it was a ghost. My parents thought it was crazy, and it couldn't possibly be a ghost. I believed them, because it could be true.

My mom said that there were no ghosts, and we will be living in a normal house. Suddenly the candles on the table went out and the cupboard was open.

So we all rushed upstairs and went to bed in the same room.

 My mom was up yesterday and was really mad. She was so mad she snapped a spoon in half. She thought it was ridiculous that a ghost would be haunting this house. She thought we would be living normally.

So next year when my brother turned 9, my little sister was 10, and I was 16. We were cleaning out the attic, moving boxes, redecorating, all that. We were changing the wall paper, I teared it down, then, BOOM! I fainted. I saw a dead girl under the wallpaper. She had chunks of wall on her, and she had some skin and stuff but she was mostly skeleton. She looked like she was about 16. After that we moved out and our old house was rebuilt so we moved there again and lived normally.

Sent in by Zoey