Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Haunted Hospital

I had to get C-Section for my children. My first child I had went to the hospital. Through the surgery, I felt a presence. After the surgery, 3 hours later I had woken up. I saw a doctor standing at the door. "Hi, When am I leaving?" I asked. He just stared. "Um, excuse me! Tell me now!" He totally disappeared.

I got a wheelchair in the corner and rolled into the hallway. Silence filled the room. I rolled down the old rusted hallway, to my surprise, I turned to see everybody in each room dead! Blood and all! I quickly rolled into the elevator and clicked Numbre 1 (this place was made by a French man). I went through into the lobby.

I saw dead people at the desk, just all over the lobby! I heard foot-steps. I jumped out of my wheelchair and limped behind a chair. I saw a bloody killer with a knife going to the elevator. I quickly jumped into my wheel chair when he went to Floor 18. I went into the hallway and saw a woman on the floor. She was hiding, also!

"Are you okay? We've gotta get out of here!" I whispered. We folded up our wheel-chairs after getting to the escalator. We went down to the very bottom (The lobby is on the first floor basement and is how you get in and out). We saw the door boarded up! I cried. We tried the door, and it didn't budge. "Keys!" she snatched the keys from the janitors room and unlocked the door. We ran outside. We got to my car, and drove to the police station.

Sent in by Gabby Bolt, Copyright 2011

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