Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2000 Dollars to Stay in a Haunted House

One day me and my friends were bored, so we were browsing though some web sites and saw this house. It was indeed the scariest house I have ever seen, the house was very old and looked like it was built in the 1900s. Its Victorian, haunted and abandoned.

We started a bet. The bet was that which one of us could stay there for a one week and we would all go and see which one would get scared first and leave. If the last person stayed there we all would  pool together and pay him or she $2,000 dollars. So we did but only to find out what we had brought our self into and that we found out.

We all went and one of or friends he got scared when he saw the house immediately so we encouraged him to do it. So we went in and there were old beds and dresses, old wallpapers, but the weird thing is that the house was very cold, I mean it was so cold. The temperature outside was cold but the normally chilly so I was not paying that any mind.

All of a sudden we felt like some thing or someone was watching us so we all were freaking out but we played it cool and just didn't pay it any mind. We continued and we saw a room that looked like we could camp out in so we started unpacking. I was scared but I just played it cool because I was the one who put them up for this.

My girlfriend was there and we went for a walk in the nearby woods to look at the beautiful scenery and we walked and walked on til I saw like a head stone peeking out of the leafs. My girl she freaked on the spot so I calmed her down and we looked at the name on it and we say William Conner and Michele Conner on it then we start hearing sounds of someone walking towards us. We didn't see anyone so being the brave one that I thought I am I went off looking for what or who it was and I saw what looked like a figure of a man looking right at me. I freak out and ran I thought it was a stalker/killer, that was the most terrifying and freakiest thing that I have every seen in my life.

My girl she was shaking all over. I tried to calm her down but she couldn't stop shaking. My friend Dave saw us coming and asked what happened. We were so afraid to tell them what happened because we didn't want them to freak out but we told them anyway and they all saying we're bugging out so I said ok then go and look for yourselves. And they all did and me and Stacy were all alone in the house.

For a while the both of us heard sounds coming form the up stairs. It stopped then I told Stacy to stay here. I went to check out what it was then this cold air comes rushing in and it got stronger. I could see my breath coming out of my mouth. I went in one of the bed rooms and started looking in the room and to my surprised I saw a tall pale skinned lady with dark hair standing and looking thought the window so I asked her who she was. I thought she was a homeless person but later found out this was her home. So I stand there scared to death freezing cold then she looked around at me her face was so terrifying that I ran out the room and ran out though the door.

I stopped and stand there for about a second trying to come to terms of what I just saw. My girl friend was asking me what's wrong but I couldn't talk, everything was so foggy, and I can't breath. She had some water that she brought with her, so she gave me some to drink. I looked up on the top of the houses attic window where I saw the thing in and don't see her. I thought I was losing it. I start talking in jables and then I blacked out for a while.

Two minutes later I recovered and looked up only to see my girlfriend Stacy over me. I couldn't see but I knew it was her. I couldn't breathe for a while, my head was all cloudy and foggy, my ear was ringing. I look outside it was night at this time and the entire outside was pitch black. I asked her what happened? She told me that I had fainted. I asked her where are the others? She said they haven't returned from the woods yet. Then I start panicking thinking if they got hurt.

I went outside calling them. I didn't get any answer. My girl began to cry. I was scared at the time so I told her to shut up! I ran up stairs looking for a flashlight. Then I went in the woods looking for them. I was freaking out because the place was so dark but I didn't want to show it. She ran out with me. I start calling for David but no answer then I heard someone screaming and crying out for help. I called for Shoran because I could tell it was her voice then I heard the same foot step coming towards us that we heard earlier. I heard branches snapping and breaking then we saw Shoran in the bushes hiding.

I asked her what was going on, where are the others? She said we saw some strange things coming after them they ran separate places and hid she don't know where they were. I then saw what looked like a transparent man walking past us. He didn't see us behind the bushes. Shoran had lost it, I had to clam her down she said "you got us in this" I said I was sorry that I ever came here sorry I got us in all of this. So my girlfriend said let's go we have to get the others then we saw mike and David. I said where were you guys let's get out of here.

Aas we approached the house all the lights were flickering. I said I'm not going back in there. We all heard a music box playing and getting louder and louder and screams. I thought I was in a horror movie so Mike said forget the bags lets get out of here. We got in the car and then it wouldn't start. We start panicking and the house started going wild. The walls were banging louder and louder and then I said "Jesus help us what have I got my self into?"

Mike tried the car a couple more times then I saw the freaky looking lady coming after the car. Then the car starts and I was like hurry up then we drove away from the house. It was a sigh of relief for all of us. I said to myself "never will I do that again and never will look at a haunted house on the internet."

We all didn't talk about what had happened that night. Mike never told us what happened in the woods with them, neither did I. We all went off into our life's but what happened in the house and in the woods none of us will ever ever forget.

So it turns out no one got the bet or the money.

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  1. where is the house? i wanna go, please tell me where it is?

  2. Yeah, I too want to know where this house is. Is there an Internet site that talks about making money to stay in haunted houses?

  3. Let me know where this place is I will stay there for a week if I get paid for it

  4. I stay your bet is 2000 mine is ten thousen . ghoust are my friends i bet you ten thousend dollars i can do it if i leave before 600 am in the morning i pay you 10 thousen dollars cash let me now where are you we will do a contract



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