Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Vampire Life is Not as Great as You May Think

Everyone is always saying that being a Vampire is fantastic. The nightlife, the powers, the true feeling of being alive and yet dead in the same moment. But I truly believe being one is not that great.

I was born this way, but the gene did not ignite until I entered the early teen years. My parents don't even realize it is in their genes and if I even try to tell them they tell me I'm going to Hell and that they will put me in a mental institute.

I walk into my Catholic Church and feel every pain in my body become unbearable. Kneeling on the pews feel like nails and I become dizzy saying the Lord's name. Over the years the symptoms have gotten worse.

The need for blood is excruciating and the sun burns every part of me. My gums ache and I have to file them down to fit in. I have to hide the truth from my boyfriend and its hard not to be tempted my his blood.

College is almost impossible and I can feel every stress and emotion from the people around me. The sound of a pencil on paper drives me crazy and I have no control over my moods.

For some the undead life is fantastic, but for some, its a death sentence.

Chris W.


  1. You are not a vampire, Vampirism is a myth.

    But i think you should get some help.
    You sound very distressed....

  2. i think you realy need to get help you sound like mentaly you are not in the best place you are not a vampire you just aint well hun x

  3. you talking about that weird mutation gene? I saw something on a website explaining some weird gene that would make a hybrid or something.

  4. If church and things of God hurt u need the lord in your life and fast your possessed by a demon not a vampire.

  5. i sorrta belive that ur a vampire because i believe in them myself. dont listen to these nut heads. u dont need help u need someone who understands ur pain. someone who will listen to u and wont judge u.

  6. Being a vampire is cool with all the powers, but what about having to kill?
    And what about watching all your loved ones die?

  7. Bro, I thought I was the only one! I'm a bit of vamp/wolf hybrid and I never met another vampire beside family members. I don't have the symptoms you do because there are different kinds of vampires and werewolves. I'm the kind on both sides that it has to come from genetics or you and someone who's a vampire have to slit your wrist and rub your blood together for ten minutes so it can mix. My kind of vampire can still go to church and stuff and we still have a heartbeat we just live longer.



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