Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Immortal Victoria

When you are born, you are born with your eyes closed. After some time, they open. Unless you are Victoria Mortis.

Victoria was a natural born genius. Her school records were phenomenal. But, all the time she attended grade school, she was teased. Her hair was uber thick and stick strait. Her eyes were naturally a light purple, and her skin was snow white. Her family was worried about her health due to her not eating very much, and the fact that she was only 77 pounds by the time she was 13!

By the time she ended eight grade, her family went up to her room. Victoria was one of those 'gothic' people you see today. But her family never expected this:

Black painted wall with red splatters.
Vials filled with multi colored substances.
And a few skulls, vampire books, glasses filled with eyeballs, and human nails. (And black clothes, of course.)

Her family freaked but kept their findings to themselves. They took her out of school and went to a church everyday. The more they went the more they noticed Victoria changing. Her hair was getting wilder, her skin was getting scratched in all different places, her eyes were getting darker, and she was talking to herself. She was also not sleeping and walking around the house at night. When she slept, it was a horror filled night. Because she would scream and punch and kick the walls, even sleep walk.

A few years later, Victoria was getting sick in church, and would even yell at the preacher and other people. She would run out the church and scream into nothing-ness. Her mother was getting more and more worried about her now 17 year-old daughter and went to another church for advice. They told her to study her actions and not to worry too much about it. That's what her mother did.

Victoria's mother did as she was told and kept a close watch on her daughter. By now she wasn't eating a thing and wasn't sleeping. One day her mother got so worried about her daughter she walked up to her room and went in, without permission. She found her one and only daughter in another form, a demon! The mother was killed that night from what the doctors called 'Over shock.'

Victoria was getting worse and worse. She was getting tormented by the devils workers. Victoria often talked to the devil and called him 'Father'. As I said her mother died and her father died before she was born. All that was left was her twin brother whom was looking after her.

Her brother was the only one who ever talked to her and trusted her. He listened to her conversations with her 'father', and soon realized these facts:

1. One of the family members had black hair.
2. There last name means 'death' in Latin.
3. The devil was real.
4. Victoria was possessed by an evil spirit.

But, not any spirit. The devils daughter. 'Victoria' was the devil's daughter's name. The brother was soon killed by his own hands, by a knife and small box.

Victoria was alone, not a care in the world, alone, isolated, and possessed. She was alone in the house one day, when the priest that the mother went to, came over. The priest studied that girl for about a year, deciding to do an Exorcism.

As what the priest did, worked. Victoria was free of the curse, that she had for 20 years! She became a painter, she painted demons, spirits, and eyes. Later in life she married a man whom was called the devil himself. They had a daughter and named her 'Raven.'

Raven is my name. Mortis is my last name. My mother is the devil's daughter, My dad is the devil. And I am there Kin.

Sent in by Raven Mortis, Copyright 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Devil Really Can Get Us Sick

My Daughter is eight and saw a little at school die of the flu last year. This school is located in Northern Illinois.

My daughter claims she saw the devil go up and touch the little girl of 8. My daughter screamed at the devil to stop it.

The devil touched Sarah, the little girl while she was sleeping in school. This little girl came down with the the H1N1 flu.

My daughter claims that when we become sick the devil walks around us and sucks our good air into him and he blows back bad air that makes us sick.

The devil walked around the school and tried to get other kids sick. The devil tried to get everyone in the school sick with the flu.

The air that Lucifer blows into us is black puss. The good air has little yellow and light colored sparks.

Lucifer started to laugh when he blew the bad into Sarah. Sarah died 2 weeks after getting the H1N1 flu.

I asked my daughter why she did not become sick. She shrugged her shoulders and said. "Because we got God on our side, I guess."

Sent in by Carri Williams, Copyright 201

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Forces Fighting Against My Mind

I have had forces fighting against my mind, there was a time I was masturbating and all of sudden I feel a force that was trying to create a visual picture that I never created.

I have sexual desires as well, and having sex and satisfying yourself is not profane, or something ungodly like, the girl forces a picture of dark skinned girls and I keep telling her she is not my mind and that she cannot create a mental picture for me.

The half human and half spirit people act as if I have no clue what's going on, and they don’t even know when I am around. Their is sometimes, when I feel my spirit fighting and my mind, is telling them to get out and that I am aware of what's going on.

They also looks me in the eye, they always claimed that I am staring at them, and they are always staring at me, The girl claimed that she is staring at me so, the little dark skinned girl could take over my body and write.

But I found out that was not the case what was written was me not paying attention to what I was writing and ended up writing the wrong thing.

They say they want me to be dumb and to never go to college or finish university, the girl claimed that she is staring me in my eye because she don’t want me to study.

But the things that I have enjoyed is becoming a problem for me, like when I blog, and when I investigate their lies they all claimed that they are good, and that I am somehow psycho.

Lets talk about how they claimed that I was schizophrenia, the girl claimed that she could give me schizophrenia, I had investigated that and no human could give someone schizophrenia it is a brain disease.

I then proceeded to tell her I was bipolar and that she might have schizophrenia, the girl insist that I do.

Each of these dark skinned girls that is half spirit and half human, all claimed to be Hashima, but known of them are me.

I tried talking out my problems, because they always claimed that I am never speaking, I am not sure if they are aware they are reading what I am saying or that they are even thinking and that I am aware. There thoughts are loud, and somehow thinking they can read my mind.

But they can’t so what I do is speak out the truth half of the times I do, I am trying to explain their lives with the truth and they will not Leave.

They are in my mother's home, and I don’t know what to do at all.

Sent in by Sugabear906, Copyright 2010

Paranormal Activity on Duluth Georgia

Paranormal activity is going on around where I live, I live in Duluth, Georgia and there is a group of dark skin I girls that I don’t know that walk around like shadows, they appear half human and the other half in spirit form. They claimed that I called their magic fake, and that something was possessing my body, each night when I go to sleep they say that a girl name Alexis or Kara is in your body. They always refer to her as my cousin, even though I don’t have a dark skinned cousin name Kara or Alexis.

A tall light skinned man, that was about 6 foot I have seen in my mirror, I don’t know what he wants. The three dark skinned girls all claimed they are me, and that there is nothing on me, and that I possessed their body. They are saying that my body that I had for 27 years is their body and that I need to get the witchcraft off of them.

These witches have said they are associated with celebrities they said that Teyana Taylor and Chris Brown were trying to steal my story.

I don't understand they called me dumb and say that I am not thinking for myself and that someone made me smart.

They also look me in my eyes, and then claimed that I am looking them in the eye. They also pretend to be my allies, and I don’t know them at all. They always called me by my full name, but I never met them at all.

I never invited them into my home at all, I don't know how they got into my home. They say “plead the blood of Jesus” but what kind of demonic spirit tells a Christian to plead the blood of Jesus?

I have been investigating and they are not suppose to be in my house unless I invited them, and I never did, I don’t even know any dark skinned witches at all.

There is a little dark skinned girl with a Cleopatra wig, that thinks she is me, she keeps saying she is the little dark skinned girl in my aunts photo, but that was me, but she still insist that she is the little dark skinned girl.

I have seen them in l form, a tall dark skinned girl, with black robe was sitting on my bed and talking bad, she thought I couldn't see her but I could.

They say that they knew me, but they have placed witchcraft on every house that I have lived in, and when I tell the truth they refuse to leave.

They said that there was a Hashima William and a Hashima Brown, and claim they get authority from her and that was how they got into my home, somehow they claimed that I was related to the Williams and the Browns. But she doesn’t even exist, and I investigated and no Hashima William or Hashima Brown that is black that even exists.

I am Hashima Wheeler, the only one, and I never married a Brown or a Williams, so how does this fake Hashima think she has authority in my house?

She and them claimed that they someone how control me. I can hear their thoughts loudly and mine as well. They are kind of slow, they blurt out words every time I write, like as if they think I am going to write it. They also think they are in my mind, and they are not. I never do what they ask me to do.

What doesn’t make any sense, is how do they explain all the times, when I was smart and they weren’t here. How do they justify that she's been smart and a writer when they where not around.

They act like I owed them something. They are not the types that told me to enroll in college, to blog, complete a book. They look like the type that want to see people drop out of school, prostituting. Then when I learn of their lies they like to crawl looking at me, like I did wrong, trying to come back into my life.

They are always going against each other, claiming that one is against the other, and all of them are bad.

Sent in by Sugabear906, Copyright 2010

Friday, October 1, 2010

Horrifying Sixth Sense

For as long as I can remember I have always had my often horrifying 6th sense.

When I was 2 I would always walk in to the living room and talk to my uncle that had recently died. He always told me he wanted to talk to my grandmother, and when I went to get her she told me I was lying or seeing things. But when I dragged her in he was sitting on the couch in plain view for every one to see, like he hadn't even died.

Ghost in the Basement

I wasn't doing much, laying in bed, watching TV... my mom was at work. Yeah... normal night. Well my hand was wet too... my dead dog likes to lick it... even now. Well we had never really had any paranormal experiences except for my dog and cat, but when I was just about to fall asleep in a very weird voice someone said... "get out now or I will kill your family." I really didn't like what was going on so I had my pillow and blanket in hand running up to the living room. Well next morning rolls around and I walked cautiously down to my bedroom and in the corner there was a scorch mark and blood on the wall. Later in the day my brother and I's friends came over and we were playing hide and seek in the basement, lights off. Well... Dakota and Trenton were on a team and then there was Michael and I. We play weird I know... there were more teams too but they didn't see anything. Michael Dakota my brother and I ended up meeting in the center of the long hall way and saw a man with a knife coming towards us, not to mention he was surrounded by flames, we ran down the hall flipped on the lights, ran up the stairs and yelled game over! Scared the living shit out of me that was 7 years ago... I was 9.

Suicide and Fire

This is the current house I live in now. Paranormal stuff hadn't really happened to me since the day above and I never thought anything else would. Well... I moved in and chose the room next to the furnace room. My friends came over and really all I wanted to do was scare them so I told them about a set of fraternal twins and a girl named Sarah. Sarah committed suicide I told them and the twins died in a fire. I actually began to talk with these three. Well a few years later without me saying anything one of my friends mothers asked me if anything creepy was going on in my house. I said "yeah it's haunted." She confirmed it by saying that "Thought so, my friends Daughter Sarah committed suicide in the basement."

Well my step mother talked to a woman who once lived here and she was told that before the woman lived here the house burnt down killing a set of twins, an elderly man (he stands behind me when I am in the bathroom) and a woman.

I have talked to all but 2 ghosts in my home, that is the one that sits at the top of the stairs (don't know who she is) and the man from the bathroom. I am used to them... and not many people believe me, but I know they are here for a reason... and there are very intelligent spirits.

Sent in by Aireanna Marie Rock, Copyright 2010