Thursday, October 21, 2010

Paranormal Activity on Duluth Georgia

Paranormal activity is going on around where I live, I live in Duluth, Georgia and there is a group of dark skin I girls that I don’t know that walk around like shadows, they appear half human and the other half in spirit form. They claimed that I called their magic fake, and that something was possessing my body, each night when I go to sleep they say that a girl name Alexis or Kara is in your body. They always refer to her as my cousin, even though I don’t have a dark skinned cousin name Kara or Alexis.

A tall light skinned man, that was about 6 foot I have seen in my mirror, I don’t know what he wants. The three dark skinned girls all claimed they are me, and that there is nothing on me, and that I possessed their body. They are saying that my body that I had for 27 years is their body and that I need to get the witchcraft off of them.

These witches have said they are associated with celebrities they said that Teyana Taylor and Chris Brown were trying to steal my story.

I don't understand they called me dumb and say that I am not thinking for myself and that someone made me smart.

They also look me in my eyes, and then claimed that I am looking them in the eye. They also pretend to be my allies, and I don’t know them at all. They always called me by my full name, but I never met them at all.

I never invited them into my home at all, I don't know how they got into my home. They say “plead the blood of Jesus” but what kind of demonic spirit tells a Christian to plead the blood of Jesus?

I have been investigating and they are not suppose to be in my house unless I invited them, and I never did, I don’t even know any dark skinned witches at all.

There is a little dark skinned girl with a Cleopatra wig, that thinks she is me, she keeps saying she is the little dark skinned girl in my aunts photo, but that was me, but she still insist that she is the little dark skinned girl.

I have seen them in l form, a tall dark skinned girl, with black robe was sitting on my bed and talking bad, she thought I couldn't see her but I could.

They say that they knew me, but they have placed witchcraft on every house that I have lived in, and when I tell the truth they refuse to leave.

They said that there was a Hashima William and a Hashima Brown, and claim they get authority from her and that was how they got into my home, somehow they claimed that I was related to the Williams and the Browns. But she doesn’t even exist, and I investigated and no Hashima William or Hashima Brown that is black that even exists.

I am Hashima Wheeler, the only one, and I never married a Brown or a Williams, so how does this fake Hashima think she has authority in my house?

She and them claimed that they someone how control me. I can hear their thoughts loudly and mine as well. They are kind of slow, they blurt out words every time I write, like as if they think I am going to write it. They also think they are in my mind, and they are not. I never do what they ask me to do.

What doesn’t make any sense, is how do they explain all the times, when I was smart and they weren’t here. How do they justify that she's been smart and a writer when they where not around.

They act like I owed them something. They are not the types that told me to enroll in college, to blog, complete a book. They look like the type that want to see people drop out of school, prostituting. Then when I learn of their lies they like to crawl looking at me, like I did wrong, trying to come back into my life.

They are always going against each other, claiming that one is against the other, and all of them are bad.

Sent in by Sugabear906, Copyright 2010

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