Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Recurring Dreams

I have recurring dreams. That's just me, sometimes they'll be a day or two apart, but it's obvious that the dream is a continuation of the previous. Most of the time, they mean nothing to me, but this one was odd. I had this dream a few days ago...

In the dream, I was sitting on a man's lap, he was facing forward and I was sitting sideways. He drew me closer and held me, after hesitating for a moment, I held him. The room was dimly lit as if all the lights were off and only the television was on.

I awoke the next morning kind of confused, not to mention, I slept nearly an hour past my usual time, my alarm clock hadn't even awaken me! I arrived to school and kept the dream a secret. At first, I kind of liked that dream, I'm a bit big and normally no guy would want me. So I go home, do some stuff, get ready for bed and I fall asleep thinking about the previous night.

I have the dream again, only this time, the man and I kissed.

Now before I go any further, this guy was just too good to be true. He was tall, taller than me(and that's pretty rare), wore all black, had short dark hair, paler than I am(again, that's pretty rare), muscular, this guy was hot. But I never saw his face, or either I did and I don't remember.

The next morning, I only woke up about twenty minutes later than I usually do. In fifth period, I sat beside my friend, Alex and told her about my dream. She didn't know what it meant, so throughout the period we'd pass notes or whenever we'd get a chance, we'd talk. Towards the end of class when we are all working on our homework(we always talk, so nothing different), and we finally get an extended amount of time to really talk.
It was time for us to go, but luckily she and I had the next class together, and the next class happened to be our lunch period.

I got my lunch and sat beside her and we discussed the dream once more.

She looked at me and said, "Aria, I think I know who that was in your dream."



Sent in by Aria, Copyright 2011

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Not So Sweet Dreams and Terrifying Angel Like Creature

This happened to me when I was 16 years old. It was mid summer at around 3 pm and I had just come into my moms house to cool off. I went into my bedroom and kicked back on my bed not laying down completely. I had my pillows propped up behind my head about the same way I would do when I would read a book. I was not really even tired just a little drained from the heat.

I had been lying there for only a few minutes when all of the sudden I felt the bed just sink down. It was not like a weight on my chest like I have heard some people describe with sleep paralysis. It was like I was being pulled down and when this happened my stomach felt kinda like it does when I'm on a roller coaster or going down a steep hill in a car. I even heard the box springs in the mattress make a noise when this happened.

I tried to move and I couldn't. I tried to speak and I couldn't but my eyes were wide awake and I could see straight ahead but I could not move them. Then it happened again. I felt the mattress under me just sink down about a foot and this time it sunk down a lot faster and a lot more violent than before. I tried again to move and again I could not move. I tried to yell and again I could not yell, and right about now I am getting pretty freaked out and I can feel sweat start to roll down my face. I am laying there scared and confused and all of the sudden I see something start to materialize in front of me, it is giving off a really bright gold colored light all around it.

It took a few seconds for my eyes to focus on it and when my eyes focused to say I was terrified would be a great understatement. What I saw looked like an angel, it had wings and it was made completely out of a gold colored light, but when I looked in it's face it had no eyes and it looked as if it was kinda smiling at me.

Then I felt the bed sink again and this thing had my ankle and it drug me out of the bed and across the floor really fast and when I got to the wall at the end of the room I snapped out of it. When I snapped out of it I was covered in sweat and was still sitting straight up just like I was when all of this started.

I have long since moved out of that house but I will not ever sleep in that bedroom again no matter what the circumstances.


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Sharing Our World with Inhabitants of Other Realms

I am not from America so pardon me if my English grammar isn’t perfect. The folks from my part of the planet are rather superstitious.

The people from the small rural Asian villages tend to believe in a blend of folklore and religion. And as you probably know, when people believe in something en masse (be it legend or real) whatever they believe in finds a way to materialize. Perhaps its partly the “Law of Attraction” coming into play - seeing that whole villages or towns believe in something, so the thought-strength is definitely high.

Yes, what we call “reality” is just one of many realms. Other “realities” co-exist with us eventhough most of us cannot see the inhabitants of these other realms or alternative realities. However, there are some of us who are born with the ability to see or feel and communicate with them - to varying degrees. Some of us are aware of our “gifts” (some call them curses) and some of us are not, and yet there are some that blatantly disregard their gifts - perhaps out of fear? We do not know… people have their reasons.

Knowing we are sharing our world with inhabitants of other realms, I feel that vampires do exist. In my part of the planet, a very popular creature of the night called “Pontianak” is feared. I encourage you to Google about her and learn more about this Asian spirit.

As for the moon, I am very attracted to it, especially when its full and silvery with an aura surrounding it. On the annual celebration of Buddha’s enlightenment - Vesak Day - the moon is seen here as huge, very bright and with a large surrounding aura. It is such a gorgeous sight to behold... and I feel a sense of peace and calm seeing it in its full glory and beauty.

I wish everyone who reads this joy, peace and light. If you want respect, have respect for the spirits that surround you.

Sent in by Namaste

What do you Believe? The Paranormal Beliefs Survey

Rogue Vampires

In the 1980’s I was told that there are some like you but most prefer company. They said that Rogues tend to live longer because they are careful and discrete.

I was told many unbelievable things about some famous people that were vampires and that were made in the 1960’s, like Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin. That they were killed by slayers and didn’t die of drug overdoses including, Jim Morrison’s wife. I laughed out loud even before LOL was invented. But the filled room was silent except for me. They believed Jimi Hendrix could be very dangerous because he had been in the 101st Airborne Division and had military training. But I guess not.

I was told that a famous photographer named Frank Cappa fell in love with one of your kind. She was a rogue female vampire that lived modestly but had great wealth, that she was ancient, she was of Oriental decent and he had taken intimate photos of her and she loved him too. They used to meet in South East Asia. She became very depressed when he was killed by a land mine while traveling with the French Troops in French Indochina now Vietnam. Apparently, he met her through another one of your kind that he took photos of during the Spanish Civil War.

One of the mandates of these groups were to execute anyone that was famous that became a vampire and always make it look like an accident or accidental OD or whatever. They were privately financed. No government involvement.

I was shown pictures of different suits of armor that had been used by ancient knights to fight your kind. They didn’t work. I was showed pictures of swords that killed your kind. I guess that’s how they discovered the blood of dead men worked to slow your kind down.

I was told that killing your kind had always been trial and error and that there had been many errors and many mortal men and women had been killed. I was told that a 7.62 mm bullet and a full metal jacket 5.56 mm can slow your kind down but that no matter what decapitation was fatal and always best.

I was told that there were also different types of beings like you from different continuums, but not like you, some drank blood but some didn’t need to. That the history was vague and many records had been lost or hidden by other groups that didn’t want to share info. Also, that their may have even been some kind of extra-terrestrial involvement in your condition. No one really knew or maybe they didn’t want to say. I laughed too much and didn’t take it serious.

I know that they were beginning to take better records when I left and I believe they were new weapons being designed too. I was never asked to participate in any action against your kind probably because I couldn’t take it seriously. But they were interested in me because of my date of birth day November 1st. I am still puzzled about this. I now its All Saints Day but who cares. They were also interested in the fact that I could eat those apricot seeds like M&M’s and not be affected by them.

I am telling you this because there are others that may hunt for you and kill you just because they believe what you are and don’t like your kind. Even though, I believe in your kind now I don’t feel the same animosity these groups do. So, you should be careful.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Real Haunted House

Ok. So I'm the 14 year old girl that USED TO think ghosts were a fake. My idea was "Ghosts are stupid. They aren't real. They are just things to get my mind wondering". But that's when we moved into a rent house a few years before.

Several different things happened in that creepy old house such as seeing the moon in the river without the moon in the sky, an old glass pipe that went missing for a year and turned up by the river, and my radio turning on while it was unplugged. Or even my experiences with the little girl singing "Silent Night" or all the black figures flashing past my eyes. But the most exciting story was when my stepfather was LITERALLY possessed by a servant of the devil or something.

It was strange. This 'thing' only possessed males living in the house. All I knew at the time was that it DID NOT like me at all. It liked to torture me and my mother by taking our stuff and throwing it at us and it liked to hurt and depress my stepfather.

Anyway, to the real story. This thing had possessed my stepfather and he lost his job, got really depressed, and had thoughts about suicide. Just like the guy that lived in that house before us (He died several years ago).

All of a sudden, one day after I got home from school, my stepfather got up and started beating me with his belt. I had gotten away from him and ran down the road, ONLY to be hit with his truck. It wasn't like him to hurt me. We really got along good BEFORE we moved into that weird old house.

A few days after I got out of the hospital (I got away with a few bruises and a bloody nose),we got into a new house that was more cozy and calming. But one of our old friends came up to check up on us to see how we were doing. And he told us about that house.

There was a man and his daughter living there. The man had lost his job and his daughter got really sick so her father couldn't pay to get her to the hospital. She died around Christmas and her father got really depressed over it. He got fired from his job and he committed SUICIDE in the basement of that house. There was also an old cemetery in the fields behind the house. You couldn't tell it was a cemetery at first glance, but we found human bones while digging up the stones.It was really disturbing.

But after I had learned the truth about the spirits in that house, I confronted them. I told that 'demon thing' to go away and stop bothering everyone. "Move on and you might see your daughter!" Those are the exact words out of my mouth... and all of a sudden, in a blink of an eye, a heaviness just like... lifted from my chest and I felt so much better. I wasn't scared anymore. I actually felt happy to be in that house. Then a shining light faded in from the hallway and shot away out the window.

This story is honestly, completely, 100% totally true! I'm only 14... but I'm DEFINITELY not crazy.

Sent in by Raven

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ghosts Witches And Psychic Abilities

My names Megan I'm a witch/psychic, my best friend is a changeling and I live with ghosts. I only found out about what I was in the summer of 2009 when I finally faced my fears about what had been following me and haunting me for a while. Me and my two cousins (who are also witches) were downstairs in Kristin's basement, we were staying the night, and we were talking about our fears. I never like to talk about them, the ghosts I mean, but somehow for that night I felt... safe. So I told them everything from doors opening and bishops rattling on doorknobs, to feeling presences and hearing my name being called from the other side. I could feel it behind me laughing and staring at me. My cousin Cassie told me to tell it our not afraid to face him, so I called him out told him I was sick and tired of him that I wasn't afraid and to show himself. I just thought he'd leave, I wasn't expecting my entire life to change... Drastically.

I had 5 ghosts haunting me. Nick, a 32 year old man with short brown hair and brown eyes, he only just recently told me what he did to get himself the death sentence, he was a serial rapist killed 16 people, but he would never hurt me because to me I am like his daughter. He's been the only actual father like figure I've had, he's protected me from all of the evil ghosts who have wanted to kill me because of what I am, but I will talk about that later.

Another 2 are twin brothers named Lucas and Ben they are both 25 years old with chestnut brown hair and green eyes they were sentenced to death because they went on a killing damage and killed 27 people. Another is Danny who, for reasons unknown, killed himself by shooting himself in the temple with a gun, he is to me my Teddy bear, because he is too sweet and not too bright because of the hole through his head, he has slightly long brown hair and blue eyes. The last is Mark he was killed by his brother for again reasons unknown at the moment, he is very strange and perverted, but is funny, he has black hair and green eyes.

For the past while after that time I began to be visited by random ghosts at night. One of which wants me to die. I call her Maria, she is a shape shifting ghost with minions who she sent after another friend of mine. His name is Joey I never knew him before all of this me and my cousin Cassie go on walks down a haunted trail and as we would walk I would feel eyes watching me. I could see him watching me because for some odd reason I could see through his eyes.

One night as my cousin was Cassie was sleeping over and while talking I began to hear a voice in my head now I know this may sound strange to you people but you must believe me when I say that after what comes next everything gets vey strange and scary but you must believe me when you read this. The voice said hi in my head and me being myself weird I asked my cousin if she had said anything she said no and the voice began to talk again. Joey was communicating with me through my mind, we began to talk and soon we became friends, but later that night I had a weird mike like thug play through my head it was Joey, and Maria's minion were after him. I saw him being chased and he ran, ran to the golf course across from the trap because her one minion was not able to leave the trail. After he escaped I was given a threat, she showed me my cousin, running away screaming down the trail all of a sudden you saw her thrown the ground and saw her face being slashed with three claw marks down her face.

The haunting voice of Maria whispered in my head that he was going to kill me and my cousin. I do not understand what we did to make her so very angry with us, because we had not known about her till she started threatening us. After that we have had many encounters with Maria, she had come to try and kill me in my sleep one night but some unknown white force stopped her. Another night he visited my cousin Cassie and began speaking to her in a language that we did not know. She had threatened my new friends here now too even after my family move from that place.

Every night I see black shadows race across my floor, her minions, they watch me as my powers grow stronger, thanks to my new friends and a boy named Zachary who I have a strange connection to. My one friend, who I will not name, is a changeling and knows about my past, the boy Zachary somehow only with his presence has made my future telling's and powers much stronger although he does not know does. I do not understand why I was made be way I am, but i do know that there are people out there that want my powers and want me to die, while others are here to protect me.

Some days I wake up and immediately have a vision of something or someone, and almost all throughout the day I have feeling that I go with and then outcomes hated surprise me happen. I do not understand most of which is going on, but I do know how it will all end. And sometimes the outcome will be the hardest to handle. Every day I walk through school, knowing what other people are thinking knowing what they are feeling, it scares me sometimes, but it is something I must do in order to overcome my known death and be able to live my life the way I see it to be.

Thank you for reading an I anyone has any questions or want to know more about me you can comment.

Sent in by Megan Clarkson, Copyright 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ladyville Cursed Forest in Belize

This happened to me when I was 14 years old. In a village called Ladyville, North of Belize City, Belize. It all started when my friend Elvis and I were going home after school. We normally walk home together after school. Well on this date we decided to take a short cut home, through the forest.

Elvis told me that if we take this short cut we can get lost in the forest. Many stories are told, of people who get lost in the forest and never came back. I remembered that Mr. Bower told us stories, of strange things that happened in the forest. He told us that, the forest in Ladyville was cursed by a Mayan priest long ago. He said that the priest cursed the forest so that the Spaniards got lost in the forest when they were invading their Mayan homes.

I have even heard of a little girl, age 7, who ran away from her parents. She went into the forest and was later found dead by the villagers. People say that, because of the curse the girl saw strange things in the forest. She died of a heart attack, due to the fact that she could not handle the strange horrible things she saw. It is said that people hear the girl screaming for help, at nights. It is said that her spirit is trying to get back home.

Well all these stories did not stop us from taking this short cut home. Elvis and I were very curious to see, if all of this stories told were real. We took the short cut through the forest. We entered the forest around 4.00 p.m. If we would have taken the long way we would reach home like about in an hour. When we were walking, my watch read 5.00 p.m. By this time we should have already been home I told Elvis!

It started to get dark and I was getting tired of walking and not finding my way home. My watch now displayed 6.00 p.m. We started to hear, hear strange voices of people speaking in Maya. This is very strange, I told Elvis why is it that we hear Mayan people speaking. We can tell that the language spoken is Maya, because my friend Greg is from a Mayan decent. Greg has spoken to us in Mayan before so we know how they speak. Well we were still lost and it was now 7.00p.m. We now Started to hear, the voice of a girl crying for help, now I stared to get very afraid. I stared to get a cold. I looked at Elvis and saw he was motionless. He was not moving. He was looked like if he just saw a ghost. He then came back to normal. Then said Look, Michael look!

He pointed and I saw a little girl aged 7, She was wearing a blue dress and  her face was very pale. All of a sudden she screamed and then disappeared. This was very strange, for me to see. I started to pray, then we heard her voice saying run, run they are coming. Elvis and I started to run, when we stopped we saw a man. He was short had a strange hat on, had a snake on his neck and I smelled a very bad order. I told Elvis to run so we ran. We hid under a big tree. We did no longer see him we stayed there till morning.

When we woke up we head someone calling our names. It was the local police. They took us home it seems like if they were looking for us all night. Elvis and I decided never to go into the forest again. This was a well learned lesson. Never go into the forest or you can get lost.

Sent in by mike, Copyright 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

Don't Trust That Kitty!

This is how it all happened... it was raining on a Monday and my mother had asked me to pick something up from the grocery store so I got in my Volkswagen and went to the super market. I grabbed the milk and eggs and began my travel in the rain.

So I am goin down route six, when my engine light turned on. I pulled to the side of the road and turned my hazards on and turned the car off. the car keeps beeping and the radio starts and its playing last dance with Mary Jane. it is so funny that that song came on because it was my god mothers favorite song who had recently passed away in the last month. so being a sentimental lady, I began weeping over the loss of my god mother. the speakers blow and the radio suddenly turns off.

A man in a moving truck pulls up behind me. assuming he was going to ask if I needed help. so I locked the doors and put the seatbelt buckle on and tried to start he car again. lucky me the car starts. so I am traveling down route six and I come home, go down the old rocky, unpaved driveway to my country side home where my mother and I reside. pulling up to the barn where I parked the car, I find my mother in her sleeping gown waiting for me in the rain. so I stop and park the car and I ask my mother why she is outside in the rain. she says because the cat wont stop scratching me. I look at my mothers wrists, chest and back and I see all the cat scratches. then I grabbed her hand and brought her inside to take car of her and get her some dry clothes. I put my mother in the shower and laid her down to sleep.

I hear scratching at the door and it is the cat. so I opened the door quickly so the car could not get in the room and shit the door behind me. so then I shoe the cat out of the house, kicking it out of the door, hoping it will never come back again (I never liked cats anyways) hours go by and I fall asleep to CSi Miami when I am abruptly woken up to a pounding at the door at 3 o'clock in the morning.

A man in overalls stands with my cat in his hands. I see him through the window and don't want to open the door. I am scared he has seen me and he did. he starts yelling and saying I HAVE YOUR CAT! I HAVE YOUR CAT! Alls I wanna do is help you. please! Running upstairs to check on my mom, a brick is thrown through the window. grabbing my mom and running out to the car to go to grandmas house, the man has vanished.

We get in this car and sit tighty for the next two hour ride to grandmas. the car starts putting...putt...putt...putt, I pull over and turn the hazards on. I grab my mothers hand to feel safe and while reaching for her hand, the cat jumps on the windshield and I see the man through the lights of the lightning only seeing him every time the lighting struck. he starts pounding again saying "alls I wanna do is help you!"

Sent in by danger, Copyright 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mountain Spirits a North Georgia Ghost Story

Years ago a buddy and I were traveling in the mountains of North Georgia and got lost. We ended up on some isolated dirt/gravel road. Sometime after midnight we rounded a curve too fast and ended up in a deep ditch. We were stuck and had no idea what to do. Luckily a full, crisp moon was out so we started walking and after a few miles we heard a vehicle coming our way. What an eerie sight to see dim lights approaching in the still of the night along a deserted road.

The truck stopped, an older, gruffy man stepped out and approached us. His breath came out in misty puffs, his walk magnified by the crunch of gravel. I was somewhat scared, I'm sure my buddy was too. Thoughts of Deliverance rang through my head! All he said was, "What's going on?" We explained what happened. "Ain't no one can git ya out till morning." He did say there was an old fish camp nearby that we could probably sleep at. "I can drop ya off there."

We hopped in the back of the truck and he took us to the place. He led us straight to a room, it was open and told us to stay there; someone would come by in the morning. I asked his name and he said, "Henry Holcombe." We thanked him and said good night. We both remarked what a strange man, but being that we were extremely tired went straight to bed. The room was very small with a concrete floor, but thankfully a couple of very nice patchwork quilts. During the night I was awakened by a noise. The noise continued for a few minutes and stopped. All I remember was heavy breathing and crunching of leaves. I fell back asleep and awoke in early morn frost.

The cabin had a screened porch and there was a small table. On the table was a thermos of coffee and some fresh biscuits wrapped up in cloth in a basket! My buddy was standing behind me and we both stood dumbfounded. Oh well, we drank the coffee and enjoyed the biscuits! Soon the proprietor came by.

He said, "Thanks for puttin the money in the overnight box!" I told him that we didn't put any money in a box, that there was a man named Henry Holcombe who picked us up on a nearby dirt road after our car got stuck and he led us straight to this room and that someone would come by in the morning! The proprietor stood dumbfounded. He stated to chuckle kind of nervous like and then stated, "Henry Holcombe used to work for me, but he has been dead for 13 years!

All we could do was swallow real hard, thank the man and high tail it out of there! We found a tow truck, got our car and the whole way back to Atlanta was a conversation I will never, ever forget!

Date that this happened: OCTOBER 31,1975.

By Roger Honeycutt, Copyright 2011

The Scary Porcelain Doll

That house. That night. That room. That child...

It all began when we moved into our new house. Settled in, everything was going great. One night when my parents had gone out, I had watched a few movies, put my younger brother to bed and fancied an early night myself. Lying in bed that night, the strangest, most unexplainable thing happened.

The clammy fingertips brushing my arm and the sound of breathing in my ear seemed like the most unusual thing that could have happened. As I lay in bed drifting into unconsciousness, a warm breath blew on my neck. My eyes shot open as I sensed I was not alone. The blackness echoed with emptiness and as I turned on the light, my eyes confirmed it. Thinking I was just overtired, I returned to my bed. That's when I felt the small hands gripping my arm. My body froze in fear as I heard a quiet wail, and all I could think about was my brother's safety. Stumbling to his room, I cried his name with panic. My brother remained asleep in his bed and I felt I was all alone, and relief also washed over me.

The next day, the events of that night confused yet recurred in my mind. I explained the strange happenings to my parents, in which they thought it was a dream of some sort. That was until I went into my bedroom and found that little white porcelain doll lying under my bed, just staring at me. Checking that it was not one of my brother's friends just trying to scare me, I figured that nobody had anything to do with it.

After that night, my thoughts faded over the years but in a small corner of my mind they remained playing over and over. When I reached my 17th birthday, a friend recalled a small hand on her arm in my house. After hearing that a few of my other friends had experienced this too, I started to remember.

Going up into my attic to store some old photos, a newspaper dated 15th May, 1901 caught my eye. "SCHOOL DEMOLISHED AFTER MURDERED PUPIL DISCOVERED at 158 Figmore Terrace"

Written by "Scary Mary", Copyright 2009

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