Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Not So Sweet Dreams and Terrifying Angel Like Creature

This happened to me when I was 16 years old. It was mid summer at around 3 pm and I had just come into my moms house to cool off. I went into my bedroom and kicked back on my bed not laying down completely. I had my pillows propped up behind my head about the same way I would do when I would read a book. I was not really even tired just a little drained from the heat.

I had been lying there for only a few minutes when all of the sudden I felt the bed just sink down. It was not like a weight on my chest like I have heard some people describe with sleep paralysis. It was like I was being pulled down and when this happened my stomach felt kinda like it does when I'm on a roller coaster or going down a steep hill in a car. I even heard the box springs in the mattress make a noise when this happened.

I tried to move and I couldn't. I tried to speak and I couldn't but my eyes were wide awake and I could see straight ahead but I could not move them. Then it happened again. I felt the mattress under me just sink down about a foot and this time it sunk down a lot faster and a lot more violent than before. I tried again to move and again I could not move. I tried to yell and again I could not yell, and right about now I am getting pretty freaked out and I can feel sweat start to roll down my face. I am laying there scared and confused and all of the sudden I see something start to materialize in front of me, it is giving off a really bright gold colored light all around it.

It took a few seconds for my eyes to focus on it and when my eyes focused to say I was terrified would be a great understatement. What I saw looked like an angel, it had wings and it was made completely out of a gold colored light, but when I looked in it's face it had no eyes and it looked as if it was kinda smiling at me.

Then I felt the bed sink again and this thing had my ankle and it drug me out of the bed and across the floor really fast and when I got to the wall at the end of the room I snapped out of it. When I snapped out of it I was covered in sweat and was still sitting straight up just like I was when all of this started.

I have long since moved out of that house but I will not ever sleep in that bedroom again no matter what the circumstances.


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