Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Scary Porcelain Doll

That house. That night. That room. That child...

It all began when we moved into our new house. Settled in, everything was going great. One night when my parents had gone out, I had watched a few movies, put my younger brother to bed and fancied an early night myself. Lying in bed that night, the strangest, most unexplainable thing happened.

The clammy fingertips brushing my arm and the sound of breathing in my ear seemed like the most unusual thing that could have happened. As I lay in bed drifting into unconsciousness, a warm breath blew on my neck. My eyes shot open as I sensed I was not alone. The blackness echoed with emptiness and as I turned on the light, my eyes confirmed it. Thinking I was just overtired, I returned to my bed. That's when I felt the small hands gripping my arm. My body froze in fear as I heard a quiet wail, and all I could think about was my brother's safety. Stumbling to his room, I cried his name with panic. My brother remained asleep in his bed and I felt I was all alone, and relief also washed over me.

The next day, the events of that night confused yet recurred in my mind. I explained the strange happenings to my parents, in which they thought it was a dream of some sort. That was until I went into my bedroom and found that little white porcelain doll lying under my bed, just staring at me. Checking that it was not one of my brother's friends just trying to scare me, I figured that nobody had anything to do with it.

After that night, my thoughts faded over the years but in a small corner of my mind they remained playing over and over. When I reached my 17th birthday, a friend recalled a small hand on her arm in my house. After hearing that a few of my other friends had experienced this too, I started to remember.

Going up into my attic to store some old photos, a newspaper dated 15th May, 1901 caught my eye. "SCHOOL DEMOLISHED AFTER MURDERED PUPIL DISCOVERED at 158 Figmore Terrace"

Written by "Scary Mary", Copyright 2009

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  1. Oh My God . What A Lie ! So The Girl Turned Into A Doll After She Died ? If Its True Then Atleast Put Some DETAILS In It So We Can Understand ! IDIOT



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