Monday, March 7, 2011

Don't Trust That Kitty!

This is how it all happened... it was raining on a Monday and my mother had asked me to pick something up from the grocery store so I got in my Volkswagen and went to the super market. I grabbed the milk and eggs and began my travel in the rain.

So I am goin down route six, when my engine light turned on. I pulled to the side of the road and turned my hazards on and turned the car off. the car keeps beeping and the radio starts and its playing last dance with Mary Jane. it is so funny that that song came on because it was my god mothers favorite song who had recently passed away in the last month. so being a sentimental lady, I began weeping over the loss of my god mother. the speakers blow and the radio suddenly turns off.

A man in a moving truck pulls up behind me. assuming he was going to ask if I needed help. so I locked the doors and put the seatbelt buckle on and tried to start he car again. lucky me the car starts. so I am traveling down route six and I come home, go down the old rocky, unpaved driveway to my country side home where my mother and I reside. pulling up to the barn where I parked the car, I find my mother in her sleeping gown waiting for me in the rain. so I stop and park the car and I ask my mother why she is outside in the rain. she says because the cat wont stop scratching me. I look at my mothers wrists, chest and back and I see all the cat scratches. then I grabbed her hand and brought her inside to take car of her and get her some dry clothes. I put my mother in the shower and laid her down to sleep.

I hear scratching at the door and it is the cat. so I opened the door quickly so the car could not get in the room and shit the door behind me. so then I shoe the cat out of the house, kicking it out of the door, hoping it will never come back again (I never liked cats anyways) hours go by and I fall asleep to CSi Miami when I am abruptly woken up to a pounding at the door at 3 o'clock in the morning.

A man in overalls stands with my cat in his hands. I see him through the window and don't want to open the door. I am scared he has seen me and he did. he starts yelling and saying I HAVE YOUR CAT! I HAVE YOUR CAT! Alls I wanna do is help you. please! Running upstairs to check on my mom, a brick is thrown through the window. grabbing my mom and running out to the car to go to grandmas house, the man has vanished.

We get in this car and sit tighty for the next two hour ride to grandmas. the car starts putting...putt...putt...putt, I pull over and turn the hazards on. I grab my mothers hand to feel safe and while reaching for her hand, the cat jumps on the windshield and I see the man through the lights of the lightning only seeing him every time the lighting struck. he starts pounding again saying "alls I wanna do is help you!"

Sent in by danger, Copyright 2011

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