Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Real Haunted House

Ok. So I'm the 14 year old girl that USED TO think ghosts were a fake. My idea was "Ghosts are stupid. They aren't real. They are just things to get my mind wondering". But that's when we moved into a rent house a few years before.

Several different things happened in that creepy old house such as seeing the moon in the river without the moon in the sky, an old glass pipe that went missing for a year and turned up by the river, and my radio turning on while it was unplugged. Or even my experiences with the little girl singing "Silent Night" or all the black figures flashing past my eyes. But the most exciting story was when my stepfather was LITERALLY possessed by a servant of the devil or something.

It was strange. This 'thing' only possessed males living in the house. All I knew at the time was that it DID NOT like me at all. It liked to torture me and my mother by taking our stuff and throwing it at us and it liked to hurt and depress my stepfather.

Anyway, to the real story. This thing had possessed my stepfather and he lost his job, got really depressed, and had thoughts about suicide. Just like the guy that lived in that house before us (He died several years ago).

All of a sudden, one day after I got home from school, my stepfather got up and started beating me with his belt. I had gotten away from him and ran down the road, ONLY to be hit with his truck. It wasn't like him to hurt me. We really got along good BEFORE we moved into that weird old house.

A few days after I got out of the hospital (I got away with a few bruises and a bloody nose),we got into a new house that was more cozy and calming. But one of our old friends came up to check up on us to see how we were doing. And he told us about that house.

There was a man and his daughter living there. The man had lost his job and his daughter got really sick so her father couldn't pay to get her to the hospital. She died around Christmas and her father got really depressed over it. He got fired from his job and he committed SUICIDE in the basement of that house. There was also an old cemetery in the fields behind the house. You couldn't tell it was a cemetery at first glance, but we found human bones while digging up the stones.It was really disturbing.

But after I had learned the truth about the spirits in that house, I confronted them. I told that 'demon thing' to go away and stop bothering everyone. "Move on and you might see your daughter!" Those are the exact words out of my mouth... and all of a sudden, in a blink of an eye, a heaviness just like... lifted from my chest and I felt so much better. I wasn't scared anymore. I actually felt happy to be in that house. Then a shining light faded in from the hallway and shot away out the window.

This story is honestly, completely, 100% totally true! I'm only 14... but I'm DEFINITELY not crazy.

Sent in by Raven

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