Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shadow Figure in the Middle of the Night

I went to Wimberley, Texas for a visit to see my sisters, their families and my mom and dad. I was there during July 20 - 27 2009, but my last night was the night I had the experience. I was staying with my sister, husband and four children. I had brought my son, 12 yrs old and my daughter, 15 months old.

I was staying in my niece's room which I noticed to be very cold compared to the entire house. I did think it's got to be - a presence. I knew that I might feel or see something in this house so I just relaxed about it instead of dreading it. I want to also say that during that week I was there I taken photos of everyone in the house but one photo had orbs. I think it maybe the spirit's wanted to be in the picture, why else were they there?

My last night I had been getting up with my daughter it seems more than usual, getting her a bottle and putting her back in the play yard. I woke up at middle of the night not for my daughter but from something penetrating my vagina. I actually couldn't wake completely. I knew that I was feeling this but I felt as though I was in paralysis. I remember that I looked up but I couldn't move. I had my clothes and blanket on. I went back to sleep which was weird to me but like I said I already thought if something happens... then it does.

I woke up again... don't know how much time went by but that's when I looked up to my left and saw what seemed to be a dark shadowy figure. I wasn't thrilled with that but I looked away very quickly and paid it no attention. I did think for a minute... well that must be one of the spirits, ghost, demons... whatever it maybe hanging around this home. I don't know how I went back to sleep. I guess exhaustion from getting up with my daughter and having sex with a ghost that did it.

I'm not mad this happened, just glad I was not hurt physically. I'm not afraid of this presence. I wish I knew why this happened.

Written by Melissa Salamone, Copyright 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

Am I a Modern Vampire?

Well, reading everyone else’s experiences with vampires here (and some that thought that they might be modern vampires) I might as well tell of my reasons for believing that I could be a “modern vampire”. As a side note, I would like to add that this is all 100% true, whether you believe me or not

Several traits of mine are similar or the same as those listed under distinguishing features; I have the dark coloring (pale skin,dark hair and eyes that admittedly go lighter in the summer), My canines are longer than anyone else's that I know, and are sharper with the top canines being more fang-ish than the lower ones.

My skin tone never tans, and yet doesn’t burn, unless under extreme conditions, and even then not that bad (not like I’d want to find out how a horrible sunburn feels. I never really go outside much, although that might be chalked up to laziness, and when it comes to garlic I actually quite enjoy it, when in powder form. In solid garlic, I tend to avoid it in foods.

But, here’s my big thing; Water. I actually have a small phobia of being completely under-water, and have never wanted to learn how to swim, nor do I know how to this very day. The one worst way for me to die, in my opinion, is to drown. Funnily enough, I actually can go into pools and such, but I only go into the shallow end. Anything else and I get scared, and demand to get out of the water at once. I can’t even take showers first thing in the morning because then I’ll feel weak, nauseous, and have my vision start to fail. I have to get out of the shower when this happens or risk passing out. My very lungs start to squeeze in, like a big hand or something is trying to suffocate me (do remember that this is all true. I can understand if you have hesitations trying to believe me, but this is my way of describing things). I can barely even get my thoughts straight.

Blood, in my opinion, isn’t scary at all. It’s not quite the horror feature as some people make it out to be, to me. It’s actually quite pretty, in a way. But I would never drink it by the buckets

As an added side-note, people have been acting as if hypnotized when I speak for extended periods of time, like if I was reading an excerpt from a book. When I finally finish talking, they act dazed for a minute, and then continue on as if they were never dazed at all. Another time, or times, is that I have seemed to display ESP or precognition at times. I correctly guess answers to everything, thougt that could be numerous coincidences, and sometimes, though rarely, have a sort of voice in my head that speaks what the person I’m listening to says a split-second later.

One very strange time, and one of my friends was a witness, was that when I was changing for gym, and horsing around on the benches even though the teacher expressly told us not to, I slipped on the bench and almost fell. I was falling in a manner that might have possibly gotten me injured as I landed, but I then felt a strange twinge in my heart, there is no other way to describe it, and thought desperately ‘Don’t let me fall!’. Immediately, I felt as if time itself had slowed down massively, and my legs folded under me so that I would be falling in a sitting position, with my legs tucked under me, and floated gently down back onto the bench. Me and my friend were staring at each other in mild fright and wonder, before exclaiming loudly how freakish it was. I asked her if she saw it, and it turns out she did as she said she saw me falling, as she said, “Really slowly!” The rest of the day was quite uneventful, ending with no other incidents.

So, what do you all think? Am I or am I not a modern vampire?

Written by "anonymoose", Copyright 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

Through the Eyes of a Vampire

Vampirism is a disease unlike any other it feels unnatural and has properties that make themselves manifest physically even before the transition. Vampirism is a mutation of a disease much like a combination of Poryphic Hemophilia and Rabies, but yet, it isn't during the first stage of the disease contraction (1 of 3), the body feels tired constantly and weak much like that of a cold or flu. At stage 2 the skin becomes pale slowly until almost white, at this point the victim is highly vulnerable to anything sharp even a cut could kill them as the blood is so thinned, and at stage 3 the victim goes into a deathlike sleep for 2 days or more (it is different for some people, for me it was 2 days) after which the person awakens feeling hungry but the most remarkable part about that first waking breathe is hearing the world come alive in an array of sounds and smells unlike nothing anyone could ever experience in this lifetime. Of course the new vampire is going to find food only to realize normal food is almost toxic, it induces vomiting and dizziness. Consume too much of it and death by throat muscle constriction is almost immanent. After that if they haven't discovered they are vampires they will because you are immune to sunlight like a normal person for about 18 hours so once they start feeling their skin starting to tingle and then sting they start piecing it together. After that they usually find somewhere remote or rarely looked to hide until dusk, vampires have an innate ability to sense other vampires so they will most likely seek one out for shelter as I did, once found they are usually housed outside the coven or community for a few months (I lived outside for almost 2 years) living on their own while they adapt to their affliction. Once the coven decides to accept them, they are asked to move into it and are told the rules of the coven:

General Rules of any Coven:

Rule 1: Never feed on humans unless you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO
Rule 2: Never compromise the coven or community
Rule 3: Avoid public feeding
Rule 4: No outsiders are allowed to see the coven

Aside from these 4 most important rules each coven may vary in the next set of rules depending. A coven is a community of vampires and is more of a hierarchy than a democracy the highest vampire in the coven is the "elder" vampire and that means he or she is the oldest, wisest and strongest of everyone, there are others like him but the elder is elected based on his or her leadership skills. If the coven feels that one or more of their members are threatening the covens existence action may be taken and depending on the offence it can result in death or exile lasting anywhere from 10 to 300 years, if in the case the result is death it could be done 1 of 3 ways:

1. Death by beheading.
2. Death by the members of the coven drinking them dry. (being sucked dry of blood)
3. Death by impaling.

These punishment were learned and brought into effect from different cultures over the years. During the event of an exile the vampire is assigned a place in the world to live usually a place with no other vampires around and the exile is regulated by other vampires from time to time in the sense of "house calls."

Vampires can be made by choice also known as humans wanting to be infected with the disease, or by breeding as humans do. If a vampire is conceived by breeding it will more than likely not have the pale skin so it will be able to travel in the daytime. If a person is bitten, they will experience the side effects mentioned above at the start. Since being bitten was already described I will go with the breeding, when vampires mate it has a rare chance less than that of a human to conceive a child, and in the event a child is going to be born it is carried within the mother for around 15 months after which the mother gives birth to a egglike cocoon, which is then either buried or put in the coven undercroft for 15 additional months, after that it is taken out and after a day usually a new baby vampire is born, it is a very weird process if I do say so myself, and when a human and a vampire mate it is usually a normal human birth but the child will have no visible vampiric properties other than longevity and superior senses like smell and hearing.

A vampire must feed to remain alive but they are not allowed to feed on humans unless it is absolutely necessary, instead they are urged to feed on animals like cattle, sheep, or pigs to name a few, and some vampires bring packs of blood like those used in hospitals for blood transfusions.

Closing Notes:

Vampires are not people who like to stand out and be noticed in public.

Vampires are social and calm but can have a very short temper.

Vampires are not beasts or demons or anything to be afraid of remember they were once human too.

Vampire society is highly secretive usually in plain sight but not obvious.

Comments: This is about as far as I will go in this in-depth explanation.

Written by Xavier, Copyright 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

Lust Demon Attacks

I'm writing my stories so others who go through demonic oppression/possession don't feel alone in there struggle. I have always loved God and have always had a strong desire to serve Him! What I'm about to describe is very graphic and may not be suitable for children, I will try my best to keep it clean and tasteful.

As with most young men sex is something I thought about a lot, and at times it consumed my every thought. I started to get sexually attacked by women lust demons when I was 24. I was sleeping and was woken up to a feeling of something touching my private area. I saw a gorgeous woman in perfect physical condition, she was in human form but her eyes were black. I felt a horrible dread coming from her and fear beyond measure. I also felt a lot of pressure on my chest and couldn't breathe. She told me that if I give my soul to her that she will have sex with me forever! I told her no! She kept touching me and then forced sex with me. I couldn't control it, I felt completely paralyzed and felt completely helpless, she started to talk to me in my head telepathically, and audibly at the same time, she continued with all this for four hours. When I could use my mouth to speak I would tell her No! You cant have my soul! She kept ignoring my requests and continued to do sexual things to me.

I've been attacked like this for over 10 years now, and I never invite it or want it to happen. I try my best to fight and never tell the lust demon women they can do things with me they just do it. They have even entered and possessed women around me, the women had sex with me and I couldn't stop it.

Some of you may think this sounds great but its not, when you're being raped by a demon possessed woman and the woman is not even aware of what happens! After the sex is over the woman gets dressed and walks away and doesn't remember any of it! I will tell her what happened but she doesn't believe me.

I know this is hard to believe but its true, and its happened so many times that I cant count. I get sexually attacked every day but I continue to keep up the fight and call upon the name of Jesus Christ to rebuke them, I continue to say no and never say yes no matter what lust demons do to me.

Written by Tim Sullivan, Copyright 2009

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Talking to a Friend in Hell via Ouija Board

This Ouija story was given to me by a friend of mine who did several sessions communicating with a friend of his who said he went to hell. This is his email to me, word for word in his own words...

I'll tell you what he told me. His name is Drew and he was a gang member from my area that died and went to hell. He said that it is very dark and smoldering hot where he is. He told me that the Ouija board is an oracle designed to talk to the residents in hell and that some spirits may be good souls that were banished to hell for not believing in God, but most of the spirits are bad spirits faking it and trying to seem good. Since my uncle knew him, he was telling me about this on multiple occasions.

From what he has told me, there are 3 stages after death. There is heaven (Gods palace), limbo (our world - you are stuck here to haunt something till you move on), and hell (Satan's palace). I don't know, he said that it was too complicated to explain, but he is in hell and at the same time he is in the room with me. He said that he can be in 2 places at one time. He would warn us of demons that are coming through and said that the Ouija board is a portal to hell. They are still in hell, but half of them are in your home. That is how evil spirits are released through oracles.

He told me that hell is forever, and when he first went there he was in dark nothing with light shining on him. The light started closing and souls began to grab him and bite and suck his flesh. He screamed for mercy, but his actions were unforgivable. He said that when you go to hell, damned souls will grab you and drag you down while ripping you apart, but of course he paraphrased it. He said there is no getting out of hell. You're trapped there for good, but he said the devil allows some demons to leave so that they can damn souls.

On several sessions, Drew said he had to go because his friends were calling him and he was drinking corona's (a beer). I found that odd that you can drink current time beers in hell? He even talked to me while he was drunk on the board, and you could tell he was drunk because he couldn't spell. He saved my uncle one time, because my uncle is a gang member too and he told him not to go outside on a certain day. My uncle didn't believe him. My uncle sat on a plastic chair outside, then I said, "Drew, if you're there give us a sign." So he grabbed the chair and pulled it out from under my uncle. We went in scared, and later that day there was a drive by and my uncle's house was shot up. He only lived because of Drew.

He said that they can read your mind, and they can either touch things or use their minds to move it. He said he can't throw anything around unless we talk to him and give him energy to do so. Also, all of them can see into the future, but they are not allowed to say much in fear of the big man. He said that if he said anything about the future, the devil would do something. And when I would ask him what, he would just repeat SAVE ME, SAVE ME, SAVE ME, SATAN, SATAN, SATAN. He was very afraid.

He would warn us and would say go to church, Satan is coming, so we were scared and ended the session. He said that the more we talk to him the more power we give him. There was once a spirit who was pretending to be Drew, and Drew came back and he told me something that amazed me. We told him what happened and he said, and I quote, "hold on - ill be back ima go kick his ass." He came back, and he said he whooped his ass. One time my dad was saying that stuff isn't real, Drew is a nobody. Drew got mad and threw the board to the ground and said leave now, he said he was going to slit my fathers throat and kill him. I got on my knees and begged him to let my father be because he is ignorant. And he said RUN he is coming. We asked who was coming, and he said over and over again SATAN SATAN SATAN SATAN SATAN SATAN. So we stopped and left the board out on the porch. He would predict who would die next from a shoot out and was always correct. He also said that he raped people in hell and he was also raped in hell by a mightier spirit. He said that higher level demons will rape people in hell.

During one session, he told us to change the channel to one where it had static. He said turn on music so you can see me dance. We did, and the static was jumping up and down to the music, and that blew my mind. He said that most of the time he gets drunk in hell, but he says most of his time in hell is being tortured by demons and Satan himself. He said he looked at his face, he's looking in the face of Satan, and he told me that it is the most horrifying thing that you will ever see. He began to cry. A grown man who lived on the streets killing began to cry like a baby. Every time I ask him what does Satan look like, he starts repeating his name and says he is crying so it must be crazy scary. He also said that some people that you see on the streets are not really humans but are very powerful demons that are there to influence people to do bad things.

He did mention a demon's name that he is afraid of as well. He told me not to say his name out loud, but it was cool to write it down. He said his name is "Zetoh," and he is a pretty big baddy. He also said that Succubus demons that have sex with humans are real. He told me to stop talking to him and to trust in God because he said hell is a place, a dark place and it is fiery hot. It looks like a dark fiery earth. He joked and said that they weren't kidding about the brimstones of fire and the lake of fire - its all true. He told me to follow God so I don't ever have to see what he has seen. To answer your question on what hell is like, it looks like a battle zone on fire. He said it is worse than anyone can imagine, your brain can't even comprehend how horrific it is.

Written by Big Chief, Copyright 2009