Monday, August 17, 2009

Am I a Modern Vampire?

Well, reading everyone else’s experiences with vampires here (and some that thought that they might be modern vampires) I might as well tell of my reasons for believing that I could be a “modern vampire”. As a side note, I would like to add that this is all 100% true, whether you believe me or not

Several traits of mine are similar or the same as those listed under distinguishing features; I have the dark coloring (pale skin,dark hair and eyes that admittedly go lighter in the summer), My canines are longer than anyone else's that I know, and are sharper with the top canines being more fang-ish than the lower ones.

My skin tone never tans, and yet doesn’t burn, unless under extreme conditions, and even then not that bad (not like I’d want to find out how a horrible sunburn feels. I never really go outside much, although that might be chalked up to laziness, and when it comes to garlic I actually quite enjoy it, when in powder form. In solid garlic, I tend to avoid it in foods.

But, here’s my big thing; Water. I actually have a small phobia of being completely under-water, and have never wanted to learn how to swim, nor do I know how to this very day. The one worst way for me to die, in my opinion, is to drown. Funnily enough, I actually can go into pools and such, but I only go into the shallow end. Anything else and I get scared, and demand to get out of the water at once. I can’t even take showers first thing in the morning because then I’ll feel weak, nauseous, and have my vision start to fail. I have to get out of the shower when this happens or risk passing out. My very lungs start to squeeze in, like a big hand or something is trying to suffocate me (do remember that this is all true. I can understand if you have hesitations trying to believe me, but this is my way of describing things). I can barely even get my thoughts straight.

Blood, in my opinion, isn’t scary at all. It’s not quite the horror feature as some people make it out to be, to me. It’s actually quite pretty, in a way. But I would never drink it by the buckets

As an added side-note, people have been acting as if hypnotized when I speak for extended periods of time, like if I was reading an excerpt from a book. When I finally finish talking, they act dazed for a minute, and then continue on as if they were never dazed at all. Another time, or times, is that I have seemed to display ESP or precognition at times. I correctly guess answers to everything, thougt that could be numerous coincidences, and sometimes, though rarely, have a sort of voice in my head that speaks what the person I’m listening to says a split-second later.

One very strange time, and one of my friends was a witness, was that when I was changing for gym, and horsing around on the benches even though the teacher expressly told us not to, I slipped on the bench and almost fell. I was falling in a manner that might have possibly gotten me injured as I landed, but I then felt a strange twinge in my heart, there is no other way to describe it, and thought desperately ‘Don’t let me fall!’. Immediately, I felt as if time itself had slowed down massively, and my legs folded under me so that I would be falling in a sitting position, with my legs tucked under me, and floated gently down back onto the bench. Me and my friend were staring at each other in mild fright and wonder, before exclaiming loudly how freakish it was. I asked her if she saw it, and it turns out she did as she said she saw me falling, as she said, “Really slowly!” The rest of the day was quite uneventful, ending with no other incidents.

So, what do you all think? Am I or am I not a modern vampire?

Written by "anonymoose", Copyright 2009


  1. i think u are a vampire because i feel the same way but diffrently im cold pale skined long long cainies( ithink that's how u spell it ) and i can't even go in the shallow end and the worst part my whole family one my dad's side is the same but on my mom's regular but it's a cool feeling sortof but good luck ur realy special just like me ! ! !

  2. I think in your mind you think you are a vampire and to you it feels real. Do I think the vampires in folklore ever existed? No not at all, its proven they would of destroyed themselves in a period of three years. If a vampire existed according to legend they would of destroyed their blood source in less then 3 years. Every person they supposedly turn into a vampire then then claims more victims so the multiplication would wipe themselves out.

  3. wow that's amazing . i would sometimes let it as just pure luck but that is a rae case . have you ever look into maybe having some type of etherion.

  4. Those are all very mundane things that alot of people have. I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that you're a vampire.

  5. I agree that you believe this, and the longer you believe it the more true it will seem. It is a very interesting perspective, but it just seems to me if you were actually a vampire there would be no question in your mind that you were.

    I think you are seeing patterns in appearance and behaviour and putting it together....but I'm glad you did, because you present your situation very well. I am sure you are an interesting person, whether you're a vampire or not.

  6. I have to agree and I cannot beleive I am saying this but Bracket I have to agree with you,
    If you are indeed a modern vampire drink a small amount of blood tell us how it tatses to you, also, try to identify other vampires if you live around any...

  7. i really love vampires and i do think that you are a vampire

  8. I agree with Bracket and Xavier ......
    And anonymoose, that could of been your "Guardian Angel" letting you down easy!
    I do believe that people have a "Guardian Angel" that sometimes helps them
    out of trouble/problems.

  9. Does anyone even know what a traditional vampire is? A demon but not a normal unholy kind so if you are vampire your a demon, according to original tales a vampire is a demon who has been embedded into a human body. There could be born vampire from to originals mating but not because some goth kid thinks he is one. Do you know how many people have all these same symptoms? And Canines are suppose to be "fang-ish" and the time slowing down is Addrenline and relfexes...once again HUMAN QUALITIES....

  10. "My skin tone never tans, and yet doesn’t burn"

    well skin that doesnt burn in say that makes you not a vampire

  11. and as an interesting side-note, i just noticed that the message posted by "Let me explain it" contains an insult and profanity in one! and caretaker approved it no problem :)

    im not sayin remove his comment, cuz i think we shud all have the right to express our opinion

  12. The fear of water is a phobia, not a trait of being a vampire!

  13. i have long canines i love my steak rare , i also love to go out when its a full moon i seem to have a strange magnetism that draws the opposite sex , of any age , although i am no great beauty. I also have an aura that makes people avoid upsetting me. I love swimming in the sea and under it , and i love the sun . I am very sensitive to atmospheres and can sense when something is in a room that shouldnt be. I can make people squirm and grow uncomfortable just by looking at them and or turn to look if i am behind them but saying nothing. What am i then? not a vampire can someone tell me ? or do i just use the centries old skills that ancient man had but has forgotten he had once .

  14. I say the same as Ugly&Rude

  15. I agree with Karen M ......
    "The fear of water is a phobia, not a trait of being a vampire!"
    I'm also afraid of deep water. This is the reason why I can't swim till this day!
    I refuse to go into water above my waist.
    But I'm not a Vampire!

  16. Woozle Wuzzle

    Where's the profanity?

  17. I'll have to agree with those who had mentioned its something in your head. The human mind is something truely amazing, and flexible. For example if you truely believe that you are sick, your body will start feeling sick. There are even cases of women believing so strongly that they're pregnant that their belly swells, even though they aren't pregnant at all. Some of the things you experianced can be explained by this.

    That aside though, I'll have to say that in my opinion you are not a vampire. You feel you are a 'modern vampire' because you're looking for those traits within yourself, and if you look for something hard enough, you'll start finding it.

    I'm old fasioned in the sense that I believe vampires to be undead beings, in a nutshell at least. To me, if your hearts beating, then your likely human for the most part. This is just my opinion however, so feel free to disagree.

    ((On A side note I also believe in guardian spirits. So I agree with Rachel as well, thats a could be possiblity.))

  18. Lillith DarkwraithAugust 18, 2009 at 9:07 PM

    There are several public URL's for the Vampyre Community where you can go to find out if you are a living human vampyre.

    It is the symptomatology of one of the prophyrian disorders that you are talking about that you relate to vampyrism; the pale skin, the aversion to sunlight due to photo-light sensitivities, hemophage (blood drinking) which was a pre Victorian age remedy for the disease before the isolation of vitamins, minerals, hormones, enzymes etc.

    Yes Vampyrism is real and I am a Vampyre but not in the modern fictional sense, that crap that most people believe is true.

  19. Lillith DarkwraithAugust 18, 2009 at 9:39 PM

    By the way about drinking blood...

    Blood carries many diseases, and contrary to the mythos perpetuated by fictions and Hollywood, Vampires are NOT immortal, and we can get sick and die. We are NOT immune to blood borne diseases. A good thing to remember is that if something is contagious in any form, whether it be through blood, sneezing, sexual contact, coughing, touch, anything, it can be passed very easily through hemophage. Here are a few of the more common diseases that can be passed through the blood:

    AIDS, Brucellosis, Chicken Pox (Varicella), Chlamydia, Colds,Diphtheria, Food Poisoning, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis (A-B-C-D-G), Herpes, Influenza, Legionnaires' Disease, Malaria, Measles, Meningitis, MRSA, Mumps, Rubella, Scarlet Fever,Shingles, Spotted Fever, Strep Throat, Syphilis, Toxic Shock Syndrome, Tuberculosis, Typhus, Warts.

    Both donors and vampyres should get tested every 6 months with these tests: CBC, Chem 20 (chemical profile or SMAC), VDRL (STD profile),and HIV before you ever consider drinking blood.

  20. I can’t wait until the vampire craze is over, and these kids move on to thinking they’re something else. Amazing how many “vampires” have come out of the woodwork in the past year.

  21. Dancing Miss DaisyAugust 19, 2009 at 8:33 AM

    "have a sort of voice in my head that speaks what the person I’m listening to says a split-second later."
    I have a sort of explanation for that, i study cognitive psychology and one of the theories is called the Working memory model and this kind of thing hearing the speech repeated in your mind after a person has said it is due to something called 'The Phonological Loop'. although i should remind you it is only a theory and there are many other 'theories' but that quote above seems to fit the explanation i give, and also my teacher gave that example when teaching the theory to me.
    And also I dont tan or burn and i'm pale, but i dont think i'm a vampire...i'm kinda scared of blood to be honest.
    I liked your story though :)

  22. Jamie,
    I have to agree. But I truly feel that most of these kids are lonely and reaching out to find some thing to explain why they feel so different, when they really need to realize it's just puberty! I'm not saying I do or don't believe in true Vampires, never say never and anything is possible, but please kids, be yourself! YOU have to live with yourself for a very long time! You guys are trying to find yourselves, but are actually trying to conform to what is "IN" at the moment! Remember, fads come and go, be true to yourself!

  23. SpiritShadow,
    excuse me for pointing out one thing.
    A ghost can impregnate a woman, usually during dreams of intercourse.
    There was a case that a ghost claimed that woman, was his wife in their previous life, bore him no children.
    From this, can see how a ghost can be obsessed with remorse.
    Of course, the outcome would be none, even the woman's belly bulged.
    But some cases outcome with a lump of meat, that can move a little bit, then die shortly after.
    Of course many are just human-related cases of genes badly developed.
    To distinguish it, there are 3 ways: pulse reading of the chinese way, showing pregnancy but in stroke. a 'seeing' medium.
    3..the woman's left hand can emit static electricity shock while being touched.

  24. DarStarr-
    I don't think a person lives very long actually if you really think about it. I am only fourteen and I have realized the following reality. Just think of how long the earth has been here, looking at it scientifically, and how many generations of people come in a hundred years...and then think of how many deaths accompany those new births. You have to remember that at any point, no matter how old someone is, they could die from one thing or another and sometimes in great numers. Natural or not, deaths come from all places to all sorts of people. Just keep that in mind. So choose your words with care when calling someone a 'kid'. I take it that you think we are just a bunch of stupid 'kids' playing something that we aren't. Maybe but then again, maybe not. That is my opinion of this entire conversation.

  25. Sai Chan

    Where's the proof of that? You can't cause a natural birth in a human woman without an actual male. I hope i don't need to explain how.

  26. I totally agree with what SpiritShadow said above about the human mind being an amazing thing, not to mention how amazing the human body is...

    I'm not really sure that you are in fact a vampire, but I do believe that you think that you are... but remember, with the incredible human mind we'll probably never even scrape the surface of exactly what we are capable of... and it's those little life mysteries that make us all amazing...

    I might add that a lot of the things you mentioned (and a few you didn't) I also have in common with Mythological vampires (pale skin, but unlike you I'm hypersensitive to sunlight - meaning I'll break out in a sweat, even on a cold day, if I'm in sunlight, I tend to have trouble sleeping at night and normally end up falling asleep in early morning and due to that I'm not really up too often before at least midday) but, I don't think I am one nor would I wish to be...

    A lot of vampire symtoms can be explained by modern day diseases and conditions, phobias, cravings (due to something lacking i.e. someone who is iron deficient could crave rare, or virtually raw meat or tuna/sushi), hypersensitivity to sunlight, endocrine system issues (endocrine glands are the one's that release hormones around your body, they include your thyroid and your adrenals (which release adreniline) etc, etc...

    I hope this helps and please remember that every human is amazing in his or her own right

  27. Bracket

    thats a very good question, as when i went back to reread the post i was referring to, the profanity was mysteriously removed. how interesting. although it probably goes to prove a theory i have about a reason this site is corrupt. now i have to wonder if this comment will be approved.....

  28. Sai chan that is NOT TRUE cause first of all a is not a physical thing that you can touch, they have left this world and only their spirits/souls remain, you can not get pregnant nor have a sexual rapport with a ghost!

  29. bracket, or Bracket, or brackette, or Brackette,
    How could you prove you are what you are.
    How could you prove you have the proofs of what make up of you.
    How do we know you are what you are.
    How do you prove you have the proofs of yourself worthy of knowing all about the others.
    anoymoose is a vampire or not. Do you have to find it out. To be justified or be under crucifixion?
    Or can you really find it out.
    Or are you able to find it out.
    If you are really a truth seeker, you will look for the alleged pregnant woman and start investigating there, instead of accusing me. Of course I know this is a lot easy for you.

    If you have a helping heart, without the destroying other people's belief idea or pattern in your heart, you wouldn't have wasted my time in writing this.
    You are posing a challenge.

    This is the first time of replying your letter and also the last to you.
    Wish you happy dreaming to be the second Harry Porter!

  30. Icis: I believe you were referring to my use of "kids", to which DarStarr is replying. Forgive me for being blunt, but, yes, I absolutely believe you're kids playing. Not stupid, of course, because that's what kids do. And, yes, we're all well aware that life is short and anyone could die at any moment. I'm not sure how that proves that you're not a child.

  31. Woozle - No, this site is not corrupt. Also there is no mystery as to why the comment was edited and no theory was proven at all. Sit back and relax and stop worrying so much :)

  32. Jamie,
    thanks for having my back! :)

  33. Icis,
    I never meant to imply that you were "stupid kids". All I was saying was that there are many "young people" out there searching for themselves. Yes, life is short, and we need to cherish each day we have here, that is why I was saying that for however long we ARE on this earth, we need to be ourselves and be happy in our own skin. If my comment offended you, I'm sorry. You seem like a very mature young lady.

  34. wow wow wowwie wow wow...this was made into an article?! I feel a little bit honored somehow...thank you so much caretaker! and people actually replied...! :O

    Thanks for the replies everyone, and I do have to agree that it could be in my head, but it IS fun to believe, the human mind indeed is an amazing thing!

    UglynRude; true, if vampires existed widespread that would have occurred, but what if it's on a much much smaller scale? you can't just disregard the users' stories on here, and some things in this world are so far-fetched that even science can't explain it ;)

    Bracket; I can't forget the fact that I'm still human after all :D thank you for replying!

    tgonzalez1; etherion? what's that? I looked it up on google but nothing came up, was it a typo?

    scarygirl; I might just be putting patterns together, and thank you very much for the comment :)

    Karen M.; hydrophobia, you mean? I have thought it could be that, possibly, thank you for your reply!

    SpritShadow; well, my heart's beating, so I suppose I'm not undead yet XD it's true that if you start looking for certain qualities, you find them :) the human mind is surely astounding, and thank you for your reply!

    Thank you very much for commenting and inputting your opinions on this story, everyone!

  35. anonymoose

    Atleast you're willing to believe you may be human, there are some people on here refusing to even think it. That's why i wrote my article "To the People Claiming to be Vampires".

    Sai Chan

    I'm not trying to start a fight but you need male genetic material (i'm trying to sound family friendly) to create life. If that were true, it could theoritically work the other way around, with a female ghost sleeping with a living man and have a ghost child. It's impossible.

  36. Bracket; I know I'm human for sure, but there has been a small part of me going "What if? What if?" for a while now, that's why I wrote the post, to see if people would agree with me or disagree.

  37. You know what, anonymoose? I think if there were real vampires, they would be like you- unsure and curious, as opposed to some others. No problem, DarStarr, I didn't want you to get in trouble for my choice of words!!!

  38. Jamie and Darstarr-
    I'm sorry for acting so impatient. I started my first day of school today and it's halfway across the country from where I've lived my whole life. I've been...angry and scared.

  39. I think you need to go and see a shrink - you may have mental health issues

  40. All is forgiven. I know that is probably scary for you, but think of it as a wonderful adventure that will make you grow and become independant! Enjoy it while you can!! Be open to it and you will have fun!

  41. a lot of people have different views on things. I believe myself that there are some well hidden out there. Even though one person commented that they would wipe out their blood supply in less then three years, has anyone taken into consideration the fact of them actually feeding on animals. That might be a good explanation to why some of our greatly know and interesting Animals in the world are now becoming extinct. And we know its not just a bunch of hunters...who really knows, I personally feel for sure on some simple but over looked facts on vampires. and who says that they are ALL allergic or afraid of garlic and have really long canines?And yes it is true that nobody has ever brought one into to the light to find out if they are what they say they are. but who could get close enough? or maybe they just blend in with everyday life...

  42. well maybe they idnt finish drinking maybe they stopped when the person was unconcious and wouldnt remeber when they awoke
    stuff like that happens to me but everyones eyes go lighter in the summer my friends and my family included i dont think there is one person i know whose doesnt and no one here naturally tans not even when my sister went to morroco for 6 weeks and then to thailand for 5 months
    i dont think ur a vampire i think ur just normal

  43. btw my first comment was to the second comment at the top

  44. we all love to swim tho except my eldest sister cuz shes a baby and i think everyone around me has nearly drowned atleast once but none of us died
    my bff's heart stopped but started like a minute later
    none of us r scared of water tho i think thats a kinda silly fear but its understandable

  45. (anonymoose, I think you are kind enough to let me say something helpful to others here)
    This may provide a way out for some vampires.
    About why they like blood. And why they have elongated tooth. And why the heart is the ultimate death.

    I've just learned that Japanese discovered the Periodontal Disease (of the teeth) can cause acute cardiac arrest. They prove it by autopsy and find these bacterias in heart. From that I learned of something.
    That disease may be within some vampires.

    10 major bacterias around the gums (Banaperio, kind of blot paper test can tell)
    The tell tale sign is bleeding of the gums while brushing teeth.
    And also partly explain the blood tasting feel a vampire always has.
    A human tooth is actually very long, especially the 4 canines.
    It's normal to be encased by gums. But Periodontal Disease recess the gums and make it look longer.
    And from my knowledge, a person with narrow, but elongated chins also signifies weak stomache, has a high risk of this disease too.

    This disease can get through the lymph ducts underneath the gums, and into the blood streams. There they learn that they can get through without being destroyed by the white blood cells, by entering the platelets of the blood, and then may flow through to the heart, and infest there.
    These infested platelets tend to group together and may clog the arteries.
    The result will be blockage of the heart, Myocardial Infarction--symptoms of chest pain; fatigue; sweating; irregular heart beats; vomiting; dizziness; or unconsciousness.
    Some will have pain in lower jaw, or neck, shoulders, back, or abdomen. And a lapse may kill instantly.
    This disease always goes with a weak stomache, and it's natural for one to hate the indigestive food, the garlic.

    And other disease of the stomach should be checked too. The Bacteria Helicobacter Pylori (H.Pylori). This disease in long term may cause Duodenal Cancer.

    Bleeding of gums also is a symptom of diabetes, followed with thirsty, and frequent urination, or further to have cramps at the back of the lower legs.
    The white blood cells will attack this particular Periodontal Disease, the Pg bacteria, but resulting of releasing TNF-alpha into the blood streams that can damage the function of insulin there. The blood sugar then rises.
    If situation unattended, body will collapse with fatigue.

  46. Sai chan, are you a doctor?

  47. Karen M.,
    No, I'm not.
    I'm just someone wishing others to live to their best, and with harmony with one aother.

  48. I have similar traits, but have always been to scared to present it. I know it sounds gross, but I suck on my scabs, and bite my hands. I can't stand dry meat, and my skin isn't just pale. It's almost white. I have sharp canines, and I am stronger than than most. I can read body language perfectly, and I have a taste for revenge. I hate light spaces, and I prefer to hide in corners. I like to take my place at the back, so I can't stand crowds. I have aged quickly, and I am extremely tall.

    I know it may just be a coincedece, but still. I also have terrible fainting spells. Is this related to anything?

  49. I feel with you - I feel as a vampire too
    -Pale skin
    -Nearly blacked out of beign in the summer sun
    -Really get a kick if tasting blood

    But, i think for my selves and maybe anyone else, we can feel as vampires, but never be... I think we are just fasinated by vampires.
    The issue is: We feel as vampires, but... in real we will not be more than creappy humans.

    But personally i belive in the modern vampire - I feel im a vampire!

  50. Is it possible to have a vampire cat? My cat keeps sneak attacking me and bitting me on the leg!

  51. Plz - Its a cat, just sound like an agressive cat

  52. HA HA that was just a joke, I don't believe in vampires!

  53. Eradius-
    I still haven't gotten an actual answer of why people don't believe in vampires and I've asked on nearly every post that involves them. I don't expect to get one anymore.

  54. May I ask why you do?

  55. Hmm, i see what you mean.
    I the question cant go for my advansment.

    I belive in vampires, not the old schoole like there die in Sunlight.
    I belive a vampire is a person there hunger for blood - just like some ppl hunger for smokes.

    The thing there makes "vampires" unaccepted is that not many know the actually hunger, and i think many ppl dont belive in it, because the cant see themselves drinking blood.

    But anyway - Soz for writing so attacking before

  56. Karen M.-
    I'm not sure about Eradius but I believe that ANYTHING could be out there. I have seen strange things and know that SOMETHING is out there. Whatever that something is, however, sometimes chooses to be seen, while at others chooses not to be seen. That's why I'm not religious, I try to keep my mind open to other and new ideas. Why do you not believe?

  57. I can say so much, that i belive in everything, there dont break the laws of nature.
    I know some ppl will say "You cant see your selves as a vampire and only belive in the laws of natur or physic", but ill mean i can.

    I dont think im a beliver like you, but i belive in anything there just have a little change to be thruth or atleast half thruth

  58. IF Vampires exist, and their existence boils down to some idea of "just another human - with a virus", lacking all the supernatural characteristics/powers...then they would have been exposed, somehow, by now. A virus is not something to keep hidden in some sacred manner, as if it is so important. The whole "virus" idea must be a hoax, anyways - just another explanation to suit our modern age.

  59. Eradius/ Icis, I guess that I just always thought of them as fictional characters, like werewovles. I have never heard of someone being attacked by a vampire, nor heard of any police reports where people claimed to have been bitten. I don't buy the virus idea either. If someone with the virus had a child with someone who didn't , then the child had children of their own who didn't have the virus, that would die out the species and I don't believe that the virus lies dormant, and then one day you just have an urge for blood! No one ever thought Albinos were vampires, they know it's a medical condition, where they can't go in the sun! If someone told me that they are a witch, that I would believe, but not the kind that can jet lighting out of their fingertips or the kind on the series charmed! If someone told me that they believe in "little people" that I would believe too, cause my mom saw them once! I've seen ghosts and people practicing voodoo and hoodoo and all sorts of crazy stuff, I'm open minded but the vampires, I'll save for Halloween!

  60. Ofc its not a virus (hopefully), a vampire is a person who likes, (really likes) to drink other ppls blood.
    Plz forget all about supernatural abillitys - thats just a folklore!

  61. You belive in ghosts, but not vampires !?

    Remember vampires dont need to be overbeings like in folklores, just a normal person, who drink blood. <- I know its preatty bad way to say it, because some ppl, mostly teenagers drink blood ones and think "OMG im a vamp" but they are not, because they didnt got essens of what it is to drink and enjoy blood

  62. Yes, because I saw a ghost!

  63. So you first belive it when you see it?

  64. my skin is pale and it does not burn i hate going out in the day time i love to go out in the night time my eyes are redish in colour but i love water and i can even stay under water for 7 min i hate garlic and sweet smells i am beautiful [i am not selfish] i even once tried to drink blood [ gust a couple of drops ] and it tasted sweet to me plz evrybody who red this plz answer me am i a vampire?

  65. Anonymous

    No you're not.

  66. I don't get the part about the eyes, unless you have busted blood vessels in the white part, eyes don't come in a red color, that's not possible!

  67. Hmm, you are not a vampire if you just like blood and think its sweet like candy. As I know, you need to think blood is the best you know, like it trigger really happiness in you.

    And plz, pale skin could be because you don´t out in the sun. I think that´s why you don´t like to be outside in the sunlight because your skin not are used to it.

  68. Anonymous,
    you are not a vampire. First of all, there are a certain color of brown eyes that in certain lighting have a reddish tint to them. As for the pale skin, my cousin has never liked sunbathing or swimming ect. and is white as a sheet. In fact, I call her -bed sheet walking!
    The romance and furor of today's love of the Twighlight series, and Tru-blood and other such shows and movies are a fad that will eventually die out to become popular again in the future. It's the way of the world. Who wouldn't love to be a beautiful, enternal creature that finds such a all-consuming love! BUT IT ISN'T REAL. Hollywood is the land of make-believe, remember?

  69. Sorry to say but I highly doubt it, there's no doubt that your expiriences are incredible but I don;t think that you understand that being a modern vamp is pain. They burn easily in sun, and plus not all vamps have enlarged canines, some don't. Blood is a have to for them. It's not a matter of wanting to, it's a physical need for it. You do ahve quick reflexes I give you that, but I don't think modern vamps do at least not all.

    Anyway, I hope this helps.

  70. OK I'm a witch, I admitted it to everyone...........................Who believes me?

    1. not hard to believe almost everyone these days practise witchcraft ,wicca etc so much the shops make a mint

  71. I cleary agree with Scythe. I think he are very close to a good difination of beign a modern vampire.
    But what do you mean when you say "They burn easily in sun"? Mabey they get sunburned easier than causal ppl. But i don´t think they burn.

  72. Karen M - or should we call you Endora now?? LOL!
    I believe you! ;)

  73. For the record, I'm a female.

    Oh and to Eradius, so sorry, I mean that it doesn’t take long for about a five minute stay in the sun’s rays to produce a very red and painful sunburn, in some cases it leads to boils or peeling. It’s gross and uncomfortable I imagine. By the way, thank you for your agreement.

    Anyway, thank you guys and again I hope this helps.

  74. DarStarr,

    No Samantha is better...........LOL

  75. Did you know the latin word of vampire or wicht are the same. On latin both are called "Lamia"

    Thanks for your explanation Scythe.
    I´m sorry that i called you a he before, i´m a boy my selves and i didn´t thought much about it. Sorry

  76. Karen M.,
    Ok Sam!!! you got it! ;)

  77. You guy's I was just kidding with the me being a witch thing.............but you see no one belives me but vampires at this moment are more popular!

  78. So you just said you was a wicht for fun -.- I think I forgot to laugh...

  79. Well, too bad for those who have no sense of humor, I remembered to laugh at the guy claiming to be a vampire!

  80. I remember to laugh at him too.

  81. Ok so we're all ok that these things don't exsit?

  82. I don´t agree with you. I don´t know why you can´t belive in modern vampires - Mean not magical vampires.

  83. No, I completely believe in Vampires, however I don't think that a true vampire would announce themselves and risk ridicule. It makes no sense to me, I don't think that every person that announces he/she is a vampire is being truthful either, it's as Karen M. said that this craze will die out, eventually. No one will agree on the same thing all the time, that's what makes it fun to talk to people, find out what they believe, and do not, it's cool really and just because someone sees something one way that I don't it doesn't make me right and them wrong and vice versa.

    It's absolutley fine that you thought I was a male, Scythe is a masculine name to call oneself, so pleased to meet you.

  84. I agree with you Scythe, that vampires wouldn´t go out in puplic and tell who they are.

  85. DarStarr eloquently put. I couldnt have said it better myself.

    guess what I am pale, I prefer the night, I hate water besides bathing in it, garlic and I dont mix. And people have told me if and when I fall, i fall with grace. Does that make me a vampire? I think not.

  86. I agree with most when they said that you believe something you'll turn out to be what you believe.

  87. newyorkshedoc,
    SURE it makes you a vamp!!! Haven't you been paying attention!!! LOL!! I once took a tumble from a stage and my ex said I looked EXACTELY like a vampire swooping down, hmmm, maybe I'm one too! Although even tomatoe juice grosses me out, don't think I could do the blood thing!!! :)
    oh, and p.s. I'm pale too, mainly because with all we know now a days about the damage the sun does, I avoid it. Man - strike two! I avoid the sun!! eeek! better go out and buy myself a cape!!!

  88. -.- OMG PPL -.-

    -Pale, many think they are pale, but they are not, it´s just thier freinds there takes sun to get a nice colour.

    -Preffer night is just a psychological issue, mabey you just want to be deffirent to other ppl.

    -Garlic, noone really likes them! So ofc you don´t like them too.

    -Water, who likes water other than swimmers?

  89. LOL. Darstarr. Hey did you read what Bleedme said in the other article about Xavier?

    She, sooo, needs to get a life.

  90. lol well I have dark hair and pale skin and only burn if i'm in the sun for more than an hour, I also have teeth like you described. But i know i am defintely not a vampire! And i'm pretty sure neither are you.

  91. No i don´t think you are either, but i don´t think you should tell other ppl what they are or not are...

  92. WOW you just contridictied yourself big time "no i don't think you are either, but i don't think you should tell other ppl what they are or not are" HUH?????????????

  93. Karen M.,
    Sweetie, I am right with you!!! huh? LOL

  94. Newyorkshedoc,
    I agree, although I do feel bad for some of these people that have NOTHING else in their lives and desire a fantasy life.
    I have a cousin kind of like that. She's been "In Love" with her vet for 3 years now and just knows he loves her too. Um, hello! If he even liked her he would have asked her out by now! Oh, and she was in love with Travis Tritt for a few years too. The worst part is she has always been like this and is now 50!!
    My point being, there are people out there that fantasy is SO MUCH easier than reality. NOT a good way to live.

  95. You don´t think ppl there have live in their fantasy have a good life?
    I think they have a better life than us ppl who live in the real world... They don´t have the same problems and i think many of them are more happy. Just remember they don´t have a crap life because you don´t understand their world.
    -I think i´ll live in the real world, i belive in things there can be proved as right.
    But my life sucks, to many worries... Anyway it sucks, i use time to discuss with ppl like you on this kind of homesites

  96. Hey man, if ur not a modern vampire, you're something else special. maybe u have a strange spirit or demon in you, or maybe ur just special or different. sounds PRETTY DANG COOL to me tho. Being different than most folks can be lonely and difficult tho. Take care and seek out good friends who will comfort u when picked on. :3 God bless, n happy trails! Kuva \|/

  97. lol XD if your a modern vampire then im a werewolf

  98. Am I considered a vampire? I pretty pale, my eyes change color depending on time of day (usually change between blue, gold, green and brown sometimes a mix), sharp canines, quite skinny but yet really strong, I think something is going to happen and it happens eventually, experience Deja vu quite frequently, Have had blood multiple times, have only one or two close friends, I am an introvert type of person, and I am extremely intelligent for my age, I never get tan, my eyes are sensitive to the sun, and I am more comfortable in dark rooms than light rooms. Vampire descendant?

  99. Ok, i am really interested in all this paranormal stuff, although i have just started my research on the un natural, i believe that you are not a vampire and maybe you are letting it get through your head about the similarities you share with the myths of vampires, every one has something un normal, un natural and un explanable experiance happen to them.
    Some people hate being under water, enjoy to spend there days inside relaxing instead of outside, having there eyes change colour to adjust better in the light and most peoples mind works out a way to protect it self be for you can get hurt example: when you said that time seemed to slow down and you prevented your self from getting hurt, that was just your adrenaline, your mind saw danger so your mind sent guick responses to your body so that you are prevented from getting hurt, which is completly normal.

    So all up i think that it is your just your imagination , and you are just getting caught up in the paranormal instead of realality.

  100. Hun, if you think you're a vampire you're absolutely not. Trust me. Sad but true... You do not have the slightest idea. Better stop watching too much TV. It does not work in that way(like in the stories or movies.) Totally different. Better get use with it


  101. "As an added side-note, people have been acting as if hypnotized when I speak for extended periods of time, like if I was reading an excerpt from a book. When I finally finish talking, they act dazed for a minute, and then continue on as if they were never dazed at all"

    Maybe they get bored? not a piss take, some people are just like that, they start talking and people get bored and sleepy.

    Many people are born with pointed teeth, its to do with genes and abnormalities, not the paranormal.

    Water, you have a phobia. Thats it! nothing more! millions of people have phobia of water, infact its my worst nightmare! drowning! I couldnt think of anything worse. Some people have phobias of every day things, like flowers, crayons, and necklaces. Be glad you dont have that! lol

    sunlight again,i dont tan, not at all! i rarely burn, some people are more sensitive than others, some are not, again genes!

    I also have pale skin and dark do 90% of people on the planet!

    I think you want to believe it but you shouldnt and neither should anyone else, and they definatly should NOT encourage you!!
    Some people who get so engrossed and truely believe they are vampires dont harm others, and others do, get arrested and put in prison or worse, an insane asylum.
    Dont go there, you are PERFECTLY normal.

  102. Gregory,
    SOOOO true!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. my skin is always ice cold
    i hate swimming and water in general
    my reactions are always really fast
    im strong for my age
    i can almost tell what people are thinking just by concentrating
    my eyes get dark and light depending on my mood
    i always am hungry and i eat a lot of food but im never saticfied
    im a good runner i outrun all my friends
    i eat all the time and never gain a pound
    i have 6 cats and i feel like i know them like their my friends
    i hate the light and the sun
    i cant stand large groups of people
    when i see blood i have to run away from it
    i bit my friend on the neck a few weeks ago and i didnt draw blood but i felt like i wanted to, like i could have just ripped her neck off and i had to let her go because shes practicaly my sister
    and sometimes i talk way too sophisticated for my age
    i grow but at a very slow rate and i never feel older i always feel like an adult and im not
    my strength scares me a lot because i hit my guy friends lightly and they say it hurt them and their tough
    my skin scares me because i aways feel like im cold and everything else is burning me
    my eyes scare me because i never have to blink sometimes i do but because of habit
    my newfound bloodlust just kicked up to 10 and is scary because i always want it. i had i little kitten scratch on my arm from 2 months ago i used my claw like nails to pick it open and ive been feeding on that its starting to heal now but i fight all the time not to bite pick or scratch it
    please tell me your best estimated guess, am i a vampire?

  104. Aiyaa- I’m not 100% sure because I don’t really know how to tell if someone I s truly a vampire, but it's possible. A lot of what you said fits what others have said and what I have heard earlier in my life. But like I said, I’m not completely sure.
    Anonymoose- the only thing that completely confuses me about vampires is garlic. Is it that they have to? Do vampires want to? Are they "allergic? Is it because garlic makes you (as in someone in general) cry and vampires can’t blink? Maybe it’s just onions that make people cry, I always get mixed up. Or is that the only fictional and made up part? I don’t think garlic has anything to do with vampires because lots of people hate garlic. Some are allergic, some has sensitive noses (fresh garlic stinks), and some don't like it. Is this true?
    Because anonymoose might not know, can anyone who does tell me? Thanks. ^,.,^

  105. wow!!!!its cool...if its true whtever u described then its awesome to have such supernatural capabiliteis u see as concerned with the other prblems u need to cope up with those but in advantage u have unusualcapabilities..i dont knw u r a vampire or not because the term vampire has always reflected a horror and negative character my terms u can be called as nature's gift...well keep experimenting with ur capabilities and whoknows someday u turn out to be a super the way can u fly????????sorry just kidding

  106. i'm still not quite sure if vampires are real or not but you could be a witch.i dont mean a old lady on i broom wearing a black hat though.if you guess things right you may have phsychic powers.there's a wourld of supernatural possibility's but what i strongly sugest is to discover, controll and strengthen your power

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  108. Vampire Administration : thankyou for your complement! Blessed be!

  109. Vampire Truth AdminApril 15, 2010 at 2:06 PM

    des you are welcome and thank you for such an interesting comment.

  110. your exactly like me but can i ask do move things without touching them as this is quite regular. i also managed to pass my gym awards in 3 days all 7 of them just proves how real we are.

  111. I believe you since you are not the only one if you want more info send me a message because I still dont get somethings about the water it could be anemia and stuff every vampire has its on sickness like me I get sunlight anemia and only play during evenings althought I got to go to school in the morning but I wear black clothing because sun rays cant penetrate black but it gets really hot. or take my parasol

  112. wow, nick, that's very offensive to me!!! :(
    I'm a vampire, and I've taken several lie tests and therapy sessions. They all showed I'm being truthful about what I am.

  113. Please do not take offense, but i do not believe that you are a vampire. Your story may be a little strange, but there are many red flags that say that you are just a normal person. Many people have strange experiences;i have pale skin dark hair and don't tan, but usually do not burn, however i promise i am not a vampire. If vampires are real i do not think that they can just decide there something different something tells me they would know!

  114. Hi... I have something to say....
    When I look at someone, they feel frightened by my eyes even though i didn't want to look mean or angry it just happen all the time. I have 3 difrent coloures in my eyes, Blue Green Brown, and it changes all the time. in the sun my eyes are light green ore light blue it depends on my mood, in the dark its dark green or brown, again depending on my mood.
    I don't like to swim at all but when I do the water must be warm atleast and I don't swim wery long.
    I get cold realy realy quick and I can't stand the heat it feals like its draning my boddy. I feel weak and sick.
    My skin is very pail and I burn bad in sunlight.
    My hands an feat are always ice cold even though its extremely hot.
    Do I think that it means that I'm a modern wampire?
    NO coza I Hate blood!!!!!!!
    It's all just Human!

  115. jeezo ..ok deja vu doesnt mean your a vampire everyone gets it ..its a feeling of simularity.... i have pale skin (because i am blonde)my eyes go between blue and silver which only few people have .. i hate the cold but i dont like the sun either i hardly ever sleep(lucky if i get 4-5 hours a night... never really eat or drink much ...and if i cut myself i will suck the blood to get it to stop bleeding ... this does not make me a vampire just a unique person as like everyone else.



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