Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Violent Threats On EVPs

Here is a back story of how I came to my predicament:

Recently I have had an increased interested in the paranormal. I have always been interested, but more so in the last 6 months. I have found out about two ghosts in my house, Isabelle and Ted. They are very nice and friendly. Especially Isabelle, she is 7 years old, but shy. She likes to tickle my feet at night when they are out of the covers, and only then, which doesn’t bother me. They also like to open or close my laptop, dresser draws, and door when I am not in my room.

Call me crazy, I don’t care. I have documentation of them.

I use an old necklace as a pendulum to take to ghosts, and it works really well. I have made a Ouija board before, but I won’t mess with them again, they scare me. I get scared very easily, so I usually won’t talk to spirits unless someone is with me, plus it works better. I have also recorded some EVP’s with Isabelle.

All of this was 4 months ago.

Reoccurring Events

When I was younger we moved to this house it was big a beautiful but very old. That's when I was seven. I saw a ghost of what was a women with an all black dress and pretty blue like crystal eyes I saw every feature.

I already knew ghosts were in the house because I could feel them and I had dreams about them but over the years of my life more things have happened.

One time I was sleep and it felt like something had kissed me in one of our other houses. I was thirteen and I was laying down. I never sleep in the dark because I see shadows. I had the light from the t.v shining in my room so I felt something on top of me and I felt arms so I grabbed the arms and tried to push it of off me but it grabbed me and slammed me back down. I tired to moved on my side and it pinched my butt and I yelled stop and let me go and it left.

Another time I heard the sound of breathing approaching me and I quickly awoke and it went away so the next night I was laying in my bed on my way to sleep and something picked me up and put me on the other side of the bed