Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Violent Threats On EVPs

Here is a back story of how I came to my predicament:

Recently I have had an increased interested in the paranormal. I have always been interested, but more so in the last 6 months. I have found out about two ghosts in my house, Isabelle and Ted. They are very nice and friendly. Especially Isabelle, she is 7 years old, but shy. She likes to tickle my feet at night when they are out of the covers, and only then, which doesn’t bother me. They also like to open or close my laptop, dresser draws, and door when I am not in my room.

Call me crazy, I don’t care. I have documentation of them.

I use an old necklace as a pendulum to take to ghosts, and it works really well. I have made a Ouija board before, but I won’t mess with them again, they scare me. I get scared very easily, so I usually won’t talk to spirits unless someone is with me, plus it works better. I have also recorded some EVP’s with Isabelle.

All of this was 4 months ago.

About five days ago, I was staying over at my best friend’s house. She has been my best friend for five years since 6th grade, and is the only person I’ve ever trusted. I’ll refer to her as S.

We were in her room, sitting on here bed talking, when I was telling her about how the ghosts completely shut off my x-Box a few days before when I was watching a movie. (I watch movies on repeat for days. Ted finds this annoying) S then said something about seeing a ghost in her house twice, and feelings of being watched and foggy-ness at the most random times. Those are the same feelings I get when talk to ghosts, or when I know they are around.

I asked her what the ghost looked like. S said it was a man in a trench coat that went down to his ankles, with an old rain hat on. She said he looked like a shadow, completely black, but she could see the details, like buttons on the coat and hat. The most recent time she saw him was the beginning of the summer, he was floating above the reclining chairs and walking towards her room. She has seen him before when she was a lot younger. I asked her who lived here before, and found out that 16 years ago (how old we are) the whole park (she lives in a mobile home park) where she lives was a landfill.

This sparked many ideas in my head about killers dumping bodies in the landfill, a worker who fell in it, and a bunch of horribly demented ways of dying in a landfill.

I immediately pull out my pendulum that I take everywhere, and ask her if she wants to contact it. I knew she would agree because she is also into the paranormal and even has a deck of tarot cards. I try to contact the spirit, but cant really tell what it was trying to do, so I made a T-chart, labeled the up and down line as ‘yes’ and the across line as ‘no’. Then I added a diagonal line through it labeled ‘maybe’.

I suddenly got clear(er) answers. But about halfway through talking to him, I decided to take off the ‘maybe’ line because when we asked him the questions that we really wanted answers for, (like if he killed someone) he kept going to it.

I was getting frustrated with this because we weren’t getting anywhere. So asked if we could do an EVP. She agreed. And as I was setting up for it, her little brother came in and asked if he could join. We were a little reluctant, but we let him take pictures while I asked questions. We never got results on the camera.

While recording, S looked very tired and out of it. I asked her if she was okay, and she said she was really foggy and tired. I was getting really concerned, because I felt someone touching my back throughout the whole thing, and so did her brother.

After we finished, I listened to the 6 minute recording, and let them listen to the parts that had responses to them. It surprised me how talkative the ghost was; there was nearly a response for every question.

We were using her laptop, and we could only listen in windows media center, so it wasn’t the best quality then. I thought that the ghost we were talking to was an 11 year old named Jeremy.

A few hours later me and S recorded another EVP without her brother, because he was laughing and talking a lot in the first one.

When I listened to that one, I thought it had fewer responses. As it turns out, they were just quieter.

When I got home the next day, I had her email them to me. I have audio editing software called WavePad, and I could take out some of the background noises and make it louder which it definably needed.

After bookmarking the spots I thought had the ghost talking on them, I cut out some background noise, made it louder and messed with the equalizer; I realized this was not a nice and friendly ghost like Isabelle and Ted.

Everything I thought heard at her house was wrong, except for his name was Jeremy. When I thought he said ‘eleven’ he said ‘stop it’.

Both EVP’s repeat nearly the same thing. Cursing is a major thing.

This is very hard to listen to, and I have yet to even completely finish deciphering the first one.
I also believe ALL of the cursing and threats are directed at me. He’s said: ‘Go back home. Leave, go home. I hate you.”

I have told my friend most of what he’s said, except the threats, and insults. She thinks it’s a little funny. She says that she hadn’t felt foggy, or tired since we did this.

I wish I could say the same. I have been very tired and have been unable to concentrate. I already have been taking meds for this for a while, and they don’t just show up like this. When I sleep I have nightmares of dark places, being chased, and dark figures. When I wake up from them, the feelings don’t go away for hours. My dreams are never like this. I haven’t had nightmares in years, even when I found about the ghosts in MY house. Now when I find out about the ghosts in someone else’s house, I’m terrified.

I now see more shadows than I normally do, and last night I felt hands grab my arms.

The ghosts in my house DO NOT do this.

I tried contacting Isabelle yesterday. She wouldn’t answer. She always answers. Every time I asked Isabelle if she was there, the pendulum went side to side.

I am terrified of the dark again; something I haven’t been scared of for years.

S wants me to come over again so we can do another EVP. I am scared of going over there again. I want to hang out with her, she is my best friend, and it’s making me mad that I can’t because I’m scared of a ghost. I don’t know what to do. I still haven’t told her about the threats, and insults yet.

Any ideas of what I can do?

Sent in by Stephanie

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