Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Creeps

There was a class reunion in high school when my boyfriend brought me with him to visit his elder brother. My duty was at 12 midnight as a call center agent so we still get at least enough time to be with each other. We took our dinner there but then I got sleepy after the meal. He noticed it as well. He asked his brother if I can sleep at the sleeping quarters in his brothers room for I would still have my duty at 12 midnight. His brother agreed and he accompanied me to  his brothers room. He asked if its ok for the window to be left open and I said yes. He went back to his brother for they will get a little of the so called drinking session..

I lay with my back flat on the folding bed that acts as his brothers bed. As I stare at the open window I could only see a black color that is the color of the night. Suddenly felt tired and seems like I got a heavy feeling on my whole body. It seems like it pushes my eyes to close and my sight gets blur. I kept in control of myself though feeling uneasy I still managed to look on the surroundings of the little room with the open window. Next to that I felt a cold wind entered the room that passed from the open window. that creeped a little and I said to myself, "wala nmn sigurong magmumulto sakin dito" ("I think no one would scare me here"..) after I which it seems like I cant stand the heavy feeling of my body anymore and I fell asleep. what awoke me was the voice of my  boyfriends brother calling my name asking me to open the door for him for he get something in his room. I was about to clear my thoughts to check if I'm just dreaming that I'm hearing his voice but the heavy weight of my body still pushes me back on the bed trying not to make me get up from it, his brother still keeps the knock on the door but as I much as I want to get up the heavy weight still pushes me back on the bed. I want to open my eyes but a force seems to make it close and I felt that someone was standing at my feet looking at me. my heartbeat got faster and the chills are running more in my veins.I want to respond to my boyfriends brother but it also seems like I cant speak  a word. I remembered that as a way of fighting things back I should at least move any part of my body for my senses to come back. I had managed to move my left arm and quickly forcedly open my eyes. I sat for a while on the bed grasped for air and responded to my boyfriends brother. I walked to the door opened it for him and he asked if I'm ok.. I just answered yes but reminded him before he left to tell my boyfriend to come over me. when he closed the door back I laid again on the bed thinking of what happened. when my boyfriend came back to see me I asked him not to leave me because of what had happened.  then he told me of some hunted stories that happened in that place.

one instance one of the security guard who occupies that room before while having his window open. he  saw a lady in white passed outside the window, with that scare he run outside saw nothing and never slept on that room again. second instance his friend sleeping on his own room didn't exactly knew if its a part of his dream but he woke up like  he saw a woman screaming and shouting in front of his face and the voice seems like a deafening sound for him. he was wrapped with cold air and then he burst out of what scared him and in panic opened the door and run outside his room. well what he did was he slept into principals room still thinking of what had happened.

my next story is up next for this one seems to be so long now. I hope you understand the story.

Sent in by npymickz

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