Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Storage Company Poltergeist

I have a storage unit in Indianapolis Indiana. This place is huge. 200ft long isles and very large circumference. Since I have 24 access I just happened to be there at 3:00 in the morning one night (or morning). I have heard knocks before but really didn't think anything of it, but started to upon realizing I was the only one there.

It started one night when I was in the restroom and in one of the stalls. I heard for a short time what sounded like a cart moving across the floor for about 5 seconds and unintelligible speech, garbled if you will. I said to myself its pretty late for someone to be here although it does happen of course. I walked out thinking to see someone there but there was nothing there. I would have heard the cart continue on down the hall if someone was pushing it.

Remember, I said it stopped just outside of the restroom. I know what I heard. Something with weight moving on a cement floor like a warehouse type of sound.

As I walked further down the hall I heard a knocking sound. Very unusual like I never heard before. I thought someone was still there. It was coming from the ceiling but I didn't think much of it because there is a partial second floor.

Then a week later I was there again at 3:00 in the morning and was in my storage unit. I sat down in my chair for a minute and dozed off and was semi awakened by a loud knocking coming from the ceiling on the other end of the building. It was coming closer and closer and I woke up. I distinctly remember sitting there awake, I wasn't dreaming.

I looked at my cell phone and it said 4:20AM. At this point the knocking came closer and louder to my area. Very strange, like the housing of the storage units was being twisted. No footsteps at all. I was a little scared and had my storage unit door 2/3rds of the way down. All of a sudden it got real quiet and then a sound of water came or like clothes being rubbed together real fast to create a brushing type sound. I thought initially that someone was bringing in sacks but it wasn't so. Then a child's ball hit the floor with such force I felt the vibrations. Or a ball that held air is what it sounded like. Then I heard a child giggle and laugh. Then it gradually left like it went through a doorway in time and space. I waited a couple minutes because I was nervous and went out and there was nobody there. I looked down the 200ft isles and ran to the front door and there was no cars. There's is no way humans were responsible in my opinion.

Then I did research and found out that criteria for Poltergeist is knocking, children laughing, and a water type sound among some others such as foul smells and such. I encountered 3 of them. I don't know about a ball bouncing, it wasn't mentioned in the data. This happened I swear.

This entity knew I was there and didn't want me there making noise and tried to scare me out. It seemed angry but not violent. I am a believer now of ghosts but here's the thing, it may not be dead humans coming back but alien beings who are from another dimension and found a way to contact us. Perhaps even invisible beings. I believe in UFO's and have had major sighting which I will tell shortly.

I have a question for any expert out there. What would happen if I met it head on, walked right out to the source of the sound. Would it be risky for physical damage or even death, I don't know. I want to meet this and try to communicate if I can. I'm scared but I'm going back.

Sent in by Rick Creighton

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