Monday, July 1, 2013

Sometimes I See Things

Sometimes I see things. Sometimes the vision makes absolutely no sense, until it happens and then it makes perfect sense. For instance the terrorist attacks on September 11, I saw it before it happened, and I knew what was going to happen exactly. But other things such as car accidents, murders, and things like that, don't make sense at the time I see it and then when it comes on the news, it's like "that was the vision".

When I have the visions I lose consciousness for a moment, no matter when it happens, even if I am driving down the road, I just temporarily black out, and then I get nauseous for a minute and then I'm fine. I gave up for a while on trying to harness it until recently I was sitting out on the back porch at about midnight and my dog started growling at the woods. I looked over and saw an apparition from the chest up walk about 30 yards along the edge of the woods and then turn and walk into the woods. At that time my dog whimpered and ran to the back door, and the thing turned around and looked dead at me. It had red glowing eyes. I took a picture of it on my phone so I would have proof.

My family and my friend were down visiting about 3 days later, and my mom and my wife were standing on the back porch looking at the woods at about the same time and they saw two shadows going back and forth towards each other and then turn into one shadow shaped like someone hunched over running and then it ran into the ground. Well, me being the ghost hunting type, my friend and I started off by going to the edge of the woods and somewhat taunted it to come out. At the time we did not know what we were dealing with. I felt something grab my arm and at the same time something pushed on his chest and we decided it would be a good night for ghost hunting.

We proceeded to go to a place called Fort Duffield, an old civil war fort, which is near Fort Knox where I am stationed. The first night was not so bad, a few strange occurrences, the car speeding up by itself, the lights in the civil war hospital were on when we took a picture but not in the picture. There was also a woman in one window that was not there when we snapped the picture. The second night may have been the most interesting night I have ever had.

We went back out to Fort Duffield, and to start off, we recorded to voice records on my phone in search of EVP. The first one came back with the words "go away" three times in a row. And it wasn't faint like many EVP's you hear, it was plain as day. Which kind of made me worry, because if they were that determined to make themselves known, maybe they weren't ghosts. The second EVP is what let us both know that they were in fact not ghost's, the second contained my friends name. " hello Christopher... Welcome to hell... Ha ha ha ha ha..." on the way back down the 1/4 mile incline up to the Fort, we saw the same red eyes from the woods at home start down the hill towards us, but this time there were about fifteen sets of footsteps with him. At this time we proceeded to break land speed records to the bottom of the hill. When we arrived at the car is the last thing I remember before it wasn't me anymore.

From here is just the account of my friend and his father with whom he talked to while all of the preceding happened. Apparently I stopped running and walked slowly to the car, something no one in their right mind would do if they were scared like I was before I blacked out. The car would not start and my door would not unlock. When I finally was able to get in the car, a gust of wind blew the car as if they had caught us, and then the car started. My friend said he drove down the road exiting the place at about 60 mph and I told him to slow down so that we wouldn't get in another wreck. (I've never been in a wreck, and neither has he. Hmmm.) then I guess I started to hyperventilate and he asked if I was alright and I said that it wasn't me.

He pulled off to the side of the road and started to recite the lords prayer. Now, I'm not religious nor is he, but apparently at this time I, or it passed out and slumped over. He leaned me back in the seat and felt for a pulse and breathing. I had neither. He said part of the lords prayer again and thumped me on the chest and I woke up and jumped out of the car, and started dry heaving in this store parking lot. He got out and came around the car, and I could still feel something in me, he touched my shoulder and asked if I was alright, and then I felt fine, but he could no longer move. I pushed him fairly hard and he snapped back out of it and ran to the car, and got in. I started for the car but stopped when I saw a black shadow-like being in the back seat. It started to lunge toward him and I yelled for him to get out of the car and as he jumped out, the thing kind of flickered into the front seat and ran out of the car and around the other side of the building. So assuming it was gone we took off.

A few miles down the road I blacked out again, but he says I was still awake. He was looking for a well lit area so he pulled into a Ford dealership and got out he said he asked me/it how it felt. And it chuckled, now he said my voice matched the one on the EVP. He tried to light a cigarette but it looked at his lighter and made it go out. It picked up his saint Christopher medallion and threw it at him. And he again recited the lords prayer, but this time it didn't work, it just laughed and I walked out into the street and was almost struck by a car. He asked what its name was and it said "legion...we are many..." sounds familiar but I don't know where from, anyway... Since these events, there have been things following us. Trying to contact us, they have been messing with us and one has even tried to wreck my car. But my visions are more frequent now and I no longer black out when I see things. But obviously whatever is here that is causing this to happen is a malevolent force.

What should I do, because I don't really want to lose my ability, but I don't necessarily want literal demons following me at every turn...

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  1. I have posted on here desperately seeking help. But even if I dont get help I can help u. I am the same way. I used to have horrible visions of people dying, being murdered, nuclear war. It started when I was a kid and got worse as I grew. Eventually I learned 2 tune it out like background noise. I have found out though that drinking, taking sleeing pills, etc, make it come out again. It for me, makes me very tired when I have info wanting to come through. To make this stop, u cant hunt ghosts, or demons, or anything. By doing so u give them an open door to walk through. You cant think of them, try to conjure them, communicate, etc. All of those lead toan opening. What happened was demon possession of your body. It seems, like me you have a demon haunting you. I used to have nightmares in which I couldn't move, and itwould try to force itself down my throat. Eventually in a dream, I heard its name. When you know its name, you can command it. Including leaving you alone. The bible mentions several demon names. Mine I know, was shazarack. You need to know the name then command it to leave u. There is so much more to say. Email me if u get this contact me on this board.



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