Monday, July 1, 2013

I'm Not Alone Voices And Footsteps In the Attic

This story begins near the end of summer 2011. The last week. Me, my mother and my sister went to England for a week to visit our cousins. We had a great time. But throughout the whole week, I felt as if I was not alone when I was. Like I was being watched but nobody else was there.

The weirdest thing happened on the last night. I was sleeping my two of 3 of my cousins. One of my cousins was on the bed, the other lay beside me on a bed on the floor. We had to leave earlier in the morning to catch our flight. My cousins in my room wanted me to wake them before I left to say one final goodbye and I did. I woke them at 4:30 and we were leaving at 5:00am. I lay back down to get some more sleep. I was on the floor right next to a drawer. 2 minutes trying to get more sleep, I heard what sounded like a drawer opening very slowly. I looked up to see the drawer slightly ajar, in fact, quite open a bit. I got up and shut it. Then, a low droning sound raged throughout the house. It was not that loud, but very clear to hear. I thought surely my cousins would complain, but not a word, probably too tired. I was awake and began to get a bit scared.

I heard footsteps up in there attic, back and forth, sounding like it was directly above me up the next floor. The droning continued, and someone went downstairs. Soon, they came back up, with what I think was a cup of tea, I could not see, but I think it was because as they went back into there room, the sound of a cup being placed down shivered throughout the house. The droning sound stopped for awhile after that. I was now very scared and wanting my mother to come through and say it was time to get up. The noise started again...then...a noise was coming from downstairs. Two men talking. I could not make out what they were saying, but they were talking, using a whispering tone. Mumbling... the problem is, there was only one male adult in the house. And the other male was upstairs. One of the voices sounded like my father, which was impossible because he was back in Scotland. The voices stopped. My mother came and got me, and got ready. Got to the on the plane...and got back to Scotland!

The story does not end there. I have never felt alone since. Weird things have been happening. When I was in my room, I never felt alone and always felt some sort of tension rise up in me, reaching so high I wanted to scream in fear. I found a fingerprint on my door, blood. It was blood and It was not of my mother or my sister. I keep seeing huge black figures out of the corner of my eye. That ends it so far... but something is haunting me. I don't know what.

Sent in by Matthew


  1. Pray to God, tell a priest of your problem. God will always help those in need, and it seems like you need his help at the moment.

  2. You should pray to God and tell a priest of your problem. God will help you if you need his help and ask him for it. May the Lord be with you.

  3. I would strongly urge you to pray to God and tell a priest of your problem. God always helps those who need his help and ask him for it. May the Lord be with you.



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