Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Demons And Claw Prints

It was just like any other afternoon. The sun had already gone down and the nightfall had arrived. It was my friend and I at my historical, creaky, two-story house right by a yard where a school once stood. Not to mention, we lived right down the road from a funeral home. There was a lot of hidden history we could get in search for but… some things just came to us. Those creeping noises from the old wood floor that made my bones tighten and my body shiver. The weird noises, the windows crackling, door slamming “by itself,” and when the wind blows it almost sounds like soft whispers- but coming from where? Could it be the family of four who died here in the past? Were these assumptions coming from my head or is this real? The conflict was I didn’t know what to believe, myself or the noises.

I sat in my room with my friend; everything was peace and quiet. There was always a thought in the back of my mind - I could just feel something bad around me like evil waiting for a seamless time to attack. Then it happened. All I heard was my friend yelp, her hand close to her shoulder like it was in some kind of pain. Immediately after I could tell whatever had happened wasn’t right - I rushed us into the bathroom, lifted up her shirt and saw the most horrifying mark. It was just us in the room. How could something smack her and leave a handprint? I held my hand up to the print to see the difference. I discovered that hand was no hand… it was a claw. I couldn’t even say the word, still to this day I can’t. But I guess its okay to just write it down. Maybe it won’t affect “it”… or needless to say, the demon.

Now the problem wasn’t to believe it or not, but can we, can I make it through this situation okay? I knew there was no way my parents would believe this had happened. I called my sister, thinking she’s an expert on supernatural things. Maybe she could help me. With a rosary she gave me to keep me safe, I wore it around my neck constantly. There was no doubt that I was more frightened than my friend. I was once told that if a demon attacks somebody around you (like a friend), what it really wants is you. You - that word echoed in my head. “You, you, you, you, you…ME.”

I couldn’t sleep in my room for days, I didn’t even want to be alone In my own house. I had to fix this. There is no way I could live the rest of my life afraid of a demon, but it’s possible for a demon to live theirs with me. I called a youth pastor I had known about and told him the situation. My friend and I met with him immediately after to talk about “what to do, and what not to do.” We learned that the only thing we’re doing wrong is not being with God. Since I didn’t have God in my life, it gave full power to anything and everything that wanted to steal my soul: the demons. All I had to do was believe in God, accept him in my heart, and that day - I did. I would not lie; ever since that day I have felt nothing but love around me.

Sent in by Jenna

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  1. I had a very strange experience with a creature with monkey-like hands or claws:

    In my late teens and early 20's, several others and I saw weird monkey-like hands or paws or whatever you want to call them, scrabbling under the space between the floor and the bottom of the door that lead down to the basement of our family home where my bedroom and my brother's bedroom was. I lived in North Battleford Saskatchewan at the time...definitely not a tropical area as Saskatchewan is smack in the middle of Canada and our winters are long and freezing cold.It is a small small prairie city without any zoos of any kind. This phenomenon was seen on more than one occasion and always witnessed by several others. I remember it occurring in the summer or early fall. It would be in early to mid evening, never really late at night.The hands were small, like a spider monkey's would be but somehow different... dark brown to black hair/fur with long jointed humanoid fingers and long dark nails. The small arms were visible from just below where the elbow would be...the forearms of the creatures I guess. They would reach under the bottom of the door and scrabble back and forth across the floor. There appeared to be two of them. They moved back and forth very quickly making scratching noises. It scared the hell out of everyone but when I opened the door nothing was ever there. Their movements were very fast and aggressive. I know there were at least two creatures. I saw them two different times both incidents witnessed by others. Once by me and three of my girlfriends and another time by me and my little brother and three cousins. I was always the one to open the door. It took every ounce of courage I could muster to do so. Everyone would be screaming and freaking out. I felt compelled to calm them down even though I too was terrified. There was never any evidence of wild animals being in the house. No scat or destruction that would have occurred had wild animals invaded our premises. We had a dog and cat that most certainly would have reacted had wild animals been there. Both times this occurred the dog was with my parents but my Siamese cat was there. He didn't like to go down the basement but he'd always peek his head into the room when the commotion was going on. The creatures I saw...well, partially saw, felt somehow "wrong" and were frightening and had an evil presence. I am hoping to find out if anyone out there in the world has ever had a similar experience. So far yours is the closest. I am baffled by what I witnessed.



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