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No Ghosts Only Aliens, Insects, Animals And Monsters

There are no ghosts. The animals, which live with us and are without blood, are pretending to be ghosts because they understand that our species are very emotional when they lose one of their own. So the animals take advantage of that and since they eat decay and don't have blood like us, they consider themselves ghosts of our love ones and our loved ones raised from the dead. Therefore they use us to build a world for the dead:

This is what happens. We are infected with viruses from alien species that live in us. These worms, which cause us to be infected, before they die lay millions of eggs in us. They die when we die due to lack of oxygen. after we decay their eggs incubated in us hatched and feed on the decayed carcasses. Since they came out of dead bodies, they pretend to be our love ones resurrected. Even scientists fell foe this, which scientists are priests of the dead anyway. For them we are like the earth or their houses. Our species were sent here by the planets surrounding the earth to destroy these species that infested this planet. They are walking bacteria that makes this planet sick. But instead they conquered us, live inside us, and take our identities in addition to be the nastiest parasites. They are deceivers.

So, the roaches, the worms, the butterflies, the mosquitoes and all the bloodless that live on this planet and that outnumbered our species, the blood ones, rule the planet and since they claimed to be from the dead, due to their eggs that hatch after the bodies of the dead decay, our species, which has no understanding due to the virus that affected their brains become fearful of these unknown entities and think that they are their love ones or their own species raised from the dead. These alien species take advantage of our fear and capitalized on it. They are opportunistic.

They turn this planet into a tomb. They create fogs and clouds to fake smoke. They let the other planets think that this planet is burning. They use us to build them a polluted world which for them is an ideal environment to thrive in since they were born from decaying matter. They are now trying using us to invade space. We know that we are not of this planet or if we are we have been invaded and taken over by other animals. Anyway, the planets that surround us sent us here to annihilate the bloodless, but instead they kidnapped us, made us their servants and use our species to annihilate each other.

The bloodless couldn't care less of us like we couldn't care less of a bike. Even though they live in us, but they are animals that fight against each other. They divide the planet into realms in order to manage it, but because they are deceitful thieves, they cannot get along. In the meantime, they affected our brain to keep us from ever remembering how to contact our species that sent us here. Since they eat the dead when they hatched, they cannot have blood. And since they are monsters without heart and emotions, they are incapable to feel for our species even though they can mimic our emotions.

They only protect their house like someone protects their shells. Others destroy their houses because they fight with each other and steal from each other. We are their artificial vehicles since they are not built like us. Notice that no bloodless is built like us. They don't have walking limbs and arms to do their work and that is why they use us.

A scientist told our species to observe nature, but the bloodless knew the threat and exploit our vanity. Instead they use another scientist to demand that scientists be rewarded for their works, since then scientists instead became greedy at chasing fame and wealth instead of really studying the animals and their real habits and attitude.

They are very good at deceiving. During the day, they use our mouth to say good morning to each other because they know that they had a good night tormenting us in dreams or using us to kill or torture someone. And at night they say good night to each other because they have made our lives miserable during the day.

The only way we will ever leave this planet is by doing the job that we were sent to do, annihilating the bacteria, viruses, and the other bloodless. But since they understand our language and they are in every building, houses, and offices, there will be no way to keep secret from them.

Even though I am talking to you, you are infected and might not understand. If they can live for so long and deceive our species, which is the smartest species on this planet, then they are masters at deceit. The other bloodless species work for the aliens living inside our species and copy its behavior. They obey these aliens living inside us because they have managed to live inside us for so long without us knowing that. They live inside us to do many things: They affect our brain; they through us manage to stop us going against them; they inside us continue to spread terror; they live inside us continue to make war; they inside us continue to keep us separated through religion; but keep themselves close to each other using religion; they name every street after the ones that they deem protects them best; they continue to sacrifice our children to those they consider gods, which are those they are afraid of.

So the ghosts are the bloodless and that include the clouds which are made of dust and breath of the dead. They are the roaches, which are walking bacteria and viruses. Roaches are containers of viruses. They are terrible monsters and dangerous because they live near us. They are the centipedes, the flies, and other animals mimic them.

I wrote this factual story, not because I want to disrespect, but because I want my species to fight the internal and external bacteria and viruses that affect them, and to fight against the internal parasitic worms that keep polluting their brain. The scientists are affected as well. The priests are containers of worms and when they are chosen to give their body in exchange of wealth and power, they are no longer part of our species. The bacteria took over them and they become servants and will sacrifice their own species to their gods.

Bacteria, viruses and all bloodless don't have heart, emotions, or know mercy. In addition they understand our language. But our species can fight them because they are bacteria and viruses and they are afraid of antibacterial items. Everything on the planet has wickedness. The bacteria know that greediness and vanity is our downfall. They give our species trees, gold, oil, and other items they find for them even though they manage it for us to keep control over us. So these monsters conquered us the species that was supposed to clean this planet from them.

Written by "alienjellyfish", Copyright 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Theory On Vampire Formation

Some of you may have read an alternate article I posted on this site, elaborating on vampires – Do Vampires Exist? – In this article I promoted the notion of different species or types of vampires existing today without elaborating on potential hypotheses concerning their formation / evolution. I attempted to do that in the comments section however due to the posting of new comments it didn’t really flow all that well so I thought I might compose a new article about the whole notion of vampire formation. Here goes:

Firstly I’ll talk about different types of vampires existing today (excluding psychic and sanguinarians). There are three main physical types of vampires, including:

True Vampires

They have differing skin pigmentation to us and have retractable, elongated teeth, aversion to the sun and are sensitive to garlic, uncanny strength and speed, prolonged longevity brought on by increased telomerase production. They also may have pointed ears and slant eyes. These vampires are currently in stasis in areas well hidden from us, away from sunlight. Most people agree their most likely habitat is in underground caves.

Modern Vampires

The main vampires existing today, with the vampiric gene only constituting an indiscernibly small portion of their overall genetic make-up. Their characteristics vary depending upon the strength or effectiveness of the gene, but generally include: naturally more athletic or stronger, a natural inclination to stay away from light because of physical discomfort, possibly allergic to garlic. Modern vampires are physically indistinguishable to humans. in fact out of everyone whom reads this article around 5% may have the vampiric gene in them.

‘X’ Vampires

I don’t yet have a name for this group of vampires, however they are special vampires that may occur every 20 – 30 generations or so. The recessive vampiric genes unlock and cause alterations making them of near physiology to true vampires. Characteristics will be similar to that of true vampires and may in fact include extra characteristics due to evolution. These vampires tend to appear after people undergo puberty when biochemical changes are induced by the body (hormonal etc) which may cause the vampiric gene in them to be unlocked. This could also explain why most vampires associated with this group are quite young, being described as teenagers or adolescents.

Super Vampires (possible group)

The earliest vampires to have existed. These vampires were the first humans to have been infected by the virus. The initial magnitude or strength of the virus may have caused them to transform into a monster-like creature. Speculation pertaining to the existence of such creatures is still highly disputed with the main evidence being historical/cultural claims on such creatures. Eye testaments are significantly few, with there perhaps being only a hundred or so people whom see these creatures every year.

My Theory on Vampire Formation:

This vampiric virus may have contained the proteins/genetic components, resulting in the characteristics of vampires, naturally or it may have been a retrovirus picking up the DNA from bats or even an alien species. This virus then infected some of the earlier people (by earlier people I mean perhaps people from the 11th century to the 16th), causing alterations in their physiological properties. The virus changed their genetic traits, giving them vampiric properties. This virus then resided dormant in their body, being transferred to others upon biting and through the exchange of fluids, resulting in new vampires.

Alternatively new vampires could have formed through conception, with the genetic traits of the parent vampires being adopted by the embryo. The virus from the semen of the male vampire may have also affected the egg causing the virus to be transferred to the embryo.

Even if the virus was dormant in both the male or female parent vampire, it could still have awoken upon entering a new host (one that hasn’t had alterations to its genetic structure performed). The virus would have been able to seek genes not containing its specific proteins and inject them into the cells, changing the genetic structure. This is how vampires formed over the generations.

As the immune system of the body adapted to the virus it would have removed it and the majority of the vampire population would have only formed through the genes from parents resulting in weaker vampires (a more diluted make-up). The virus can be transferred continually through generations, via conception infecting new embryos and still be as potent. Its only when the genetic alterations in the host are performed the virus may become weaker within the host. Eventually the host’s natural immune system will overcome the virus. Therefore most true vampires nowadays may in fact not have the virus present in them, so when they bite a person that person may not get infected. This could explain phenomena where people wake with blood and bite marks but don’t transform into a vampire. It could also explain why new vampires aren’t appearing too. In fact, it’s safe to say that vampire species are dying out.

Most true vampires nowadays have had the virus in their body removed and the vampiric genes in modern vampires nowadays constitute a barely discernible fraction of their whole genetic make-up. These genes are weakening. It is possible for the genes to be recessive and perhaps every few generations or so a potent vampire may spring forth but otherwise they are pretty much dying out.

Generally, when we think of vampires we are clouded with various misconceptions brought on by numerous literary allusions to vampires and cultural affiliations with the term vampires and this can often detract from the credibility of vampires existing. But in fact, vampires do exist and there are plenty of people around the world who’ve seen vampires (or creatures like I’ve described above). People tend to just brush the whole idea away because they think that vampires are like Dracula because people call them that. Truth be told, I’ve encountered a creature bearing similar characteristics to the true vampire I’ve described so to me… yeah they exist… and the encounter was important to me because it triggered an epiphany in me. I realized that perhaps there was more to the vampire phenomenon then we all think there is and so I conducted research on them and developed this theory on them.

If you guys want to no more about vampires you have seen, changes being induced by your body that may suggest potential vampiric qualities or have any general queries about the whole notion of vampires today feel free to comment and I’ll try getting back to it. Thanks heaps Alpha.

Images are assumed to be in the public domain. If a mistake has been made contact me and I will remove or credit the image.

Written by “Alpha”, Copyright 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Vampire Compendium

The phenomena we call vampires has existed across the world in a variety of cultures for a millennia. They have appeared in many shapes, but they always have the same connection - Blood. They are practically the definition of fear, an evil entity crawling into your house, at night, to feed on you as you sleep.

The concept of the vampire started in Mesopotamia though in it’s early forms it was attributed to demons before revenants. The mythology has evolved for thousands of years and continues today.

This article will delve into that evolution throughout the world and history.  The purpose of this article is to get a glimpse at how diverse the global mythology and history of vampires is. It will get into the different and strange incarnations from all over the world then get into how the concept of vampires has affected our world today. In an attempt to fain order, this will be cut into categories.

This full article is much bigger and includes a lot of information and has been moved to The Vampire Compendium

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Written by "Bracket", Copyright 2009-2011

Love And Death A Legend From Laos

I heard this story from the elders that told me.

A long time ago way back in Laos, there were two lovers (forgot their real names). One day the guy wants to go to school far away in a city for a year. The guy told her that he'll be back in a year, if he doesn't come back, then that means that someone has killed him on his way home or on his way there. The guy left her and she cried as she watched him go.

A year passed by and the guy had not returned. So she thought that someone killed him. She soon enough, killed herself to be with him. When the guy's parents and the girl's parents were going to bury her, her spirit wouldn't let them. So, they left her body in her house. Her parents got scared of her body in the house, so they moved and left her body in the house. After the girl killed herself the guy came home and didn't know that the girl has killed herself.

He came home and told his parents that he's going to go to his girlfriend's house and see her and they're going to get married. His parents told him that his girlfriend killed herself. He did not believe them. His parents told him that her body is in the house alone. They both stopped him before he goes there and visit her. He said to them that he won't go see the girl anymore. So his parents believed him.

At night he sneaked out and left to see his girlfriend. It was dark and quiet. There he is, the house that his girlfriend's body is inside. He knocked on the door and his girlfriend opened it (She is just a ghost now). He told himself that his parents are lying to him. He went in the house and they talked.

The girl asked her boyfriend why he was gone so long. He said that he did not complete some things and just hadn't come home. The guy said that it's getting late and they both should go to bed. The girl agreed with him and they both went to bed. Him, laying in bed, smelling something like a dead person (it was really dark). He doesn't know what it is and also it was cold. He told his girlfriend that the house is cold and he couldn't sleep. So, he told his girlfriend that he is going to put on a fire to keep the house warm (back in Laos we don't have ovens so we use a fire place as an oven to cook our food). He lit the fire but his girlfriend blew it out. He lit the fire and she blew it out again. This was repeated three times. He couldn't see his girlfriend's face because it was so dark. So the fourth time he tried it worked. His girlfriend wouldn't turn her face to the fire. So, he got an idea. He blew the fire towards his girlfriend. There it was, the face of an ugly dead person. He got scared. His girlfriend didn't know that he knew. He lied to his girlfriend saying that he needs to go pee. His girlfriend told him that if he is going to go pee he needs to tie a string or something to her so he wouldn't run away. So he did. He went out side and pretended that he was peeing. He saw a bucket of water and hung it on the tree to sound like he is peeing. He tied the string to the bucket and left.

He ran and ran as hard as he could. His girlfriend back at the house waiting for him to be done peeing. She called out to him saying "What's taking you so long? If you're taking so long, then I'm going to come over there." No reply. She went over to the place where her boyfriend was and saw that he was gone. She got really mad and ran after him. She was faster than him.

The guy heard the girl's voice calling for him saying "Come back and stay with me. Don't you love me anymore? Why are you so mean? You told me that you'll come back and stay with me!" He knew that she was getting closer to him. So, he found a big tree and climbed up there. As he was there, he saw a koala (a long time ago, we Hmong believed that animals knew how to talk), he asked the koala if he could borrow his fur to cover him so she wouldn't know him and he would give the koala his clothes. The koala was nice and gave him his fur coat.

The girl came running by and stopped at the tree and saw him which was just the koala. She said, "Come down. I won't eat you. If you don't come down then I will come and get you and eat you." The koala refused. She jumped and grabbed the koala and ate him. When she was done, she said, "This is not my boyfriend. He does not smell like this," so she left the tree. The guy slept in the tree until morning. He came down and ran home as fast as he could.

He came home crying and frightened. His parents asked him what happened and he told them that he was sorry for not listening to them. So they called in a shaman to come and cure him from the fright and the spirit of his girlfriend from following him. The Shaman told the guy's parents that they have to change his name so she wouldn't find him.

A couple of years passed: One pretty morning, the guy's friends and him went picking apples. One of his friends forgot and called him by his old name that he used to have. After that day, he got really sick and died. His girlfriend came back for him because she found him finally.
This true story is about not to promise or say anything that is really serious to your girlfriend/boyfriend because you never know when you're going to die. And the promises that you two make will keep going until you both die.

Written by Hena Thao, Copyright 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Was It Really A Vampire?

This piece was originally submitted as a comment to Do Vampires Exist? It was so interesting I thought it should be presented on its own:

Boy have I got a story for you guys!

As a male Witch, I am not one to shy away from taboo subjects and events. I’ve had more than a few experiences that could be called “paranormal”; though, it has become such a part of my life I really stray from such a title.

I vastly enjoy taking very long walks at night. On one particular evening I found myself walking down a path in my town, which is only forty five minutes away from New York City, that I have never actually followed before. In all honesty, I had never actually noticed it, but walked past it many times. So, I decided to take it and see where it leads.

The path runs next to one of the elementary schools and goes down into the woods behind it. There aren’t any houses and many people in the town usually avoid the area because of callous superstition and frankly idiotic judgment. the older members of the community all have these fearful tales of things that have happened to them when they were younger, usually involving the work of Satan and Demonic presence. Since I had traversed parts of these woods already, I decided it would just be another adventure.

About half way down the path, my Ipod cut out. I had charged the battery before I left, but fortunately, not enough because I would have probably missed this incredible experience.

I kept walking, pocketing my Ipod and for a good fifteen minutes started hearing almost a whisper, if you will, in the wind. Every time it blew it just sounded like there was someone behind me. Not footsteps or words, just almost like humming. I took it for granted as well as worked up nerves and just kept my head straight and my eyes alert.

Then I heard a twig snap. Maybe fifteen feet away from me, A shadow emerged on my left hand side. I immediately could tell whatever it was had a human form. ducked down, close to the ground, yet looking the other way so I couldn’t see its eyes. Its head turned as this… creature moved into the patch of moonlight it was now standing in. It was a beautiful masculine face. Long black hair, straight, with purple eyes. Not red like has been described before, but purple, almost favoring the blue more than the red. It looked at me, point blank in the face, and opened its mouth. there was no sound, at least, not at a decibel a human could here if this creature did make a noise. It watched me as I moved closer and cocked its head to the side. I didn't feel any fear, or any anxiety. Just curiosity as I do believe it did too. My initial impression was that of a vampire. In fact, I would stake my life on it (no pun intended). I questioned it, but it ignored me. So I kept walking. and as I got farther away, the wind stopped whispering.

Now, I am not sure if it really was a vampire. I honestly don’t believe the horrendous inaccuracy of them being deviant Demons. Rather, more curious alternative life forms similar to humans. I honestly think they are as curious about us as we are them. In all honesty, I think it was confused by me simply because I do dress in a “Gothic” fashion. On that night I had on a black vest with a white button down, and trousers with a white sash. I looked just as much like death as it did.

I don’t know what I saw. If anyone has any sort of theory that would be wonderful. Though, please don’t tell me what is written above. I highly doubt Vampires have a sensitivity to garlic of all things and I don’t believe in Satan or Christ for that matter. I am a Witch after all. For the matter, there are things posted in the initial post that I do believe to be attributes of vampires. Just none of the affiliations and meaningless things like the garlic. So if you want to, include it in an attempted explanation fine. Just please understand it won’t really answer questions for me.

Written by Demitrious Pious, Copyright 2009

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Vampires My Thoughts And Experiences

In response to Do Vampires Exist?:

This was an extremely interesting article and having read it, it’s given me a new perspective on what I thought a vampire was and did. I still hold to what I truly believe in and have experienced myself, but this does give me the other end of the spectrum of what could possibly have happened, has happened, and is.

I’m a person who believes in a lot of things and I guess you could say I have creativity and imagination, which would explain as to why I hold onto beliefs of so many mythical legends and beings. I basically believe that most of everything mythical is real because every story has some truth to it whether it has been washed down over the years or not, but every story ever created has started out true or had tidbits of truth to it. It’s only as the story has been passed down from generation to generation that things have often or not been misconstrued or diluted with false truths.

Anyway, I’m not commenting to prove a point, though, I’d like to believe in some cases, I possibly could, but again, it’s not why I am here. I’ve had experiences from ghost-like paranormal to mythical and legend type paranormal such as vampires, werewolves, etc. I’m not psychic in the sense that I see ghosts or other such paranormal activity, but I do have a sense of things and often or not, I have prophetic dreams occasionally. I get more the feeling of knowing that things are around me, hearing them, feeling their emotions, etc. I guess what you would call me is an empath since I do tend to take on others emotions and feelings as well to the point where I become the emotions physically or I am just completely drained. I think all of us have a psychic gift to an extent, but it’s dependent upon whether we want to use it, choose to open up and except it that we can use the full extent of our psychic abilities.

I’m getting so off topic, sorry. What I wanted to share was my experiences with what I thought might have been a vampire and or werewolf since the feeling I got from both my experiences seemed to set off an alarm in my head that this person, occurrence was not normal. I live on a street that is connected to four other streets, all of which are dead ends. Now, my house is situated on a small swamp that is basically connected to a lake in back called Silver Lake. There’s a small forest that connects the end of my lawn with the swamp, which leads out into the lake. It was in passing this small forest one night with my brother and sister that I had my first experience with what I thought was possibly vampire or werewolf, but I’m think more werewolf or shape shifter in general. My brother and sister and I happened to be walking home from a friend’s house just up the street at night, when we came to the small forest that connects to the road and the back of our backyard. We had to walk by it to get to our house, but anyway, we were merely chatting when all of a sudden, something either runs through the brush and stops just outside of view behind the trees and leaves or it had been waiting there, but something made the trees, leaves, bushes, etc. shake right in front of myself and my siblings. Of course, my first reaction was to tell my brother and sister to run home while I waited there because I was damned if I was going to let anything harm them! So, as they ran, whatever it was again shook the bushes as they ran home, but suddenly stopped as I stood there in front of it alone. Needless to say I was terrified, but I didn’t move, didn’t run, didn’t attack it or yell, but just stood there. Of course, it could just be a dog or some other animal like a coyote, but what animal in urban America, in a swamp with very little land and forest to walk about in someone’s backyard could make the trees move as much as they were and with as much force? The first thing that came to mind was something supernatural and it even felt that way. It honestly didn’t feel normal and all I knew was, was that I needed to get out of there, so instead of running, I calmly walked away from the sight to my house, not looking back, but able to hear what sounded like twigs snapping as it seemed to be walking away from me.

My second encounter happened with another forested area further up the street towards my friend’s house at a dead end. This forest was much larger and it encircles a small closed off area of land surrounded by a fence that encloses a field surrounded by trees on the outside. This forest also encircles the entire lake and you can walk a trail to get to a road on the other side that leads you down to the lake’s boat launch. It was at the entrance to these woods that my second experience happened. Usually, my sister, a few friends, and myself would like to go walking up and down the streets or through the woods at day and night. These woods always seemed to have a peculiar feel to them no matter the time of day. It was as though you were being watched constantly, but anyway, as I walked one night with my sister, we came to the entrance of the woods and actually stopped a few feet back because we heard twigs snapping. Now, that’s obviously common in woods what with the plethora of animals living in them, but it scared us nonetheless especially when we viewed what looked like to be a large form, mass if you will, of some animal stalking the entrance. Coyotes don’t get that big and where I live, we have them in massive amounts, but we don’t have bears, wolves, mountain lions, etc. in my neck of the state that I live in. Anyway, this form frightened the hell out of us, especially with how big it looked, and the somewhat growl that came from it. It was just dark enough to where we couldn’t see it fully, such as features on the animal, but we could see the outline, and we could see that the fur or whatever covered it was dark, perhaps dark brown or black. Whatever it was, the two of us didn’t wait around to find out as we turned on our heel and walked away. What was scary about it, though, was that this thing followed us until we were well away from the woods before it must have turned around because we didn’t see it following us back out or anything of the like.

My last experience is with what this topic is actually about, a vampire. As stated above, the modern vampires look so much alike us, that we can’t distinguish them among other human beings, but this man must have been one. He had the feel about him, to me at least. I was in the mall with one of my friends at a LAN center we often frequented because she worked there, so normally, I cam along with her.

I sat at the entrance with her boyfriend as he took money from the customers and gave them paper bracelets that allowed them to stay all night until closing. It was only a Saturday thing, but anyway, as I sat there, this man happened to be standing not too near the entrance, but close enough as to where I could get a good look at him. He wore what looked like a black suit, minus the jacket, with very polished shoes, his hair tied and slicked back into a semi long ponytail, about shoulder blade length maybe, and wore dark sunglasses so you couldn’t see his eyes or so the lights in the building wouldn’t hurt him, I’m not sure. Either way, he looked out of place in a mall frequented by teenagers, but looked normal enough.

It wasn’t until he came closer, looking as though he were picking up his kid maybe or he was trying to get information out of my friend’s boyfriend about the LAN center, I don’t know since I wasn’t paying attention to the conversation, but him. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him and it wasn’t because he was handsome or anything, because honestly, in my opinion, he wasn’t, but he had this alluring attraction that I couldn’t pull away from. He looked pale, but otherwise, normal except for this pull he had. I just looked at him the entire time he talked to my friend’s boyfriend before he smiled at him, looked over to me, and then walked away. I didn’t see him anywhere in the mall at all later that night or the following week.

You can believe my stories or not, I really don’t care either way. The point is, I know what I saw, and I know what I felt and no one is going to change me of my conviction. The point I’m trying to make is, things are real whether you want to believe them or not. Just because not all of the evidence is there written in stone and blood for all to see does not make a false truth. We will learn all there is to know when the time is right and all that can be done is more research. Have a little blind faith and keep the imagination you once had as a child regardless of your age because it’s what keeps you going, what makes things not real, real. Not everything will be tangible, but it is there, waiting for discovery, so please, keep an open mind with the paranormal or whatever we find not to be supposedly true because if you look hard enough, the truths always reveal themselves.

Sent in by Moralthea, Copyright 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The First Vampire Legends of Lilith

This myth begins at the very creation of man and of Lilith (the first woman created for Adam).

So God created man and woman in his own image and blessed them. Many have made her a model for feminism, because when Adam would not relent in his domination of her, she grew so angry that she uttered the Holy name of God and vanished.

God then had to make Eve for Adam, making her of his rib bone, so that she would be attached to him and not leave as Lilith had done.

This article has been moved ~ The First Vampire and Legends of Lilith

For much more information about Lilith and the legends and myths check out Who Was Lilith?