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Vampires My Thoughts And Experiences

In response to Do Vampires Exist?:

This was an extremely interesting article and having read it, it’s given me a new perspective on what I thought a vampire was and did. I still hold to what I truly believe in and have experienced myself, but this does give me the other end of the spectrum of what could possibly have happened, has happened, and is.

I’m a person who believes in a lot of things and I guess you could say I have creativity and imagination, which would explain as to why I hold onto beliefs of so many mythical legends and beings. I basically believe that most of everything mythical is real because every story has some truth to it whether it has been washed down over the years or not, but every story ever created has started out true or had tidbits of truth to it. It’s only as the story has been passed down from generation to generation that things have often or not been misconstrued or diluted with false truths.

Anyway, I’m not commenting to prove a point, though, I’d like to believe in some cases, I possibly could, but again, it’s not why I am here. I’ve had experiences from ghost-like paranormal to mythical and legend type paranormal such as vampires, werewolves, etc. I’m not psychic in the sense that I see ghosts or other such paranormal activity, but I do have a sense of things and often or not, I have prophetic dreams occasionally. I get more the feeling of knowing that things are around me, hearing them, feeling their emotions, etc. I guess what you would call me is an empath since I do tend to take on others emotions and feelings as well to the point where I become the emotions physically or I am just completely drained. I think all of us have a psychic gift to an extent, but it’s dependent upon whether we want to use it, choose to open up and except it that we can use the full extent of our psychic abilities.

I’m getting so off topic, sorry. What I wanted to share was my experiences with what I thought might have been a vampire and or werewolf since the feeling I got from both my experiences seemed to set off an alarm in my head that this person, occurrence was not normal. I live on a street that is connected to four other streets, all of which are dead ends. Now, my house is situated on a small swamp that is basically connected to a lake in back called Silver Lake. There’s a small forest that connects the end of my lawn with the swamp, which leads out into the lake. It was in passing this small forest one night with my brother and sister that I had my first experience with what I thought was possibly vampire or werewolf, but I’m think more werewolf or shape shifter in general. My brother and sister and I happened to be walking home from a friend’s house just up the street at night, when we came to the small forest that connects to the road and the back of our backyard. We had to walk by it to get to our house, but anyway, we were merely chatting when all of a sudden, something either runs through the brush and stops just outside of view behind the trees and leaves or it had been waiting there, but something made the trees, leaves, bushes, etc. shake right in front of myself and my siblings. Of course, my first reaction was to tell my brother and sister to run home while I waited there because I was damned if I was going to let anything harm them! So, as they ran, whatever it was again shook the bushes as they ran home, but suddenly stopped as I stood there in front of it alone. Needless to say I was terrified, but I didn’t move, didn’t run, didn’t attack it or yell, but just stood there. Of course, it could just be a dog or some other animal like a coyote, but what animal in urban America, in a swamp with very little land and forest to walk about in someone’s backyard could make the trees move as much as they were and with as much force? The first thing that came to mind was something supernatural and it even felt that way. It honestly didn’t feel normal and all I knew was, was that I needed to get out of there, so instead of running, I calmly walked away from the sight to my house, not looking back, but able to hear what sounded like twigs snapping as it seemed to be walking away from me.

My second encounter happened with another forested area further up the street towards my friend’s house at a dead end. This forest was much larger and it encircles a small closed off area of land surrounded by a fence that encloses a field surrounded by trees on the outside. This forest also encircles the entire lake and you can walk a trail to get to a road on the other side that leads you down to the lake’s boat launch. It was at the entrance to these woods that my second experience happened. Usually, my sister, a few friends, and myself would like to go walking up and down the streets or through the woods at day and night. These woods always seemed to have a peculiar feel to them no matter the time of day. It was as though you were being watched constantly, but anyway, as I walked one night with my sister, we came to the entrance of the woods and actually stopped a few feet back because we heard twigs snapping. Now, that’s obviously common in woods what with the plethora of animals living in them, but it scared us nonetheless especially when we viewed what looked like to be a large form, mass if you will, of some animal stalking the entrance. Coyotes don’t get that big and where I live, we have them in massive amounts, but we don’t have bears, wolves, mountain lions, etc. in my neck of the state that I live in. Anyway, this form frightened the hell out of us, especially with how big it looked, and the somewhat growl that came from it. It was just dark enough to where we couldn’t see it fully, such as features on the animal, but we could see the outline, and we could see that the fur or whatever covered it was dark, perhaps dark brown or black. Whatever it was, the two of us didn’t wait around to find out as we turned on our heel and walked away. What was scary about it, though, was that this thing followed us until we were well away from the woods before it must have turned around because we didn’t see it following us back out or anything of the like.

My last experience is with what this topic is actually about, a vampire. As stated above, the modern vampires look so much alike us, that we can’t distinguish them among other human beings, but this man must have been one. He had the feel about him, to me at least. I was in the mall with one of my friends at a LAN center we often frequented because she worked there, so normally, I cam along with her.

I sat at the entrance with her boyfriend as he took money from the customers and gave them paper bracelets that allowed them to stay all night until closing. It was only a Saturday thing, but anyway, as I sat there, this man happened to be standing not too near the entrance, but close enough as to where I could get a good look at him. He wore what looked like a black suit, minus the jacket, with very polished shoes, his hair tied and slicked back into a semi long ponytail, about shoulder blade length maybe, and wore dark sunglasses so you couldn’t see his eyes or so the lights in the building wouldn’t hurt him, I’m not sure. Either way, he looked out of place in a mall frequented by teenagers, but looked normal enough.

It wasn’t until he came closer, looking as though he were picking up his kid maybe or he was trying to get information out of my friend’s boyfriend about the LAN center, I don’t know since I wasn’t paying attention to the conversation, but him. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him and it wasn’t because he was handsome or anything, because honestly, in my opinion, he wasn’t, but he had this alluring attraction that I couldn’t pull away from. He looked pale, but otherwise, normal except for this pull he had. I just looked at him the entire time he talked to my friend’s boyfriend before he smiled at him, looked over to me, and then walked away. I didn’t see him anywhere in the mall at all later that night or the following week.

You can believe my stories or not, I really don’t care either way. The point is, I know what I saw, and I know what I felt and no one is going to change me of my conviction. The point I’m trying to make is, things are real whether you want to believe them or not. Just because not all of the evidence is there written in stone and blood for all to see does not make a false truth. We will learn all there is to know when the time is right and all that can be done is more research. Have a little blind faith and keep the imagination you once had as a child regardless of your age because it’s what keeps you going, what makes things not real, real. Not everything will be tangible, but it is there, waiting for discovery, so please, keep an open mind with the paranormal or whatever we find not to be supposedly true because if you look hard enough, the truths always reveal themselves.

Sent in by Moralthea, Copyright 2009


  1. what is the color of his hair dark or very light blonde? is it possible that man is an albino so he's so pale?
    not that i doubt that he's a vampire or not a human, you know what you see or feel, but i'm interested about this man. could you describe more about him that you thinks is unusual or what kind of sense your feel from him?

  2. Mellisa,

    His hair wasn't a platinum blonde or anything, but it was a lighter color of it. Maybe a dirtish blonde perhaps? It was lighter though. He could have been albino, but his hair wasn't lacking a color as it wasn't white blonde and he wasn't so pale that he looked deathly, but pale enough. The glasses were too dark for me to get a good look at his eyes, so I couldn't tell you if they were red and or lacking pigment unfortunately.

    The unusual thing was, when he stood off from the entrance of the store at first, he was completely alone and not to say that's unusual since there are people who wander the mall by themselves, but most often or not, you usually see couples, teenagers in groups, old people walking around, etc. It was almost like people avoided him, yet he had this weird pull to him. It was like being sucked into him almost. It's really a draw that's hard to explain. If I could compare it to something, it would be like listening to someone or watching someone that you really like, hanging onto their every word. I by no means found this man attractive, yet, I couldn't stop looking at him. I know once or twice I went to look away, but my eyes would automatically come back to rest on him. It's just this weird pull you get that I can't honestly explain. Other than that, he was just a very nicely dressed man who seemed almost mysterious or scary to want to go up and talk to, but when coming close enough to him, you could feel his pull, feel this attraction to him if you want to call it that. You feel threatened from far away, like you shouldn't talk to him or notice him, but close up, it's the complete opposite since you feel some sort of attraction to him, like he'd be nice to get to know, to talk to. I hope that explains it better.

  3. I do believe you and I like the thing that you believe yourself.God bless you

  4. i see. if he really is a vampire i wonder what kind of vampire he's. psychic vampire? maybe not, you will feel tired after being around him. really make me curious. maybe he's not a human.

  5. Well to tell you the truth i wish vampires were real and maybe they are but when someone tells me vampire i dont get that feeling. You see i believe in la llorona, ghosts demons, duendes, witches both good and bad because in my family there has been good witches and phsyics....and everytime i think about it or listen about them i get this wierd feeling that they are real...

  6. Zainab,

    Thank you. I really appreciate that. I know what I feel, what I see, what I hear, etc and no matter what anyone says negatively about it or tries to disprove it I won't believe because I know what happened. God bless you as well.


    He could have been a psychic vampire; just taking energy from random humans around the mall that day, I'm not sure. If he is a type of vampire, awesome to know I actually encountered one and if he isn't, he still has a strong aura/pull to him and he can't be human in that case.

  7. I saw like the same man at Kennywood once. I was alone in a clearing with trees and a few fountains, when this like 7 foot 6 man comes like in wearing a long black trenchcoat with chains hanging off of it. His hair was dark black and cropped. He had dark shades on and pale skin. He was wearing all black clothles and freaked me out. I was 11 at the time and on a trip with my school's band. It was very dark out, and being only about 4 foot 3, it was freaky. I was walking along and saw this man(( him.)) who was 'bout like 17 or 18, like that age following behind me. So I stopped and looked like I dropped something and I didn't notice how tall he was until he passed me. He like dissapeared when he hit the light at the end of the path.

  8. Lissa,

    You don't have to think it's a vampire if you don't believe it. It's your opinion and this is just my experience with the super natural and what I myself believe was a vampire. I believe they do exist as well as a whole array of other super natural creatures. The only thing I can say in my defense is that you weren't there, so you can't very well say that because I say it's a vampire doesn't mean it is or isn't. You weren't there to feel and see what I saw and no one else was either, so who's to say what's real and what's not? I'm not saying I'm right or you're wrong or vice a versa, but you weren't there to feel what I feel like so many other people here weren't there as well. It's just up for grabs whether you think this could be true or not. I believe what I saw, what I felt, and nothing will deter me from that, but thank you for your comment. :3


    Did you feel anything from the man other than freaked out by his appearance and tall stature? Maybe a draw to him of sorts? It sounds similiar in a lot of ways, especially the way they were both dressed and the disappearing act although, mind didn't directly disappear before my eyes. I just never saw him in the mall again that night. It was like he had never been there in the mall to begin with. Maybe what I saw and what you saw were just gothic groupies, but it's hard to believe that with the way things felt at the time for me. Maybe they were just a modern vampire of sorts or a psychic vampire, who knows, but thank you for sharing your experience. :3

  9. I seriously wish vampires were real =w=
    but I am a die hard werewolf fan X3
    lol :3
    so yeah if you didn't guess already...I kinda find it hard to believe you, sorry ^^;
    I have met one of these kinda people who have such a pull to them...its really weird I admit...but i don't think that means they are a vampire...maybe his energy waves or something were in tune to yours? or like...a direct opposite of you so you felt like you were being pulled to him? could be possible~
    and about the big exactly was this beast???
    I think it is quite possible to be one of those very large dogs ^^;
    like that you keep around as if it had a TON of fur on it that might be it....or maybe it was a very skinny bear that has wandered away in search of food~
    no idea...

  10. all I am saying is that you shouldn't jump to conclusions~
    I am VERY pale with dark hair and I also need sunglasses DX my eyes are very sensitive to suks T_T
    so maybe I could be a vampire? o:
    that would be awesome lol
    but I think your werewolf story is more believable :3
    there have been other accounts of weird creatures in the woods ^^
    my brother as well has had such a meeting...(this altho was not a werewolf at all)

  11. Moralthea,
    The part you described about the Large mass of an animal guarding the entrance of the path reminds me of an old Folklore I learned about as a child. "The Black Dog" would accompany Lone travelers at night acting as a protector or guide.
    Some stories say that the animal was large, with Fur black as night & had red glowing eyes. If approached it would sink into the ground...or if you looked in its eyes while it was guiding you it would attack.

  12. It freaked me out. I wanted to follow him to see where he was going, he looked like he was in a hurry.

  13. Hybrid,

    It's fine if you don't believe my vampire story as I am not here to make anyone believe because like I said before again and again, I don't care if anyone believes me. I know what I saw and I know what I felt, so all that matters to me is my own intuition. It's true it could just be someone with a higher aura or psychic ability as to why I felt the pull, but as I explained, that's not how it felt. To me it didn't feel spiritual or psychic in a sense, so what my intuition told me is that it was a vampire. I didn't come to that conclusion by simply looking at his appearance and saying that's a vampire. It was the way he held himself, the pull of him that drew me into him, that drew me to the conclusion he was a vampire.

    As for the werewolf issue, we don't have bears in the section of town that I live in as I stated in my story. We don't have bears, wolves, or mountain lions. The most we do have are coyotes and they don't grow as big as this animal was. Again, as I said in my story, it could have been a large dog or some other animal, but the feeling that I got was not that of a dog. Again, if it was such a big dog, why did it not come out of the forest to investigate me or attack me in both occasions? I'm not trying to say it was a werewolf, but at the same time, it was too big to be a dog. Whatever it was, I got the feeling that what it was was supernatural. I don't know what I saw in either case, but what my intuition and mind told me is that both cases were supernatural. You don't have to believe either story and I don't care if you do, but the point of this was just to share my experiences with other people as well as point out that there are things out there that are real regardless if our eyes, mind, people, or whatever else tells us isn't true or isn't there.

    Thank you for your comments though.


    That is really very interesting and thank you for sharing that story. The fur on the animal definitely was a dark brown if not very dark black and it was a massive creature. It looked about maybe as big as a bear if not bigger, but crouched, so I didn't get a good look at the facial features or eyes, but after reading that story, I'm glad I didn't meet the eyes! Werewolf or not, it scared me so bad, especially after following me around the edge of the forest until I was too far away to follow me anymore. It never came out of the forest either, so it really makes it seem like your folklore story could be true. Maybe it was a black dog that was a protector of the forest and guide to travelers.

  14. Moralthea,
    Your Welcome. Anything is possible, and stories such as that....Ones that last through generations, don't always start up unless there was some kind of Truth to it. There are many versions of the Black Dog...That story was the one introduced to me first...I have a old encyclopedia of Anicient "Monsters & Myths" which I stole from my grandfather when I was a very little also associates the black dog with death & the devil. Very interesting.

  15. Amatrix,
    I would like to know more about those black dogs ^^. it's very interesting. please tell more what's in those book that you stole XD
    now i remember that a far relative of mind once at a night was visited by 2 black dogs. they were not ordinary dogs. they were supernatural or entities. she was asleep that night and those dogs came out of nowhere got into her room & then watched her next to her bed. it scared her a lot. she felt dangerous intention from them, but she didn't know what to do, so she pretended to be asleep & didn't notice them & fortunately they didn't do anything to her. finally after several hours they went & never came back. it strange. i don't think it's a guardian spirits because there's a folktale around her place that whoever is visited by them will die, but she's still alive & all right. i made me curious what were they??

  16. Amatrix,

    Oh I definitely believe in the fact that most stories or folktales start off as truth or have some truth to them, but gets washed away most times when passed from one generation to the next. I'm hoping that that dog was just there to help travelers and guide them through the forest, though, there is a story about a black ghost dog near where I live that if you meet it once, it brings good fortune, but on the third time meeting it, you supposedly die and or are killed. All I know is, I'm not too entirely keen on meeting the black dog or whatever it was, again.

  17. Moralthea,

    Vampires, when i hear the word it makes me think of coffins and dungeons and such things like that. when moralthea told her stories it actually felt real, i cna't explain how it felt real. All i'm saying is moralthea "i believe you", and your right werewolves and vampires are distinct and you could tell them apart from others. this is just what i think.

  18. I'm surprised i hadn't seen this article earlier. It's wonderful to say the least... :)

    The large creatures you saw were probably werewolves. I wrote an article on werewolves and i think the reason why the didn't attack you was because they retained their human sub-conscious. They realised that you were a person whom meant no harm and therefore your death would have been unnecessary (perhaps a bleak, mundane way of putting it).

    As for the figure you saw, perhaps he was a more potent modern vampire, although for him to induce psychic waves and pull you into his attention (particularly an empath such as yourself) would imply he was a whole lot stronger.

    The problem with modern vampires is that the vampiric gene constitutes a barely discernible portion to our genetic make-up, rendering a bearer of the gene to be human pretty much (save for heightened sense of small and what not).
    I recently hypothesised a new sub-group of vampires called 'X' vampires. I believe these vampires are individuals whom either at birth or puberty have the recessive vampiric traits unlocked in them (Birth ones tend to be more stronger), making them quite potent. This could explain their manipulation of the surrounding psychic fields.

    If you don't mind me asking, where you the only one drawn to him or did he have a similar effect on others. I'm presuming you were more drawn to him since you can feel emotions.

    BTW, just for a quick side-note. He could have been a men in black? Perhaps stronger x vampires and really strong modern vampires are hired to be men in black. They will definitely have the supernatural criteria covered!!! :P

    Anyway, seriously good article
    Loved it
    Thanks Alpha


  20. I would love to be able to tell you I have had some sort of vampiric experience, but to my dismay I cannot.
    But if I did, I honestly could not tell you how I would react, I hope I would be able to compose myself enough to fully appreciate to whole experience.
    I hope someday I would have the oportunity to experience things for myself.
    Unfortunatly, I feel I will be hoping for a very long time.

    I also get feelings, and when I think about vampires I have the feeling (more than just a feeling) they are real, I cannot quite pinpoint the reason for this, but I know and trust my feelings and sences and they are telling me there is definatly something to all this phemonina.

    Thanx for listening.

  21. I love your storys. That sounds so scary, but really cool in a way. I dont know what else to say. I just really liked your stories, and wanted to say something. :)

  22. Interesting story. I've had a similar experience at a mall myself when I was with my family. But I wasn't pulled to the person, I wanted to avoid them.

  23. i too have what i call feelings about things around me. i predictted my own accident, i described the whole thing months before this happened to my hubby, it was really weird. things have always happened around me, i have seen things at a very young age, so yes i truly believe there are things out there that we think are fiction. i do believe that stories start out of some truth.

  24. thats incredible......i do believe your stories and wat u saw were real.......i believe that if vampires are real, they are not like wat people think they are in books and movies, but humans that have something different about them and drink blood. ur stories were interesting and pretty cool

  25. Being from Ohio where Wiccans and Pagans form, I don't think it was a real vampyre. Anyone can dress "gothic"
    and pychologically if he stands out then yes you'll be drawned to him.As a teenager or young person who isn't familiar with the REAL counter-culture yes it would draw your attention. A Real Vampyre would be able to change eye colors, disappear or move so quickly you wouldn't know what happened vs. somone who just looks different from everyone else. It could also be that maybe you were drawn to this person because you yourself are enticed by the idea of it and if someone were looking at me long enough- yes I would look back and walk away. It's not hard, because the people are looking at you google eyed.

  26. Re-comment: there are such things as Energy Vampyres.
    Vampyres that don't feed on blood but on energy meaning
    if you're within range- they can drain you making you feel exhausted. Vice-versa- such a vamyre can also give some of that energy to you if they desire.Course as I said, there is the REAL counter- culture where yes you will see REAL gothic people's vs. someone just dressed up trying to pass off as some cliche' in highschool. (Take it from someone who grew up in Ohio). There is also a likely cause he may not have been a vampyre but simply another pychic who likes to dress the way he does.

  27. hello...let me say one thing: I believe...I believe you, I really do...
    if something is strange or impossible, people are scared and they think this stuff never happen and does not exist...but it does, I truly think that...something strange is not always a bad thing.
    I believe you...and little stuff and strange happen to me as well. I had a strange experience when I was little, but old enough to realize that strange things happen.
    Sometimes when I think about that experience and a lot of crazy things, I feel a little bit afraid, but...I still wanna know more and I think something is out there...but we don`t really know about it...



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