Friday, June 26, 2009

No Ghosts Only Aliens, Insects, Animals And Monsters

There are no ghosts. The animals, which live with us and are without blood, are pretending to be ghosts because they understand that our species are very emotional when they lose one of their own. So the animals take advantage of that and since they eat decay and don't have blood like us, they consider themselves ghosts of our love ones and our loved ones raised from the dead. Therefore they use us to build a world for the dead:

This is what happens. We are infected with viruses from alien species that live in us. These worms, which cause us to be infected, before they die lay millions of eggs in us. They die when we die due to lack of oxygen. after we decay their eggs incubated in us hatched and feed on the decayed carcasses. Since they came out of dead bodies, they pretend to be our love ones resurrected. Even scientists fell foe this, which scientists are priests of the dead anyway. For them we are like the earth or their houses. Our species were sent here by the planets surrounding the earth to destroy these species that infested this planet. They are walking bacteria that makes this planet sick. But instead they conquered us, live inside us, and take our identities in addition to be the nastiest parasites. They are deceivers.

So, the roaches, the worms, the butterflies, the mosquitoes and all the bloodless that live on this planet and that outnumbered our species, the blood ones, rule the planet and since they claimed to be from the dead, due to their eggs that hatch after the bodies of the dead decay, our species, which has no understanding due to the virus that affected their brains become fearful of these unknown entities and think that they are their love ones or their own species raised from the dead. These alien species take advantage of our fear and capitalized on it. They are opportunistic.

They turn this planet into a tomb. They create fogs and clouds to fake smoke. They let the other planets think that this planet is burning. They use us to build them a polluted world which for them is an ideal environment to thrive in since they were born from decaying matter. They are now trying using us to invade space. We know that we are not of this planet or if we are we have been invaded and taken over by other animals. Anyway, the planets that surround us sent us here to annihilate the bloodless, but instead they kidnapped us, made us their servants and use our species to annihilate each other.

The bloodless couldn't care less of us like we couldn't care less of a bike. Even though they live in us, but they are animals that fight against each other. They divide the planet into realms in order to manage it, but because they are deceitful thieves, they cannot get along. In the meantime, they affected our brain to keep us from ever remembering how to contact our species that sent us here. Since they eat the dead when they hatched, they cannot have blood. And since they are monsters without heart and emotions, they are incapable to feel for our species even though they can mimic our emotions.

They only protect their house like someone protects their shells. Others destroy their houses because they fight with each other and steal from each other. We are their artificial vehicles since they are not built like us. Notice that no bloodless is built like us. They don't have walking limbs and arms to do their work and that is why they use us.

A scientist told our species to observe nature, but the bloodless knew the threat and exploit our vanity. Instead they use another scientist to demand that scientists be rewarded for their works, since then scientists instead became greedy at chasing fame and wealth instead of really studying the animals and their real habits and attitude.

They are very good at deceiving. During the day, they use our mouth to say good morning to each other because they know that they had a good night tormenting us in dreams or using us to kill or torture someone. And at night they say good night to each other because they have made our lives miserable during the day.

The only way we will ever leave this planet is by doing the job that we were sent to do, annihilating the bacteria, viruses, and the other bloodless. But since they understand our language and they are in every building, houses, and offices, there will be no way to keep secret from them.

Even though I am talking to you, you are infected and might not understand. If they can live for so long and deceive our species, which is the smartest species on this planet, then they are masters at deceit. The other bloodless species work for the aliens living inside our species and copy its behavior. They obey these aliens living inside us because they have managed to live inside us for so long without us knowing that. They live inside us to do many things: They affect our brain; they through us manage to stop us going against them; they inside us continue to spread terror; they live inside us continue to make war; they inside us continue to keep us separated through religion; but keep themselves close to each other using religion; they name every street after the ones that they deem protects them best; they continue to sacrifice our children to those they consider gods, which are those they are afraid of.

So the ghosts are the bloodless and that include the clouds which are made of dust and breath of the dead. They are the roaches, which are walking bacteria and viruses. Roaches are containers of viruses. They are terrible monsters and dangerous because they live near us. They are the centipedes, the flies, and other animals mimic them.

I wrote this factual story, not because I want to disrespect, but because I want my species to fight the internal and external bacteria and viruses that affect them, and to fight against the internal parasitic worms that keep polluting their brain. The scientists are affected as well. The priests are containers of worms and when they are chosen to give their body in exchange of wealth and power, they are no longer part of our species. The bacteria took over them and they become servants and will sacrifice their own species to their gods.

Bacteria, viruses and all bloodless don't have heart, emotions, or know mercy. In addition they understand our language. But our species can fight them because they are bacteria and viruses and they are afraid of antibacterial items. Everything on the planet has wickedness. The bacteria know that greediness and vanity is our downfall. They give our species trees, gold, oil, and other items they find for them even though they manage it for us to keep control over us. So these monsters conquered us the species that was supposed to clean this planet from them.

Written by "alienjellyfish", Copyright 2009


  1. Well i'm glad you told me as i've been wondering about the meaning of life - all my I know!

  2. Uhh, really now?July 14, 2009 at 1:01 AM

    I..... don't think there's any way anybody could believe this, I've probably heard better explanations from a kindergarden book.

    No offense but I hope this is a joke..

  3. If this is true, how on earth do you know all of this. As you said yourself, they are intellengent and can understand our language. You said that they take conrtol over us, so i guess that means they have made you write this and expose their own secret to all of mankind telling us all to destroy them??? Wow, how smart of them.



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