Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Murder On The Third Floor

Recently I helped out a friend from high school by painting some graphics in her new salon. Another former classmate had been employed to do the electrical work, and the three of us had several opportunities to catch up on the class of 1979. The electrician and I got into a conversation one day about some activity in his building down town. He lives on the second floor of a renovated building that was built in 1915.

The building was formerly a masonic temple. He shared several events with me and being a huge Paranormal State and Ghost Hunter fan, I was intrigued. I had just watched an episode of Ghost Hunter and saw where they had used the small mini flashlight, just barely turning it off and letting the energy of the spirit turn it on. So armed with my digital camera, my mini flashlight and a few willing friends we went to the third floor of the building where the meetings had supposedly taken place. I'm going to be a little vague with the details at this point, there will be more later, but I went upstairs to the third floor 4 times in two days and made contact.

First our digital camera's captured many bright orbs in the darkened room. Then I put the flashlight in the middle of the dark room, turned it until it went off and started asking questions, asking the spirit to turn the flashlight on if the answer was yes. What we learned was chilling. I don't care if anyone believes me, I just want to find someone with similar experiences to help me go forward from here. I asked her if she wanted me to tell her story and she signaled yes. She said she was killed by a group of men, and they were not masons! Which was a relief to me for some reason. However we were also aware of another organization that met up there and when I return tomorrow I will ask her directly if it was them.

The first night our camera's worked, the second night no one was able to use their cameras, when I asked if the cameras were a problem, I got an affirmative with the light. I got quick and consistent reaction with the flashlight, at one point I asked her to turn it off because I had a final question and she did, and then responded in the affirmative some time later. At one point when I walked across the dark room to get my flashlight the witnesses with me saw lights dancing around my back and flying across my shoulders. At that time I had felt something on the back of my legs and then felt it move up to my back and did not say anything to anyone thinking it was my imagination. No one is fearful of this spirit, we are saddened by her and feel that she is a victim.

Also the two day's that we visited the third floor after each encounter we all felt a euphoria that lasted for days. Anyone have any input?

Sent in by Cory

Was It Nightmare Or Reality?

I had this dream last year. Usually the dreams I have are those really imaginative kind but this particular one was felt real.

As usual I was sleeping in my bed that night. Apparently, the wind was also blowing. It was so strong it actually howled through the windows. But it died off minutes after. My windows were the sliding type [I live in a flat] and it was loose. So when wind blows, it would shake. The scary part was that the windows still shook after the wind stopped blowing. I was too tired and I didn’t have the courage to check it out. So I just snuggled in my blanket.

The shaking only lasted seconds as if someone was passing through it. Then I heard a voice, I think it was female one, like a whisper. It said “If you breathe, I know that you are here.” I didn’t open my eyes. I actually held my breath. Then I heard it walk towards me on the right side of my bed. I don’t know if the sound was heels or hoofs but it walked steadily and slowly towards me. I didn’t dare to look. Then it walked away towards the other side of my bed. On the left side of my bed was the Japanese sliding wooden door [I’m a fan of the Japanese culture] It kind of took up the whole wall. Anyways, whatever the thing was it walked past the front and towards the left side of my bed. Instead of hearing the hoof or heel sound, I heard it knock along the wooden door [or it could be walking on it]. And then it all stopped. I released my breath, and I thought to myself there is no way in the world that this could actually happen.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Could There Be Actual Demons Or Spirits In My House?

I live in a small city in Ontario Canada, called Peterborough. I have always since I was a little kid, known that there is more out there besides human life.

I recently moved with my fiancé and 2 small children to a old house in the north end of Peterborough, where nonstop paranormal/poltergeist activity is a regular everyday occurrence. I have managed to capture a picture of something, in the laundry room in the early hours of the morning.

The laundry room and my sons room are the 2 main areas in the house where stuff goes on. I have also recorded at least 5 hours of EVP throughout the house and what I have heard so far, is terrifying and also mind boggling. Before I get into that, I will give you some background info, the things that led up to my beliefs, and my investigations.

I was playing hide n seek with my kids one of the first couple days living here, I decided to hide in the dark laundry room just behind the door, so as I'm watching through the door crack at my kids trying to find me, something GROWLED in my right ear so close, I could feel the breath. I RAN out of there. I had a dog who had a cage/carrier in that same room, the cage began rapidly shaking, my fiancé ran over to make sure the dog was alright in there, the dog was sleeping with me upstairs, nowhere near the cage.

Befriending A Demon?

I'm really afraid to put this out there, but I really do need help.

I guess I should start by telling you all about myself. I'm a witch and its been in my family for a while. I started to be interested in my family's religion and soon got into it. This year I did my dedication ritual and changed my name (which for my safety I will not put down) and everything seemed alright... I guess. I'm psychic and have had many experiences throughout my short life (I'm 14) with spirits and although they we're weird, they have never been THIS weird or creepy.

Before I go on, I want to tell you all that I have had vivid dreams of shadow people... and its like... they're reaching out to me... calling me. "you are us and we are you" they repeat... weird I know. I wont go into full detail about this, but something had happened with my friend Cam and me and my friend Sam (who is a psychic and a therian) were trying to figure out what to do. She then came to me and said that an outside force had part in what was going on. I myself had felt like that as well.

My Weird And Scariest EVP

I was an Atheist until...

I did not believe in anything and I think that is the reason I am having so many experiences. As I am sure that you can ask any other atheist who has had their belief system flipped up side down then trampled on, that it really takes a lot to make us a true believer. I went through many stages until I was able to admit to anyone that I now believe in the paranormal. I believe that the reason it has acted so strongly with me and my family is to make me believe. I do not know why and do not think I am important in any way. Maybe the spirit just likes to get people like me and screw with them because we have such a hard time coming to terms with it.

I have turned into a ghost hunter just from trying to catch what ever this is that is going on in my life some kind of proof. I am now to the point that I can care less if anyone believes me or not because I know its true and I know other people have to know its true just as well as me. But, my weirdest and creepiest EVP I had ever caught has me amazed at what these things can do.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Seeing And Hearing Strange Stuff Since I Was 16

Ok, for the record I just wanted to say I never believed in this stuff until my mom had been experiencing stuff. I used to call her crazy when she told me stories until one morning I had sleep paralysis and my mom was in the next room. I called out to her in what seem like 30 minutes and she didn't hear me. I will recall all of my most scariest moments up to the most recent today.

When I lived with my family at around 19 (now I'm 25) I had my own room. My brother's room was directly across from mine and everyone was usually out of the house by 7 am. I was almost sleeping with my eyes closed and heard feet running on my carpet. I thought it was my brother who likes to play games and when I opened my eyes to tell him to leave I saw this little blonde girl screaming, crying and begging me to help her because she said someone was following her. I am HYSTERICAL but I can't talk or move. Then around the corner of the hallway I see a woman with long black hair in all black who felt really evil jus glide in the room. The girl screamed "stop following me!" ran through the window (its a one story house) and the woman just glided behind her.

Was living in California with my boyfriend in a mostly Mexican? ranch style neighborhood. There were some Mexicans next door who would play music at all times of night. One night I woke up to turn over my pillow. You know when the pillow gets warm and you want the cold side? yeah, so as I'm doing this I hear a loud gunshot sound that came from the wall. I looked up and didn't see anything so I figured it was the crazy Mexicans next door and plus music was playing. I laid back down and something told me to open my eyes. I see an old man and close my eyes. I'm laying down thinking why is there a man in our room when the door is closed and then it hit me. I open my eyes again and there is the old man with a short fat woman standing beside him looking down on me. She was in a floral dress and he had a cowboy hat, big belt buckle and jeans. Their face were dark and I could see the outline of their face but not eyes or anything. I looked at them for the longest before tapping my boyfriend and they still stared.It was not until my boyfriend moved that they disappeared.

Staying in New Jersey for an internship and I was staying with my Aunt. She had this friend I didn't like and she lived far away from her neighborhood. One night she came to visit and it was too late for her to go home. She ended up sleeping over. Her on a day bed in the living room and me in the recliner (my aunt had a one bedroom). Anyway around 3am I felt what I would describe as a bad vibe and opened my eyes to see the friend staring at me in the dark living room with just the moonlight shining through. I wanted to ask her why she was looking at me but I shut up and figured she was on her way to the bathroom. I closed back my eyes and waited to hear the toilet flush and didn't hear anything for a good 5 minutes. I open my eyes to look at the bathroom to see the light or something and saw nothing. I'm confused now to how she went to the bathroom and went back to bed without me hearing. The apartment was small so she had to pass me. I just look up over to the day bed and see her dead asleep with rollers in her hair. When I saw her looking at me she had her normal hairstyle without rollers. CRAZY!

Moved to a new apartment in Miami and was sleeping like a baby when I heard my front door slam shut. I was scared because I though someone broke in and it was over for me. I heard this woman in my living room walking around with her heavy flip flops saying "why are they always closing the doors?" I always lock my room door and she was trying to get in. I screamed out for her to leave in Jesus name and she left.

The last one: Last night a very strong man came and held me down as in sleep paralysis. The past couple days he has been bothering me so I have reading my bible aloud and praying. He pushed me in my chest and told me in my ear that he wants silence and doesn't want to hear me again. I play the TV at night to the Christian channels and he came again shouting over the TV saying to shut it up he doesn't want to hear it.

Ugh! I know I have some kind of ability because there are way more stories to this but I wish I never had it and all this would stop. My mom, great-grandmother, grandmother all have had similar experiences.

Sent in by GodsChild

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Truth of the Infernal Grimoires

Until recently, my familiarity with the name A.E. Waite was limited to his tarot deck, which my mother was fond of. Most "new age" enthusiasts know him through the tarot. I do not know his work very well. I do know that he was a kind of historian, having written numerous books related to the occult and mysticism.

I remember a book owned by my mother's friend that mentioned Waite. I cannot recall the title or author, but it was a compendium of grimoires. It highlighted the most notorious grimoires, such as, The Grand Grimoire, The Grimoire of Honorious, and Grimorium Verum. There are several versions of these books, and printed in different languages.
Grand Grimoire

Waite's name is mentioned in this book as he was a harsh critic of these magical texts. He was ridiculed by his peers because he spoke out against the authenticity of these books. I want to throw my two cents in on the efficacy of these infamous books of magic.

To be truthful, I have owned copies of many of the most wicked grimoires in circulation today. I use the term "wicked" somewhat tongue in cheek. It took me some time to realize that many of these books are hoaxes. I feel I can state with confidence that these ancient texts have no real magic in them whatsoever. I don't know how I acquired the net bit of information I am about to share. It may have been through intuition, or by some other means.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Ravenhurst Manor

This story is the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me—I swear! I believe in ghosts, demons, and everything else that might be considered paranormal. So this is my story…about two years ago, my best friend, Jensen and I, including a couple of our friends decided that we are going to go to the Ravenhurst Manor in Whispering Pines, California. The place always reminded me of Amityville - True American Horror Story or the Murder House in Los Angeles.

Okay, so I’ll give you the creepy backstory first on this place: With its many cemeteries, gothic mansions, billowy fog, and wooded areas, Whispering Pines, California fits the bill of a haunted town about as well as any place in America. It meets all of the criteria that tend to produce urban legends—a coastal location, a volatile past, and a potent mix of old and new world religion— can be found here.

It has an extensive history of hauntings and paranormal activity that has been known to spook even the most professional of the ghost hunting community.

Ravenhurst Manor
One of the town’s most famous haunted houses is the three-story building christened, Ravenhurst Manor, which served as a school for disturbed teens in the 1800s and is said to be haunted by the ghost of its former headmistress. It is purchased in the 1960s by Maxwell Donovan who hoped to restore it, and it is then that supernatural phenomena began to occur. At one point during construction, a portion of the roof collapsed, killing three of the workers. Other builders claimed they would hear voices and footsteps whenever they are alone, and that pieces of construction equipment would often be thrown across the rooms. Even spookier, the workmen said they often spotted a Shadow Man staring at them from inside the mansion. Innumerable exorcisms and investigations have taken place at the mansion since, but the presence that haunts it is said to still remain there today.
One of my friends had done some research on Ravenhurst and wanted to check it out. During my childhood, the insidious house is vacant, with barren, gnarled and terrible old trees, and long, queerly pale grass with nightmarishly misshapen weeds in the high terraced yard where birds never lingered. I hadn’t been back to my hometown in years, since I’d went away to college and moved to San Fran. And I wasn’t that eager to go back… We had just started on Highway 101, which leads you to the road that Ravenhurst is on when I got an eerie chill. As we are driving, everyone kept on getting this feeling like something bad is going to happen, but we wanted something scary to happen so that we would have a good story to tell.

People Are Doing Witchcraft On Me

There is a voodoo-curse done on me.

I'm not sure where it originated from.

Everyone in my family seems to be in on it as well as friends, acquaintances, strangers & apparently even some Cops!

I know some people will be 'close-minded' and simply put this posting off as a person suffering from some kind of 'psychosis' but if you stay with me, you'll find I suffer from no 'mental illness'.

Could I hallucinate a pen fly across the room? I was using it, then seen it fly and end up in the middle of the floor. Could I hallucinate getting hit with a shower bottle from behind as I walk past my dresser?

Could I hallucinate conversation's where someone[ex.my mother] is lying to me about something I was a witness to myself?

How about getting 'revenge' against my sister for participating in cursing me by ruining her clothes and as a result being 'locked up' in a regular* hospital where they detain me for 72 hours to be 'under observation'. In 3 days I see 3 'doctors' and on the 3rd day this is my 'first time speaking to a doctor'. When people/patients are coming in after me and leaving before I even get spoken to.

When I catch anxiety, because I'm over 18 and being detained against my will for no reason, and decide to try and leave I get thrown down by the staff and tied up. I'm calm I let them tie me, feeling like I'm stuck In a horror movie except I'm not an actor, and after letting them tie me up without a problem this lady begins to take my blood [3 bottles when it should be two IF anything]. Then after that she injects me with a sedative for no reason. Then I get taken to some kind of a 'recreational room' where I will sleep alone and am given a sandwich and put to take other pills which I take all too willingly because I'm 'high' off that dose the nurse had given me.[throughout the rest of my stay 3 times they tried to get me to willingly take some pills for no apparent reason but I refused]

Then after 72 hours I get 'released' off my parents consent! [I'm 21 BTW] How could they speak for me anyway?! I used the phone during be 'detained' to call them and they said through the phone 'the doctor says he's going to keep me here a year and that there's nothing they can do. I don't get no say on any treatment or to say if I even wanted one because I'm not sick!

But now ALL of a sudden last minute I get out off my parents consent? I'm like Come Again?

Soon as I'm released in the car on the ride home, my parents immediately get to telling me I HAVE TO GET HELP or I cant stay in their house! No, not telling, Yelling. At the top of their lungs for no obvious reason.

I refuse to get help. They put me in the streets for a day[one hell of a story], I come trailing back home and my 'mother' lets me stay. Till now I'm still here.

There are 'hundreds' more stories just as unbelievable as this that I've gone through because of this witchcraft-curse, involving other people I know.

This I found most interesting because I have papers to prove this. As well as video cameras from that hospital!

But this voodoo made it so that no one will help me. Even cops mock me! That's another incredibly ludicrous story that I'll save for another day. There's even more to this story A LOT more but I'll put a sock in it.

They have it so that I can't begin college, get a job, have any social life. They have me locked in this room strangely giving me things like internet, games, food. A psychic I tried to go to around here ended up being a part of this and tells me they just want to me suffer all my life. Then offers to 'HELP' me by saying she will need a 'white bird' to sacrifice and my ring to bury in a Cemetery for three days! She was trying to further curse me! [a LOT more to that story]

They also like to mock me because this voodoo allows them to hear my thoughts which they've mocked me out loud about in person in groups because they know I can not prove this.

If there is someone who could help....

Sent in by Maritza