Monday, February 25, 2013

My Weird And Scariest EVP

I was an Atheist until...

I did not believe in anything and I think that is the reason I am having so many experiences. As I am sure that you can ask any other atheist who has had their belief system flipped up side down then trampled on, that it really takes a lot to make us a true believer. I went through many stages until I was able to admit to anyone that I now believe in the paranormal. I believe that the reason it has acted so strongly with me and my family is to make me believe. I do not know why and do not think I am important in any way. Maybe the spirit just likes to get people like me and screw with them because we have such a hard time coming to terms with it.

I have turned into a ghost hunter just from trying to catch what ever this is that is going on in my life some kind of proof. I am now to the point that I can care less if anyone believes me or not because I know its true and I know other people have to know its true just as well as me. But, my weirdest and creepiest EVP I had ever caught has me amazed at what these things can do.

When I catch my EVP's in my home I turn off everything in my house that makes noise, I even take my clock that has a very loud tick and put it outside so I know that I am not picking up anything in my house other than the spirit or whatever it is, because even a loud breath can sound like something it is not on a recording.

I was sitting in my living room one night by myself when my husband was at work and was going to try and catch some more EVP's and I only record a minute or two at a time just because that is all my phone would record when I first started trying to catch them and I have just stayed in this routine. So the very first one I played back said a word that sounded like Sheeba or Shteeba and I thought it sounded like another language and got on my laptop and tried to see if I could find out what language this was and while I was using Google translate. I kept playing the word over and over trying to figure out if it was a foreign word and I just kept listening to this word sheeba and I would try the word shteeba. I listened to each word probably 7 or 8 times and I never found what it was so I gave up and started to try and catch another one.

After about a minute I played it back and I heard an eerie voice that said the word Nepha repeatedly 6 times. This creeped me out because it was doing just what I had done on the Google translate with the word Shteeba or sheeba playing it over and over. And I got an idea to use Google translate again with this word and I have been freaked out ever since because it is an Aramaic word for fallen Angel.

I do not think that whatever is here in my house is evil even after some very scary things at the beginning of my haunting happened. I felt whatever it was is trying to scare me and when I quit being scared of it, it seemed to stop trying to scare me and just did annoying things to me and other people in my home. I even had a paranormal team here because I just wanted some outside verification of what I already knew and it scared the heck out of two of the investigators.They did get 2 EVP's too. But, I can not believe it interacted like it did with me. I am able to get it to knock back to me or make knocking noises on EVPs sometimes but never anything like this. If it is capable of this I can just imagine what else it can do. I have a complete new respect for it now and I do believe that whatever it is could do way more than it has.

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