Monday, February 25, 2013

Could There Be Actual Demons Or Spirits In My House?

I live in a small city in Ontario Canada, called Peterborough. I have always since I was a little kid, known that there is more out there besides human life.

I recently moved with my fiancé and 2 small children to a old house in the north end of Peterborough, where nonstop paranormal/poltergeist activity is a regular everyday occurrence. I have managed to capture a picture of something, in the laundry room in the early hours of the morning.

The laundry room and my sons room are the 2 main areas in the house where stuff goes on. I have also recorded at least 5 hours of EVP throughout the house and what I have heard so far, is terrifying and also mind boggling. Before I get into that, I will give you some background info, the things that led up to my beliefs, and my investigations.

I was playing hide n seek with my kids one of the first couple days living here, I decided to hide in the dark laundry room just behind the door, so as I'm watching through the door crack at my kids trying to find me, something GROWLED in my right ear so close, I could feel the breath. I RAN out of there. I had a dog who had a cage/carrier in that same room, the cage began rapidly shaking, my fiancé ran over to make sure the dog was alright in there, the dog was sleeping with me upstairs, nowhere near the cage.

Another night, my kids were asleep in bed while I was in the rec room watching a movie. All of a sudden my son who is 4, ran downstairs screaming that a man shut his TV off and shut the door... And on his way down the stairs, he stopped and started screaming and pointing at me on the couch, he would not come any further towards me when I asked what the matter was and why won't he come snuggle me, he said the man was sitting right beside me on the couch, looking at him and scaring him. I have NEVER ran so fast in my lifetime.

My dog growls and barks in the kitchen, and when I come to see what's wrong he won't let me go past him to the corner that he barks at, like he's trying to protect me or something.

TV's go on and off, lights on and off, stuff moved all the time, and the strangest thing so far, I went out for not even an hour, I get home and the entire roof of my basement is raining water. I called the plumber, who came and could find NO reason for this to happen.

I also have a spot in the master bedroom about the size of a baseball, that gets very hot, like you can't step there its so hot. This "thing" begins talking over me, talking about the hotspot, in almost a mocking manor.

Jessica Lynn


  1. Only Jesus can save you. I want you to do this,

    Read a bible verse outloud in every one of those rooms, its crucial that you declare the word of God out loud. Then everytime those aparations occur I want you to outloud rebuke all demonic activity in Jesus name. Then I want you to quote Mathew 18:18 "What has been bound on earth shall be bound in heaven..." Say these forces shall be bound for all eternity in Jesus' name.
    You have to do that, it will save your life just like it saved mine. God bless your family

  2. what you can to is to ask a medium to come to you home and send it to the light a have the same problem.



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