Friday, February 15, 2013

People Are Doing Witchcraft On Me

There is a voodoo-curse done on me.

I'm not sure where it originated from.

Everyone in my family seems to be in on it as well as friends, acquaintances, strangers & apparently even some Cops!

I know some people will be 'close-minded' and simply put this posting off as a person suffering from some kind of 'psychosis' but if you stay with me, you'll find I suffer from no 'mental illness'.

Could I hallucinate a pen fly across the room? I was using it, then seen it fly and end up in the middle of the floor. Could I hallucinate getting hit with a shower bottle from behind as I walk past my dresser?

Could I hallucinate conversation's where someone[ mother] is lying to me about something I was a witness to myself?

How about getting 'revenge' against my sister for participating in cursing me by ruining her clothes and as a result being 'locked up' in a regular* hospital where they detain me for 72 hours to be 'under observation'. In 3 days I see 3 'doctors' and on the 3rd day this is my 'first time speaking to a doctor'. When people/patients are coming in after me and leaving before I even get spoken to.

When I catch anxiety, because I'm over 18 and being detained against my will for no reason, and decide to try and leave I get thrown down by the staff and tied up. I'm calm I let them tie me, feeling like I'm stuck In a horror movie except I'm not an actor, and after letting them tie me up without a problem this lady begins to take my blood [3 bottles when it should be two IF anything]. Then after that she injects me with a sedative for no reason. Then I get taken to some kind of a 'recreational room' where I will sleep alone and am given a sandwich and put to take other pills which I take all too willingly because I'm 'high' off that dose the nurse had given me.[throughout the rest of my stay 3 times they tried to get me to willingly take some pills for no apparent reason but I refused]

Then after 72 hours I get 'released' off my parents consent! [I'm 21 BTW] How could they speak for me anyway?! I used the phone during be 'detained' to call them and they said through the phone 'the doctor says he's going to keep me here a year and that there's nothing they can do. I don't get no say on any treatment or to say if I even wanted one because I'm not sick!

But now ALL of a sudden last minute I get out off my parents consent? I'm like Come Again?

Soon as I'm released in the car on the ride home, my parents immediately get to telling me I HAVE TO GET HELP or I cant stay in their house! No, not telling, Yelling. At the top of their lungs for no obvious reason.

I refuse to get help. They put me in the streets for a day[one hell of a story], I come trailing back home and my 'mother' lets me stay. Till now I'm still here.

There are 'hundreds' more stories just as unbelievable as this that I've gone through because of this witchcraft-curse, involving other people I know.

This I found most interesting because I have papers to prove this. As well as video cameras from that hospital!

But this voodoo made it so that no one will help me. Even cops mock me! That's another incredibly ludicrous story that I'll save for another day. There's even more to this story A LOT more but I'll put a sock in it.

They have it so that I can't begin college, get a job, have any social life. They have me locked in this room strangely giving me things like internet, games, food. A psychic I tried to go to around here ended up being a part of this and tells me they just want to me suffer all my life. Then offers to 'HELP' me by saying she will need a 'white bird' to sacrifice and my ring to bury in a Cemetery for three days! She was trying to further curse me! [a LOT more to that story]

They also like to mock me because this voodoo allows them to hear my thoughts which they've mocked me out loud about in person in groups because they know I can not prove this.

If there is someone who could help....

Sent in by Maritza


  1. God bless your soul, you're not the only one under a curse. Those things have tried and continue to try to curse me. I live in a culture full of witches so they tried to kill me once but I survived(and it took me alot of years). Now They try to keep me in high school and no matter how many times I tried I kept failing even after studying. Luckily I passed some(very poorly) and will give it another try. I got some certificates in other studies praise God alone.

    You have to keep reading the word and praising God, that is our greatest strength. The powers that rule this world have set it so that only certain people make it and some could be doomed to fail untill they seek help from God. Jesus is my only survival and I pray that he helps you somehow. I have a new hope in him that is beyond anything I ever thought I wanted, and then I got it. I understood why it all happened.
    God is trying to set people apart from this life, many that are broken and many that have no where else to turn to. Many are going through these same things all over the world and I believe what he is doing is greater than this world. We are the redeemed, read revelations.
    I know if I had'nt gone through any of that I wouldn't love God the way I do now.
    Seek God, its of complete importance.
    Psalm 107:2

  2. I know how you feel. All my life I had bad things happen to me and people I know. I got bullied, taunted, and even my parents use everything I do against me. I looked up what could be the cause and they said that my past life had been cursed and my soul still had some of it left. I know how you feel. I can't help you but I can let you know that you're not alone.



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