Sunday, May 31, 2009

One Hell Of A House

I was around 10 years old and we had moved into a house in town that was surprisingly "cheap" and all four of us had wished we made some second thoughts.

The very first night we moved in there I passed out and I remember waking up around 1 in the morning and I heard my mom call my name so I got up and went to her room. She was laying down in bed watching a movie and had asked me to go bring something downstairs so I made my way to the staircase and at the bottom of the stairs I saw my mom. I froze for a second and when she got to the top of the stairs I followed her to her room and no one was in there. I didn't say anything because my mom doesn't believe in that sort of thing but anyway I went back to my room and walked towards the window. I opened up the blinds and there was a skeletal face in the window. I jumped back and screamed I heard my mom come in the room behind me and she said "is everything alright?" I turned around and she wasn't there. At that point I nearly crapped my pants and left the room.

I fell asleep again but this time on the couch. I woke up a couple hours later because I heard a scraping like noise. I turned the light on and just across the room I saw black fingers crawl out from underneath the dresser and there was no way someone was doing that because the dresser was flat on the floor. I hid under my blanket scared out of my mind when all of a sudden my sister comes running down the stairs and said the piece of gum she was chewing had floated out of her mouth and stuck to the ceiling. It was too much, we both went to go tell my mom and in front of my moms door was a lady with really long black hair. We both didn't know what to do so we just stood there. Over the next couple of seconds the figure's head had hit the floor and disintegrated as if it was made out of a fine dust.

We called 911 but when they got there, there was no dust on the floor, no fingers under the dresser and no gum on the ceiling. My mom thought we were going nuts. After the cops left we haven't seen or heard anything then Monday came you can believe me when I say we got out the door for school. Around lunch time in school we were picked up by my mom. She looked startled and wouldn't tell me what's wrong. We went back to the house and she said to pack up because we were going back to live with grandpa. So we started to pack things back into the car. My mom was really pushing us to get out of there.

Moments before we left the front door slammed shut in front of us and we heard a very loud banging sound coming from the basement door along with a horrible scream. We ran out of the house and drove off to grandpas. The entire way my mom kept telling us never to say anything to anyone and that it wasn't anything we should worry about. Its been seven years since and in those seven years I've learned that three people were murdered in that house and one person had committed suicide if my story is posted you will have been the first to hear it.

Written by Rick, Copyright 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Interview With Alien Abductee

Interview with Stan Romanek

Question: Stan, tell us a little about yourself. Where were you born and raised, etc.
Answer: I was born in 1962 at a military hospital in Denver, Colorado. I am the youngest of two brothers and one sister born into an Air Force family migrating to and from various Military Bases throughout the Midwest and Western United States through 1972. I am now happily married, I have a daughter, and I live with my wife, two stepdaughtersand stepson in a peaceful midsized community in Colorado. I grew up dealing with severe dyslexia; making school a challenge. Concerned with my learning disability, my IQ was tested and it was found to be well above average. What I struggled with in scholastic abilities I made up for in arts and sports.

Question: What was your first UFO experience?
Answer: Although I remember having some minor experiences when I was achild, my true experiences didn’t start until December of 2000. I was planning to film some scenery in the Red Rocks area in Colorado to entice my then girlfriend, now wife, Lisa, to come to Colorado for a visit, but was sidetracked when I saw a lot of people pulled over looking to the sky. That is when I filmed my first UFO that December of 2000.

Question: Why do you think you have been the focus of your alien captors?
Answer: After many years, I still do not know the answer to that question, however it has been said that abduction experiences tend to run in families.

Question: Why are aliens abducting humans? For what purpose?
Answer: I believe there are many alien races involved in the abduction process, all of which have their own agenda; some for their own personal gain. Perhaps it is because they find we have strengths they do not, and want to strengthen their own race. Perhaps it is to help strengthen our own race. Perhaps we are an experiment.

Question: Where are these aliens from?
Answer: In my case, I believe that they are from a planet 6½ lightyears behind the star Alnitak, which is the lower left star in Orion’sbelt.

Question: What is their agenda?
Answer: I believe that there are some that want to help the human race become enlightened, but as there are good and bad people on earth, there is also good and bad out there; and agendas will vary.

Question: Are they responsible for cattle mutilations?
Answer: This topic has never been a part of any of my experiences. Although it is a good possibility, I do not know, but in most cattle mutilations it has been found they have been drained completely of blood, and I find it interesting that an element of cows blood, called bovine serum is used for invitro-fertilization.

Question: Are they responsible for crop circles?
Answer: A large percent have been found to be man made, but I do believe that some are made by the Extraterrestrials.

Question: Are the aliens working with our military?
Answer: It is my belief that there have been some agreements in the past between governments on earth and off-world entities.

Question: Has the video footage been analyzed by experts and do they think the 'alien in the window' footage is real?
Answer: Absolutely, yes! Credible video analysts have analyzed thetapes, and determined that it is shot “in-camera” with no delays or special effects.

Question: Do the aliens have a message? If so, what is the message?
Answer: Yes, definitely. It is my understanding that the message is that it is time for the human race to grow up and take responsibilityfor their actions.

Question: Do the aliens say anything about 2012?
Answer: Yes. Although it is unclear exactly what will happen they have hinted to a big event. I believe it will be first contact, and NOTannihilation that many people worry about.

Question: When will there be full disclosure?
Answer: The U.S. is one of the only countries that have not yet disclosed what they know about UFOs and Extraterrestrials. I believe full disclosure from the U.S. will happen within the next few years, because of pressure from other countries and from the Vatican.

Question: Tell us about other experiences you have had with your alien captives?
Answer: There is a wide range of things that have happened throughout my experiences. Everything from ghostly activity to flashes of light, balls of light floating through my house, not to mention implants and ETs captured on video and digital cameras.

Question: How many times do you get abducted?
Answer: To my knowledge, I have been taken at least 7 times.

Question: Thank you for the interview. Is there anything else you may want to mention, that I may have missed?
Answer: My case is somewhat different than other abduction cases in that most things that happen only seem to happen when there are multiple witnesses. On top of having acquired impressive amounts of trace evidence, there is even more video and photographic evidence to back up this case. My case is also unique, because I have drawn multiple advanced physics equations under regression and in my sleep. These equations have been analyzed by physicists throughout the world, and they are baffled as to how a person with severe dyslexia, with a 4th grade math level is able to come up with concepts and equations that have not yet been explored fully in physics.

Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts - HPI GeneralManager/Ghostwriter/Paranormal Investigator

Paul Dale Roberts Supervising Program Technician IIIDepartment of Fish and Game License and Revenue Branch1740 N. Market Blvd.Sacramento, CA 95834Email: Phone #: (916) 928-5848

Monday, May 25, 2009

Incubus - The Sex Thing

After the possession stopped years ago, my life went back to normal. I graduated in high school and entered College. I met new friends, but little did they know about what happened to me. I never told them. Since I won the school beauty pageant and became the Miss STI 1999, I was scared to let them know; maybe they'll think that I'm a freak. So, I just completely disregarded my past and kept it behind me.

There is also just one little secret that nobody knows, well, not until I was married because I told my husband about it and shared it with some friends after I found out that there is really this kind of thing.

I've had this for the first two years of my College life. I stayed with my folks since it's only an hour drive away. We were living on this house for more that 7 years. Some of friends said that even if our place is small, it was creepy and as if someone is following them. It is always dark inside even in the morning because there's only one window in front but the sunlight still couldn't get in because of the garage and the car parking in it. We have two bedrooms, both in the middle of the house, both without windows, a walkway, from the living room to the dinning and kitchen, with small holes like designs on the wall wherein you can see the other side (which is the neighbor's place) and a small backyard.

My room is really dark if you didn't turn on the light. It gives chills to my guests, and nobody would like to stay there for the whole night with me. My cousins and friends not even once accepted my invitation to sleep over. I know that they couldn't stand to be in my room, but I don't mind them, I am ok with my room. Then one night something happened.

I was like half asleep half awake. I turned side by side just to get a good position. Then I saw something, someone. A man was standing beside my bed. I quickly closed my eyes, thinking that I was only dreaming, hoping that it will go away. A minute passed by when I opened my eyes. My heart started beating so fast after I saw this shadow on top of me. He was on top of me, and I couldn't move, I remained composed and waited for his moves. I couldn't see his face, only his head on my neck as if he was kissing and caressing me. I felt it, as if it was really happening. It's like I am making love with a silhouette man. I wanted him to stop but I couldn't. I know I'm liking whatever it was that his doing. Then I just let it happen. I never stopped him, I enjoyed every minute of it.

I woke up the next day with a thought of it. Was I only dreaming? It felt really good. I still could feel the thrill following through my veins. Who was it? I've had it before it happened, so I knew how it feels. Honestly, last night was a blast.

The next night I waited. I wanted to know if that was only a dream. He didn't show up and nothing happened. The night after, I also waited, but he didn't come. Weeks after, there's none until one night, I didn't know what came into me; I wished that he would come again and visit me. I thought of him every single night and wondered if he was just a dream. Then in the middle of my deep sleep, I saw him again, smiling at me, I saw a big grin but I couldn't remember his face. It was just a silhouette that smiled at me. The shadow man made love to me again.

He's there each night that I wished and asked for his touch. I became addicted to him. A maniac, I would say. But he was unreal. All along I thought of him as a good reason to sleep. I couldn't wait every night to lay my back on my bed and close my eyes, for he will be there, and we'll do it again.

More than a year passed by. I moved to the city, wherein I entered in a University. I thought he would follow me, but he didn't. I've waited and waited every night for him to come. Wished and begged for him to show up, but he didn't. Not even once. Well, maybe he also waited for me to come back. Ever since I moved out of the house, I never came back. My folks also transferred to another town and somebody else occupied the house.

After sometime, I decided to do some research about it. And truthfully, I smiled when I found out that there's really something like that. It wasn't a dream. It wasn't just a fantasy. It was real. An Incubus - creepy but it was a nice experience. A very interesting one. But of course in the real world it was freaking scary to hear someone enjoying making love with a spirit! I smiled for what happened but I am not wishing for him to show up again. "Knowing that he's real" is way different from "Thinking that maybe he is real."

Sent in by Yasmin, Copyright 2009

Baby Born Is Evil

OK everyone, this is a true story that happened to me when I was 10 and it's about the Baby Born doll I had. I decided to write this story to warn you about dolls (not all of them). The story begins:

I had a Baby Born doll and I called him Joe... we used to do everything together, we played together, we swam together, we ate together and we were close friends until a month or two later when I began to hear the Baby Born doll's giggles and winks. But I thought that's what every Baby Born doll does. My friend had the same doll so I asked her if hers does the same but she said "no, none of the Baby Born dolls I know can giggle and especially do not wink."

When I returned home at night I put the Baby Born doll of mine up in the cupboard and laid on my bed keeping close attention at him and after about six seconds it winked three times! I tried to ignore it and I slept and I had a strange dream about the doll.That I woke up from my bed and I heard small footsteps going down the stairs so I followed it and it lead me to the kitchen where I saw the Baby Born doll's shadow opening a cupboard and taking out a knife. I woke up and freaked out and I couldn't breathe and I looked where the Baby Born doll was... and it isn't there. I opened the door and I found him sitting and waving his hand to me! I took it and knocked it to the floor and he was giggling and I was screaming and crying, "what do you want from me?! Leave me alone, alone!"

Of course I woke everyone up and my mum came to me laughing and saying, "that poor thing. I'll taking it for tonight, now try to go to sleep," but I yelled out, "mum that is not a poor thing it is an evil thing. I swear it is going to kill us!" But she ignored.

I slept the whole night thinking about it and when I woke up in the morning I saw mum and asked her if she was fine. She said to dad, "honey I think she is right, we have to throw this doll away." We went to the middle of no-where and dug deep in the sand and put the doll in there.

After couple of days I saw my baby sister playing with the doll and the doll winked at me and he looked kinda like "Chucky" the doll, he had a torn face and was really ugly. To this day I will never buy that doll or allow my children to buy it.

I hope you all learn a lesson... don't believe any doll once it starts to giggle or winks or anything that no other doll can do, please. This is for your own good, bye and thank you.

Sent in by May, Copyright 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Incubus The Sex Demon

IncubusMy paranormal experience with "INCUBUS" The Sex Demon

This is no ghost story. This just happened two nights ago. I am staying in a motel, in my hometown. It is just me. Me and my husband are separated. I am still terrified, but I prayed and know that God will protect me.

I had just dozed off to sleep watching TV. I don't know how long I had been asleep but it wasn't for very long. I know now that what I experienced is very real...

I was laying in my bed, covered up to my neck and I was laying flat on my back. I had my eyes closed and all the sudden I felt something under the covers, at that moment I was not scared and it hadn't really hit me what was happening as being something bad. I felt something moving up my body and was kissing me between the legs and it was moving up toward my face and was completely on top of me. It started kissing me on the mouth, but something didn't feel right about its mouth and the way it was kissing me. I opened my eyes, and I couldn't see what it was because it was under the covers. I tried lifting it's arms up off me and when I grabbed its arms to try and get it off of me, its arms didn't seem like human arms, they just dropped every time I tried to raise them up.

I then sat straight up and when I did I saw the room and a flash of weird light above my head on the ceiling. I thought I was waking up, but I was AWAKE, sitting straight up in bed just like I did when I was trying to get this thing off of me. I knew it was different than a dream. I was trying to find the remote control, to get a light on or the TV set.

It bothered me so much that I looked up demonic forces that come to a person in their sleep. The demon INCUBUS, popped up and a picture of a flash of light was just like what I seen and it described to the tee in the description of INCUBUS and what he does exactly what I saw and what I experienced myself.

I was a skeptic and always unsure of these kind of things being real, but that has all changed. I prayed for the Lord to protect me and keep this thing bound and protect me from its harm. I pray for anyone that experiences anything bad like this... It is real and the Bible talks about it. Just put it all in the hands of the Lord. Its the only true way to do it and be 100% safe from this type of thing. WHO CAN BE AGAINST YOU IF GOD IS FOR YOU?

Written by Marsha L. Shackleford, Copyright 2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Riverboat And A Ghost Of The Future

This happened some years ago, actually, it was something like eight months. Maybe six. I was on a riverboat heading down the Mighty Mississippi. I used to work for the riverboat, my job was to untie the ropes at the dock. I was not, ever, to forget to untie the ropes before we set out. It was very important I untie the ropes.

We had been in the Kentucky area, near Louisville. When we saw a shimmering light on the river bank. AHOY! I shouted. This upset Preston, who was in charge of the boat. He said, "If you keep yelling at the homeless people on the side of the river you will get the chance to meet them more personally." By that he meant I would lose my job. I remember him saying that because he was right in my face, really angry like. He told me to go clean the helm, which is where he drives the boat.

I started to do that but I accidentally spilt hot chocolate all over what he calls "really expensive equipment, important for driving the boat." Well that was it. He put me on a smaller boat and pushed it away, towards the river bank. He said to stay there for the night and he would be returning tomorrow. If I had learned my lesson I would be allowed back on the boat.
Once I got to land I started walking around when all of the sudden I heard a voice say, "Young man, your outrageous entrance unto this land has appeased the gods! They smile on you this evening!" Neat, I replied, I asked the man if I could join him. He said of course, and we sat, and had beans and hot dogs together. The man had long tangled hair, and a beard that looked like a beard a Viking would have.

The man told me of all sorts of things to come. Computer enhanced microwaves, elevators that are remote controlled, electronic human beings beamed from anywhere to anywhere on Earth! I was amazed, how could anyone know so much about electronics? I asked if he knew more and boy did he! He went on about the mountain people and how they have no sense of manners, he spoke of wild animals that human beings have yet to see. He even spoke about events that were not so far away. Events like the National Election. The one with the presidents. He said it would come down to two men, and one of them would win, because there cannot, and must not be two. I was amazed. And just like that, he fell into a deep sleep.

I noticed my john boat was sort of floating away into the river, and I knew Preston would be upset if I lost that, so I swam out to get it. It was then I saw a light! It was Preston! He said he couldn't leave me there all night, and he was sorry! I told him about the ghost of the future I saw, and all the things he told me. Preston's friendly attitude went away very quickly. He said he would be stopping at the next town and that it was very important I find a hotel and then a bus station the next day.

Thank You For Listening.

Sent in by Jordan Hancock, Copyright 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

Two Strange Cats

This story probably sounds dumb but it really happen and it scare the crap out of me. I live in a pretty nice house with a big back yard with apple, pear, cherry trees which takes up about half of the backyard space. My family and neighborhood is very peaceful and me I'm pretty much the one that does some bad but really I'm a good person. Well lets get to the story.

I've been living here with my parents for about 2 years now and I never really believe in paranormal until this happen and now I have second thoughts about it. I hear stories about cats being posses with spirits that would cry like babies in places like Laos and Thailand, but I never really care to believe. This event took place sometime of Jan 2005. Every so often at night my family would be making dinner or be done eating dinner or even later on the night we would hear a cat or cats growl very loud outside by the sink or backyard windows like its being strangle or like its in a fight. The growls are so loud that you can here it from the other side of the house which freaks me out.

The worse part is I sleep in the basement which is surrounded by windows and I don't want hear that thing next to me while the lights are off and I'm asleep, its very disturbing and unnatural. Well for some reason everytime when I here about a funeral about family or family members friend passed away we sometimes get that cat thing like maybe it wants to come in the house or something. It happened quite a few times. I have a pretty big family tree and its sad that I don't even know half of the people in my family tree. Quite a few funerals goes around though. I kind of find it as a trend of the cats and family passing away, I'm not even sure if there is a connection there or maybe its just a coincidence. It wasn't like anybody in the house care about the cat noises they just ignored it so did I until one night.

This is the part that scared the crap out of me. I hear about another funeral and late that night me and me cousin went out to the backyard for a smoke and so we was out there just about to light it up our cigarettes and started hearing infants crying in the background. The crying sounded like it was only a few yards away. We was confused, who would bring there baby outside this late in this zero degree weather, what's going on. Ok we look around all the neighbors were sleeping, lights out. Our backyard darkness it can be and the only light is above our heads and we cant see that far from us. So the crying dims and stops, ok maybe it was just neighbors baby crying in the house, didn't really sound like it but whatever. So I lit my cigarette and there it was two cats. One all black and the other all white. The two cats was starring at both of us just hissing, growling like it was going to attack us. I don't know what it was but I had the craziest chill at that moment like an evil present within those cats. I could just tell my cousin was pretty scare too. So he throws an ice ball at the two cats and they fled to the back yard. Then again it seems like they were growling and fighting in the backyard so we took few puffs and went back in the house. We was a little buzz to try to keep a straight face upon telling what just happen. Ever since then I hate cats. Hope you enjoyed the story, there was a little more to it this will go on forever.

Sent in by Chou Vang, Copyright 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Children Held Prisoner In Underground Asylum

This is a true story. The James family of 1912 lived in a remote area of southeast Arkansas, where nearby a colonial house had been for a century or more. In the late summer a group of white-clothed people bought the house, and that June, they began converting the old mansion into a hospital, adding bars to the windows.

They sent out an announcement advertising new practices and asking for volunteers for a few chemical tests, just to see the average health status of the area. Preferably children from 4 to 8, whom they would keep for two days and give back after the term ended. All assured, of course, that the tests they would run would be of no harm to the children.

The James family brought their twins, Meredith and David James, both 6 years old. They committed them to the hospital on June 18th, a Friday. They never saw the children again. I know this because two months ago the colonial mansion burned to the ground, revealing an extensive maze of tunnels and rooms in the basement, which exceeded the boundaries of the house marginally. There were medical records, and all signs of living necessities. I and my team excavated the records and dug through them. Guess what I found? Horrors too gruesome to imagine.

It turns out the James twins were numbered and tested upon. Many chemical tests were done on the brain and nerve system, taking notes. A psychopath is a man with the absence of guilt, and they extracted blood samples. They then locked the twins in separate rooms, to see how they would react. They had no passage of day or night, and a sound in the corner played screams over and over into each cell. The children eventually went insane, and then the 'doctors', who were taking notes all the while, let them out in the yard.

The James children, 7 now, tried to run and were shot down. There were many stories like this, all gruesome, complete with black and white photographs. It was bone chilling.

Another tale was of a blond girl who's file was unrecognizable, nicknamed: 'Rory'. Rory was chained to a chair in a concrete room with a drain in the floor, and poked with needles. Each time she screamed the room filled with water.

I will continue the tale of the hospital and the James children later. Stay tuned, to find out about their sad fate, and the fate of many other children who were held prisoner in the underground asylum.

To be continued....

Written by Effie Mangrove, Copyright 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Shadow Man With Red Eyes

Hello my name is Bryan Anthoney Derral Barnett and I'm only 18, but I have seen crap that would turn you white. It all started when I was only 12 year old, I was in a foster care at the time and I knew very little of the house and it's history.

As soon as I moved in I always felt like something evil was watching me, every where I went I always felt like eyes were watching my very move day and night but I just through it off like it was my imagination and at the time that is what I thought it was. I was WRONG REALLY, REALLY WRONG. Months went by. I still felt uneasy.

Then one night when I was half asleep I was still very cautious but I swore I heard a voice that said "I'M COMING FOR YOU!" And at that point and time I'm awake I open my eyes and there it was, a tall shadowy figure who looked like a male around in his 30's but all I cold notice out of him was his bright blood red eyes. The figure flew across the room on to my bed and instantly I was paralyzed. I wanted to scream but I couldn't there was too much fear in me I wanted to close my eye's but I couldn't then a big ball of black cloud like mist spewed into my nose and I started to have visions of roman like people and... this one monster or demon but all I focused in my mind was his eyes bright blood red. It looked at me and the next thing I heard, "you shall not hurt this boy." I look to my left and I see a bright light and a man tall looked like he was in his late 20's early 30's long brown hair and a long brown beard and at this time I did not know who god was or Jesus for that matter.

All I could hear and feel was rage like I hated him for coming but in fact I was really glad and happy but all I could feel was anger, and rage. I came back to focus and I could still see this shadowy figure still on me and I still can't move but the name "JESUS" in a deep warm voice popped into my mind and it was being repeated in my head like a broken record and the shadowy figure got off me and took off. and after that I could feel a warm presence around me like I had a army of angles surrounding me. after that I began to look up the history of the land I was living on and it comes to find out that in around 1500 B.C. a group of Romans made a deal with a powerful demon named Ligion now I don't remember all I read but if any body who reads this have any questions or comments please fill free.

Sent in by Bryan Anthoney Derral Barnett, Copyright 2009

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Call Me Crazy!

When we went for our usual excursion to the cemetery that night, I had no idea that it would be one of the most frighteningly, enigmatic nights of my life. It was a somewhat brisk night in early fall. My friends Joe, Robert, and myself were the only ones of our clan to be out that evening. We began our trespassing as we generally did, through the large iron gate, that marked the beginning of the expansive garden of stones. We walked on the gravel path, loose pebbles and crisp, dry leaves crunching under our feet, tattling of our presence in the should be soundless world of the forever restful. We had a specific destination, an area well surrounded by tall oak trees and veiling shadows. There was a large monument to a prominent family there, of which we sat on, the chill of the cold granite always soaked through our jeans punishingly. We didn't mind though, as we were going to euphorically smoke all of our cares away anyhow. Soon we would be muddling our brains, and staring contently at the moon beams that creeped through the tiny spaces between the leaves above us, and danced without rhyme or reason upon the ground.

After reaching our haven and indulging our whims, we relaxed and contemplated many useless ideas about life and nothing. All was well, until an inebriated Joe spied a lonely tumble-weed taking solace and respite from its travels. As Joe lumbered towards the remnants of the deceased plant, I felt a twinge of unease settle in my stomach. Robert took interest as well, and soon both had a conceived a half-witted plan, to cremate our unbeknownst party joiner. As soon as they suggested their so called idea, the words "I wouldn't do that, something bad will happen," dribbled out of my mouth and settled themselves between us, like a rock in a bucket, motionless and meaningless. After a quiet moment of stupor, meaningless turned into hysterics, as Robert and Joe roared with laughter at my apparently new founded sense of humor. I sat petrified as they ignored my premonition, and intensifying fear of something unknown even to myself.

Through their period of unstoppable chortle, Joe surprisingly found the coordination to strike the lighter. The very moment at which the flame flickered from the Bic, ready to do its malicious deed, I heard it. A growl, menacing and curt, unlike anything I had heard before, came from the recesses of the once protective darkness. I don't remember moving, all I know is instantaneously I became an appendage on the trunk of an oblivious Robert. He, taken aback, questioned my advance and shunned my, in his opinion, would be attempt for romantic affections. Joe had at that time, also confused by my spontaneity, postponed the desecration ritual to entertain my not yet orated explanation. I started to recount in unintelligible gibberish, what I had heard, then, it happened again.

This time my companions heard it too, the disembodied snarl, mendacious and invidious, for a moment no one moved. Panic set in. I again cannot say I recall how it came to be, somehow we were all just running. I could no longer feel my body as I sprinted like a rabbit nearly in the clutches of a wolf. Hurdling the now obtrusive memorials, I could hear it, whatever it was, pursuing us. Its breath loomed behind me as it pounded across the sacred terrain, almost in rhythm with my heart which felt ready to explode from my chest. Time stood still, as did the trees and the wind, the moon and the stars, the animals and insects. I could see the ferrous metal conduit to the realm of the living ahead, shining like an oasis in a desert. We discharged from the gate as a bullet from a gun, alit with fire and purpose. The instant the solid concrete touched the soles of our pleading feet, it was gone. The fear, the breathing, the pounding, disappeared behind us, like an invisible chain on a demonic collar that extended only to the edge of the field of non-existence. We collapsed in the middle of the street, to our knees, our lungs aflame, drenched in perspiration and disorientation. We looked at each other wide eyed, and in voiceless conversation, agreed we all had the same experience, we all could not explain it, and we were never going to repeat it again.

Written by Jennifer Linville, Copyright 2009

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Martin Goes Crazy

Once, there was a man who lived in a house with his wife and three children. They had just moved from Los Angeles, California. There was a man named Martin, his wife's name was Julia and their kids, George, Juliet, and Jimmy. They had moved down to Louisiana because Martin had just gotten fired from his last job because he kept saying there were ghosts where he worked at. He went insane everytime he said he'd seen one. His boss got tired of him and fired him. He talks to his wife about what all he saw and what all happened in California. His wife wouldn't really believe him, but she'd listen to him. It worried her that her husband was so into it that she even thought he was going crazy.

One day she got sick and tired of his stories she told him she wanted a divorce. She told him she didn't want what was going on to be passed on to her children. He went insane and started trashing the house. He grabbed his wife and tied her up against the bed. He grabbed his children and tied them up, too. He yelled at his wife that they would never leave him. Never ever. He grabbed George, the smallest of them all, and skinned him alive in front of his wife and two remaining children! His wife was going crazy and was nearly purple and blue from seeing such scene. She yanked and pulled from the chains she was tied up against, but instead she had hurt her wrists so deep she had cut her veins. She'd bleed to death. Then Martin got his 7-year-old girl, Juliet, and bit her fingers off, one-by-one. His wife was barely alive, but she tried to get to her child. Martin slit his own daughter's throat open and she instantly died. His wife sobbed miserably and asked "Why have you done this to us?" Martin only said "I'll never let you or my children go. We're a family and we're all going to be together forever." He pulled out a gun and killed his last son. His wife pleaded to kill her, too, but he didn't. He talked to her until she bled to death. He sobbed in misery and in the blood of his own family.

He buried them in his backyard and he would mourn everyday, practically all day for what he had done. He begged for forgiveness, but his dead family wouldn't reply. After many many days, Martin died. He wouldn't eat, he wouldn't sleep, he wouldn't do anything at all, but mourn for his family and the awful sin he had committed.

The next day, one of the neighbors went to see the new family since they had never came to say hi, and he saw the chaos. He starred in horror and he immediately called the police. The police came as soon as possible and did investigations. They found the corpse in the ground and soon discovered what had happened. They didn't know exactly, until they did more research on them. They found out the children were killed by the hands of their father, and the wife was left to bleed to death, and Martin.. Martin had died of starvation and need of sleep.

Sent in by Danielle, Copyright 2009 Willard E Hughes Jr

Him In The Dark

I was sitting at my desk doing my homework. I heard a crackling sound coming from the attic. I yelled for my parents. No response. Melony went upstairs to investigate. Mommy and Daddy were electrocuted to death. That was back in 1999. I was 5 at the time. Melony is my older sister. She was 18 at the time. She married 3 years later to Jim Conimski. My sister took me to live with her after me living 6 years with my grandparents. I was happier than ever.

Ever since my parents passed away, I've been seeing spirits. I haven't seen my mom and dad in a while though (if you ask me I think they were scared of Him). By the time I was 13, I had a boyfriend named Ned, he came over a lot. He was there to see what happened.

Ned was spending the night one starless Saturday night. We were in my 3rd story room. Far away from Melony's room. We were talking about the type of stuff we teens talk about, electronics, school, gossip, and well, we liked to talk about youtube, ghosts and hobos. It was after midnight by the time we had watched TV, ate popcorn, and listened to music. My room had 2 windows in it, both were closed and locked. They even had the blinds closed. No matter what you did, you could see this face looking at you from my neighbors yard.

It was dark in my room. even with the lights turned on. We were just about to go to sleep when we heard a crackling sound coming from the attic. Ned and I went to investigate. You could feel a chill in the hall, which was not normal. When we reached the attic, I saw a girl just standing in the middle of the room. She said " Please don't hurt me!" and vanished. She was short with an olden dress. Her hair was brown with curls, and short.

We ran down to my room and tried to pretend that this hadn't happened. It was too hard. As soon as we got in my room and closed the door, the lights went out. I couldn't quite see him, but I know he had a red hoody with black pants. And handcuffs around his hand.

When the lights went back on, my pillows were on the floor, my clothes were thrown everywhere, and all my pictures were ripped. I was terrified. Soon blood began to drip from the ceiling. I wanted to see where it was coming from. But when I tried to open the my door, it wouldn't budge. I was trapped in my room. Ned was quiet, very quiet. I looked over to see him, with glowing red eyes. That was the last time I ever saw him.

HIM took over Ned. HIM bled through the ceiling. HIM locked me in my room. HIM tortured me. I was DEEPLY SCARED!

Sent in by Luna, Copyright 2009 Willard E Hughes Jr

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Haunted Crack Shack

Well I moved in to this tiny house with my mom her boyfriend and our three cats. Well when we first got there the bathroom light would always shut off by itself and flicker every time it was on, we figured it was just the old house.

Our house used to be a crack house (people who sold, did and made crack) and I heard that someone overdosed in there. But nothing really happened (besides the bathroom light) until maybe about eight months after we moved in. I was sitting at the computer and my mom and her boyfriend were in their room with the door closed. Now the computer is far away from their room so when I was sitting talking to people when we all heard a big bang and my mom and ray come out of their room and ask me I just kicked their door open, I said no I didn't I was sitting at the computer. They didn't think to much about it but it got me thinking. so after that nothing happened (besides for the bathroom light).

Now I've been seeing Shane for nine months (tomorrow) and his house is haunted.. but that's for another time. and he really believes in ghosts and is as interested as I am. Whenever he comes to my house (which is when no one is home cause Ray doesn't like him) we always hear footsteps like Ray is walking around (Ray is a big guy and stomps around a lot and makes my mirror shake). This one time we were getting high when we heard and felt the foot steps. It sounded like it came from the front and just stopped before my room so we went to look out, I was looking towards the front door when I felt Shane grab me and he was shaking, he told me he saw a shadow move in to the kitchen from the front, I told him it was probably just one of our shadows but he said our shadows weren't moving and I thought about it and he was right.

Whenever I go to bed I always get this creepy feeling that someone is watching me. One night I looked and my room is pitch black at night and when I looked I saw this figure darker then my room standing at the end of my bed I got so freaked I just went under the covers.

We have a dog now and he spoil him, we brought him this squeaky toy and I put it on the black end table in the living room, I was sitting and watching TV when all of a sudden it just flew off the table. I saw it with my very own eyes.

One time I was doing the dishes when I heard the front door open then slam I thought someone was home then I heard my dog barking, when I heard my mom's voice say "Oh Hi Lucky, Hey My Boy" and so I thought she was home I went to go check and lucky was barking at nothing and no one was there. there is way more but my class is over. I shall write more later.

Written by Paige, Copyright 2009 Willard E Hughes Jr.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Secret Behind The Number 11

This is a pretty chilling story that I would like to share with you all about the number 11...

1) New York City has 11 letters

2) Afghanistan has 11 letters

3) Ramsin Yuseb has 11 letters (the terrorist who threatened to destroy the Twin Towers in 1993)

4) George W Bush has 11 letters

Now, it gets better...

1) New York is the 11th state

2) The first plane crashing into the Twin Towers was flight number 11

3) Flight 11 was carrying 92 passengers. 9 + 2 = 11

4) Flight 77 which also hit the Twin Towers was carrying 65 passengers. 6 + 5 = 11

5) The tragedy was on September 11, or 9/11 as it is known. 9 + 1 + 1 = 11

6) The date is equal to the Emergency Service telephone number 911

Sheer Coincidence?

1) The total number of victims inside all the hi-jacked planes was 254. 2 + 5 + 4 = 11

2)September 11 is day 254 of the colander year

3) The Madrid bombing took place on 3/11/2004. 3 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 4 = 11

4) The tragedy of Madrid happened on 911 days after the Twin Towers incident

Now this is where it gets scary...

The most recognized symbol of the United States, after the stars and stripes, is the Eagle. The following verse is taken from the Koran (verse 9.11), the Islamic holy book:

"For it is written that a son of Arabia would awaken a fearsome Eagle. The wrath of the Eagle would be felt throughout the lands of Allah while some of the people trembled in despair still more rejoiced: for the wrath of the Eagle cleansed the lands of Allah and there was peace."

This made the hair on my neck stand up.

Try this:

1) Highlight the Q33 NY. This is the flight number of the first plane that hit the Twin Towers.. (on a Microsoft sheet, just type it out)

2) Change the font size to 48. (Microsoft Wordpad)

3) Change the actual font to the Wingdings (The second one)

Written by Dalene, Copyright 2009 Willard E Hughes Jr