Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Martin Goes Crazy

Once, there was a man who lived in a house with his wife and three children. They had just moved from Los Angeles, California. There was a man named Martin, his wife's name was Julia and their kids, George, Juliet, and Jimmy. They had moved down to Louisiana because Martin had just gotten fired from his last job because he kept saying there were ghosts where he worked at. He went insane everytime he said he'd seen one. His boss got tired of him and fired him. He talks to his wife about what all he saw and what all happened in California. His wife wouldn't really believe him, but she'd listen to him. It worried her that her husband was so into it that she even thought he was going crazy.

One day she got sick and tired of his stories she told him she wanted a divorce. She told him she didn't want what was going on to be passed on to her children. He went insane and started trashing the house. He grabbed his wife and tied her up against the bed. He grabbed his children and tied them up, too. He yelled at his wife that they would never leave him. Never ever. He grabbed George, the smallest of them all, and skinned him alive in front of his wife and two remaining children! His wife was going crazy and was nearly purple and blue from seeing such scene. She yanked and pulled from the chains she was tied up against, but instead she had hurt her wrists so deep she had cut her veins. She'd bleed to death. Then Martin got his 7-year-old girl, Juliet, and bit her fingers off, one-by-one. His wife was barely alive, but she tried to get to her child. Martin slit his own daughter's throat open and she instantly died. His wife sobbed miserably and asked "Why have you done this to us?" Martin only said "I'll never let you or my children go. We're a family and we're all going to be together forever." He pulled out a gun and killed his last son. His wife pleaded to kill her, too, but he didn't. He talked to her until she bled to death. He sobbed in misery and in the blood of his own family.

He buried them in his backyard and he would mourn everyday, practically all day for what he had done. He begged for forgiveness, but his dead family wouldn't reply. After many many days, Martin died. He wouldn't eat, he wouldn't sleep, he wouldn't do anything at all, but mourn for his family and the awful sin he had committed.

The next day, one of the neighbors went to see the new family since they had never came to say hi, and he saw the chaos. He starred in horror and he immediately called the police. The police came as soon as possible and did investigations. They found the corpse in the ground and soon discovered what had happened. They didn't know exactly, until they did more research on them. They found out the children were killed by the hands of their father, and the wife was left to bleed to death, and Martin.. Martin had died of starvation and need of sleep.

Sent in by Danielle, Copyright 2009 Willard E Hughes Jr

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